1. We want to thank Muhammad for sharing his story with the world. We actually bought a few months worth of food for his family after the shoot to help ease their financial pain and wish that Muhammad and other Delman jockeys can bounce back on their feet soon. If you want to be a part of our community, you can download our community app MOGAO and discover untold stories like this from all over world:
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  2. COVID19 has affected so many people’s families, sources of income, wellbeing yet some are undecided whether or not to wear a mask. *Wear a mask and stay home!* Stay safe.

  3. My heart goes out to him. You see the worry and stress on his face. Unfortunately, the world’s elite have a lot of money riding on this crisis and the rest of us just have to take it.

  4. If things don’t get better in 7 months, we won’t die because of covid, but we’ll eventually die of hunger, especialy the less fortunate people, it’s deep bro…

  5. i like the guy who’s being interviewied, always smile even though he had so much going through his life during this covid, hope everything will be fine for him

  6. Asian Boss, it’s great that you purchased a few months’ food for the family, but it sounds like a monetary donation would make a bigger impact. Could you start a donation campaign for him (and other day laboring Jockeys)? He’s sold off his possessions, save for the Delman and the cart- his only way of making a living. He has multiple debts to pay probably which would ease his fears and anxieties about earning a living. Thanks for this great piece. This damn virus isn’t just killing people, it’s dismantling lives and livelihoods.

  7. For a family that has no income for 4 month, they still have a good life. No sign of starvation.

    I think the governments in indonesia is fairly doing great job in this pandemic, compared to other big population country and it’s density level.

  8. Even if the government says everything is now open, they still won’t have customers. It’s not the government that’s keeping people home, it’s the pandemic. That’s just the sad reality. Here, people I know have started new businesses just to make ends meet. From food delivery to homemade products.

  9. In my case, my relative who gets cut half of their salary, they start a food business at home, by joined Go Food and Grab Food. Also, I’m glad to hear that Asian Boss donating food to these delman jockey

  10. One of my earliest memories is riding one of this horse cart in Yogyakarta with my family, it’s so sad that a part of culture and history got pushed aside as time went on and took a bigger hit with recent events. Hope for the best for him and other horse cart jockey

  11. I feel the thing that Muhammad and his family are struggling due to COVID-19. I understand that there weren’t that many clients because of this pandemic. I would pray for him about his survival and hope the COVID-19 will end soon. Wish Muhammad the best luck!

  12. We have successfully banned that in most parts of the US. Its time just to end it anyway. Its usually fat tourists that these poor animals pull around.

  13. I lived in a small town, and still am. When I was a little, these “Delmans” were very common, even for transportation purposes.

    Eventually after cars and motorcycles starts flooding the market, they started to dissapear and now mostly exist in places where tourist would go often.

  14. Bran is not a good daily ration for horses, so don’t waste your money. Don’t you have complete feed pellets available? Whatever he’s doing, the horse appears happy, healthy and well cared for, so if it’s working, don’t fix it.

  15. Im not trying to offend anyone, but I hope that this ends. As a horse lover I am very appalled to see horses being used for such abusive behavior. Even though long ago horses might have been used for things like this, in modern day I don’t find horse carts right. The horses look very tired and not well cared for, plus their stalls are very disgusting. Also, pulling a cart around all day doesn’t seem good and can really damage these amazing animals. Even though this is tradition, I don’t find it right.

  16. I dont support delman mainly because i’ve seen how they get abused by its “owner”. So please, if you want delman as your business, treat your horses kindly, and with love. Animals have feelings too.

  17. I love how he wants to support her daughter and make her go to school even though he’s in debt and it kills me to see them eat just instant noodles. Best wishes for him.

  18. Asian boss u have to make a video what chinese and indians think of chinese apps ban in india jncluding pubg and chinese opinion on world boycotting china.

  19. Sebelum covid-19 dapetnya 600-700rb sehari, kalo di kali 20 (hari kerja) gajinya 12jt-14jt per bulan, wah ternyata gaji kusir delman jauh diatas rata-rata UMR ternyata ga nyangka, sehat selalu kusir delman Indonesia 👏

  20. Traditions are important to preserve for cultural identity sake. But as society changes & modernizes, unfortunately a lot of traditions are forgotten or just can’t be practiced due to a variety of reasons. In this instance, COVID-19 has made it a health risk to have a horse-drawn tour cart to be a viable practice as we need to practice social distancing. Hopefully these _Delaman jokckeys_ can find other means to keep this tradition going. Perhaps they could find other means of earning a living for the time being, and then when the COVID-19 situation becomes more safe, then maybe go back to offering the tour cart service again as there will be more tourists visiting again.

  21. Well I thought names like muhmmad aren’t that common in Indonesia . Guess nowadays everyone due to globalisation thinks Arabic culture is the true Islamic culture

  22. He should turn his Transportation Services into Entertainment Services that involves Horses such as low profile Circus & Cowboys riding or Medieval Knights reenactment for example cut off Watermelon from horseback for YouTube sensation. He could earn more money doing so many things i think. I hope he come up with this idea.

  23. wow, such a wonderfully covered video. this will remain as a history and for our next generations to understand what tge people went through. such a wonderful video.

  24. sell the horse and survive and pick a full time job. no tourist arent gonna ride that horse till another 7 months till they find a cure dumb for listening to your parents. you are a grown man do what you gotta do to feed ur kids

  25. thank you Asian Boss for producing this very relevant and humane documentary of current day complications surrounding the tragic Coronavirus pandemic as being suffered by common peoples in Indonesia. As sad as it is to watch and view this, it is the reality we all face as humans collectively today, so we can all watch and be sad, but hopefully also be supportive of each other and more humbled together as a human race.

    As far as the 7 yr old child in this particular video upload goes, hoping to start school soon… hopefully there is a safe schooling architecture being prepared for them firstly, but also, hopefully there was some donation at least made from this video viewing given to this dear family, in order to help the child attend school… Thank you . peace all

  26. Good, let this terrible tradition disappear🥳 poor horses being exploited their whole life until they are too old to work and then send to slaughter as a “thank you” for their years of hard work. Animals are treated like dirt in this industries, so let this tradition burn in hell

  27. Don’t support industry that exploit and abuse animals. They treat horses like dirt and send them to be slaughtered when they are to sick or to weak to work. This is animal abuse, pure and simple

  28. Human should replace the horse in puling the Cart after all
    He gets the money and didn’t feed his horse properly.
    It’s easy to find solutions to feed the horse idk why this guy complaing the horse is more abused than this guy he should give his horse a day off.

  29. Please, set up a way for fans of Asian Boss to donate to this man’s family, and then do a follow-up story on it in 6-12 months like with other stories you’ve done in the past…It would be amazing if you encouraged fans to donate just $1 USD. Small donations can really add up when done in great volumes….

  30. Hoping that he will be recovered from any poverty, illnesses, and hardships in life. I know exactly how it felt like to be in these situations. But please take care of the horses like your own children dont exploiting them. Please dont give up

  31. I think it’s interesting seeing things from different perspective. And delman jockeys are one of the underdogs and left out. Good insight. More please!

  32. I hope this “tradition” of exploting animals for profit end for good. Using them to carry lazy tourists is disgusting. Find another way to profit. People are too comfy in maintaining a sick tradition. There’s options out there, use your brain, not animals!

  33. As much as we complain, Oh we have to work from home, wear a mask constantly outside etc complaining here and there.

    This video gives us all a bigger and cleaner picture of what is really happening out of our bubbles. People who are willingly to work but unable to due to tourists unable to visit their country, who are their main source of income. Having to eat instant noodle for survivor, once in a while canned food as a special treat. Despite this, through the interview he is still having a smile on his face.

    Be grateful and thankful for the things we have in life, people.

  34. Things never been easy for all of us during this pandemic 🙁 hope you all blessed.. remember to stay sane and healthy as well out there friends 💐

    Looking forward for more videos with Ichi as interviewer since I can’t see her pretty face at all 👀✨


  36. Im indonesian and i feel very sorry for him but traditional horse cart transportation should be banned in jakarta. The streets are very crowded and packed with cars, those horses are basically inhaling co2 all the time. This guy right here seems to treat his horses with kindness, but most horses are not so lucky. Some seem too small and skinny to be carrying around a lot of weight, let alone a cart full of people.

    I hope this man finds a better job with better pay than this so he can still keep his horses but not as a cart pull.

  37. We have that problem as well as tourists are rarer at the moment, but here the social system catches those people and they have a lot more reserves. We are an European state so can’t compare the situation of those affected at all.

  38. The good thing about that is that the poor horse no longer have to work and be used all the time. Hate when people take advantage of animals! Sad for the guy to lose his job though.

  39. This is sad but I’m honestly more worried about the horse. It has no say and the biggest pressure. I fear the treatment of these horses who aren’t being filmed. Are the stresses of maintaining them making the jockeys overwork them? Are they skimping on care because there’s little work?

    Relying on tourism is a very risky way of life. I live on an island reliant on cruise ships and I don’t think one has come since March.

  40. it’s long dead even before covid came..
    with globalization and the hectic working schedules where people literally needs to own their own vehicle (be it provided or not provided by the company where they work for).

    How do I know?
    Gw org indo jing.. Udah gaji di Indo kecil, banyak perusahaan2 yg sama skali ga sudi mem-provide kita kendaraan sama skali pula..

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