How to fill up your day when retired living on the beach in the Philippines

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  1. Once you get to go run around you can go to Baguio and check out the mountains just an hour or 2 drive from your area. Plenty to go do in Baguio. You can take a bus up there and not bother driving ..

  2. You can go to S&R club store by Philly once a month and get some good meat to take home .. Make a day or 2 trip out if that . take a cooler or 2 for your stuff..

  3. I’m a Filipino living in Manila, Im done with the rat race. La Union, Aurora, Siargao, Dumaguete, and Siquijor are on my list to check out as place for retirement. Cool videos! Keep it up!

  4. Awesome. Next time, zoom in on those rocks. They tend to look like corral. Question, are there any shore birds there? I am used to sea gulls here in the states.

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