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  1. I apply recently apply in Batangaa immigration for the 5 years acr visa13a. Due to covid 19 i was told might take up to 3 months to received.

  2. Awesome! Thanks! I got married here in February and have been waiting for things to settle down before applying for my 13A. Meantime I’ll be a patient tourist but I’m here to stay!

  3. Im in the process now.. Besides your info there are many good videos on you tube. There is many things to do. And after one year you must get another NBI clearance. And you and your wife will be interviewed.

  4. You need police clearance only from the Philippines police. There is now usually an NBI office next to the Immigration. There are also plenty of independent businesses that are set up next to the NBI and for around 100 peso they will file your application on line. You have to do this on line. Go to one of these stores and they will do for you in 10 minutes. If your application is successful you get a 1 year probationary visa then need to revisit the immigration after 1 year to get the full visa. Make sure you have at lest 4 photocopies of all your documents etc. Did mine about 5 years ago and total cost was around 13,000 peso including the ACR card. Avoid doing it in Manila especially if you live in the provinces. Did mine in Davao and was very easy. Good Luck.

  5. Appreciate the info you told us especially for the people in process right now, but be careful to them, plenty of scammers nowadays🙏LucKy that we met in the 70s thru a best friend in HK and be married to him for almost 40 yrs. and still in love 🥰 take care💕

  6. Everything in Philippines is about money. This is why you should never hand beggers on the street money because you’ll need it yourself at some point.😁

  7. If you use JRC you can sit back and just wait till he tells you to do something and go from there. He is doing mine and just contacts us when something needed. So so much easier.

  8. Wow i just watched all 4 parts of the youtube link sad story but also he made the mistake of having a relationship with a girl that was married before

  9. I am using JR for the final conversion to permanent 13a. I still am unsure about the probationary interview. I just happen to have begun the process last summer and had the probational interview done with the finger prints done before covid hit. JR took the case since we are on Oriental Negros and there is no way to get to the BI office from here in Dumaguete.

  10. When the Philippine government makes divorce legal, then others may contemplate marriage and living in the Philippines permanently. There are good stories but also quite a few bad that I know of.

  11. If you are from the US, I would suggest getting the 13a before you go to live in the Philippines. Reason? Because if you receive it before moving to the Philippines it’s complete. If you get it in the Philippines? Then it’s provisional! You have restrictions on leaving the country and other requirements.

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