1. Hi Mark, My wife and I have some farm land in Tarlac not too far away from La Union. We stayed at the Aureo resort in San Fernando last year, it was real nice. I would prefer living in a beach town vs on the farm in Tarlac so next time we are there I will spend some time in la Union to check it out more. I am also a Southern California guy born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys. We currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. I will turn 60 in November. Are you happy there? Thanks for sharing your life and I love the beach videos. My name is Lee Graves and my wife is Ana we met in 1994 and married in 1996 . We met overseas when I worked for Lockheed Martin. We were supposed to go to the Philippines last month but Covid changed everything.

    1. San Juan La Union Thanks for the reply Mark. What do you think about the Dusit Hotel project in San Juan? The villas look nice do you have any ideas how much they are? Is the hotel open yet?

    2. Hi Lee. Thanks for the message. Tarlac isn’t far from here. maybe 2.5 hours drive. Come on up here. Can meet for some coffee or beers!! It is very affordable here to live. and being close to the beach.. really.. 4 min walk to the beach! I’m lucky. I think you will like it here too. Has really pretty sunsets! I live up on the northern part of San Juan. It is quiet here. Urbitztondo is the bigger surf area for the North swells.. (Nov to Feb) and has more restaurants it is south of me. Kinda touristy.. but fun to visit. I can show you around if you come and visit! Thanks for watching my videos. I have a new video uploading in about an hour! If you are subscribed and hit the Bell for notifications.. you will be notified when it is ready to watch! Cheers, Mark

  2. Hello mark! I find ur beach videos very cool :)) Im just wondering if people are allowed to go to the beach since quarantine measures are imposed. If people can go to the beach, I might move in to la union.. im from manila btw. Cheers!

    1. Yes you can go to the Beach here. For sure! La Union area is under MGCQ. So you can go to the beach. Just observe social distancing. Restaurants here are opening up.. Most are open, and have socially distanced tables, take your temp before you come in.. etc etc. Very safe! Thanks again for watching my videos. I really love doing them. I am uploading a new one of surfboard fishing! 😉 should be up in an hour or so.. hopefully less. If you hit the Bell after you subscribed, you will be notified when the video is ready to watch! Cheers, Mark

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