1. Thanks Mike 👍 . I truly enjoy and appreciate you sharing your life adventures. I am grateful that you are always reminding me how to receive🙏🙏🙏and honor and respect gratitude attacks. Peace my friend

  2. Mike,

    How appropriate for an only child to explore a beach named for his circumstance. It appears as though this is a rocky beach. Andaman Sea or Gulf of Thailand?


  3. Mike, thanks for sharing your gratitude attacks with us. I’d think something is wrong if I heard you were not having them. Glad you can be in locations where such attacks come so frequently. Aloha

  4. Afternoon sun? Where can you fly to the sun?? Somewhat bright overcast here outside downtown Bangkok to the west at Klong Thawi Wattana. North Shore Hawaii is higher overcast and 20 mile visability. I have about 9-10 miles visability here and clearing slighty. Koh Samui similar.

  5. I have a lot of gratitude, because of this virus situation I would never have stayed in Thailand, but while Iam here I enjoy everyday, Iam with a wonderful lady been together since March, I admire your complete commitment to Gracie, must be hard not to succumb to temptation. For me I do have other girlfriends that I can’t see in Philippines and Cambodia not very serious ones, but it is tricky of course

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