How To Eat Balut, Moalboal, Cebu – Philippines

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  1. “one more” in tagalog = “isa pa”

    FYI: that balut is expensive for 20pesos. I think she gave you foreigner price. Balut right now goes 12-14pesos each at todays market. So……

  2. There’s not enough alcohol in all of the Phils to get me drunk enough to eat one of those things.  I cringe just watching someone else eat one.  🙂

  3. Im with you Henry.!  I have to be drunk enough to attemp it so, that I don’t taste it , smell it and even remember it..Yuck!  That’s considered fear factor food here in the U.S

  4. That’s some nasty-ass shit, Henry! I’m with the MO FO that said there ain’t enough booze in all of the PH…..

    And don’t try and give me White rice, either. LOL!

  5. Those big Yellow Ceres Busses are a main reason I dont ride a scooter in Cebu.  The go zipping by with a honk and a rush of wind.   My wife says they have some with AC and some without.  About 15 pesos more for AC.

    1. Yah.. I look out for all traffic but those buses simply don’t hit the brakes even on blind curves or narrow roads.  They are my arch-enemy when on my scooter.  I hear the horn and peel off to the right safely to get outta the way.

    1. @timbitns Talaga. I’m a Filipino-American sir. I grew up there in PH but now our family is currently residing here in US. I love Balut. I miss eating those. It tastes like a normal egg. You can eat everything except the hard white thing.

  6. Pilipino Street Food Song – Mikey Bustos (words available in the comments of the video 😉   Pilipino Street Food Song

  7. i told my ”now” wife about a month before our wedding in santa rosa,that there is going to be wedding vows that say,”for better or for worse,in sickness and in heath,til ”’balut”” do we part!” i wont go near those disgusting looking balut things!!!

  8. Haha I love this video. I literally met Chad randomly when I visited the Philippines. Chad you are a really cool guy. Don’t buy 20 balut eggs to poor children at 6am in the morning or you might have her shop stand pillaged. Thanks for letting me take my own video of you eating balut. Remember if you’re not in the chrome game, then get the **** out. Haha thanks man, great meeting you and great channel Henry, love the videos.

  9. I just started to watch your videos, ….and yes I was going to make some jerk comment about baluts, …such as mustard or mayo. But to my memory I had thought that baluts were supposed to be a bit more runny, and the tee shirts always say everything but the beak. The one thing I remember from my navy days was the massive amounts of food you could get for next to nothing. A pile of rice, mixed with carrots, peas, and scrambled eggs, and topped with a mountain of shrimp, all for chump change, something like $5.00. Street vendors serving monkey meat [really chicken……..or I hope it was, hey that’s what they told me] on a stick. 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I lived the first twenty years of my life in the Philippines but I have never heard or known that monkeys are edible. This is a surprise to me but it makes me wonder how it taste. Miss the island terribly it’s been over thirty years since we left. Hope you are having great time over there.

  10. You guys are awesome, you could easily adapt to change and foreign culture. I love balut but my hubby does not (and he’s a  Filipino as well). I consider you guys our extended family. 

    1. it’s called ‘balut’, an embyronic chicken egg. not my personal thing but, it’s a favored item in much of southeast asia.

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