1. I’ve been th PH often, southern PH from Mindinao down is dangerous no matter what anyone says. Don’t believe? Go live in Gen San, you won’t make it out. MILF and others troll for foreigners, that’s a fact.

  2. Okay, your click bait headline worked. I smiled and clicked. The opening shot of your GF in a butt floss bathing suit held my attention for a while too. But when you began telling me I had to watch until the end of the video for good information, I made this comment and clicked off. You are technique-ing your audience like crazy while you complain about trolls. Sigh.

  3. I don’t consider Third-World murder data to be reliable. Local police are keen to fob foreign deaths off as drug-related or accidental, so they don’t have to investigate local people, or do much at all. You haven’t considered injuries, threats, scams and close calls, which are unquantifiable. The biggest risk is to be male, resident abroad and comfortably-off in a non-gated, average or poor neighborhood without personal security. Perpetual travellers like you never stay anywhere long enough to become high-risk individuals. Couples also have each other to keep a look out.

  4. I somewhat disagree with these numbers. You are comparing rates of murders of travelers (visiting a country for a short time) to murders of a nation for an entire year. If the average trip to Thailand for Americans is 1 week to 1 month and then that death rate would have to be 12-52 times higher if comparing to an entire year in the US.

  5. Helpful overview considering the difficulty in formulating any true probability. You highlight a tender topic which is that many forsake their dreams due to “unexamined” fears.

  6. I’ve subscribed & watched so many of your videos, I feel we are becoming friends, I sincerely hope to retire in Malaysia, slow travel & meet you someday! Something that might throw your statistics out of whack is the type of people who are getting murdered. Are you comparing expat murders in the Far East to expat murders in the USA? OR are you are including gang member murders in the USA but only expat murders in the Far East? Do you understand what I’m asking? (no argument here and I’m not trying to be right, I consider us on the same team!)

  7. Wtf is the guy talking about dangerous in the Philippines act like idiots it s dangerous I’m I a Canadian in a wheelchair I’ve never been harmed and if anything the crooks protected me they have code here so in my own country I’ve been robbed arrested when I call to reported being robbed here the cops are really polite helpful and truely friendly love it and

  8. Wtf is the guy talking about dangerous in the Philippines act like idiots it s dangerous I’m I a Canadian in a wheelchair I’ve never been harmed and if anything the crooks protected me they have code here so in my own country I’ve been robbed arrested when I call to reported being robbed here the cops are really polite helpful and truely friendly love it and

  9. Love your attitude–NEVER had a single issue EVER since 78,common sense (very rare),London is more dangerous than ANYWHERE in Asia,vast majority that come unstuck is poor choices/actions–how about Chicago?..The trolls (morons) are scared of their own reflection..drinkers get most grief getting drunk and running their mouths…But don’t keep educating these people or they will all come 😉

  10. The government doesn’t want you to spend your money in another country or for you to retire abroad they don’t like in fact they do everything to keep you there they makeup so you can’t take vacation s anymore there so greedy and now you used to be getting back a full income tax check on they break it up in quarterly checksums allows them to get another years interest on your money not one of the government asked the public about this and they don’t pay once cent to use your money another way government fksus all in Canada

  11. You really need to compare the murder rate of retirees in the USA to compare against expat retirees in the Philippines. My guess is that most of the people who are murdered in the US are going to be young and the proportion of retirees murdered in the US is going to be smaller than that of the general population.
    All that being said, if you are streetwise and don’t go into dangerous areas or start trouble the chance of being murdered is greatly reduced.

    “I have never been murdered before in 65 countries and 13 years” I think that’s a joke? Anyone who was murdered would not be able to write this, also a sample size of 1 is never enough.

  12. People do like to and should look at risk while in foreign countries. Moreover, journalists like to make a mountain out of mole hill for money.
    So I did do research a few years ago. I have to go back and check again. But I did not look specifically at just murdered rates, I looked at road deaths and all cause mortality of Americans and total deaths.
    I remember Mexico has the highest deaths of Americans per year at just under 500.
    I also calculated the chance of dying in road accident in Thailand as an American tourist at 1 in 750,000. Nevertheless, this is just a statistic, a number as a reference. For instance, if you don’t rent a motorbike or use the roads, your probabilities are greatly reduced. But you can still be hit by a bus crossing the street and be counted as a traffic death.
    Doing the best you can is the smartest thing.
    But I’ve learned to not trust American numbers, and there is no way in hell I would ever trust statistics from countries like the Philippines. After all there are no unwed mother, HIV and AIDS in the Philippines. Also all girls are virgins too. 😝

  13. A little over a year ago I wanted to know if the murder rate was higher for expats living in the Philippines or USA. The numbers came out the same. The US state department lists murders of US citizen who die abroad. This isn’t some third world country reporting. The number of USA expats living in the Philippines is only an estimate but using the data it’s about the same. I didn’t include USA tourists in the calculations which would make the number even lower.

  14. If you’re streetwise, respectful and don’t flash the cash, you’re pretty safe as a standard in most countries.
    If you’re not, you can be a target anywhere in the world.

  15. One issue is that when you permanently live in a locale, you know which areas are dangerous and to be avoided. I live in the burbs outside Phila., and dont even think of going into half of Philly’s neighborhoods. This is often not the case for Americans visiting foreign countries for a few weeks or months.

  16. The stats will be quite different if you take in to consideration behavioral components. The stats for the retirement countries will probably remain the same or close to it. Retiree and tourist will more that likely remain in the larger city’s and population centers. Wile taking the US as the entire country it is an average basically with places like LA Memphis Chicago Atlanta and other large city’s having large per-ca pita death rates being balanced out by like where I live the entire county has had one murder in the last seven years being only ten minutes from a county in the top ten murder per-ca pita in the US. You take this in to consideration I would say that the murder rate per-ca pita would at least double for the US making it even more lopsided. The murder rate in Bangkok is much lower than the city I commute to everyday to work

  17. I have to think most countries are similar…use your head, don’t be flashy, stay out of bad neighborhoods.
    And in the US…same deal. If you go to a bad part of Miami or Chicago…otherwise you are very safe.

  18. I Love your Channel! If I had known back in 2007 what I know now, I would have retired then. But I can only move forward. After C-19 is a bad dream, I will “slow” travel until my heart is content.

  19. The U S created the Mexican drug cartels with the Bush program Fast and Furious . They also armed the cartels with automatic weapons. They operate mostly at the U S mexico borders .

  20. Heard something from another Philippine expat vlogger that is related to the violence issue: Apparently, there is a cultural phenomena in the PI and possibly elsewhere in Asia called “saving face”. If you get into a confrontation with someone and humiliate them, especially in front of others, it is extremely offensive to them and could result in a violent response. It’s something that just isn’t considered acceptable behavior, even if you have been wronged and feel justified in doing it under the circumstances. Of course, confrontation should be avoided anywhere if possible, but have you observed that this is particularly taboo in the PI or other Asian cultures?

  21. The world is only scary while sitting on your sofa and watching the news. The deep state controls us with fear. Seek the truth and find liberation. Thank you for sharing great travel information.

  22. Hate to say it, but you butchered this vlog. The video is a lot better with the audio off. And, yes, statistics can be misleading sometimes.

  23. I have experienced mostly kindness and generosity in the 8 foreign countries I have been too. I lived in NYC for 4 years and took the subway quite a bit. Never mugged, lol. Just moved from Look as Vegas to Reno. There are 1-3 people murdered here every day.
    When I was in Indonesia for one year, I was in the crowded local markets and streets frequently. The people were EXTREMELY friendly and helpful. Kindness is the norm there.
    So yes Dan, people who say that it is dangerous watch too much tv and never travel. Otherwise they would not speak with such ignorance. You were spit on Dan. Thanks

  24. If you run your mouth, treat people poorly or put yourself in situation in any large city example roaming around dark streets drunk late at night you are putting your life at risk It does not matter if your American, Australian or British conduct yourself in a respectable way and treat the nationals of the country your a guest in with respect and humility and you should not go far wrong. There are areas of Philippines a foreigner should not go unless with a local of that area use your common sense, there are good and bad in every country and certain areas or places you should not go.

  25. Great and useful information and lists.
    Two potential flaws in I see from this comparison to the Americans living in USA though, is that the demographics and average time spent in the country will be closer to a year for Americans in USA while the “American Travelers” probably is a mixture of short time tourist stays and temporary/permanent residents or tourist visas only..
    But the comparison of other non-USA countries for USA-travelers is very interested, and would probably just to some degree be skewed depending on which countries are more/less typical for longer residency/stay-time and also potentially different types of travelers to the different countries.

  26. I have a home in the Philippines where we live part of the year. I have seen estimates as high as 800,000 US citizens living in the Philippines. If the higher numbers are correct then the murder rate would even be lower than your estimate. My belief is that many of the Americans murdered in the Philippines or Columbia are engaged in the drug trade but I don’t have statistics to prove it. Just a number of anecdotal reports. If you live among the Filipinos and behave and become part of the community they will protect you rather than harm you.

    Wikipedia…. Americans in the Philippines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americans_in_the_Philippines
    Today, the Philippines has a large population of Americans and people with American roots, including a significant Amerasian population;[17] there are estimates of 52,000 to 250,000 Amerasians in the Philippines in 1992.[21] These Americans have been joined by a number of Filipino Americans with U.S. citizenship who had immigrated to the United States, then returned to their country of birth.[22] In addition, there is a population of Filipino Americans, who were born in the United States, who are immigrating to the Philippines, known as “baliktad”.[23] The total number of US citizens living in the Philippines is more than 220,000,[1] with estimates reaching as high as 600,000.[24]

    The last time I researched the question of how many Americans live in the Philippines (2-3 years ago) I found that the State Department keeps no official records. And the estimates vary widely. A lot of the variation in the estimates depends on if the Filipino nationals who worked in the USA and became dual citizens are included in the number of American citizens living in the Philippines. It is common among Filipinos to marry in their twenty’s raise a family and then move to the USA about age 55. Then if both partners in marriage work in the USA for ten years they can get their 40 quarters of Social Security credits and return to the Philippines at age 65 and live out their lives each getting $400-$500 a month in USA social security benefits. They can live comfortably for the rest of their lives in their beloved homeland. Filipinos are resourceful and hardworking. I admire them very much. In fact I am married to a wonderful Filipina woman.

  27. ……they’re not trolls…unfortunately there are still a lot of people in the West that are ignorant. Murder rate in the City of Chicago alone, if you only knew.

  28. In the US I believe it is more likely you know your killer than not . I’m wondering if that is true in the Philippines as well . If it is strangers doing the killing then that would make whatever the number is a little more scary at least to me .

  29. Or you could retire in Irvine, California. We have an extremely low crime rate. You can’t compare an entire country. You must compare specific cities. Your numbers will get distorted. I loved the video. Nice church!

  30. Your approach is more scientific than just saying look at the murder rates of a specific country. However, is it possible that the murder rates in the USA is general rather than a rate specific to locals of the USA?
    Because, your rates regarding foreign countries compared USA citizens there vs in the USA.
    Are USA citizens in foreign countries more likely to be harmed because they’re USA citizens? Or less?
    I think it’s the later, it’s almost common knowledge that if a USA citizen is harmed/murdered that the investigation will be highly intensive and may include USA resources directing such.

  31. The subject of your video is a valid concern, however, an accurate analysis is nearly impossible. Murder statistics are highly unreliable. No country will allow accurate numbers of violent encounters to become widely reported. I live in Thailand most of the year. Police in Bangkok typically report any suspicious foreigner death as a “suicide.” Just last week a foreigner was found in Pattaya with a plastic bag over his head with a zip tie around his neck and hands zip tied behind his back. The police listed it as a suicide death. No one in their right mind believes the murder numbers coming out of Mexico. Truly accurate numbers just do not exist.

  32. Great video, I need a good laugh. Life is too short to hide under your bed. I been going to the Philippines for 3 years now. Iam building a wonderful life there with the love of my life. I feel safer in the Philippines than the us.

  33. Your “murder methodology” seems quite reasonable! Perhaps it also indirectly shows a problem with American reluctance to explore this beautiful planet and it’s varying cultures. The more we travel and explore, the fewer the concrete differences between us…

  34. This was a subject that someone had to address. I am also sick of comments from people I know (who do not travel) and are happy to tell me how dangerous it is to travel to countries overseas.
    Yet inside I laugh because I know they have no idea, and actually feel safe overseas than at home because when overseas I don’t follow the local news .
    A similar black subject that needs to be addressed is the negative comments on travelling to Muslim countries, like Malaysia and Indonesia (including Bali)
    Again reinforcing their ignorance of what these countries are really like.

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