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  1. Hi Rod. Yeah the colour scheme would most likely to be changed and a nice size lot. Realtor or not Rod, love having a look at these videos and hearing your thoughts. You’re my second favorite Philippines YouTube channel, after mine of course lol. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂👍

  2. Nice place Rod. House prices seem to have increased quite a bit since we left in 2015, from this perception i guess our home has also increased in value, though we have no plan to sell my final resting place, LOL. Regards to you and Arlene.

  3. Outside paint is ok need some touch up but the interior is kinda tacky. Need to re paint and the tile selection is horrible. Need to replace most of it probably put quartz as kitchen countertop to upgrade. Otherwise the price is reasonable.

  4. Nice big house large is the land.what size the house and land please rod.does the.price includes furnishings. Is the house close to shops hospital and transport..thankyou rod

  5. I just got my daily dose of your calming voice. Thanks. The house is a good deal especially with that amount of property. I see two maybe three apartments could be built.. house would make a good Airbnb or rental by the month..I am like you about retirement and I don’t want any huge projects.. after I arrive I will set up my filipino fiancee – wife up with a couple of Airbnb’s to give her something to do because she has so much energy..the rentals will pay for themselves and build up equity while making money..I will pick up my renter’s at the airport and help them get started.. probably help my girl start a utube channel so I can promote my rentals or her rentals, I am retired.hehe..I would never let my over head get over $500 so I could always cover it in case of emergency, like now for them off in a year or two and buy a couple more with the equity..this could go on a on and get as big as you want it to..i don’t have a lot of money and I don’t want a lot of money but I will show her how to make money to help herself and her family..wall street legally stole my big retirement money and all I have is my $1750 social security retirement money..its plenty enough for liviin the filipines, I think..this is first good deal I have seen in a long time on any channel..I love looking at properties.. thanks😂🤗🐊🐊👌👍🐊🐊😂🤗

  6. Great video, that dog was abused by that old neighbour it was very scared. I bet she beats him every time she can.
    I’ve seen so much animal abuse here that it’s very sickening, for example we had a neighbour once that had 2 st. Bernard puppies (7 month old) two male brothers.
    They were huge and he kept them out side on the yard in cages separated from each other with our enough water supply as they would flip their water bowl as yearly as 10am and they would have nothing till late night when he gets back home, the smell was horrible we had to move because of it.

  7. One important concept of buying properties in Philippines, u must buy within 5km of the city centre, coz the traffic congestion means 5km in Philippines = 50 km in the West.

  8. When we bought our house it came in blue (outside) and white. It was not either of ours favorite color. It has grown on me. The bright colors there are not a natural attraction for us. Yet somehow its nicer than the 12 shades of brown we use here.

    Looks like a very nice home.

  9. Usally if some one helps the people sell a house they get 10 percent of the sale we are trying to sell our old house in Punta Nailon no one using it our stepbrother is there but we have spare little unit the back of our new house we built so he dosent need a big 3 bedroom house

  10. Rod been watching your channel and always find myself agreeing with u we have been hear over a year the lock down was hard but made barrable by good Filipino people and guys like u keep on keeping on😇

  11. That’s a nice big house and lot Rod, with a bit of cosmetic work it would be really nice. I like the style outside, some colour changing inside wouldn’t cost a lot to completely transform it. I always enjoy these videos you make, even though I’m not interested in buying a property there. Agree re the animals there, as an animal lover, it’s sad to see so many living in a small cage, or tied to a short piece of rope. Thanks for the nice look around Rod.

  12. That is so true how different they treat the animals there. I miss my Rottweiler so much but no matter how I tell them to walk my dog everyday, they don’t care.😢

  13. On the whole looks OK, but could do with a bit of maintenance. The price seems very low as it is a large house with big lot. Maybe there are some hidden issues. Certainly where I live 15km outside of Davao that would be worth a lot more. And who the hell chose the colour scheme, what is wrong with white, it looks good, makes the place lighter and seem more spacious. Stay safe.

  14. We were very lucky with our home. Its one story. I didn’t want to stop using a second floor when I get too old to go up stairs. Rooms are American size. Interior layout actually mimics American style. Master bath is a bit narrow but it’s mostly for visitor ps who don’t notice. We did a renovation meaning all CRs and kitchen were gutted and redone in a more modern look and with neutral colors. Added AC, new windows, new plumbing and fresh paint in and out. We brought US beds so our 1/3 of our lives are as comfortable as in US.

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