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  1. Wow… that was a lot of *GUNK inside of that AIR CON UNIT ROB…
    Didn’t you just make a video few months back SERVICING this same A.C. UNIT ???
    Good video my friend.
    Good luck…

  2. Our power bill at Sogod was much the same as yours Rod, sometimes maybe P1000/ P1500 more, bearing in mind its a much bigger house with lots of ceiling lights plus we had family living with us, two computers, mine and theirs, the usual TV, only one aircon and that is in our room upstairs, though when i’m there, i always had electric fans operating. I bet the repair guy doesn’t know about Legionnaires disease, blowing into the pipe like that, LOL. Thanks Rod. Bob.

  3. we have the same problem going on at our bohol apartment RIGHT NOW i am going to have the land lord deal with it rent 7000 power bill 3200 water 400 per mo air con 70% of the time i rent my computer 500 per mo Thanks ROD

  4. I’ve always had the same problem finding qualified repairmen. Most don’t even have any schooling. What really is upsetting is if you DO have any repairs done, they NEVER clean up after themselves. On top of that…they usually ask is you have any tools they can use. I’ve been here 19 years…pretty sad. Oh well.

  5. Rod, i will rent you a brand new townhouse in Bayswater, Talisay, near SM Seaside, i will take care of any maintenance, $20k per month, i also have one townhouse in Bayswater in Mactan, i promise you i take care of any issue that arises…

  6. Rod. I Know your problem but in a little different way. We just had our bedroom one done 2 days ago. Great cleaning but the black plastic tub he brought for the water collection had a whole in it and water went thru the floor into the ceiling downstairs that soaked and dropped at one meter tile. Such fun!!

  7. I used a shop vac and suctioned the junk out of my drain hose. I was able to find a small adapter to fit inside the hose.
    Look outside where the condenser/fan is located from time to time.
    Make sure you see condensation dripping out of the drain hose.

  8. Tradesman in the the Philippines LMAO. I would go far as saying the majority of them never finished high school
    Ask them for the licences Rod then again it’s hard to get anyone to turn up caught between a rock and a hard place

  9. Rod LOL are you trying to fix things yourself. I still have not learned my lesson. My furnace was messing up I thought it was my thermostat so I changed it guess what it was still messing up. I know nothing about the furnace I end up having to call someone in which I should have done in the first place. As far as dealing with utility companies long story short the water company screwed me over a $400 water bill. I thought it was a leak in my house actually a constant running toilet is what I thought. On my own I figured out the water meter was leaking outside. Blah blah blah blah blah guess what I end up having to pay the bill even though I know it was not my fault. Just write down whoever you talk to and deal with and dates and times. Which I am horrible about not doing. I always have to rely on my memory. I always have to rely on my memory. I always have to rely on my memory.. What was I talkin about

  10. Live in rented condo up in Lahug, before the covid the owners was sent his service man, now days I ask help from the maintenance in the condo to solve all kind of air cons and palming problems, with payment of 200-300 pesos they pix every things.

  11. Looks like they will be rolling out this vaccine Jan/Feb here in the UK if it passes through the safety tests on going now, i wonder if like Thailand the Philippines will open the borders to people that have had the vaccine?

  12. 🟣Did you know that the Dominion machines was used in Philippine presidential election? And the guy who is president now, cheated by using the same machine that was used in the USA recently? And no wonder they are following the new world order agendas in Philippine as well ……!🟣it is scamdemic political virus ✅

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