How They Managed To Fly Into Thailand (During The Pandemic) – Their Story

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  1. To call the Thai Embassy in Washington DC and have someone answer talk to you and answer questions is amazing. Joe, thanks for the video. Excellent content and info.

  2. thanks for the video Joe! yikes…. a bit pricey to get back sooner than later! what i can’t help but feel that funds only being funneled to elites instead of those who need it the most. i suppose logistics easier at large hotels but gotta feel for the mom-pop-homestay.

  3. My heart go out to all the thai people and my thai friends going through this toff time to date , cool video and excellent report and info , hope things will chill down soon so i can come back next year , peace out….

  4. Nice opening! I wanted to capture some of the process but wasnโ€™t sure if I could do so. Really good explanation of what needs to be done and what happens in quarantine. Thailand really has made the whole process very bearable. I paid 40,000 baht for the hotel and 20,000 baht for the hospital services. My wife stayed at the hotel provided by the Thai government and that was free. I was allowed to go outside every other day.

  5. Very good, Very good, vlog. Joey .! Thank you for giving us this very informative video in letting us know and what to expect when going through all the procedure you need to go through when entering Thailand . Wonderful charming personality with a inspirational spirited family representation. Makes me want to get back there now ?

  6. Where in Thailand will thry be living? This interview was very informative. I was shocked by the cost but they choose a first class hotel. Did they mention the cost of the Covid tests?

  7. Great family to meet and many interesting informations in it. Thanks for all videos parts about process to go back to Thailand. For myself, i will wait for better times as a tourist. The process will surely become simpler and finally, the main point will be flights availability. Tim and his family (and half flight not thai passengers ๐Ÿ™‚ ) use that opportunity of “rapatriation flights” and that was good. Checkout airplane companies annoucements, like that one from TheTaiger : for similar opportunities. An advice for travellers borrowed from Benjamen Harp’s video (see his youtube channel Integrity Legal Thailand) : make four copies of all documents! …. best wishes to Klaus & Toon returning to Prachuap ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Joe Gift, what a great story, I am really happy and pleased for them. Maybe this is my way of getting back, the only problem is me and my partner aren’t married. I will need to look in to it. Thanks for the video

  9. Looks like complete insanity and overkill. Letโ€™s hope the Thai government realizes that their entire economy will never be able to recover if they stay closed for tourism much longer.

  10. really enjoyed this vlog Joe thanks…I’ve met you through Chuck n Paige and a few other guys
    you and gift are fun to follow. Please be safe and enjoy yourselves.

  11. Informative, well presented and a very nice family. You recommend a health insurance which is mandatory for the O-A visa (while a travel insurance cover the requirement for the O-visa). From your local knowledge, speaking about a health insurance — will you recommend coverage that provide the comfort zone (for a westerner)? Its a conglomerate of options – IPD, OPD, required amount of coverage etc. (an idea for an episode?)

  12. Hi Joe & Gift, the Covid-19 is a Pandemic-hoax, thanks to the WHO, it’s a normal (for old people with more under lieing illnesses dangerous ) influenza. The PCR-test is very unreliable ! Best regards for you & friends, thanks for all your nice video’s !

  13. Very interesting firsthand account from Jim and his family. I recognise the Anantara Riverside hotel in Bangkok where they were in quarantine. Have stayed there in the past and it really is a beautiful hotel with extensive gardens and a pool for the 90 mins daily exercise. Great video. Thanks, Joe.

  14. Ok. I had about the same information for entering the kingdom. As a normal tourist i can forget to come to Thailand soon. That’s the sad reality.
    What a shame…..

  15. very good Joe
    at 10:20
    “..we went to Ayutthaya”
    The daughter corrects: “เธขเธฒเธ™เธ™เธฒเธงเธฒ”
    Thanks for putting the video together!

  16. Well, as you know- I was going to go to Thailand in April to meet my girlfriend but ultimately decided to wait and of course, now I have no choice lol. Still, I know a Thai woman (my gfs friend) who is in England and hasn’t gone back because she wants to bring her English husband and thier kid. So I’ll pass the info along that this video said.

  17. Joe, thank you so much for putting this together. Without doubt the best “real experience” story I have seen during these difficult times. It should be viral, everyone should share. I’ll be posting the link, hope everyone does. Again, thank you.

  18. This is undoubtedly one of the most practical and useful videos I’ve seen on the subject from any of the Thai vlogger / expat channels. Still looks like a daunting process, but not insurmountable. In a few months when I plan to make the jump back to the Land of Smiles, it looks doable (but, of course, I hope that they start to loosen up by that time). Thanks so much to Jim and family for sharing their videos from the experience and thanks to you, Joe, for editing them into this video. I look forward to taking you and Gift out for dinner when I get back over there.

  19. Welcome home Jim. You have a very nice family. I am on the same page … married 12 years … have a daughter 10 .. and live here full time. We are happy we didnโ€™t go out of the country or back to the US. Thanks Joe… well done.

  20. Excellent video, thanks Joe. If possible, please do a follow up video to learn about his experience in obtaining a marriage O visa as the photo requirements seem a bit strange. Also, must one be married in Thailand or will immigration accept a marriage license from another country? He says in the video that being married or married and having a child allowed him to return. Is married to a Thai national alone enough or must one be a family with one or more children who are also Thai nationals? Thanks again.

  21. Meanwhile , my elderly neighbors kid and his family just showed up from Florida ( big time hotspot ) ….no one wearing masks , no quarantine ( when coming to Massachusetts , Florida is one of the states you must quarantine for two weeks ,they are hopping in their car and coming and going all day long )…. They really dropped the ball here in the good old USA

  22. Absolutely great video with terrific people and fascinating story. The situation in Vietnam where I live is fairly similar. We are so lucky to be here in Thailand and Vietnam respectively where the pandemic is so much better managed. Being an American myself I am lucky that I was here with my wife when all this started and now quite frankly I wouldn’t dare leave the country till things are truly stable which may be quite some time. Anyway… thank you all for sharing your story and congratulations for making it back to where you prefer to be.

  23. wow this was a Amazing video Bud, well done to the beautiful family ,wishing them all the best in there adventures back in Thailand ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡

  24. Great video Joe, thank you, Looks like great service at the hotel they picked.
    Jim my wife and myself are from Florida also, you stated you flew out of SFO, i was wondering where you got your PCR negative test results done at, in Florida or San Fran?
    I do know some hotels have double occupancy available and some can do 4 people in a room
    Here is a link for all the available ASQ hotels that are available as of now. Thanks

  25. Thank Jimmy for filming at the airport on his arrival. Things looked very well organised and should give confidence to those wanting to return to Thailand at this particular time. All the very best to everyone.

  26. Interesting review, although as a married couple you are permitted to share a room. Some hotels have been taking the piss and implementing their own rules.

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