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  1. Getting information from lsland properties is like winning the lottery they are all show on the internet and half the properties are not available.

  2. I like your content, Brian. If you want to understand the algorithm, Mr. Beast out of the Carolina’s figured it out, mostly. There’s an article on it, and it seems it won’t change much after he unlocked their coding. Best wishes to you, Maricel, and Charlie.

  3. I could be going in the wrong direction on what is causing Charlie’s late nights but, one suggestion is looking at his nap times. I would have a think about what time of the day he takes his last nap. For my two when they were that age and up to kindergarten, I could not allow them to sleep past 3pm in the afternoon if I wanted them to go to bed by 9pm. So you may have to rearrange his nap time. My 1st born was particularly hard-headed in the beginning and I had to put him in his crib and let him cry it out for a few nights. After about a week he fell into the new schedule, I just had to make sure I stuck to the timelines I set. Waking him up by 3pm and putting him down for the night at 9pm. If I deviated from that then it made him miserable and in turn, made my life miserable. I also avoided any excitable playtime before bed. Quiet time rocking with mommy became part of the routine.

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