1. what insurance do you have for the one I promised me they would cover me for 1 mile but now I stand with a problem that I have to have a balloon expansion in my heart and my insurance will suddenly not pay and I do not know Why

  2. Rest in peace, Kevin. I still believe covid killed him in the end as he was in hospital in england at the time so it could have been a combo. lots of ppl died in hosptial because of the illness they had plus covid.

  3. $36,000 per year I think that is real value for money compared to your life style. I thought you would have been spending around thousand USD per week.

    We are coming back permanently in April we own our property. So I’m budgeting for 50,000THB per month but we don’t go out at night and don’t travel very much. So annual budget 60,000THB and lifetime budget 1.5m USD

  4. Hi Chuck
    I have been following you and Paige, for sometime now. I’m from Boston. I have been going to Patong Phuket for the last 18 yr for
    vacation I will miss it this year. On your last vedio, you said you was with 25 inf, so was I.
    In 1966, cu chi Vietnam. I hope to get back to Thailand soon. Thanks for the vedios

  5. Chuck,
    I am 67 years old do you think I would be able to get health insurance in Thailand. I have looked at websites about it and I really couldn’t get an straight answer. I currently have Kaiser in California and only covers a short visits to another countrys.

  6. Hi Chuck. Great information on a yearly basis which really is more important than weekly or monthly. Just one thing. You said fuel (diesel) cost was about 1,000 baht every 5,000 klms. I think you meant 1,000 baht every 500 klms.
    It’s at 8:35 into your video. Cheers & well done over the last 4 years plus. 👍🙏🙏🙏

  7. I’ve had estimate off AIA insurance for 60,000 bhat per annum and i will be 70years old in April 2021. So i need to get back over there this year.

  8. Ahhh the good old days when I was getting 32 bht to the Aussie Dollar, it.s Just as cheap for me to stay in Australia, but , in Thailand you get to live near a beach , that won’t stop me going on a three month holiday back there each year ,

  9. Just checked my annual costs for 2020. Approx 600k baht. Includes 5k baht a month rent & 42k baht mandatory health insurance as I’m on an OA extension of stay. We travel as often as we can which sometimes is limited during these times but still get out & about. Most hotels & resorts we stay in are between the 500 to 1,000 baht a night so not expensive. I don’t eat much western food so my diet is mostly Thai. My Thai lady doesn’t like much western food & is a great Thai cook anyway lol. I drink occasionally but not every day unless on a road trip lol. Over the last 2.5 years we have travelled over 60,000 klms mainly by pickup but also on scooter and motorcycle.

  10. Wow 1 million baht a year without any real rent is quite a bit higher than us. We kept exact numbers albeit for 2012 thru 2016 & the totals were 369k,367k,399k, & 365k so pretty average at 370k-ish. We lived in Chiang Mai ate out most nights. Had the usual fun days at malls movies etc etc… Had no rent as we owned condo. That aside we had a Isuzu Truck a Kawasaki Ninja 250 & a Honda Wave 125i…all owned outright & fully insured (not just govt insured ,,,parabol ) So I am guessing in your case it is the traveling that costs as we rarely did 😉 Thanks for the video though always interesting to hear how other live.

  11. let say, you are in Thailand with tourist visa, then apply Long stay visa. How do you open Thai bank and how do you transfer money from US bank? Recommend which Thai bank and US bank to deal easier?

  12. I forgot what the video was about when you mentioned massaman gai 555 I’ll definitely be looking forward to that video. You live a much better and peaceful life on $33k there than you could here that is for sure. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  13. Two thumbs up. Good approach explained how best to progress your Visa for interested in longer term stays if considering retirement there. Taking us along these adventures this past year and then sharing your costs serves a good baseline on how much i would have spent making these similar trips. Thanks Chuck

  14. 01:20 at 10,000 baht per month where later you say 11:10 that it is $3,000 per month (90,000 bhat). Confusing, “that is what it cost me a year”. DId you mean 90,000 baht per month? or 1.1 million per year?

  15. Cover up to a Million Thai Baht would hardly cut it for any major surgery in Thailand
    these days, especially in fields of cardiology or oncology, but you’re still a relatively young man, and it’s over the next ten years that the engine management light starts coming on, by that stage your annual health insurance will be $2,000 dollar a year.

  16. I was thinking about 15000 for rent 1000bath a day avg so 30000 and then 10000 for insurance and what else so all in all 55000 Bath. I very rarly drink alcohol.

  17. I’ve been living and working in Bangkok for seven years now… I found the “Spendee” app very helpful when tracking a daily budget… I recommend the free version for the first 6 months so you build the habit of tracking/customizing categories… then if you find it valuable – can purchase it. (it will convert THB to other currencies which is also helpful)… Anyhow, Chuck’s advice on Insurance is very helpful also.

  18. Just kidding but I think at our age we should expect to live our last 20 years, if we have the funds, comfortable and can afford 3-4,000 per month then extend your stay. If we choose to do it overseas then expect to pay for services for others to help you from translation, lawyers and the occasional bad decision, LOL.
    We will make it.
    I’m 58 and planing for two years from now. I just want to see the rest of the world other than the Americas and Europe.

  19. Two of Chucks main points about coming to Thailand and retiring..are very correct..
    1/ everybodys expenses can vary hugely,depending on lifestyle,also the area,eg. Phuket andBkk are hugely more expensive than living in Issan,or even Pattsya.
    2/ stay in thailand first,for several months,even moving to different areas,to experience the lifestyle.

  20. You guys shouldn’t have to pay for hotels, email hotels in advance and I’m sure once they know who you are you’ll get free rooms. I’m averaging 40k with my wife and kid in CR.

  21. Is the $3,000USD all in? Understanding your extensive business travel and that your primary housing is with Page’s family with you covering utilities?

    So I should add rent but understand they I may not travel as extensively as you guys with you business?

  22. I miss Thailand so much! Your Chanel help to ease the pain. You and Paige are so beautiful together… I really like your positive way of thinking 😁😁😁😁

  23. Hi Chuck and Paige. I have been living in Thailand for 3 1/2 years on the aussie aged pension which is about 36k to 40k baht a month depending on exchange rate. I have bought a new small car on 7 year finance, I live rent free with my girl in rural area and have been able to renovate her place on my income, slowly adding new roof,ceilings, air con, fitting out kitchen etc etc. We dont travel a lot as I have arthritis , go to Bangkok a few times a year. I eat very well, buy mainly farang food and cook lasagne and chicken parmagianna and other mex and aussie stuff. Can get a good range of pies and pre made chinese,indian and english dishes delivered from various sources. I am very happy here and love the people, wouldnt go back to Oz for quids.

  24. Good Day Chuck!
    Thanks for the up to date info.
    For me I would prefer to stay 6 months in the area of Joe & Gift and spend a good bit of time up in Chang Rie near Mr. Gordon T.
    Yes you and Paige are High roller’s living the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. I just want to have a half rie vegetable garden and go sailing and fishing often. ( hence living in or near a fishing village like Joe & Gift ).
    Keep Going Strong !!!

  25. Our budget is 20,000 Baht a month. We have a simple life but enjoyable. Tik my wife likes to go shopping but we are careful where we shop. (We also have 3 dogs and we feed 6 strays – they cost us a bit). My wife also has some income from her farm. (Farm rubber, coconut, banana, papaya, lemon and chilli).
    Thanks for the video Chuck and Paige, take care.

  26. Hello Chuck and Paige from Bay area.
    BTW, regarding to credit card, are you using US credit card? What I mean is that when I was in Thailand I use my US credit card and I got charged for US to Thai money fee charge. Since you are long term Thai resident are you using US card and pay online to the US credit card company without being charge for money exchange?

  27. Hey Chuck, interesting vid, brave of you to open the can worms that is “budgets to live in Thailand”. It’s such a subjective topic. Often wondered what your annual budget would be, thanks for being so candid. Btw I enjoyed checking out your fishing vlogs, didn’t see any of you fishing in Thailand though. You know thar be monsters awaitin’. Surely your not scared of a 600lb freshwater stingray? Lol

  28. *Great Video Chuck!* I personally don’t do much here in Thailand. My main hobby is video games. I try not to eat allot of USA foods, but I do mix it in. My “Thai-Wife” (a Thai-Wife makes everything cheaper), my wife and I live here on about 20,000 ThB a month, which works out to about $8000.00 USD a year… but that amount doesn’t include buying things like computers or other big ticket items. I have 5 computers I’ve purchased here, “which were not cheap” because I buy high end to accommodate my high end gaming hobby. I’ve spent about $16,000.00 USD total on my gaming hobby over the past 8 years. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, and I carry BC/BS insurance from the USA which is not included within this budget.

  29. I was under estimate the cost of living in Thailand. I thought, $2000 usd should be enough and very comfortable budget in Thailand. thank for your information.

  30. When you live in Thailand for five years you could become a Thai citizen because once you live there for five years you could get a Thai citizen you just have to put your name in the blue book with your wife family and make Thai ID card

  31. I have been travelling to Thailand for almost 40 years and it is certainly not for everybody as you said it Chuck. It is for me, I like everything about it and I recently bought a condo in Bangkok and retired this month so ready to go for it!

  32. Great stuff, as always Chuck. Very useful. Looking to head back to the Kingdom in April. Jump through all the hoops. Quarantine, etc. Look forward to finally meeting you, Paige, and Soi Mafia. Will be back for 3 months with plans for a 6 month follow. Definitely hope to pick your brain for advice. Take care, stay safe

  33. My wife and I own a house about 10 miles north of you. So our housing cost is pretty much $0. I would agree with you that everybody’s experience is different but $2-3,000 you can live well especially in Essan. Some people talk about living on $1,000 which is quite possible but unless your a hermit or a monk that wouldn’t be much living.

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