How China ruined 2020 but not 2021

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  1. The CEO’s of the media conglomerates in the USA are all leftists democrats and support the globalists for a new world order, supercapitalism mixed with communism under one tent under their control . God forbid!

  2. Honestly, I am not as angry with China as I am with Liberals.
    Its true that China spread the virus.
    But LIBERALS exploited COVID-19 🦠 and used it to DESTROY AMERICA!!!

  3. Imagine the police arrive at the scene as the murderer still hmmm “youtube won’t let me say it” to the corps, However they begin investigating everything but no one point at the criminal inspite being in front of them the whole time, on top of that they let him go and highly praise his execution, as they proceed investigating !!!
    That’s what’s happening, so freaking stupid

  4. It’s also woken people up to Oriental cruelty, there were still people who had absolutely no idea of how sadistic your preferred people are.

  5. Let’s be fair when it comes to reporting deaths.

    Every day, we get new statistics about the death toll of only one thing, and new cases caused by erroneous reports. Inaccurate, and unnecessary testing , but nothing is said about all of the other things that cause human death. Here’s just a few that I think should be reported on a daily basis, just like that one thing that is in the news every day..

    Old age
    Heart attacks
    Cigarette smoking
    The common cold
    The common flu
    Medical mistakes
    Drug overdoses
    Big city crime
    Street War and street crime
    Dictators [police]
    Etc; Etc; Etc;

    Could it possibly be that the government doesn’t gift the medical industry with cash payments for any of these other causes of death? Hmmm, makes one wonder.

    Please share this with everyone you know. We’ve got to stop this madness. It’s a scam and it’s ruining the economy of the world, which in turn will cause incalculable damage and even death to countless millions.

  6. Yeah China spread the virus.
    But its how you REACT to problems which are more important.
    And its the LIBERALS who exploited it for their own perverse agendas.

  7. Winston I have no gripe with your problem with China, my only point is your new adopted home America is far worse. Look up TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (victims of big brother harassment and directed energy weapon attacks) Look up REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING ,in short they are monitoring what you think about, or more so they are using AI to monitor your thoughts!

  8. My was shit. I couldn’t attend my graduation ceremony, I ain’t forgetting that, ever!
    Some family member got stuck aboard for weeks because of this pandemic and air lockdown. And they want us to forget? Fuck no.

  9. As much as you say it’s not Chinese people’s fault they allow the ccp to continue and you get the leadership you allow to maintain power

  10. Unbelievable how many people were tricked into thinking it’s xenophobic or racist to criticize China. Idiots don’t know how to separate a government from it’s people.

  11. Please, @serpentza. lose bodyweight: eat less, drink less (oh, those are big empty cals from beer/whiskey). One of the many real awesome trademarks you have is good looking wearing a suit, as a fckng badass secret service agent – as a major YTr you know what I mean. I mentioned this… cus u promised (remember?). Big fan for many years. HNY from Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil o/

  12. Nice to hear from you Winston, I wish you and your family the best of health and happiness for 2021, and I need to tell you that with Biden as president we are in China’s pocket. So let’s hope that this fraud election will be exposed and that Trump will get 4 for more years to help us all be free again.

  13. ..yep, and the EU for sure had woken up; just made a trade agreement with China via Zoom meeting with Winnie Poh, Merkel, von der Leyen and other “traders”…just amazing, throwing us all under the CCPs bus…fine 💩 governments here in good old Europe, and soon in the US (again?), God help us all…😱😄😁😅😂🤣

  14. no country is sinless in this abnormal world, especially the larger countries. In China, the Covid 19 virus was transmitted to Wuhan from Western countries and pharmaceutical companies through the city of Shanghai, and then spread around the world. it is easy to accuse without evidence because you hate a system and a state. this is a biological world war, which started through other artificial epidemics and eventually Corona 19 …. Hitler would envy the west if he were alive. in the west (USA and EU) we have many Mengelevs and fascists, who one day must answer for a crime against humanity. Greetings from the Republic of Macedonia, to my country the USA and the EU forcibly changed our name, which we will take back if necessary and with war. damn destructive Western “democracy”.

  15. Without comparing to China.. would anyone trust a US govt .. given all we know now.. I think it has as much credibility as the CCP. I trust no governments – they are just organised corruption – collusion and nepotism under the guise of the national interest. Bring back Direct democracy as best we can.

  16. They don’t want any independent investigation, they have no remorse, no sympathy. No co-operation, lies, cover-up, arrogance, ignorance. They deserve nothing less than two black eyes.

  17. Happy New Year. May Winnie the Pooh and his friends bless you and bring you all health and a lot of fortune! And Winston? When this shit passes by, don’t forget to stop by in Czechia! It’s my call on a beer!

  18. Here’s a flavour of what’s to come.
    In 2028, the Chinese economy will overtake the USA, measured by GDP it alreasdy is when measured by GDP.
    Non Hispanic Whites will be in the minority in USA in 2045
    The minority in Canada, Australia and New Zealand 10 years after that.
    The top 3 economies, measured by GDP in 2040 will be China, USA and India.
    The tallest building in Dubai
    The indigenous population is in the minority in the European cities of Paris, London, Brussels, Leicester, Birmingham, Antwerp, Frankfurt to name but a few, more cities will join this list as the years go on.
    The majority of the world’s millionaires now live in Asia.
    If this is not a sign of Western decline and the rise of Asia, then i don’t know what is.

  19. I truly enjoy your videos Winston and find them a font of information on China and how things really work. I’m glad both you and Laowhy are no longer in China. It’s interesting how the CCP goes about its business as it were. We all know this virus came from Wuhan, the CCP tries to deflect blame but to no avail, we know. All the best to you and your family in 2021. “Stay Awesome!!!”

  20. Many thanks for standing up for South Africans. Wish you a Blessed New year. Great to see Expats do their thing overseas. Most of my family sadly had to emigrate from the ” Rainbow Nation”. Excellent Channel. Keep up the good work bru! 👌👍👍👍👍

  21. china lied & people died, sums up the origins of this debacle.
    government (& some vocal idiots) reactions to china’ malfeasance to the debacle is what fucked up our economies.
    don’t allow your own society to minimise their own culpability.

  22. Great podcast yesterday. I think you guys missed one thing about the Security Guard giving you wrong directions. It’s not just because he doesn’t want to deal with you, it mostly…. face. He doesn’t want to tell you that he doesn’t know, so he’ll guess. Stuff you guys know of course. This pandemic… an intentional attack, nah, this moronic concept called saving face. I always thought it was ridiculous, never thought one day it would crush the world for a year.

  23. Good analogy.
    Its like isolating your infectious kid at home to protect the rest of the family from the deadly plague but still sending them to school and keeping it a secret.All this while buying up and hoarding for yourself all the medicines that are known to help this illness. Then when it gets out your kid is sick calling anyone who says keep your kid at home a bigot and fear monger. On top of this bribing the school nurse/doctors to send out a memo to all parents saying there is nothing to worry about as its a minor issue really and to carry on as normal.
    Then later trying to say your kid caught it from another school kid.

    Pretty sick if you ask me.

  24. I don’t think they let it spread because of losing face. I suspect it had spread so wide in China and that it was going to have such a material impact on their economy that they just decided if China was going to suffer than everyone should suffer.

  25. The leftists control this by accusing anyone who holds China accountable of racism.

    As you well know, Winston, there is no logical reasoning with those who brandish the accusation of racism as their weapon of choice.

    Until we wrest the narrative from their hysterical hands and bring back open, free, and honest discussion, the CCP will continue to avoid being held accountable.

    It is frustrating.

  26. I love this guy, such a down to earth and balanced human being. I think only south africa could produce such a person. I hope I can meet you one day Winston!

  27. Your “tells” are certainly telling. Why would you not put in the same effort to put South Africa on blast, especially if its your home country? 🤔

  28. We shouldn’t to forget that every government lies to there citizens. For whatever reason that may be. You should never take things at face value.

  29. the CCP even controlled the naming of the virus. It is practice to name a virus after the area in which it was discovered. Such as Ebola, after the Ebola River in the area or MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome ). But Dr. “Gerbil” of the WHO cratered to his benefactors , instead of calling the corona virus; the Wuhan Virus, they named it Covid 19. To your point Winston; to save face.

  30. I don’t blame Chinese people, but what their government showing us is a chaos and
    utter discrimination to their own people or those people living on their land(?}.
    A monster grows sucking up million’s blood of his minions(people).

  31. I absolutely love your videos and how you speak the truth and not let the CCP shut you up. Your a very brave man. Wish you and everyone the best in 2021!!

  32. Mate I’m Australian. Everything I hear from China is a joke. Anyone can see through it. 2021 is still going to suck but not as much as how do I put this. Countries in a lesser state.

  33. I disagree, you really think it’s not the people’s fault? Hah. The Virus would’ve happen with or without the current government, the fundamental issue is how China works as a society, aka the people. How they conduct themselves, the hygiene they have, the wet markets and the overpopulation.

    I understand you’re trying to hold on to that “I love Chinese people” argument but let’s be real, most of them will probably want to kill you for the videos you’ve made because when you attack the CCP you attack the Chinese people in their view.

  34. I read a evaluation of wearing face-mask from a Chinese university..unless you have close contact with a patient (drip infection) these face-masks. even if N95… are close to *_useless._* Especially for men that get stubble some few hours after shaving. The CCP virus is (in Europe) a AEROSOL transmitted infection. You get a virus shower everything you walk into one these supermarket with large A/C hanging in the sealing.

  35. It is so amazing that we have seemed to give China/the CCP a free pass!?!?!? They allowed and encouraged the infected in China to spread globally the virus-PURPOSELY!!! NOW, we are further rewarding Chin/the CCP with billions upon billions of dollars (US dollars, to boot) by buying their vaccine!!! Yeah, surprising that the World is using vaccines that were developed in China! What happened to the lawsuits and news about suing China/the CCP?!

  36. Shutdown the airport and defence until vaccine shots go around.
    Let’s not get upset but find a way to survive together. “Put own oxygen mask before helping others.”
    The world knows better and which comes where, the CCP introduced himself, let’s not help it any more.
    Throughout this tragedy, may the innocent people be saved.
    Thank you very much for the effort to broadcast trustworthy information and guidance.

  37. I don’t trust the CCP as far as I can throw them, and 2020 shows how badly we all have handled the virus, but it is going to get better over the next year. 2021 will be the year of recovery, but also a year of reckoning for the CCP. May you live in interesting times.

  38. We need more people like Winston who are not afraid to call out what needs to be called out. Evil reigns when good people choose to do nothing.

  39. Many times you said you don’t understand why Americans would criticize Trump, your reasoning on what China did this year is exactly that. Putting one’s face above other people’s lives, downplay a serious disease, telling the officials to hide actual data, attack journalists and scientists for investigating…

    Granted what Trump did was nowhere close to what happened in China, largely thanks to people in the government refusing to follow his order and leak them to the media. Just because Trump said some anti-China things doesn’t mean he’s the opposite of CCP, Trump used the exact CCP playbook to handle this pandemic. We can criticize CCP and Trump at the same time for doing the same thing.

  40. Hard to believe that so many people are brainwashed by the CCP.. Wuhan partied hard last night… Winston, you look like a)-you’re not feeling well or b)-you’re hung over.. hope it’s Happy New Year 🎊

  41. You cannot be your true, authentic self if you’re faking it until to make it. I’d rather be my true self and be able to sleep at night. In the Chinese society , it seems as though nobody pursues their dreams and take chances. They can’t swim for heavens sake. I wish the ccp would fall and people discover what true freedom entails.

  42. Thank you Winston for your honesty about china and how we as Americans can look forward in 2021 but also keep our gaurd up with china.
    May you and your family have a great yr of 2021 and may jesus Angeles protect you and your family and keep the devil away.
    Thank you again and stay awsome my friend

  43. Winston, it appears that the South African government has something in common with the CCP, and that is the brain drain. Human capital flight is a major problem that really benefits the United States. You are a prime example of a smart person who has left both South Africa and China.

  44. BTW, Winston:
    get yourselves on OTHER platforms, build your audience on alt-media & stop relying upon legacy publishers. all your eggs are in one basket – diversify!
    make 2021 your year to escape the traps, you should know it’s needed.

  45. As a UK citizen, saving face was an unspoken practice here, that enabled many famous people to get away with heinous crimes particularly in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

    Even the Rotherham grooming scandal more recently. It was more important for the police to have the right public perception than tackling the crimes going on.

    Saving face mentality never ends well in the long long run. It just covers up a leak in the ship without fixing it.

  46. Well under the globalist (comunist) take over of the Wesr you can only hear praise how China have contained the virus using a lockdown and every other totalitarian actions. From the terrorist that are many journalist, politics, expert and so on.

  47. I like that you call out China on all they do but the problem with your channel is that 1. They kind of have the same topic (China) and 2. China is the problem and China has problems. Plus, there’s too generic. Other than that, the channal is nice.

  48. Winston, you were too kind to the despicable and evil CCP. They permitted world-travel to purposely infect the world for economic reasons. CCP knew that their economy would be severely effected, and they wanted the world economies to suffer the same. Plain and simple.

  49. “There is no vaccine for military grade germ warfare, that’s how they deliver this, just like TB!” Just like polio, measles, mumps, yeah they give you a shot and that’s how you get it period. “Don’t give me normal, it’s anything but normal!

  50. This video title is just.. awful and pure clickbait. I’m not necessarily against the content in this video because it is informative, but the message pushed in the video title is just bad and very anti-chinese smh

  51. I have to say… “people, it’s not everything China’s fault”.
    I’m VERY 100% sure without doubt that it’s everyone’s fault. There are people to this day refusing to do anything to stop the virus and fix this situation. Is this China’s fault? I remember that WHO emitted alerts about this virus still in 2019! Latter was found that a strand of the virus had already killed in Europe in April 2019.
    This blame game went out of control a long time ago, how can we blame China for not taking the virus seriously when we didn’t take it seriously? Even after when was finally understood what it was (and this happened early) and everyone watched China doing everything they could? Remember when China was criticized for it’s authoritarian measures? Meanwhile we are still discussing masks…
    It’s not everything China’s fault.
    We can’t blame China while we are still committing the same mistakes.

    Oh, yes, I almost forgot. The year wasn’t “ruined” for everyone, because there are a few countries where the population didn’t behave like crazy and imbeciles and behaved properly, controlling the situation fast and easy. These countries are doing ok, but unfortunately most countries are populated by idiots and here we are, blaming everything on China when we are the ones harming ourselves, and yes, doing that while trying to “saving face”, that famous chinese cultural thing, you know, refusing to acknowledge our mistakes.
    The wake up call is not what you think.

  52. Simple why the West is afraid: People equate criticizing the Chinese government to racism. So you’re left with extremely toxic people criticising China (which just fuels racism when you think about it), and others who are trying to be cleaner than clean and ironically, try to save face… We live in very strange times…

    Edit: obviously I’m not talking about present company when talking about toxic 🙂

  53. Good morning brother.
    As hard as 2020 was, it would have been much harder if we didn’t watch your videos. We got masks food and cleaning supplies earlier then most .
    You are definitely awesome brother

  54. I guess it’s always a matter of perspective.
    China is evil, but it took COVID, and China’s actions toward the rest of the world in spreading COVID (an doing so INTENTIONALLY) that allowed the rest of us to see China (the CCP) as they really are, and not what our compromised media institutions and multinational companies that rule our lives, want us to think.
    The normalization of relations with China is the normalization of our being sold into enslavement by our corporate and cultural elite that don’t give a damn about us.
    COVID was a MASSIVE Pearl Harbor moment that woke up those of us that weren’t ethicality compromised by the CCP.

  55. The people of China need to rise up and remove the CCP. The CCP is the cancer of the people. As for South Africa and the lockdowns removal of alcohol – it is a marketing strategy. Remove the booze and replace it with opium.

  56. OK I get that .. but unfortunately you are one small voice of reason and understanding . I believe every word you guys say .. but when you watch the CCP bare faced ministers shpeiling lie after barefaced lie .. .. Brainwashing is all about ramming the lies down the throats of the unbelievers . Hopefully your small flame will blossom into a full blown inferno which will consume the CCP and all of it,s evil Power crazed EXPANSIONIST leaders . .

  57. Silver lining for me was I saved $10k while most people my age are in debt but still 2020 sucked. But yes, I do think we are about to see a massive anti-CCP shift once this is all said and done

  58. What a load of Crap.
    Wuhan Sniflfes were previously Ferengi Fever, developed in Canadian Lab.
    USA has been working on targeted bioweapons for years.
    With great help from “humanitarians”, government etc.
    And it’s not by chance that it exploded in Wuhan at that particular time.
    Just the right time to combine with great flood at 3 dam systems etc.
    Agenda tried to trigger and spread the outbreak to topple CCP.
    When that failed, they are trying to use aftereffects.

  59. I have been in China since a couple of months before the pandemic and now I don’t even have to wear a mask to go to supermarkets anymore.
    People are back to school, work, cinemas and since months, are not even wearing masks (except cinemas) anymore in those places. So why would you want to make it seem otherwise? At this point I just really doubt the credibility of your supposedly “inner sources”. where are you even getting them from? Can we know more details? I don’t mean names, but at least where these “covered up small outbreaks” are? And how impactful they were?

    This is also why I think serpentza is just getting worse and worse on the being objective side of reporting.

    Hate the CCP all you like, and I agree with all the reasons too.

    Right now, in my city (4 million people), we kinda closed down again (primary and below schools, public gatherings etc.) just as of 4 days ago, because of 1 new case, and 1 case only. And again, which, and I’d like to say this goes to show how seriously everyone takes this thing in China.

    Now, I understand that giving any credit to the CCP ever, or at all, would be the last thing you’d do in your life. But at this point I don’t even think it’s about the CCP anymore.
    People are just more responsible and collaborative, and less recklessly dumb like the many average populations in the many countries in the west.
    Bro I will literally twitch stream how much back to normal life in China already is if y’all don’t believe me. But I don’t understand why you gotta quotation mark this whole statement as if it’s false. It’s as if you are just cherry picking the negatives and dismissing positives as long as it helps you your own agenda while not caring about the truth itself.

    Which makes you no better than the CCP.

    CCP started the pandemic, but it’s the incompetent West that has made it into the monster that it is today. This is my honest opinion. China should pay reparations for it’s neighbors, and damages caused in early 2020. But literally the entire developed area of Asia got the pandemic under control and basically beat it at this point, and that was without vaccines, and you can’t? And you wanna keep blaming China? I’m sorry but I gotta say it man, for the Chinese people and for the world…”fuck you”.

  60. The death certificates in China underreported COVID-19, which should have increased flu and pneumonia deaths during the spread of the virus in China. In the US the US CDC data indicates that we cured the flu and pneumonia. Our CDC data even shows a drop in deaths from heart disease and cancer. I am not trying to draw a moral equivalency with CCP, but I do wish that US data was better.

  61. There’s nothing ‘normal’ about requiring a one-time or annual vaccine, to wear a mask even after having it and that billons of $ are being syphoned from taxpayers into the pockets of big pharma companies and their high profile shareholders. Happy new year !

  62. Sadly I think half of the US population who think COVID is fake got propagandized by CCP propaganda… CCP has control of the virus narrative even in America. It’s crazy.

  63. You just put it soft for China about face. Instead they just can’t afford to bear the responsible even for a small hiccups. It’s just so eastern cowardly culture. It’s hard to find Asian who embrace warrior spirit and courages when it comes to admitting a mistake.

  64. Its strange you put this video out. I noticed this a while ago that no one was really putting pressure on China anymore or criticizing the ccp. Everyone is blaming left and right for the problems and cant see pass the politics anymore…

  65. No offense cause you seem pretty cool but at times you come off as a nerd but sometimes in your stills you got a James bond spy vibe going on. Just saying. Stay cool

  66. BTW: It’s fun to watch Agenda in panic mode, using its assets the best they can.
    Here they have you.
    But really, if/when Bruce Lee’s social network collapses yours, is there any special reason that you
    shouldn’t be seen as a traitor?Or maybe this is Agenda’s way to make you put your won skin in the game, to make sure you fight to the end.
    But that’s not to last. One that can trigger your next measles or “appendix misshap” can own you.

  67. Ha ha ha ha ..China actually thinks they are a unique race ..they are NOT ..they are actually members of the Mongaloid race which is NOT unique to China . ….China is a nation with 82 ethnic groups , most of which are Mongaloid ..many many country’s are primarily Mongaloid saying anything anti-china has nothing whatsoever to do with race since China/Chinese isn’t a race , it’s just a nation .

  68. To be honest, China has done the world a great favor. What would’ve happened if Covid didn’t happen. Have you ever thought about that? PLA Agents stationed everywhere, politicians bought by the CCP, countries being guilt trapped for hundreds of years, Encroachments on the indian borders, Hong kong losing it’s independance, Movie studies being bought and start pumping out CCP propaganda, Royalties being caught with their hands in the CCP cookie jar.. And these things are the only things I know of and I’m just a dude on the internet. How much in the shitter would we have been in if this didn’t happen?

  69. What trouble me the most is that they didn’t get any cases for months in Wuhan ….that is NOT normal . They should still be getting at least hundreds of cases every weeks like the rest of us . Did they produce a vaccine before spreading the virus ? Looks really possible to us .

  70. I’m both anxious and curious about the coming year. I’d like to meet here in a year’s time and see how we did. I’m going to use the thought of that possibility to goad me into being better this year, than I was for the year that has just passed.

  71. Well every country get the government it deserves. A wise man said once. So I blame the Chinese people for bending over backwards. I honour Taiwan and HK sto struggle.

  72. I would not be surprised if by February, Britain enacts a Wuhan style national lockdown. The rhetoric from SAGE, medical experts in the media, Chinese media coverage in the UK and public pressure on the Government is heading that way, alongside universal mask mandates.

  73. Hi Winston we have a hero of British Politics called Nigel Farage who over the last 30 years has successfully guided the UK out of the Gangsters of the European Union. His new mission is to take on the CCP. Check out his channel. Please give him all the help you can, If he should choose to accept it.

  74. Unfortunately Trump, pretended to be a tough guy, laughed off masks and social distancing etc which sent the wrong message to his loyal supporters. Trump’s irresponsible demeanor might have added to the American fatalities.

  75. You haven’t talked about the Wuhan wet markets where people are living so close to live wild animals. Isn’t that a problem as well? If it is a problem than that’s a cultural problem.

  76. Viruses happen. Quit fucking blaming China for this virus. I love ya winston but you need to be honest with yourself. I know you have your reasons for feeling how you do, but your absolutely refusing to even consider other sides of things.

    Every allegation you make against china could be said about the west, but China spends its money on infrastructure while we spend our money on gun and bombs and war on the other side of the planet.

    Please, for the love of God, quit being such a shill. I used to love your channel. I still like you but honestly, all you do is spread deceitful hate at this point. The CCP isnt perfect. They arent great. They arent the threat you make them out to be. We are the aggressors 99 times of 100. Half of what they do they do because they had to or else theyd get dealt with like all of south america and the middle east.

    I appreciate and respect your work, but you not winning people over, and if you cant change, you going to force suffering that otherwise need not be on either side.

    Please, if you love the west at all, let alone people, chinese or otherwise, stop with this one sided dishonest crap…. Ima miss your channel, but if this is all that it is anymore EVER EVER, then im beyond beyond done

  77. People tend to forget easily who created all this mess, it was the chinese government. They silenced those who wanted to alert the world, control the WHO and mainstream media. Now, the fault is on the people who are not keeping them safe by using masks, social distancing and so on. I won’t forget, China is the one to blame for.

  78. The reason why these companies and government don’t criticize the ccp because they have money in china especially the companies good example is activision

  79. Dr li is a respectful doctor who owns the courage to tell truth at least to protect their colleague from getting infected. Too bad the higher authorities does not understand the severity of the situation and made a bad decision. (Just to put it in a soft way of saying since we have no direct evidence that the virus was released to the people intentionally .)

  80. Xi and the CCP have destroyed much of their global ambitions with their actions in 2020.

    The CCP fears losing total control over China. They’re actions reflect this, increasing state control over the economy and cracking down on powerful people like Ma, beefing up their armed forces and pursuing strategic interest.

    It seems almost certain that the current informal alliance between India, Australia, Japan, and the USA will become an official alliance, and China is likely preparing for it.

    What scares me about China is the CCPs ambition. They have not hidden their desire to become a global superpower, making confrontation with the current world order inevitable. I fear that day.

  81. I agree that the virus came from China. But I don’t think the CCP was alone in this plan I believe Fauci and the world health organization and Bill Gates and the elites (yes & even the Pope) are all behind it. It was a plan set in motion to destroy the worlds economy & in particular, Donald Trump. They are all working towards this global reset & a One World Order. The reset plan to take away our homes & all we own & we will be the slaves of this sick satanic organization who call themselves globalists. They are pretending to be saving the planet, while their intent is to kill off billions of us & keeping the rest in internment camps for reprogramming! I can’t believe how easily people here in America have given up their freedoms to local governments who are taking bribes from the CCP. Forcing mask wearing, social distancing & lockdowns. From the beginning we were told that the only masks that work for this virus are the N-95 masks, & I haven’t seen anyone wear one yet! Social distancing is 6’ apart but the CDC says the virus can travel 13’ in the air! And as far as lockdowns & experimental vaccines go, the CDC has admitted to the lies about the death rate! The survival rate of Covid for people under 70 is 99.5% to 99.997%. And for people over 70 is 94.6%. The CDC has also admitted that the virus is no worse than the common cold! (When have we ever used masks, social distanced & healthy people been locked down for the common cold?) In the US they had inflated the number of deaths in order to scare the people into lockdowns to destroy the economy so as to force this global reset & get people to agree to the experimental vaccines. The fake news media has succeeded in scaring many of the people, but a number of them are waking up now. Yes you are right the CCP is behind all of this but they are not alone they have a globalist agenda and plenty of help behind them and their plan! The fake global warming & the Plandemic is all part of this grand scheme to take over the world & the Pope is playing a huge role in the agenda! We ain’t seen nothing yet!

  82. It isn’t only the Chinese government we should distrust…in fact, I’m starting to think there isn’t a single government across the world we can trust! All the best to you and yours 💯💛🍀

  83. To be honest, yes China approach on handling the virus was wrong, but i highly doubt that the worldwide spread of the virus could have been avoided anyway. Its like pandoras box, once it has been opened there is no coming back. As soon as the first infectect person left china (and at that point nobody probably knew about the virus) the game was pretty much over. This virus spreads so easily, a worldwide spread could not have been avoided imho. Espescially with todays high intercontinental traffic.

  84. Hey Winston. I’m noticing that a lot of far right people are watching your videos and are using the CCP as an excuse to diminish issues that the West face such as climate change and racism, suggesting that we should focus on the CCP and forget about other other issues such as racism. I feel like they are also less concerned about the actual threat of the CCP and instead feel strongly about China because they are not white. They feel like you are on their side. I myself would consider myself right-wing and anti-CCP but feel like they are getting the wrong message. Perhaps consider addressing this, unless you agree with them? Perhaps I am the one misinterpreting what you are saying. Thanks

  85. No one seems to be able to hold the ccp accountable for global crimes against humanity or the environment. They are worse than locusts destroying everything they touch.

  86. Hey there, how and why did you take those every day videos that you are using as a background? Have you mentioned it before? I am a happy follower but that feels a bit strange?

  87. The world can never be allowed to forget that this was the fault of the CCP, this is why communists frequently try to erase history and blame others for thier inherent failures

  88. He emphasised that China cares for harmony. It is true. They want people to live peacefully and calmly. No wars. No abuse of power. Conversation instead of fines. China has been the only big country that has been unwilling to participate in wars ….however to keep it up people must be subdued to the wise government which equals to a lack of freedom – we in Europe are used to. But it is an illusion – pandemic times have been showing how ostensible our human rights are.

  89. Blood is on Leftist’s hands… telling people to “come to ChinaTown and have fun, it’s safe” and falsely calling Trump a “Xenophobe” for the Travel bans.

  90. I would like Donald Trump to issue a bold executive order this week and authorise the AstraZeneca vaccine for immediate distribution in the United States, bypassing the FDA. There is a simple way to make 2021 a normal Year with a fully open economy from May the first onwards. Large stocks of this vaccine have already been manufactured in America for use following FDA approval.

    Fauci has said that his concern is that a few mistakes were made during the trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine and so more trials are needed. There is a simple and reliable explanation of what happened. For most people a full dose was followed by another full dose a month later and achieved 60% protection from covid19. However a small number of people were accidentally given a half dose and then because an evaluation needed to be done were not given their second full dose until up to 12 weeks later. It was found that those people has 90% protection against covid19 because of the increased interval between doses.

    Now that there is an explanation the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for distribution to everyone over 50 in the UK. They recommend a single dose followed up to 12 weeks later by a second dose. An added bonus is that no one who has been given the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine has subsequently been hospitalised with covid19 and so a single dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is effectively a 100% cure for all of the serious symptoms of covid19.

  91. I can fully agree with the CCP doing ALOT of inhumane things. Though Winston, the Pandemic itself is said to have started in Italy. There were cases there from September of 2019 or earlier, the virus was also found in the sewers there even before that. Yes the CCP is bad, but we should all take a step back and accuse only for what we are Certain of. We will know the Origin soon enough, and if Im wrong, I will be one of the first to admit it.

  92. The CCP don’t know it yet but us brits are coming for you we just beat the EU and taken are island back .now we plan to get you out of the uk because of your ways . The good people of China can stay because us brits do love a bit of Chinese food

  93. China, China, China, yes we all know the CCP is bad but when are we going to admit the US involvement in this pandemic. Dr Fauci, Bill Gates and all involved in “Event 201” are fully involved in creating and deliberately releasing this virus. They all have huge investments in the vaccine field and will profit massively from their planned pandemic.

  94. Once again keep in it real . Love this channel and continue to spend positive vibes and giving people the understanding that needs to be said indeed.

  95. Yes I blame the CCP but I also blame WHO as much for spreading the initial lie. So don’t be blaming Boris or Trump because they were being lied to by WHO. Countries that didn’t listen to WHO like Taiwan and Vietnam locked the Chinese out a lot quicker to limit the damage.

  96. .. I caught onto your channel, at the start of all this coverup19 BS, and I would like to thank you for your honest and forthright speaking out about cHiNa and their monumentally biggest problem, a STATE RUN SOCIALIST ENTITY THAT CARES ABOUT NOTHING OR NO ONE BUT ITSELF… Happy New Year to your and yours, stay awesome, stay safe

  97. It’s funny how much a my country and state is like to the PRC. I have friend who had to burry her father, couldn’t get him buried because one of the insurance companies wanted the death certificate to Covid-19 and every single doctor refused sign it. My Father has to have surgery or he may lose his arm, but he can’t have it because it is considered an elective surgery.

  98. China is running concentration camps, mass organ harvesting, destroying Africa, violating copyright, preying on debt while cheating with their own currency, killing people by destroying damns and flooding, on top of CCP virus. This list can go on for days.

    Every nation has a massive stone fortress compared to china’s paper castle. Do not compare the sins of the west to the CCPs evil, they are not even close.

  99. Thank you Serpentza for continuing to make these videos and reveal the innate untrustworthiness and constant victim-card pulling of the CCP. Hopefully everybody realizes what kind of absolute subhuman scum they and their nationalistic supporters are. Happy new year to you and yours!

  100. Get over it man you genuinely getting boring complaining about 🇨🇳 it’s your own fault you git run out of the place, before thus you were saying how amazing it was 🤔 sour grapes 🍇.

  101. Don’t count on this vaccine made by big pharma on record times. I don’t trust big pharma when they make a medication after years and years of research. “Record Time”. Isn’t a great appeal to me to take this vaccine. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are anti parasitics that help if you çstch it soon. I know a new way too use Ivermectin. Because it’s hard to get it from your Dr, out mine anyway. Go to your local farm store. But rub on Ivermectin, take 2ccs and rub on the bottoms of your feet once a day for 2-3 days. Even if your feeling quite nasty it should really help. I got this from a friend I know who is a very talented holistic Dr. She said you also take your zinc, Vit c, Bit D and load yourself with liquids. She said no one she’s treated had had to be hospitalized. Usually the next day they are feeling much better. Another example she had of this rub on Ivermectin is she knows a soldier that was overseas and took it off he ever started feeling sick even though he had the vaccines. All his pals were getting sick and he never did. I’ve n not had covid, so I’ve not use it but the farm store is just down the road from me. Would assume if the new news of a mutated virus from Covid is our, this would work with it also. Stay healthy no matter what. And my dad had been all over the world and said the Chinese people are the friendliest and kindest people he’d ever met.

  102. The Chinese people do bear their share of the blame for allowing the CCP to persist. I get they fear the return to famine but they also like the economic growth they’ve benefited from.

    2020 was just a test run. The shit hits the fan in 2021

  103. I am mystified that it’s only Trump and Australia that are calling out China on this Flu-han Kung Flu.
    Why aren’t other leaders calling this out ?

  104. The us government, my government, fucked us more than China could. I’m a biracial new York educated liberal, and the Dems added fuel to a fire that was meant to get them back into power.

  105. What a hater little guy you become. I can tell 100% you can’t sleep well since you left china for the money views. Look in the mirror, your face tells me you’re not enjoying your life anymore and can’t go back to china. What a shame!!!

  106. People don’t criticize China because Western media and governments have downplayed China’s role in letting the virus escape to the world. So most don’t even know it. They do however get confronted with their own government’s failures intimately. I can understand that. I will however vigorously call out anyone who holds up China as a successful model in combating covid. Also, when did you start growing hair?

  107. Wouldn’t mind knowing when I can get on a plane again. Still can’t fly out of where I am and all the reports are saying it could be far into 2021. So the problem China created will still keep going

  108. You’ve changed since you left China. I still like and value your videos, but I no longer fully trust your agenda. Same for your mate Laowhy. I think you are both a little serpent-like in how you are operating of late. For me you have joined the many regular commentators that need to be taken with a pinch of salt. This was not the case 4/5 years ago.

  109. I agree 100%, in fact i wrote a post on linked in months ago, titled the china virus, explaining all the chinese govt bad behaviour in playing it down, coercing the who, while protecting themselves and infecting us all. Nigeria a poor country saved the world from ebola, why could china not have done that? After writing this post i noticed that for the 1st time ever my profile was checked by someone from the chinese space agency twice! Is that a coincidence i think not. Respect bruv.

  110. Thank you so much for these good is so important that somebody like you who knows the CCP well tells the world those facts. Otherwise the fake propaganda of the CCP has no resistance. Already a lot of people are so blind about the threat that comes from them.👍👍👍

  111. Well said serpentza.
    I was thinking the same thing, China closed internal flights but kept International flights open. What could have happened, if the Chinese Government had closed International flights, we will never know now, because they were open in 2020 for the Chinese people to come and go back to China for New Years parties. Therefore spreading the virus. Selfish people!

  112. How surprisingly the ideology of 50cents penetrates into the western. I’d wish Winston had a thorough understanding on how it works, how people was influence by media, web bullies and how they steer people’s word. Big media company like CNN, Washington post, I hope Winston can do an investigation and say something about it. Dishonesty didn’t just happened in China. It’s happening in the western as well. I’m not saying trump is an honest man, or Biden is more trustworthy. The main point is what is people’s believes. Human often willing to do anything which they belief to be appropriate. What does change the game is the principle of spreading an ideology to people.

  113. Winston, politics is not nonsense. If we don’t watch and fight for the politics we think is best we could end up with a political system as bad as the CCP.

  114. Great video! And I am sure you could go on for hours with these example of face and covid, e.g., you didn’t mention that nations blocking flights from china in the initial phase where described as “racist” from China…

  115. Wow, this is Resident Evil/Biohazard in real life.

    I mean
    CCP is Corrupt RPD Chief Irons
    WHO’s are Umbrella Corp
    Politician only think about money

    And still no BSAA and TerraSave

    Coincidence? I think not!

    Sorry for my bad English.

  116. The CCP virus had most likely travelled all around the world, before Wuhan was even locked down, since it doesn’t kill a lot of people it can circulate in an area for a long time without people realizing it is there.

  117. The CCP is the greatest existential threat that mankind has ever faced. A putrid force that is rapidly destroying the world’s ecosystem and economy while pushing humanity closer to extinction than ever. They simply deliberately infected the global economy to level their competitors and gain a competitive advantage over the world. Ultimately a psychopathic state that would prefer to annihilate the whole world rather than relinquish control and power. God bless the Chinese people: Any change will ultimately have to come from within.

  118. Keep up the good work. I hope people never forget who did this to the world or the CCP will do it again. Next time it might be something even more deadly.

  119. 100% Facts serpentza. Even the most “based” people online miss the elephant in the room. The CCP covering up and blocking the CDC is why we all were left to make predictions on dodgy data. Look how that turned out. Oof. People just don’t care. They all go after Trump or some other scapegoat after the fact. Sooo frustrating. The real players never get held accountable. Ever.

  120. Now the Chinese CDC says 500,000 were initially infected in Wuhan …. ‘China lied, People Died’ is so true – confirmed by their CDC.

  121. The poor Chinese people have been enslaved for such a long time it’s too bad that they haven’t been able to stand up for themselves… they are weak from a soy vegan diet- same most Biden fools

  122. I’m not saying that that the CCP are Angels but you are definitely making propaganda against them…After not speaking up before.. Who is paying now?? Definitely not as critical as about the Racist Regime in South Africa. You seem even Melancholic about these glorious times..

  123. This money hungry capitalist countries, don’t understand, they ignore China’s many wrongs for the sake of money but China is making a rope of money right now ,China will hang all of this capitalistic countries ,China will destroy this countries from inside, so beware free people of the democracy, our government will sell you to the Chinese for a better price, freedom is above all.

  124. We can certainly blame China/CCP for initially unleashing COVID to the world but here in the US, the incompetent tRump administration is even more guilty of downplaying the threat and mishandling virtually every aspect of this public health threat (considering they KNEW about the threat). The whole world has seen how this virus has brought the US to its diseased knees. The fact that we still have large segments of the population who doubt science and shun mask wearing is just ludicrous.

  125. Winston, I wish you would go back to your old hairstyle. Just even steven and side burns.. even though I didn’t like it much. It is better theb thab now because now you just look likr a regular white guy.


    Just teasing you… Thank you for your videos, you really helped make my shitty 2020 better. I will never again return to China but at least I got to be there at least a few times in my life. Happy New Year.

  126. It is the CCP-19 and it was released on purpose. They were losing the trade war and the American politicians who did not want the 45th president to get re-elected were in on it! When 45 banned people from China from entering the US, look at all of the US politician’s reaction to that. The CCP will now take HK, Taiwan, grow the south CCP sea even larger and will take the North CCP Sea, aka Greenland.

  127. FYI…I recently listened to a researcher discussing some of the vaccination programs which took place in the U.S. in the past. Until a Supreme Court ruling put a stop to it, teams of medical personnel and police would barge into tenement housing in the cities and forcibly vaccinate all the residents. In black communities they would literally march in and arrest, handcuff and vaccinate them AT GUNPOINT . Fortunately we have(had) recourse to a supreme court which ruled in favor of the people. Chinese people don’t have that option.

  128. End of 2020 was not so good for me because my grandmother died from Covid on New Year’s Eve morning. Later that night I see on YT how scumbags in Wuhan shamelessly celebrate new 2021. I’m done with China and CCP forever.

  129. Kindness *IS* a wonderful awesome thing. The only problem is that the CCP never practices it – while *constantly* lying, saying that they do.
    Decouple from China.
    Sanction *ALL* CCP officers.
    Boycott all firms using China for slave labor (Apple, NBA, Disney, etc.)
    Arm the Chinese dissidents in Hong Kong, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and anywhere else that they need arms.
    Constantly expose the CCP’s human rights abuses (Uighurs, Tibetans, Falun Gong, Christians, forced organ harvesting, drug exporting, territorial land grabs, etc., etc…)

    There’s plenty we can do.

  130. PS: Please do keep us current with your health. Just so we can track which side owns you.
    Seriously, could you ever dream @democracy” being SO much fun ?
    With all this, who ever has to f**k around with ballots etc ?

  131. As an American who studied in China for 3 years, I came to America during winter break 2019 for a 2 week vacation that has now turned into nearly a year… My school takes absolutely 0 responsibility for their international students. They don’t answer questions, it would be nice to at least get a response as to if we can come back or not. So the thousands of international students studying in China can plan ahead accordingly. Instead all is us are just playing a waiting game and hoping we can go back… if China does not want us back they should just announce it.. but there not saying anything about the international students.

  132. The corrupt deep state in the US, deeply entrenched, pervasive and money fed and power crazy has destroyed most of the democratic institutions and blended the three pillar separation of powers that holds and stabilize the democratic government.

  133. The Chinese government tells its citizens Covid-19 originated in the United States. I encounter Chinese nationals on social media platforms all the time who become enraged if you suggest covid had its start in Wuhan, China. That is the official stance of the Chinese as a whole. They are faultless and any claim to the contrary is met with vehement denial. Even the Chinese journalist who first reported on covid just received four years in a Chinese prison. The world needs to stop viewing China as a trade partner and view it for what it is. A one man dictatorship presiding over a nation of fanatical nationalists bent on taking over the world by trade, military might, and covert activity.

  134. China ruined international students studying in different chinese universities, mainly south asian and african students, plz surpentza make a vidoes on this problem

  135. yeah i remember seeing the videos of people being barred into their homes. of course it was a critical situation, but that seems like very extreme measures… >_<

  136. 100 % agree Winston. Just a shame you get so many Wu mao’s commenting on each of your videos, it really is annoying and youtube should sort that out! We all have an opinion but these Wu mao’s are just triggered / angry CCP retards that shouldn’t even be on youtube in the first place!..Anyway, happy new year Winston! Hope you and the family are well 🙂

  137. dear serepenza.. why did your logic says the virus is best defeated by lockdown and now america is suffering because of human rights protection? because covid doesn’t know human rights!

  138. Banning alcohol is the best thing that could have happened to south africa. You don’t have to say something that’s not true or at least more complex just to get back at China.

  139. You and C-Milk are doing the important work that others are afraid to do. Thank you for this. I hope more people wake up to the reality of the CCP.

  140. Covid is China’s Chernobyl. That is even an unfair comparison because Chernobyl only killed by the UN estimate 50 people directly and supposedly up to 4000 through radiation exposure. The soviet union also at least eventually let people know how bad it was. Not since WWII has a single countries government been responsible for this amount of death and suffering on a global scale and I would wager that never in recorded history has this amount of death and suffering on a global scale been caused by the sheer incompetence of a single countries government. Ironically the last time anything even came close was the famine in China cause in part by Mao’s inability to lead.

  141. I’m not sure any western government would have handled it any better had it (and it could have) started there!
    I don’t like the CCP but when it comes to self preservation (call it face if you want) but most governments are the same. Some have terrible methods to try and retain power but they all lie if they need too.

  142. This cultural dynamic has combined with that ugly soviet era “nothing to see here” syndrome. COVID is like the Chinese Chernobyl- just the version of Chernobyl that really ruined the world.

  143. Hey buddy…
    You have been lied to…
    There is no plandemic…
    It’s a total psyop hoax to keep us
    Controlled …
    It’s called Lockstep, created by the Rockefeller bushwackers in 2012
    They think there are too many people on the planet so Gil Bates
    Wants to genocides 5 billion of us
    By 2030…to 500 million…
    This is what it is…

  144. Winston, you truly have a lot that you need to wake up too also. Yes, you can see the CCP clearly. But you still haven’t taken the red pill. All the world’s a stage!

  145. Not sure banning countries makes other counties worry about racism it’s more about the financial fall outs that come about.

    You have some bad beef with chopstick here. I personally had no problems when I went apart from the street scams which pretty much ment you had to make yourself unapproachable.

    I think you should move into making other videos thoe now. Your on these guys all the time. They come and get you like Bruce Lee if you keep it up and we’ll your the only SA I watch currently on the tube

    I don’t want lose you hommi

  146. Just a reminder for those with amnesia, it’s not the first time china spread a virus, look at the past you be shocked…and I have a feeling will not be the last since ppl and country’s just leave at that like nothing happened.
    Btw the wet markets still operating like nothing ever happened, have fun.👍👍

  147. A good area of research for a video idea could be the China united States exchange foundation. I don’t know much about it but iv heard that foundation is used by China to host big us players to lavish vacations around the world in return for positive talk of China and who knows what else..

  148. The political left in the west is in the hand of China. Most media, social platforms, educational institutions are left leaning.
    Most people not only will not know about what China did but will defend China. Going againts China means aggreeing with the political right which they cannot do.

  149. It baffles me that people actually believe China handled the virus perfectly. They are not a model country. And the United States didn’t handle it good, I know. People like to blame Trump for every single death that has happened in America and that is almost at the same level of ignorance. When this is all over, the United States with the help of other countries like Australia, Taiwan, and the UK, must do everything they can to make China pay for what they have done to the world.

  150. As much criticism as I have for China, this plandemic is all encompassing, Fauci himself was involved in gain of function research in Wuhan with US funding. The NWO is the main enemy here.

  151. You have been through so much crap, How can you be so level headed? Love our videos, especially when you took us all through China, Taiwan and Viet Nam..

  152. Don’t support Chinese economy which is directly connected to their government. Personally I stopped buying any products made in China. CCP must be responsible for its actions. And must stop the genocide against Muslim minorities like Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Tatars and the others.

  153. I just watched your mini -series you did on Fujian, Zhuhai and Guangdong 11 years ago, man it’s crazy seeing how times have changed. Glad to see your production quality has seen a consistent improvement.

  154. Still what ever China did wrong they acted about 3 times faster then US did with the American-Swineflu pandemic. And the got the genome out to everyone in record time. If western world had not sit on there ass for 3 months and said China is a backwards developing country who’s problems can’t affect us pure white master race people. Then we would not have this problem.
    The next virus can come out of Cambodia or Central America or outer space next time. What is the meaning of this blame game then. And the next will come and soon. We must learn from China and prepare even better. All of us and help the developing world. Next time it can be 80% dead!!!

  155. I can go out to a restaurant, buy beer, none of any people i know have relative die cause Covid 19. To me everything have came back to normal months ago, like most of people here in Vietnam. Don’t try to defend anyone here but let thing come to worse like this, it’s your fault too. For example like American. Yes by all mean you can die on your own team but the the disease is contagious people! And i’m sure you can guarantee other’s safety when you practice your right. So you keep your right and put society at risk or give up your right and make safe, what will you choose?
    BTW, Vietnam don’t have large Chinese population ! Hoa people (Chinese origin people) here is a minority group and most of them lived in Vietnam for decades and don’t bear any Chinese’s root for the most part.

  156. There are still funny things to cover, from the west meets east pov, as the aftermath of the “red scare” of the 50’s painting China as a major invading power that today’s elderly still fear China and most of them are deeply non-confrontational and resent racism (oh well) and become pleagued with incredibly contradictory, misguided, confused, uneducated states of minds that don’t hold the road at all, being modern and retrograde at the same time, connected to misleading “state” informations but yet still have access to raw foreign sources but not being able to know what to think. I’m not racist, I do understand cultural clashes but also know these things are often, always, engineered for political gains like the brand “Communist” in CCP wehreas all (should) know they are not communist but imperialists and bourgeois but most don’t understand it. The destabilisation and manipulation of information channels has been around since ancient times but the masses aren’t aware of the mechanisms hence the confusion, and masses are notoriously forgetful… Altogether, this destabilisation is part engineered and (most) part gross incompetence (sorry conspirationists).

  157. I flew from London to Taipei via Shanghai in December 2019 and then in January 2020. The same flight, the same 6-hour stopover.

    On my January trip, my transfer was unusual: I was made to go through immigration, get a one-day transfer visa and collect my luggage.

    No explanation was given.

    At the time, I thought it was a way to encourage passengers to go shopping in Shanghai, now though I suspect I was supposed to pick up a different kind of souvenir.

    I didn’t. I just walked straight back through security, sat down and waited for my flight.

    But I often think of, if my suspicions are true, the petty callousness of the CCP. To purposely increase the risk of COVID spreadBig, just in the hope that maybe China wouldn’t suffer alone.

  158. Our reaction to the virus has done and is doing more damage than the virus itself. Countless people are out of work and small businesses are closing up. The virus didn’t do that. People aren’t too sick to work. We need to fully Reopen our economies or risk an economic depression that will be far worse than a 1% death rate. Meanwhile the west is becoming more like China now that everything is restricted.

  159. To be honest 2021 already sucks for me. Everyone saying how great it is that we got past 2020 but it’s 2021 now and I’m still without my job and the China virus is still here. Still can’t travel. Still stuck.

  160. Geeez!! I have had to sit through 2 TWO! ads and still not finished your video.

    Way to go! 😉 I watched C-Milks video yesterday and yeah…. YT looked more than foolish. Glad to see you and hopefully all of the work you both post in 2021 generates income. I think I have been following you both for a little over 3 years and have to say work is pretty on balance and clearly shows your love of the country and it’s people.

  161. Yes the CCP is a threat but they are just part of a world machine of dominance and the Chinese people don’t like them either, we the people of earth need to come together to stop this machine yet not have nations fighting nations, that only hurts the common people who just want to live in peace.

  162. Without considering all the other awful immoral stuff and encroaching the CCP does, just the mishandling of gain-of-function research that got us this pandemic is enough to consider them a risk for the whole world and humanity.

  163. Scamdemic Plandemic No Pandemic. Chinese communism worldwide technocracy takeover. All sheeple will wear the mask of compliance. Covid is a lie.

  164. TRUMP’S economy was growing too strong too fast left alone there would not have been any problem with the election. Enter D.S. Globalist, earlier than they planned to, & manufacture a global crisis. Take a mild virus and blow it up until it’s so deadly – people drop dead on the street from it. It was a global operation right from the start. Listen to the narrative from the U.N. Listening to the Country Leaders will tell you clearly which side they are on. If you don’t want to do the work or if you do, a favour please Take Those Efing Baby Diapers Off Your Face!
    You look stupid.

  165. I have said it once now twice follow the money. MSM, democrats sold out to China. I have been to China not as impressed as you however I didn’t meet love of my life there.

  166. It wasn’t just the C* C* P*. It was a collaboration between them and the deep state g_l_o_b_a_l_ists and central banksters so they could usher in their “great reset”

  167. Pandemic is fake. China started it to squelsh the Hong Kong protests then other governments Saw how effective this strategy was and jumped on board.

  168. None of this has to do with our response and how our federal government handled it and this video proves it. Trump believed them the same way he believed Putin over our fbi and cia. Everyone in higher up government knows that China, Russia and all of our other enemies lie but Trump went so far as to praise China and their handling of the pandemic in multiple tweets. Every other country handled this better than us. China and trump will end up killing more Americans in less than 1 year than died in all of WW2. Trump politicized mask wearing, did a horrible job acquiring PPE, ignored the pandemic for over a month saying it will go away, and now is too busy worrying about his coup that he is ignoring our failure at vaccine distribution, the failed federal government is leaving it up to the states and they are ill equipped to do this alone. The same way trump told the states to bid on their own PPE while he had the federal government bid against the states.

  169. My 2020 was bad, lost most of my income, lost my home, and had to sleep in a car for 9 months. Thankfully one of my friends gave me a job for a little bit and now I’m heading in the right direction.

  170. Stay true. Thank the gods that be that you and your partners are back in the land of the free. In China , People with more truth and less access are in jail. ESL was used to be a minefield for lost liberal arts degrees.

  171. When people call it “Chinese virus” it’s racist, even though it came from China, but calling it the “Spanish flu” even though it came from the US, that’s fine 🤦🏻‍♂️

  172. American politicians and corporate elites don’t want us to wake up to the CCP threat because it’s money in their pockets. There is no waking up as far as I can see.

  173. It wasn’t China… it was the CCP and their leader XI who fucked everything up. Most of the Chinese people have no say in it and yet we are silent because this virus didn’t hurt enough. Not enough jobs were lost. Not enough dear ones died from this virus. It just isn’t enough to make us stand up against XI and CCP. We are inert and deep asleep. We have no chance.

  174. The U.S. is becoming more and more like China. Just look at 2020 US election, no transparency, no investigation, self censorship, media suppression, big brother government, etc. Every single thing has something to do with China. And the virus too.

  175. Winston might seem like a China hater but what he talks about has a lot of truth to it. He lived their a long time I never thought of him as a chinese hating person when I started watching his channel 5 years ago. Unfortunately crazy Chinese Nationalism has turned him into what we see today. Keep in mind he is not a Chinese hater he is a CCP hater.

  176. Hi Winston! Would it at all be possible for you to make this clip in chinese with english caption? I am a swedish citizen and can’t help to think that a clip like that would reach those who maybe are in the most need: -the chinese people.

    I don’t know anything about the great firewall or anything like that, but I assume people inside China would need something like that and would find it if they want?

    Sorry for my ramblings, but I am very frustrated with the CCP. Thank you for all that you have done!



  177. Yes, china is guilty of this pandemic trump is right china should be hold accountable for this but I think it was done purposely so the hole world depends on China for their manufacturing. I will never step my foot in that country.

  178. Born couple years before 1960, father was career U.S. Air Force NCO, means I also grew up on military bases in the worst times of the cold war. I understand what a brutal authoritarian Government is. It perplexes me why the same isn’t applied to the CCP, who is as brutal and authoritarian as they come. I believe that there’s those that hate President Trump so much that they automatically go the opposite way of anything he does, even to the detriment of our country rather than see him succeed, even if he’s correct.

  179. If CCP’s reaction to Australia’s reasonable request for an independent inquiry into the Wuhan virus origin is anything to go by, I can understand why some countries are reluctant to criticize the CCP. They have the gall to give us a 14 point list of grievances against China! We are looking for honest trading partners.

  180. How the hell have the good people of China not overthrown the CCP yet? HOW? They’re corrupt as hell and they’re as far removed from communism as Olive Garden is from authentic Italian food!

  181. The CCP are today’s Nazi Party. Calling China out, standing together in opposition, not backing away from confrontation. Appeasement of Hitler allowed the Nazis to grow stronger. War with the CCP is inevitable.

  182. When anyone or any group has too much power, rest of humanity suffer. People should not be sheep and always be vigilant to those in power making self serving actions at the expense of people. Thank you for sharing your China Insight.

  183. I swear when they announced the virus, I saw bunch of Chinese tourists all of a sudden visiting my country, and I’m from Balkans(fk they visiting here all of a sudden), in my 15y here I know every Chinese person that lives in the city, never have I seen a group of 20+ Chinese tourists

  184. The CCP, the cause of mayhem and the threat, but the Ch themselves are a porous, two-faced society, ratting on each other, submitting to CCP calls and turning traitor…traits I find disgusting in humans. Keep Ch people out of sensitive areas, if not the country til they develop morals.

  185. I kick out year 2020 because of China virus.and also I kick out China virus,boycott Chinese products and I hope year 2021 belongs to the rest of the world except CCP.Warm well to 2021 and big kick ass to China year 2020.

  186. Don’t trust the “vaccine” because it isn’t a real one. It is experimental mRNA and it was rushed with no testing on animals. Furthermore you can’t sue the companies that make it if it damages you or you have a bad reaction to it.

  187. To be honest people allow themselves to be blinded by their love of money and power and illusions of such over human relations. China’s CCP government is the worst example of this, but it’s powers of can be amassed by any structure of power. We must be vigilant of the powers we give the state, the leviathan all power takes and does not easily concede. In a democracy we are to balance the power of the state, but as we take it for granted, more and more of it is done in the dark.We wake up and and bam, it happens to China now but as Sinclare Lewis warned It Can Happen Here.

  188. Nothing the US 7th fleet can’t handle when the Chinese try to expand areas illegally.

    Let’s also not forget India to their south creating a mess for them. Taiwan military build up to their east. The 40k US troops to their south in S. Korea.

    You don’t see China on US borders causing problems though, so who’s really running the show here?

  189. EU and US should learn this lesson. China released Sars in 2003 but it got away with this. China made Covid-19 again in 2020 and the whole world got punished. If China can get away with its virus again there will be Sars 3.0 and 4.0… CCP is intrinsically evil.

  190. Nobody is gonna listen to you, eu signed a stupendous deal with china just days back….read Gaurav Arya analysis of how you can tackle china

  191. 2020 was horrible. I lost my Zoe in March, my family is disconnected and I am working (only because I am deemed somewhat essential). 2021 needs to be a drastic improvement.

  192. The CCP is a criminal enterprise and brutal dictatorship regime trying to attack and intimidate all the countries around China and the democracies in the west.

    CCP = Pure Evil

  193. China just ruined All my life I’m med student I have been studying in china for the past 5yrs and when the pandemic skyrocketed in China I left the country and now I’m stuck and I can’t enter at All they said let’s ruin all the international student life’s I just realized China don’t give a damn at all.

  194. the world had the PERFECT opportunity to hold China accountable for infecting the world, instead what did we do, named it COVID 19, a name that completely dissociates the perpetrators from the disease they recklessly spread.

  195. I don’t completely agree on what been said here.

    Yes the government could had made mistakes or cover up to protect face, but you guys need to agree that the western government didn’t take this virus seriously at the start of pandemic, they even think China was overreacting by locking down Wuhan.

    For more than 3 months Trump didn’t do anything, is that something you can blame China government.

    UK Boris even went for the idea of mass immunity.

    You are too critical on Chinese government, but just keep in mind there is no perfect government, all government is still human run, but you can not deny China did far better than other country on this pandemic.

    When you state about human rights, but did you know in western countries, also have laws that can drag you out or lock you up, if locking you up is for greater goodo of the greater public, which will override your individual human rights.

    Yes there is number of things I agree, but I think you are now going beyond resonable for blaming China government for all of this, China doesn’t have control over US government, its US responsiblilty to contain and control the virus, not China.

  196. you keep reiterating that when you mean China you mean CCP well how hard is it to put CCP and not China in your video title. Your sinophobia is showing.

  197. I totally agree with you Winston. I do need to bring up something that I think is important though, President Trump also downplayed this virus and is still doing so. I’m not trying to be political, but I feel as though the US is trying to save face too.

  198. This losing face issue is a serious cultural FLAW. This perspective does not encourage self correction or self analysis. How is a society going to improve if you are always worried about this false face issue.

  199. China with doing lock down they were distant affecting their currency The Western politicians were being politically correct Nancy policy was saying kiss a Chinese person It’s not China’s fault its the West political correctness

  200. You are simply none sense, 1.4b. People its fenamena to bring it under control, leaders of west still are soft towards this crisis, at first they joked it(B. Johnson)…. You are having complexity disorder my brother? You are knowledgeable wake up please

  201. Let us be frank, if there’s no Chinese people, there’s no ccp in the world. It’s a coin with 2 sides and they are two in one. Don’t get it wrong.

  202. Your old ‘when I mean China i don’t mean its people i mean the government’ bs is getting old. Nathan Rich covered it well. Go listen to Nathan if you want to hear the truths and facts non of this nonsense and laowhy who just try to appeal to the mass and elicit some emotions because clearly some Americans would rather listen to opinions than facts.

  203. In 2020 I lost my job 🙃 I was jobless from the end of march until the 1st of june when I recovered my job 3 months later I continued working for the same employer but transferred to on other store. Also I wasn’t able to go to the olympic games because it was postponed until 2021 and it could be canceled. Our health minister Patty Hajdu has asked the accounts from 🇨🇳 for the covid 19 and the tentions between Canada 🇨🇦 and China 🇨🇳 has went up.

  204. lets face it, WE rely so much on the exploitation of asian workers and the environment that without it we instantly start to panic. luckily corona woke up people

  205. China and globalists pushing BLM/ANTIFA (including their public funding of it) is how they are dismantling the west, and indoctrinating the youth. Wake up or liberty dies.

  206. Really appreciate what you two do, have learned a hell of a lot on your channels.
    It is all money though, wall street, london etc . My country hardly say’s boo to China
    even though everyone knows how bad they are. Keep the good work up.

  207. Buddy if you don’t have concrete evidence of wuhan being ground zero im not going to listen to anyone with non medical degree bruh. They found antibodies to it everywhere around the world before China who was bold enough to be the first to report. Why is it so hard to accept that this is direct consequence of human overpopulation and degeneracy and that this is nature’s correction? Why point finger and blame at China? How much did they hurt you while you were there? lol. Even the UK variant they found someone in the US who has never traveled there but got it. It’s most likely in our tap water because where does all the human waste and pee go to after passing through the sewer? Ends up back in Ocean and literally s h1t water rains on us all.

  208. Trumps history. Now is up to the people of the world to put the CCP back on it’s heals and that includes the Biden administration, UK , EU ( Germany the key here ) India,Indochina region countries, and especially WTO, my take on China before I retired ( 40 years finance in HongKong/China) in 2007 is -CCP = control common people = China’s economy is a false economy and this just the beginning of the CCP’s facade wall deterioration. The world is just beginning to see the truth behind the different falsity behind the soft power phylogenetic used by the CCP.
    Thanks you and your fellow U-Tubers for most of your views- to bad for the CCP blockage of the outside world. Carry on Mate(s) O by the by the beaches here on the Gold Coast in AUSTRALIA are warm and wet. Cheers.

  209. Go watch Bill Burr ripping on Joe Rogan for not wearing masks this is exactly what’s wrong with the Western world theyre all about toxic masculinity which is just stupid.

  210. Please provide examples… you keep saying the CCP is bad and play games, you spend all your time saying the same things but you provide no real actual current examples when you make these statements.

    What China and the CCP is doing wrong is not always obvious to the rest of the world. Without providing examples you appear to be spreading untruths even when what you are saying is very real and absolutely true.

  211. and dude keeps saying when he means China he doesn’t mean its people but how hard is it to say CCP instead of China in video title? I watch the dude for comedy/entertainment purpose. If you want facts about China go listen to Nathan Rich on Youtube.

  212. South Africa has also blanket banned the importation, sale and use of Ivermectin. An anthelmintic that has been given to over 3 billion people worldwide, but mainly in the tropics, over 30 years with complete safety. It is also used as a wormer in cattle and sheep and also gets rid of topical parasites. Apparently SA thinks Ivermectin is unsafe even though it has been supplied free in some regions that have River Blindness in humans and over the counter in many regions and has saved literally many millions of lives and more millions from blindness.
    What is up with that? What is the real reason for such a nonsensical law that has only been implemented in the last few days?

  213. Bruh we all know why you left South Africa because now blacks want their reparations there and whites there are being mistreated. How ridiculous to perpetuate hatred unto other people. Shame on you guy. I just watch you for the sh 1ts and gigs.

  214. • 1:05 – What I don’t understand is how some people think that it’s all-or-nothing, that you have to either accept or reject _everything_ about a person. 🙄 Does that person not realize that you can hate all of the bad stuff about Trump but like the good stuff (like his resentment of drugs and alcohol due to what happened to his brother)? 🤨 I guess that person can’t fathom rejecting all of the bad stuff that Hitler did while accepting his vegetarianism and love of animals. ¬_¬ No person is 100% anything, everyone has things that some people will agree with and disagree with.

    • 1:25 – You’re talking about how the CCP’s coverups caused a pandemic right? You’re talking about SARS 2003 right? Oh, wait, I forgot, they did that more than once. 🤦 (They’ll do it again in 2027, but that one will end the world permanently. 😒)

    • 2:35 – That’s a good thing; the pandemic has caused a surge in domestic violence.

    • 2:56 – It’s not just the EU and media; YouTube will shadow-ban comments that criticize China, like they did with this one. 😒

    • 4:50 – To be fair (and at the risk of unintentionally defending China), coroners _don’t_ put cause of deaths as “murder” or “stabbing” or “cancer” or whatever, they only write the actual _final_ cause of the death, that is, the organ that failed. So if someone were shot or stabbed, they’ll write “blood loss” or if they had liver cancer, they’ll write “hepatic failure”. So they wouldn’t write “covid-19”, they’d write “asphyxiation” or something. 🤷 That said, they are allowed to add a sub-cause as well, like “blood loss – caused by multiple gunshots”, so they definitely _could_ write “covid-19 induced fever”.

    • 5:55 – Usually, North Americans are lazy slacktivists who protest by just wearing wristbands and tweeting, but 2020 was definitely a watershed and they actually started “Arab Springing” (even if it was just to get out of the house 🤷). If the American army were welding people into their homes, things definitely would have “popped off”. Baltimore 2015? Pft. 🙄

    • 6:33 – Canada’s covid spread can be traced back to a Chinese girl who went from the UWO in London back to Wuhan for Chinese new year, got infected, then flew back to Toronto, then took a bus back to London and everything spread from there. (I’m amazed that they were able to track it all so specifically. Good forensics job Canada. 👍)

    • 6:53 – Country nothing, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single _city_ in the world that doesn’t have dozens, if not hundreds of Chinese and Indian immigrants thanks to their decade-long abuse of student visas to bypass immigration limits, then stay year-round for years, then applying for citizenship, then sponsoring their whole family to go over. Just look at the census data.

    • 12:30 – Racism is a one-way street, you can’t only hate, not be hated. Genius. 🤷

    _This comment shadow-banned by Google to protect C C the Poo’s feewings ¬_¬_

  215. What face have they ultimately saved by their initial inaction and suppression of facts? It has turned round big time and bit them hard on the arse and when the shit hit the fan, their face has been plastered in it.

  216. Wahhhhh China ruined everything for everyone wahhhhhh it’s no one else to blame but China lmaooooo. They’re laughing their way to the bank boi.

  217. I am currently on holiday in Zambia and China practically owns the county. These poor countries are in debt to China so then China has so much power over them.

  218. I dont understand how you can actually believe that Covid release was an accident. This was all a planned event to bring a one whole world dictatorship.

  219. Deliberate bio warfair on the western world to detroy the economy
    Will continue because governments narrative is to follow chinas totallerin laws to push the one world order just for greed & power control mongering

  220. To me this was done on purpose by China…It was created in a lab and the results can be seen…Was China after the collapse of many countries, including the US? That is what it looks to me…A very focused and planned scheme by the CCP…

  221. How long before you realize that this kind of corruption exists in ALL governments in ALL countries, some are just blunt about it and don’t try to hide it as much?

  222. I should admit a remarkable achievement of Chinese government and CCP – they’ve got away from what they have done to the world and even stopped the thoughts about China’s any responsibility for wuhan virus spread. This is something what nether Soviet Russia not modern Russia couldn’t dream of…. Just imagine if this covid-19 virus came out of Russia. Of course Russia would deny it because the same generation of “Soviet people” are still in power and old habits die hard. But certainly we would see very harsh world response and brutal consequences for the country. Just to remind, Russia is still living under sanctions for quite a while and I even can’t remember for what. It’s clear that nothing like that will be done to China and it’s remarkable indeed.

  223. Communist China wants to rule the world. The west helped created a Frankenstein Monster for over 30 years despite the TIANANMEN SQUARE massacre in 1989. I was in West Germany when this happened. DEMOCRACY is the VACCINE against MARXISM.

  224. Because German Turk Scientists found a successful Vaccine, that will root out Coronavirus after 70%of the World or atleast Westernworld is Vaccinated. 🤔😂👍🇩🇪

  225. They not criticize China because they depend on chinas cheap Products and Supplychain 😂😂🇨🇳👍esp. EUROPE.. they even signed a new treaty.

  226. China knew exactly what the risk was not only did it stop internal travel it had its minions purchase the PPE stockpiles around the world before the information got out to the world, we will not forget nor will we forgive China your days are doomed

  227. How hilarious you keep talking about how this ‘saving face’ attitude is worthy of being criticized for but maybe if the US cared a bit more about saving face they wouldn’t be the butt of joke for the rest of the world. And please don’t talk about ‘transparency’ because that doesn’t exist the America either. If it weren’t for whistleblowers like snowden or wikeleaks we would never have thought that there would be quasi government entities like NSA funded by the US federal government who would be spying on people’s privacies. At least China is making it transparent for things like social credit systems and mass surveillance so that it ENTICES and ENCOURAGES people to behave better. Too many people in the West don’t know how to take care of their credits and personal finances so that’s why you have so many of them in a vicious cycle of failing and being in debted. China obviously is smart and wise enough to see through this and to curb something like this debt spiral from happening to its citizens.

  228. How hilarious you keep talking about how this ‘saving face’ attitude is worthy of being criticized for but maybe if the US cared a bit more about saving face they wouldn’t be the butt of joke for the rest of the world. And please don’t talk about ‘transparency’ because that doesn’t exist the America either. If it weren’t for whistleblowers like snowden or wikeleaks we would never have thought that there would be quasi government entities like NSA funded by the US federal government who would be spying on people’s privacies.

  229. At least China is making it transparent for things like social credit systems and mass surveillance so that it ENTICES and ENCOURAGES people to behave better. Too many people in the West don’t know how to take care of their credits and personal finances so that’s why you have so many of them in a vicious cycle of failing and being in debted. China obviously is smart and wise enough to see through this and to curb something like this debt spiral from happening to its citizens.

  230. YES, the CCP has ruined the world and I don’t expect it to be any better in the future.
    I am an engineer, I live in Brazil and I saw closely what the CCP is capable of.
    I worked in the agricultural area, specifically with herbicides.
    The previous owner of the herbicide plant practically bankrupted the company. The Chinese, who held about 25% of the company’s capital and were supported by CCP’s financial resources, bought the entire company. They provide the main ingredient for the manufacture of the final product, glyphosate acid, not only for the company I worked for, but for almost all glyphosate herbicide manufacturers, thus controlling the price of a very important product that can strongly impact the final price of the food.
    To make a long story short, they bought LOTS of arable land and a massive amount of agricultural cooperatives and use their full-cycle production assets and CCP funding (for Chinese companies only) to intimidate anyone thinking about facing them.
    Independent farmers have no chance against this because they have no credits to buy seeds, pesticides or machinery at a reasonable price, it is impossible to compete with the low tax credits that the CCP gives Chinese companies. The farmers then sell everything to these companies. They either do this or they go bankrupt.
    By using these companies to buy all land and all companies related to the agricultural business, CCP now has its “personal refrigerator” in Brazil. They can control prices, and when more people in China start to starve, what will they do? Send all the food there and increase the price here.
    If any reasonable politician (which is less than 0.000001% of what we have) thinks about talking about this problem, the CCP and its wolf warriors will start using that emotional rhetoric of racism, threats, bribes or anything to silence them for ever .
    For me, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately.

  231. Everyone always asked ‘What does buying booze have anything to do with the virus?’ Short answer, it doesn’t. It has to do with being shut in with people and being drunk. Remember back in March when the lock down started? Domestic violence rose like 60%? That’s why they ban booze…

  232. Look at European countries just signed up a trade deal with CCP China. What is wrong with them ? They are dumb which still think CCP will keep their word to do business with them. Is it all about money ? Just like you let the killer come to your home and kill your family and you still want to be friend with them. It’s very sickening to me. Good Luck Europe and may God bless you all.

  233. It’s true, the world is acting like they forgot China spread the virus. 3 days ago the BBC News did a segment on how well china dealt with the virus… didn’t include one negative thing… pffft

  234. Come on. The CCP is a threat but helped along with WHO, UN and globalist psychopaths. It’s an elitist plan not just a Chinese one. Its a worldwide surveillance agenda modelling off the CCP communist regime.

  235. I’ll be real with you man most people in the US (least from what I’ve seen) still hasn’t noticed how bad the CCP is. Everything related to COVID begins and ends with Trump in the media.

  236. SARSCOV2 doesn’t exist it’s a psyop. A military level psychological operation perpetrated by the CCP and some highly influential groups in the west.

  237. Was 2020 a ‘bad year’ or are we simply approaching the inevitable conclusion of living under an economic system that is fundamentally incompatible with human dignity and happiness?

  238. Happy 2021!!! I really appreciate all the videos that you and C-milk made in early 2020 about the pandemic, It helped us all prepare. It felt like we had a true insider look, and real-time what was truly going down in China. That was life-changing information.

  239. Hey Winston,

    Have been following your channel for a long time – thanks for all the info and footage, it’s been educational, entertaining, and inspiring (and extremely well filmed and edited 🙂 )!

    Here is one thing that I disagree with you though. And this is not just my opinion, it is based on what medical doctors on the front line think throughout the world. China has done a phenomenal job in containing previous potential catastrophes, which includes the swine flu (2009), and the original SARS (2002-2004). You can argue either way, whether it was the CCP who did the trick through draconian measures, or it was just that those viruses were not that contagious, point is: they didn’t spread throughout the world. Now, if you talk to any epidemiologist doctor, they will tell you that there are so many more possible pandemics that China snubbed out before they even started. Let alone becoming a threat. The Chinese know that they are the epicenter of virus outbreaks, they know how to deal with them effectively. And they all say that there have been many viruses that we never heard of, because they were contained early on. All tightly kept under the rug.

    Covid-19 wasn’t one of them. It got out of Wuhan, then out of China. Now it’s not only the original virus, we have tons of mutations of it as well. I think the death count is somewhere at 1.8 M worldwide right now.

    There are only two possible explanations, given China’s past experience: (a) someone screwed up really bad, allowing the virus to escape; and (b) Xi Jinping knew what was happening and what they were doing.

    Since I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I go with (a). Would be super interested in what you think though. All my Chinese friends support this hypothesis.

    As for option (b), my Chinese friends also point out that the CCP is not a monolith, and that Xi Jinping is really a different factor here altogether. Would be super interested to hear your thoughts on that too.

  240. And of course China is now denying that there is any proof the virus came from Wuhan (you know, never mind that the WHOLE, EFFING, WORLD, sat and WATCHED in real-time as it spread from there, city-by-city.
    And you know what’s worse? If you go to your Facebook page where you posted a link to this video, there are legions of idiots in the West who have bought into it.
    I don’t like to get religious (or to quote movies that suck), but I’m reminded of the scene in “Left Behind” where Carpathia shoots two of his own men in the middle of a meeting, then tells all the witnesses how shocked he was to watch them shoot themselves, and ends it by saying “how terribly sad,” and everyone in the room starts chanting “terribly, sad… terribly, sad… terribly, sad…” It amazes me how many people are willing to accept the word of the CPC even when it goes against what they have watched with their own eyes.

  241. If the Chinese people do not want to be responsible for Covid-19 then they must overcome the brainwashing and stand against their Government. The world can not always give them a free card to do nothing. When will it happen? The excuses are many and are getting old. We the world need results!

  242. Is it possible they intended the rest of the world to become infected. Do they benefit from the rest of the world economies to go in the tank. Do they benefit from the rest of the world being distracted from any kind of hegemony they may want to insert throughout the world? Is anybody even paying attention to what Chyna is doing right now?

  243. and well get the vaccine and we will be able to travel freely again and everything will go back to normal and then we’ll get another SARS-CoV and go through all of this again.

  244. I have a feeling you will move from California eventually Winston, because of Governor Newsome. Maybe end up in Texas, Arizona? A Lot of people are moving from there because of the radical behavior of the Governor.

  245. Hilarious how Winston slanders on China but he himself escaped from South Africa because blacks there want reparations now from whites lol. Ironic that you would perpetuate the very same hatred you escaped from unto Chinese people.

  246. Not that the CCP is any better because of it but Donald Trump downplayed the virus and tried to save face in the same nasty way. He repeatedly tried to make the virus sound harmless and like it’ll quickly go away when he is on a recording proving that he knew he was lying. CCP is at fault for letting the virus get out but the rest of the world is at fault for not getting their local infections under control since their first cases became known.

  247. SerpentZA is the typical loser and has no loyal or honor towards his mother country South Africa or the country China that host him as expat for over 10 years. this type of person would not accepted by Chinese main society by it’s culture. so SerpentZA keep spreading anti China propaganda is only way he can make living in US.

  248. Well said. Obviously the EU didn’t watch this video. I think the spat between Australia and China has also woken up a lot of people about the CCP. But some people will alway bury their head in the sand

  249. They say that 2020 was a bad year….

    And I’m sure it has been for many hospitalized people who never learned the solution treatment to have saved their lives.. (Quinine / Ivermectin).. Or to have learned it but found that the hospital doctors were restricted from using it… (politically motivated) And they suffered horribly within those torture machines ..(ventilators used incorrectly).. forcing people to breathe inappropriately, till their lungs eventually crashed and there lives finally ended.

    But for us, it’s been a bit different.

    We stayed safe.
    No one went to the hospital.
    Some income continue to roll.
    Food and medicine continued to be available.
    Electricity continued to function.
    No one got seriously ill.
    No major social dramas are inhibiting anyone’s lifestyle.
    The water is still relatively safe.
    The air is still relatively clean.
    No thermal nuclear reactors exploded or melted down.
    No radiation clouds are looming overhead.
    Houses are not burning down around us.
    No food mobs are yet invading any house, on any corner.
    The sewers are not all completely backed up.
    The snow isn’t piled up 16 feet high, blocking the doorways of your home.

    I’d say it’s been a pretty good year.
    I can’t say the same for what 2021 may become.

    But Happy New Year Anyway, Everyone.

  250. it has always been the west who were the aggressors historically and even today. China is merely trying to free everyone from this BS ‘democracy and freedom’ campaign and propaganda from spreading everywhere in Asia. China was forced into this situation to preserve and help people and countries from being duped into this democracy.

  251. wait are you seriously calling CCP thugs but not the Western ‘democratic’ countries who ravaged the world and still is killing many civillians in the middle East by blackwater and setting up nuke sites and basically stealing bikini islands ALL IN THE NAME OF ‘FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY’??? Who are the real thugs? China isn’t interested in invading other countries using excuse of ‘protecting’ them.

  252. Because it is pushed by the media that everything is racist. It is racist to blame China for the KungFlu Virus. Most have been brain-washed into believing this so they say nothing in fear of being labled a racist.

  253. covid is a direct result of human overpopulation and degeneracy. Recently the UK variant was found in US despite of the fact that the infected person didn’t even travel to the UK. It’s in our waters. Human waste ends up in sewer but then gets dumped back into the ocean and when it condensates literal waste water rains down on us. This is nature’s correction. NOT CHINA.

  254. I almost had to dislike the video; when you start going on about hoping there’s a vaccine, and it all started in Wuhan bla bla bla…you need to have a look at the bigger picture…this was planned for decades…it facilitates the Great Reset….there’s another plandemic scheduled between 2025 and 2028 called Spars….either you’re aware of what’s really going on in the world but scared to mention it on YouTube, or you’re completely blind and therefore have limited credibility…I’m not sure which.

  255. Great Videos. China still has better then a foot hold on us. If your counting on the vaccine DONT, they are up to two shots not one already. No Vaccine has ever been given less the 4 years of study, Iowa State University n Canada partners infected pigs with it after testing inoculation on them, Denmark killed off 17 million Mink because some had it n i can add so much more but i think you all will get it. They want to take the grains and meat out, in the usa. Master plan. take care…

  256. I keep hearing that local Chinese people are victims also, I agree partially with that. We have to understand that the majority still believe everything that the party tells them. I speak with Chinese people everyday, and sometimes they make comments like “there are no local infections, it’s all from outside” or “China doesn’t have the virus” as well was other politic comments which I need to explain in the politest way because their logic is to justify bad things because other countries may do/have done it i.e. two wrongs make a right. Criticism, even constructive is met with silence or sophism. Keep in mind that the very people you sympathize with have been an inactive bystander allowing this to happen. Having said that, there are some younger people who know what’s going on but cannot talk to anyone about it, not even their parents because they get shot down. Hopefully, things will start to change once the more mature individuals are forever sleeping.

  257. Is it true, the CCP debt trapped the DRC. Into suspending the licences of two Australian iron ore mines, and gave it to a Chinese firm?
    (Just heard this story last week)

  258. I keep seeing comments in the media that 2021 will be better than 2020. That’s optimistic. I’m not sure. 2021 could easily be far worse. I can see where 2020 was just the beginning, kind of like 1936.

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