How To Find the Immigration Office in Dumaguete

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  1. It’s a bit tricky to find the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in Dumaguete, so here’s a video walk on how to get there easily.

  2. Thanks for the info. It will be much easier to find now. Shorts and flipflops in Dumaguete. neat. Is that an expat running the show I saw there?

  3. Henry : Excellent Information Video, as well as some subtle moves that I will try and remember ! Your manners in using salamat and removal of sunglasses, show me at least, that you are a class act. Salamat, and Thank You.

  4. Wow, thanks henry your such a wealth of information.  It seems you are really taking a liking to dumaguete, I hear its one of the best places for expats, when it comes to marrying and immigration.

  5. I’ve been considering the move for a while now. Just working to successfully put my business on autopilot or at least semi-autopilot, then I should be there in the Philippines 🙂

  6. As far as informational videos go, this was very good. If you had not shown it in the video I would not have seen the  small Bureau of Immigration sign below the gigantic M Lhuillier  sign.   I am sure a lot of the ex-patriates will find this helpful.  I was going to chalk it up as Negros Oriental  being a poor province. However I have to agree with Rick Roy. A quick google search  reveals Negros Oriental is twice as big in land area as Misamis Occidental  and more than twice in population. Ozamiz City is not even a provincial capital. What is wrong with this picture ? Rick Roy, A hole in the wall..   You are being kind.

  7. Just wanted to say me and my wife love ALL of your video’s and other people on YouTube who give GOOD info about the Philippines. But there’s some video from that pop65z guy that really irritate me and my wife. And it’s sad because we’ve been watching pop65z for years. If you have time Look at these video by pop65z “HOW TO GET ANYWHERE IN THE PHILIPPINES”: And. RANT & RAVE: After seeing that it’s very disappointing to see pop z acting that way. He says he’s a man of god, wow! I don’t know any man of God that act that way. Anyways on a good note keep the good video’s coming.

    1. People who have watched him say the same thing as you.  He can’t hide his animosity, it shows through the act he puts on.  It’s very sad.  He disables anyone from commenting on his videos because nobody has anything good to say about what he’s doing.  But.. all in all, his life is his problem.  I’m going to continue doing what I enjoy and sharing it here for whoever finds it useful or entertaining.  🙂

  8. Thank you for the info . Now , just wondering ; because I have been living in Malaysia for 9 years, and now I am back to the states. I am just wondering how much a month can one live on in the Philippines !! In US dollars? Malaysia is quite an expensive country to live in!! But I think that Philippines is much cheaper . I had many philipinas friends in Malaysia and they are super friendly and nice !!

  9.                 Henry I posted this on PopZ’s site also, on his “Comments are back” video, we’ll see if he lets it stay there.
                    You know PopZ I’d be embarrassed also if I acted as childish as you did in your first 60 second video.  Henry puts out good info for visitors and expats alike.  Your video, “HOW TO GET ANYWHERE IN THE PHILIPPINES” was obviously in response to his video on how to get to the immigration office in Dumaguete.   It was totally uncalled for and I’m disappointed in you for posting it.
                   I for one like knowing where I’m going, I served my country for 22 yrs in the US Air Force and fortunately  was able to fly to the Philippines many times as a flight engineer.  On 2 of those occasions I was unfortunately picked up by dishonest trike drivers that attempted to take me the opposite direction from my hotel into a dark area to rob me.  My girlfriend at the time had taught me enough of the language to understand what the driver was saying to an individual that had jumped on to the back of the bike.  First chance I got I jumped out of the trike and ran to a lighted area so they couldn’t  do anything.  If I had sat there fat, dumb and happy, not knowing where I was going, I might not be here talking to you today.
                    You say you’re looking for the 9 percent, your actions is a slap in the face to any true Christian and I’m sure if Bhem knew what you did she would be embarrassed for your actions.  I’m not perfect, don’t claim to be and I say my prayers and ask forgiveness for my sins every chance I get, I hope you have asked forgiveness for your unprovoked actions.  I feel sorry for the fact that you feel you need to act liked you did towards others, even after doing a video “HOW TO TREAT OTHERS FROM YOUR OWN COUNTRY” on your You Tube site.
                    Your actions are driving viewers away from your site and I’m sorry to hear that, I used to look forward to your videos much like I look forward to Henrys.  I’m pretty sure you won’t allow this comment to be posted on your site, even though I haven’t said anything bad about you or Bhem, so I letting you know that I will also post this on Henry’s site.  I know you visit his site so maybe you will read it there.  I wish you and Bhem the best, God Bless.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Very good! Cannot steal any ideas more from your channel he will be missing soooo much!  I just wonder how long it takes Bhem to realize that mentality illness called narcissism and jealousy behind these changes and acts of Tedd! Someone should do something about the matter?!! Wake up relatives or friends in Florida for God`s sake, please! Thank you!

    2. J Wester You got a mail in your You Tube Messages box! I really, really liked your comment about this Tedd Lear from Florida USA sooooo childish and stupid video… I can say that this comment for Pop65z  (actually he is already 70 years old)  would be written by myself from almost word to word! Read my message in your YT channel if you can! Also did check Pop65z answer on his You Tube I wouldn`t read such crap…”Who the hell is Henry …style as he wouldn`t know   a BIG laugh for that kind of a christian speaks.. 🙁   sigh!   God bless us all!

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I agree, hope to meet you when I come over to visit, looking for a place to live in retirement, have a couple places I want to check out. 

  10. I hope I never have to find that place! It cannot be reached by a tricycle or a taxi…too narrow alley to get me into immigration door ! Rather visit shopping in Hong Kong with my wife and again,when returning with the same flight, can have my Balikbayan Visa for next 365 days! 🙂

  11. Alot of people might ask you some weird questions but mine is,  what do you take in your backpack?  i see you wearing it,  are you afraid of having it stolen or slashed to get your property??  whats in it?   and you are holding a monopod with your Go Pro Cam??

    1. More or less.. bottle of water, gel-alcohol, spare keys, tripod, loose change.. not much.  I keep it kinda empty just in case I go grocery shopping.

  12. HELP  lost contact with Florida EXPAT 2+ years ago Name  DOUG GEORGE since u live in town city  have you seen him ??  HE just disapeared while in  Dumaguete

    1. @William Faircloth application for ACR cards needs to be done in Cebu.  renewals can be done at sattelite offices such as bohol and dumaguete.

    1. the Exit Visa and Transfer Stamp (for a new passport) need to be done in Cebu. extensions and new ACR cards can be done in Dumaguete.

  13. Thanks for your video. I’m living in Dumaguete and will be getting married on May 31. Then I’ll be headed to the BOI office to file CONVERSION TO TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA (TRV) UNDER NON-QUOTA IMMIGRANT VISA BY MARRIAGE IN RELATION TO LAW INSTRUCTION NO. 33

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