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  1. It’s so weird, I’ve never been there but after seeing so many of your videos, I know whats around the corner before you turn. Kind of cool I think. ๐Ÿ˜

  2. You are crazy to walk with your back to traffic. Good way to get seriously hurt. Do you ever chat with that other American vlogger PAUL IN THE PHILIPPINES OLD DOG NEW TRICKS? He said in a post yesterday that 100 percent of the foreigners in Dumaguete all want out and want to go to their home countries because of the quarantine. Do you know many foreigners that are fed up?

  3. U r always up and down that st…its called surly st. And RUMPA is almost across the street from Pinkys…Have u every eaten at Rumpas…use to be great hangout with retirees and foreigners.

  4. Hey Brian thanks for the walk and talk like somebody else said as I have said before that was my old stomping ground for five years around Balibago near McDonaldโ€™s converge TV place lining up to pay your monthly bill but I got smart in the end and paid it online.. Hopefully one day you will walk up or ride up Andrew Street off Vincent Road two blocks from the Barunga hall I would just love to look in that street again but Iโ€™m stuck in Australia until I come back thanks again Brian

  5. I know what you mean when you say the family members dont want to work. My girlfriends brother refuses to work, he just wants to kick back and watch tv. He is 40 years old and will not lift a finger to make an effort to work. He is happy just being there and waiting for his sisters to make something to eat. Its sad, but the same thing happens in America.

  6. Really like your vids! I dont complain much and you probably have nothing to do with it, bit the Joe Biden commercials are so off putting they really grate at me! Again, love the content of your vids but the Biden political adds suck. Sorry for my complaint.

  7. Tell you, many bloggers say cost to live in RP comfortably is around US $2000/month. I have my doubts. Inflation there is really high, and after 10 years I could see prices far worse. That, and price of so many goods keep increasing. Can’t imagine how the locals there live.

  8. Hello Brian, I can hear that your still having trouble greeting younger men. Ask your wife, you never say Kuya to a younger male. You said your trying to stop, good luck!

  9. Love your opening comment ‘Welcome to the islands of the Philippines, where you can’t go anywhere ‘, so very very true right now, our freedom of travel has been taken away

  10. Couple of things: 1) remove the door bell. 2) 4 times the subscribe bell went off in the video to much as a viewer to see. Best Wishes to your nephew.

  11. Hey could you not add that bell thing? I’m seeing that in many sites and it’s annoying. You don’t need that gimmick to attract subscribers. You are great with your content.

  12. Well , this is going on a lot in the PI, Filipinas will do anything to support their lazy brothers, Fathers and the whole family, I know some Filipinas here where I live borrowing Money they will not be able to pay back ever, in order to keep the relatives happy knowing very well that no Family member will be looking for work, these lazies are sleeping during the day, drinking and playing cards all night. This seems to be the way it works in the PI. The sad story is if you stop sending money they turn feral hating you and your wifeโ€™s guts also threatening you with all sorts of revengeful actions if visiting the Philippines, this is happening to a Friend of mine who will never visit the PI again โ€ฆ. So sad, โ€ฆ Mabuhay to the Philippines

  13. Rambutan where I’m at… FREE. How? I have my own trees = ) But I still got to hire a few kids to climb ’em. They refused my offer to take a bunch home as an incentive as their families have a bunch of trees themselves. So I give them some chocolates instead. You making “sip-sip” on your neighbor’s sip-sip was entertaining = ) I know this story only too well. ~ Take care Brian

  14. Way to go Brian, congrats! Things are ok here in Central Florida but not down in Miami, where people continue to get infected and now the CDC said yesterday that social distancy and other protocals aren’t doing a thing, so it is no longer in place… Covid 20 more likely be here bcos people could get it 2-3+ like some people get the flu, so it will be up to the vaccination to see what it will do as it gets around and people get to use it, not from China or Russia.
    As far as your nephew tell your family the Northwestern Hospital in Chicago is the best sports medicine hospital in the US and they took care of a gf on mine in a very unique way and she is fine now.
    Well Brian keep up the good work.

  15. Sad to say but sometimes it seems like the more you help some people there the less likely they are to become self sufficient. I’ve seen it happen too many times over the years.

  16. With 40% unemployment and rising prices things are going to start getting bad. The girls on the dating sites have gotten much more aggressive in asking for money borderline desperate now as well. This is not a good time to flash wealth as a foreigner there now.

  17. Some Americans say the food chains will be disrupted in 3rd world countries…there are American made products that can’t be found now at the SM Hypermarket…not a single can of Campbell’s soup for instance.
    I have noticed higher prices now…

  18. Next time Brian can you walk up that road just past the Roman hotel .
    Henyfel street you almost went up that street today .
    Last time I was there I took a short cut through that road and at the top of the road there is a new 7/11 and they are building some new condominiums I think they are called one euphoria but I might be wrong .
    Anyway prices on those condominiums would be fantastic

  19. Trike drivers in Angeles are dishonest, often ask for more money at the end of the journey. The blue taxi is also a lot safer in the event of an accident.

  20. Good to hear you nephew has stayed strong and recovered to this point. I hope he continues the water/pool therapy on his own to strengthen his legs. Thanks for the walk and talk video!

  21. Brian you deserve a break enjoy it when you can
    Hope your feeling better now
    Be careful those vehicles seems not to give pedestrian to the right away to cross safely no rules I guess

  22. You aren’t feeling well? The first question to ask are you drinking enough water? You need at least 2 liters a day maybe more because of the heat there in the Philippines. When you wake up in the morning before doing anything else drink a lot of water. It’s called Japanese water therapy.

  23. PLANdemic. Donโ€™t let the Commies bring in the New World Order. Donโ€™t submit!!! The Virus is about creating FEAR. FEAR=CONTROL!! Donโ€™t be SHEEP!!! If Trump loses the US will fall and every other Country will follow. Once it happens we will never be able to reverse it. Mark my words!!!

  24. Take vitamin C or drink a lot of juice and keep your back dry from sweat. Nice to see that famous “stop” sign, haha. Careful, some people may be jealous of you and they ring you at night to really annoy you. ..when it becomes unbearable, ask assistance from barangay to ask them why they ring you during late hours..maybe they want a ringer for their gate, hahaha. About the people depending on relatives abroad, that is very common…they do not want to work …and they even hide the real condition they are in. And, with your nephew, just have someone massage his feet for few minutes everyday to wake-up his muscles…you never know, he may walk normal one day. One question, do you put the face mask over your sunglasses? It must be annoying esp for people like me wearing prescription glasses.

  25. Thanks for the update on your nephew. Usually takes 2 years to see what kind of recovery with SCI. Good to hear he’s looking for employment and progressing. He must look into wheelchair sports. At his age he could be a Para Olympian Summer and or Winter. Wheelchair sports is a must! He will make great friends.

  26. Nice walk enjoyed the scenery with you. My neighbors are what we call Welfare Rats, have a ton of kids and collect foodstamps and govt. money. and free medical. The Dad has a Biden flag in his yard too ..LOL

  27. Be sure to always have your wife with you when you ever approach them , again . Also , to video it with audio for your evidence as to what was said , not said and what happened . Somewhere there an American Expat went to the neighbors house . To complain about an incident they had with his children , what was it ? Shortly there after the PNP showed up and arrested him and he spent one year in jail/prison . I expect on false allegations . You should know Filipinos will take the side of another Filipino , no matter wrong . As here in the USA I had issues with their offensive behavior . And nearby Filipinos took their side , why ? I would highly recommend installing CCTV , real time . And to place them at strategic locations to get full coverage of anything that happens !

  28. Wow 10 seconds in ,hereโ€™s my first โ€œ wine with no cheese.โ€ I canโ€™t hear you !!!! That goofy mask …. maybe you can MIKE it…!!!,! In there ….I want to hear yeah so Iโ€™m stopping to put my earplugs in … I had time to get some cheese while I put my earplugs in LOL

  29. On your neighbor, this what you do. Go get yourself one of those bb guns with a scope and wait for those pricks to come. Always aim for the left eye no matter how many are there. If the police come in the morning just tell them that you are a friend of the Chief of Police and you didn’t do it! Hehehe!

  30. Hi Brian… The only time I go in McDonald’s is when I need a Poo. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yi san Korean restaurant, you should try the meat balls in there… There the dogs bollocks

  31. After i heard once your bell include the sign for let a subscription here: what an nice idea … But after i saw and hear it the five times, i was really overwhelmed … To much annoying, brother!

  32. Not sure whats going on but the videos are starting to get boring and the subscribe bell is a terrible idea. Have been a follower for some time but might just unsubscribe and move on.๐Ÿฅฑ bad video

  33. Hey Brian, how are you feeling my friend? Sometimes you need to just relax and take a little time off. Much love to you and your family.โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

  34. Hi Sir brian. Good day for the walk and tagging us along. Thanks. Have a nice day. Take care as always and always whatch our for the “Zombie CHIMP”….. Peace !!!

  35. GCash is good Brian, I use it myself even I live here in the states. I have a Globe sim card tgat i use whenever i am in the Philippines and I get text nessage or One Time Pin if needed on my PNB Account. On Gcash, you can pay bills online as you mentioned. I am able to send load or money to some relatives there and able to invest as well. Itโ€™s really convenient๐Ÿ‘

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