Honda Powered “Lamborghini” in Bangkok

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  1. อยากให้ไปเห็น งานมหกรรมรถเเห่ งานบุญบั๊งไฟ งานหนังกลางเเปลง

  2. Ive got an eccort mk1 sofa a mk1 van sofa and a mk2 convertable bed sofa. Well, no one wanted to pay 5000bt for the cars so i got the grinder out.

  3. If you ever want to get a “real” bike, look into the Ducati Scrambler. They are actually made in Thailand. They have a 400, 800 and 1100 version. It’s a great all around bike, looks cool AF and would be amazing to ride around Thailand on. It would be so bitchin’ to see you bomb around the country on one. Braaaap!

  4. iv wanted to buy a super car in thailand for many years but i refuse it with the 300% tax. i spoke to the eastern european guy that used to do the kit cars a few years ago atilla

  5. Love the car culture in Thailand, you just would not get away with building stuff like this in the US OR Australia too many Rules and regulations.. keep up the great content.

  6. Now you have me wondering if the Ferraris and Lamborghinis I see parked in the nightclubs on Ekamai Rd are knock off, like their GF’s handbags:)

  7. Just got from work. C B MEDIA pops up Breakfast with Chad cheers for Boston Ma. Nice looking Cobra. I am 6 foot 4 too sometimes wish I was 5 foot 10 so I could fit in the small cars.

  8. Chad. After the Mazda GLC (the initial 323 in the early 70’s) there were two small sedan iterations in Japan called the Familia. Then they named it the Axela, up to today. In the US it is 323. Mazda brought back the Familia about 10 years ago. It is a small five door stationwagon for commercial use. Very basic. Nissan makes it though, and it is sold with different names by Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru.
    Trinidad & Tobago.

  9. Hi Chad your doing one hell of a job selling bangkok I’ve never wanted to go there till now looking forward to meeting ya ps you got tuff’s # lol

  10. Hahahhah….chad bro…forget that 500 rebel…they got a new 1100 rebel that looks the same just way more motor…just think of all the lady boys you could haul…😄👍👍👍

  11. i do plan on traveling, how is nord gonna help me get to south “east” asia. maybe if nord had an irl thing i could surf all the way to thailand and help you turn out more than one video a week.

  12. It’s so fascinating watching your vids of car culture over in Thailand. Specifically, a lot of these replicas being built there are literally considered garbage here in the states but it’s clear that in thailand, at least amongst the folks you are surrounding yourself with, that snobbery is out the window and the true passion for the craft is respected. Cheers.

  13. Is this in Chachoengsao? Looks like Chachoengsao to me, about an hour and half away from Bangkok, it’s the country side and there’s an industrial zone, all the factories and car factories like Toyota are there, Toyota Education and Training Center is also there. It’s a beautiful place, lots of nice cafes, restaurants, riverside cafes/restaurants, markets, coconut farms, and farms where you can eat amazing food and have fun and hang out, the towns there are nice too, I absolutely love it there ❤️. Chad you got to show the supercar/exotic car scene of Thailand to people as well, like crazy exotic car builds and stock exotic cars, new and classic, both.

  14. Suria (sp?) looks so proud and happy as he should! Awesome job. Imagine what he could come up with if you gave him a good budget and a good chassis to work with.

  15. gr8 vid as always – loving the Thai car culture bcos of this Ch… btw Do you know this farang car dude that speaks thai = Tangmo Racing – แตงโม เรสซิ่ง – in BKK too? only just happen to chance upon his fb jdm car page/blog etc ..,

  16. I don’t know maybe you could get a car for a Fair fare price and it wouldn’t cost as much to ship it to you as it would to buy it where you’re at and then you could sell it for twice three times what it’s worth normally because of where you’re at just a thought….video is cleaner crisp….nice work.. I would do a Lamborghini replica with a built rotary…

  17. Cars are expensive. Parts and half cars (literally sliced in half) are cheap – lots and lots of Japanese crashed stuff ends up here. You should do a video of a visit to Chiang Kong (where you got second hand car parts back in the day. No idea if it’s still around though…)

  18. Yo Chad, ever considered doing two separate channels, one for car/bike/racing-related stuff, and one for your travel antics? Huge fan of the latter, but not really into the former and other regular viewers may feel the other way around. Just an idea though!

  19. Sonovergun, when I first came here years ago. People told me kit cars are not allowed on the roads here in Bangkok. I supposed they are only legal for other province?

    I can wait for you to get millions of subs. I like to see what you gonna build.

  20. Awesome video bro, first time I see something like this thanks for the video
    Please mention. The car maker as well so when I came Bkk I visit this place

  21. The Thais give no f***s and that only makes them cooler in my eyes. Can’t wait to see that JZADOR burning the streets when you hit those million subs, bro!

  22. Bro another epic video man them country folk over there kill it in the car making scene. How do they drive are they like a brand new car or they feel a little different?? Thanks for your time.

  23. They are some cool cars there . How much are the Lambo replica there Chad – of corse how much are they ? How are they insured over there … would love for you to chat to the guy about prices and cost of building them
    For customers and the length of time it take . Much love to your great Chanel

  24. Oh? Very cool shop, I respect the hard work and ingenuity. I ask my father inlaw if he had a garden rake? My wife said draw daddy picture, I pull a snap shot off internet and he made one!! Lol nice study rack. Love it!

  25. Hey ramp up the videos. You need to do one on bangkok night live before reopening to foreigners.

    I had the situation recently, what ever I cought in pattaya in 2019 was a lot worse.

  26. Now that’s some badass shite right there…..he must really feel accomplished when a project is finished…what an amazing talent….and I may have missed it but where is that place?

  27. This type of car culture is absolutely still alive and well in America. I know plenty of people who build what they like/want and don’t worry about what others think. Looks like they just work with what they’ve got over there in Thailand!

  28. Good to see a custom Cobra, who needs stinking door handles, you should of just ran and jumped in🤣 Still want a 2JZ , around $7000grand back in the states😉

  29. I dont know man, even if its a fake lamborghini, it wouldnt be a sleeper. The sleepers are where its at, and i wouldnt mind seeing your car build chad as a soccer mom daihatsu thats able to do 2 wheel peels from traffic lights

  30. Love all the videos if you ever get some free time and want to laugh 😆 check out this channel on YouTube wtfbrahh they make fun of the political mess and covid horors of 2020

  31. That right there captured in this excellent vid by Chad is why you have to love the ingenuity of the wonderful thai people… If you dont have it – then make it yourself out of literally almost nothing!! Great attempt at Cobra replica youd never guess that was a cheap ol mazda truck in its previous life!!
    Big thumbs up from UK 🇬🇧

  32. Those replicas could inspire wet dreams…especially that Cobra. Your friend is a genius, Chad…a true artist. If I ever attempted something like that, my efforts would look like they came from a low-resolution Minecraft game.

  33. I don’t know if you’ve got a new wide angle, but the combination of that and the 4K makes the picture pop…

    That and probably the polarized lens makes me ache, missing the beauty that is the LOS.

  34. Hey Chad, I don’t know exactly when I started following you, i’d assume around the 25K mark. I just want to say how exciting it is to see you finally getting the attention your channel deserves. Keep it up!

  35. Chad my man, sick bro! How much for the F150 conversion? I bring my ranger 3.2 six speed in a blink of an eye and turn it into the baddest truck of the village or province for that matter…🤣keep up the good work my man and who knows we meet up one day so I can enjoy a 🌇 and 🍺 with you. 🙏🙏🙏

  36. The GTO!!! Keep that hidden. Just look at Thunder Ranch’s history with that replica. The prancing stallion will hunt your new friend down. You may want to edit that out or pixelate it.

  37. This is going to be the first winter in several years that I haven’t spent the really cold months in Thailand. Your videos are helping me get through the “situation”.

  38. You & I know c they will build u any body around what ever engine-chassis u bring to there shop magic,you’re letting the world know class 🇮🇪🇹🇭👍👍😎🙏🏻

  39. Considering most Thais wouldn’t have any idea of what a real Cobra sounds like, or even looks like, a replica like that works just fine. Probably wouldn’t pass in the US, but that’s not the point. Have to say the leather work and painting in Thailand can be first class!

  40. Sweet video man! I miss the NOPI scene.
    On a side note, I have a 2000 NB1 mazda miata supercharged that I would sell for that price over there haha.

  41. I really miss nopi itry to explain to my younger brothers how epic it was they just don’t get it. Underglow and fiberglass as far as the eye can see!

  42. Chad, My wife always over hears your videos as I watch them and she has asked me several times where you’re from (She can’t place your accent) . I Think you’re from Georgia if memory serves (though at this point in life memory aint serving shit ! lol) Could you please remind me what state you’re from so I can satisfy this woman’s damn curiosity ? Thanks!

  43. Love your stuff Chad but tha Mazda/Cobra thing I wouldn’t even shit on man , it’s like a bad 70s kit car ,all the wheel arch spacing are wrong the front end looks like a kids toy and it sounds like a lawn mower . I’m gonna send you some money so you don’t have to do this shit man.

    I have heard it gets hot playing games. How does it do for editing and uploading photos and video? You seem to like it.

  45. It’s seems that the Car Culture there is what used to be the backbone of the US Car Culture in the 80s-90s. It was all about the pure love of the build and car that resulted afterwards .
    Driving around on a Friday night just to drive in Gut (circle) to see everyone else’s cars.
    I miss those days and you have found them again in Bangkok!

  46. Gotta love the same same but different abilities these talented mofos have. Anotber epic cbmedia production looking forward to you climbing your tall ass into the same same lambo

  47. TY CB for all this Amazing video I love it I would love to go Thailand that country it love very special country to me🙏🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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