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  1. Hey dude I’m a doctor. Sometimes when you measure uric acid during an acute gout attack it comes back normal. You can have transients high uric acid from a high load from your diet such as a binge on beer or protein and uric acid crystals precipitate in the joint and start your gout attack but when you measure uric acid it comes back normal because the spike was only temporary. Treatments about the same anyway nonsteroidal such as Motrin Naprosyn anything you can get there and avoiding dietary indiscretion. The internet will tell you what not to eat and drink. Filipino medicine is completely Mickey Mouse. Just for your information having a history of gout is considered an independent cardiac risk factor so clean it all up.

  2. Nice….whats the cost for down payment security deposit and first months rent? Will the owner maintain the pool for cleaning and water treatment while its rented? Is the house only for rent or for sale also? How far is it from walking street and is the house in a crime free environment? Hows the noise level traffic wise and can it be rent by the month as well as by the year? Any place to have a bar b que?

  3. Allot of sugar in all that bread you’ve been eating Brian. Get rid of it if possible i know you love your bread sandwiches. Everything except the outside around the pool area is nice. Get rid of that ugly pool and put in a nice yard.

  4. Other than the pavers sticking up so high you could easily trip on, awesome house. Very open and spacious. If you recorded this after you hurt your foot, man, what a trooper, but you should stay off it for a bit and let it heal. Nice job, as always.

  5. In regards to your A1c you NEED to know and understand what your level is. Is it 6.0, 6.4, 6.8, 7.0, higher? Anything above 6.4 is bad. If she just did blood glucose level is it 100, 120, 180, 200, 300? Anything above 100-120 in the morning and 140-160 two hrs after eating dinner is bad. You think anybody is bugging you? better to be bugged than to go to Type 1, and heading eventually for dialysis. And yes, I’m Type 2. The rental …….. I would need to know exactly where it is to give a good review. I wouldn’t trust it as maintaining a pool is bad enough in the US. Here?? No thanks. And those brick thingeys…… bueno.

  6. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but…No way… Old house (70’s maybe), nice par-kay floors in some rooms. Not furnished, no Air con or fans, no hot water and in 2 of the CR’s no shower head (the last two CR’s also looked filthy). Pool is way too expensive to maintain (don’t think owner will clean it up for you). Not sure if the owner really means they will pay electric and water for the tenant, sounds fishy, especially, if your running all the rooms with Air con and daily lounging at the pool. I’m guessing the owner would NOT like paying a 20 thousand Peso electric bill every month. The Air Con spaces in the rooms were an after thought, since there below the windows. Your right, would be nice to have some garden area, rather than a concrete slippery walk on the moss and mold build up or the raised square obstacle course. Didn’t look like a very secure area and probably not a guarded subdivision. You can find WAYYYYYYYY better, keep looking…..

  7. The house is a “no” for me… I seen a ghetto area close by from the deck… combined with the missing ac’s (with theft cages).. is telling about the neighborhood… also not a fan of all that concrete yard… or the missing water heaters… water pressure would also need to be check during peak usage periods.. I agree that is a good value for the money. Its a 5 or 6 out of 10.

  8. Like your place better. But if elec and water included and pool is good. Spend some bucks on Flower and plant and veggy raised beds and not a bad deal. Would be great to have a pool there. GL on foot.

  9. Very nice, the price is good. I don’t get the raised stepping stones, I would level all of that with e a lawn, it would add to the beauty of the houss keep the stepping stones and save the toes.

  10. not bad needs a little work on the inside painting and so on but the outside I don’t like the tripping stones the part with the bricks and stones sticking up makes for a lot of broken bones if you trip and fall if anything will be many sore toes. I think you said everything was included power so on . So if the pool was clean and running and the AC in the rooms were all set up working Not a bad deal .

  11. Philly…give me a holler on this one. Tired of the BGC and that is a great deal especially as we have a little one on the way in Nov and an 8 year old….

  12. Glad to hear your better. I said previously you be fine by the end of this week. I gave Lut a link because I was worried. Nice house. Very specious.

  13. Nice place but your home is better, to much cncrete. The owner would have to prove to me the pool is in good working order. Im a Hawaii guy and and know pools. That pump system is very old and not cost effective. Im glad you are feeling better. Aloha, Scotty

  14. I used to own a home with a pool. let me tell you… take care of a house with a pool you need to constantly run the filter daily which is costly. then you need to treat the water with chemicals weekly or bi weekly otherwise the water will grow all kinds of germs mold bacteria green shit like it is right now. then you need to clean it daily due to all kinds of leaves dirt animals insects trash etc. you also need to be very careful people dont hop the fence to take a dip in the pool when nobody is home. worse yet you also need to be careful because if anyone drowns in the pool while you are renti g the house…..guess what? liability is on you for any problem in and out of the pool. is the pool heated? if not it may be too cold to swim and if it has a heater which I think it does not it will be costly to heat plus evaporation will require to add water daily into the pool to keep it leveled. I think imho it would be best to rent a home without a pool and just go to a water park when you get the urge to swim. is covid a gathering place in and near a pool? dont know yet why chance it. bottom line….while rent looks reasonable…utilities will shock you.

  15. Hello Brian i noticed the CR bathroom has 2 knobs for hot and cold water , maybe heater is hidden in the wall instead if just hanging on the wall , just a guess

  16. I’m glade you went to the doctor I’m going to give you some advice don’t play doctor when it comes to your health go get blood work x rays whatever you
    need to do when it comes to your health and of your not sure always go get 2 bd or 3rd opinion from other doctors just to make sure it’s your health and you must take good care of it.

    Always if I was you I’ll get that house since you guys love to go swimming then you want have to worry about going to hotels to swim and worrying future lockdowns were you can’t get into the hotels to swim and the house is at a very good price with pool. Nice very nice. And when you do go to the hotels it’s because want to get out eat some food and enjoy a different experience but you’ll always have your house with the pool to enjoy. And it has lots of room for entertaining friends and family. If I was you I’ll strongly consider it. Nice video keep up the good work be safe and enjoy.

  17. Yeah that’s very nice but I see a lot of videos in the Philippines a lot of swimming pools and none of them are working they look just like that one what’s over the bricks mold Moss grass yeah I would ran for 300 not five you get that house Brian you going to have a half of the Philippine Town living with you you already got a bunch of them moved into your house already ,

  18. Pool looks very suspicious, too much concrete around the house (heat build up), large house but old, cage for ac ?, means bad neighborhood.Not worth 28k, maybe 18, maybe. Water pressure ? Certainly a no deal for me

  19. I thought it was a big improvement on the previous property you showed to us. Still think there is a fair amount of work needed. Really don’t understand the raised tiles outside. Cat on a hot tin roof is a play by Tennessee Williams.

  20. Barbed wire in front, shanty town in the back, neighbor using the wall to extend his house, pool location, too much concrete all around, need too much renovation

  21. Good video….The terms are not good…You shouldn’t give them 100,000P down for a unfurnished house plus who is going to pay for the 4 air conditioners?…Yes nice big kitchen with nothing in it? No fridge no stove and oven? Don’t get me wrong I like your videos…

  22. I love reading the comments. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen a video where the majority of the comments thought that the rent was a good deal. Can’t think of any.

  23. Who would think it was a good idea to install so many trip hazards and toe stub hazards around a pool, Wait I know the answer someone that stores rocks inside the separate apartment.

  24. Well. At least its a bit better than the last one you showed.
    Ok. Theres a few snags. But could be negotiated around. HG would love it. But would you and Lot lot?
    I dont see you moving in just yet.
    Please keep looking. 😃🤩🤑

  25. I want this. I moved from Angeles to Laguna 2-3 days before lockdown for COVID because my baby is out here, and I wasn’t gna be locked away from here. I also wanted to get her situated for kindergarten. But I’m moving back there, and 28K for that house is EXCELLENT. I paid 30K in Santa Maria before, and that condo was straight hot garbage.

  26. Only drawback is no grass area for the dogs to run and is Lot Lot wanted to garden it would need to be in pots or a greenhouse. Great place to drink coffee in AM above maid’s quarters.

  27. A few comments on the house for rent: jalousie windows are bad, easy to pry open and terrible leakage for A/C. What’s with the roof dormer no access? Concrete yard will be hotter than hell without trees for shade. And a big no to the pool, the maintenance and safety are never ending and would deny you the pleasure of eating out and pooling out at the numerous hotels around town. Definitely from the seventies. Typical philippino remodel miss: put all the cabinetry in the second kitchen, for what? Should make the house-girl happy though. You’ll be much happier with more grass and trees for shade. Your rental property videos are interesting though, Brian. Reminds me of my air force days living in the P.I. 1985 – 1989.

  28. MY ONLY concern would be safety. I see rusted tin roofs next door very close to the house. The barbwires on the fences speak for themselves. But it looks like a nice house, nice price with a pool, but again, security is everything. Maybe you’d need to cover that opening between the living room and the dirty kitchen for offensive odors and A/C.

  29. Thank you for doing the baht to USD conversion math (unlike many vloggers). I personally dream of living in hotels. Any thoughts on this as being feasible in any sense? As I age the last thing I want to do is be concerned about maintenance.

  30. Going to have to agree with Jeffery Lawton below. Jalousie windows are terrible for both safety and efficiency for air con. No trees for shade but plenty of brick trip hazards. I’d take a pass on that one if i were you. On a sode not, you should eat moringa to help with the diabetes. I have you seen you eating more mashed potatos instead of french fries, so thats a good start.

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