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  1. I can imagine all the dirt and soot those split aircon units collect.
    I am guessing that unit has to be flushed out and probably pressure washed periodically.
    I suffer from a mild case of COPD and the air quality in the Philippines is not the healthiest for me.
    Great video Rob.

  2. Interesting video Rod, thanks for sharing. Good to see that they cleaned up well after their work . It was something that I was always very fussy about, and we received many compliments about it. It always leaves a good impression. Take care Rod.

  3. I will be EXCITED when the borders finally OPEN for international travelers because I’m moving to CEBU but I’m not EXCITED about wearing masks or SHIELDS😣😷 I was wondering if U can do a VIDEO showing the STEPS u are taking against the VIRUS, are U just following orders from SHIELDS to temperature checks or are U taking extra precautions such as using anti-bacterial lotion, gloves, sanitizing groceries? Or are U not too worried about contracting anything there?🤔

  4. I did not know that you would be responsible for repairs if you’re renting a place. I thought that would be one of the advantages of renting. Not being your responsibility for repairs

  5. I don’t think that foreigners consider these types of maintenance and repairs when coming to the Philippines. Finding electrical boxes and water shutoffs should be one of the first things to do when you move in. This is reality

  6. Wow. He’s really is a professional. He’s using a ladder instead of balancing on top of a few plastic chairs. Oh never mind. He does have bare feet while working on a metal ladder and spraying water into a piece of 220 electrical equipment. Hopefully no one turns the circuit breaker back on. Had that happen to me once. You don’t want to experience that twice.

  7. I can imagine in the city those units would collect a lot of dust and dirt. Can you find CLR at any hardware stores there to soak the showerheads? Nice to find someone that does a good cleaning job. Thanks for the video!

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