Got to Stop in Buri Ram บุรีรัมย์

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  1. Good evening from Georgia, love your channel. I was wondering who operating your camera while you’re driving. You pan around with your camera while you’re driving. Keep up the good work

  2. No 14 th lol ! Love ข้าวเหนียว ส้มตำ ไก่ย่างมาาาก ครับ ! ขอบคุณที่ยังส่งรูปอาหาร ทำให้ คิดถึง ไทยมาก hope good news excluding 14 day quarantine as well as starting commercial flights to from Thailand soon !!! Save journey n eat a lot for us please thank you 🙂

  3. In China the boss always sits in the front passenger seat. So it looks natural to me that boss lady Page sits in the front passenger seat and driver Chuck drives! LOL

  4. Chuck., mate , do you pack the Vegemite with you on your travels haaaa , hey , use it in cooking it makes a great soup hot water and vegetables mmmm or as a hot drink on its own ,, or bast it on you steak , stay safe ,

  5. Great vlogs Khun Chuck. Love you and Paige.
    Sincere, can now see how gravely Corona affected your moves. Thank God the first face is over. Start strategizing energizing how to cope with the the second wave, it might be more tougher and the lock down and banding international and domestic travels will be more grave. #PLANdemic.

  6. Hello Chuck, did you say “ mongosteen and durian” ??? Music to my ears 😋😋 !!!! Enjoy your amazing adventures, stay safe.
    Thank you for another awesome vlog 👍🙏🏽😘

  7. Hey Chuck and Page thank you for another great video I just started watching you guys over the last couple months I’ve never been to Thailand my dream is to get there…right now I’m stuck at home from a bad accident at work waiting for surgery in three weeks…I could almost go out on disability I’m 55 years old it would be awesome while I’m still young enough to somewhat enjoy it LOL or gut it out for another 7 to 10 years and get full retirement… anyway just my thoughts I wanted to share with you guys and let you know I really appreciate it love the scenery love the culture.. keep up the good work on the videos I know it’s not easy I’m sure…😀
    Willie stuck in Seattle

  8. What a great video,great scenery and awesome food and the pub had some great food also but most of all ,like always everyone having fun and enjoying life,thanks chuck and Paige for sharing with us, be safe and looking forward to more great road trip videos 🌴👍🏻🌴

  9. One thing I learn from your YT, Farang expect women to take turn being a driver. But in Thailand it’s customary that
    1. The owner of the car will take charge of that duty.
    2. The husband will drive a car.
    3. Let the husband drive his own vehicle is kind of giving him trust and respect. 😊

  10. Pls tell Paige, I love her freckles. I’ve been following y’all past 3 yrs now…I’ve never really seen them as clear until this video. Love you guys…from Ft Worth TX

  11. Hey Chuck and Paige…. being of Irish decent, curious where the connection was between the beautiful Thai lady-owner and the idea of an Irish Pub. Oh, nice break on the pool table. I still think I can take you!! :-)) Hey…. take it easy… I think you are running ahead of the weather. A big system coming to Thailand this weekend from the northeast. Stay safe.

  12. Your translation of “All foreigners don’t eat the same” as ฝรั่งกินไม่เหมือนกัน could be understood in a lot of ways by the listener that deviate from your intended meaning. It might be worthwhile to say ไม่ใช่ฝรั่งทุกคนที่จะกินเหมือนกัน instead.

    Thanks for the content!

  13. I have been on that 3 car set train numerous times and yes it goes that fast and no the tracks in places are not that good, especially in wet season it bottoms out a bit, I do much prefer the night trains, which gets into our town at 3 am, I miss being there as Im missing so much on our farm.

  14. Locked down in Melbourne Australia for months and still no easing up, you and Page have brought me some great entertainment. You guys sure love your food (as I do when in Thailand). This year is 1st in 15 years I have not visited Thailand. Keep up the great work.

  15. I miss Thailand. My wife is in Rayong and your video is making me homesick because where ever she is it’s home for me. I can’t go there because of the pandemic! I’m stuck working in Nevada. Your trip is going right by her home town of Nanrong. (just off the 24 hwy.)

  16. Do they have DIY or Home Depot style centers in Thailand?… Husband and wife separate AC… has and app for your phone, I use it when I travel to see advanced weather.

  17. You made my day , I cracked laugh 😂 , when you said Paige gets in first even you already paid , remind me when I’m there , my wife get in first and I show up after to a void the Falange price , I miss Thailand 🇹🇭 , cheers from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺.

  18. Love the video, great quality looks fabulous on iPad11 pro , missing Buriram so much, my fiancé lives about 80 km south of Buriram in an town called Nonsuwan cannot wait to get back there , keep up the great work as always love all your videos and thank you for sharing your journey Cheers 🍻

  19. Love cruising through the Thai countryside..had a Fortuner also for a bit, that mirror also helps you to not run over any wandering children or pets..always fun to come across something unexpected like an Irish pub..thx for the vid 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  20. @notime2bsad hey chuck and Paige, Another great vid mate,, just one question,, Is Patty from Burriram single and ready to mingle 🤣 she is a good looking woman

  21. Chuck, I figured out why you have so many handful of very loyal followers (and 30-40 jealous haters) and why 50% of your viewers won’t subscribe. That’s b/c 50% of your loyal viewers are still married to their BMWs (Big Mean Woman) & can’t be caught subscribing to a “Farrang” guy who’s happily retired early w/a carefree, attractive, positive, full of energy & Thai wife w/the same interests & traveling around to exotic new places, eating delicious food, enjoying different music, and learning a new language & culture every day.

    You just have to figure out a way to appeal to married Farrang couples to see the beauty of your new life w/Paige… There’s another world to life out there after 50 than just Foxnews, CNN, Walmart, IHOP and Bingo night at Earl’s… You both got me hooked on Leo. I found some in Hawaii’s Supermarket. “Cheers”

  22. I always eat in Thai restaurants like that, it’s cheaper and super tasty! she is drunk your wife at the Irish pub. Be careful to get caught drunk at the wheel, it is guaranteed prison.

  23. Hey Chuck, Paige looks like a good time was had by all. Your host was great plying you all with free shots. I do hope you are leaving the car until the morning because you have had a good few drinks. M

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