How I Lived 4 Years In Thailand. Today I Will Tell You.

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  1. Good evening from egypt 🤟… This is a new record 1h and half 😄…anyway keep feeding us with the good life in Thailand and for more years to come… thank you for that 🙏

  2. Hi Chuck. I very much enjoy “hangin out with you guys” to the limit of 30 mins every day But constructive criticism here if I may, I just don’t have time to watch an hour and a half vlog. As interesting as it maybe, (and I share most of your mindsets) this is just too long. Even though you didn’t post one yday, I haven’t the time to watch such a long vlog.;-[. Shame as I so much enjoy sharing your day to day thoughts and experiences. Please accept this comment as an appreciative comment that just speaks what’s in my mind. BW to you and Page and the guys. ;-]

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