1. Rod I’ve always been interested in this. Actually I’m interested in the VA over there. You have to go to Manila to the VA to get your script. Also what kind of medical treatment is available for the veterans. Do they have a clinic a hospital or what. Or does the VA pay the civilian hospitals for your care. Or do you have to travel to a place like say Guam get it taken care of

  2. I have 8 different medications
    Given every 2 months.
    2 being eye drops.
    I have never been stopped coming through customs. Always carry in my on board bag. You did not mention what the cost might be.
    That is if you can get the medications I am on.
    I can reveal what they are if you want me to.

  3. Been told and done is dont make a big deal out of ur meds hav taken my meds through the Philippines 3x and they wont make a big deal of it ,taken syringes,injectables, controlled meds with no checking ,claiming , or problems . Keep them in original bottles with lables ,also carry recent Drs visit letter with all meds listed .in carry on bag !

  4. Rod if you need sleeping pills here in the philippines the doctor need to have an s-2 license to proscibe hard meds. An the most they can perscribe is 30 per Prisciption. So be for making an appointment make sure the doctor have s-2 license.

  5. Now in thailand go to any hospital an visit the specialist that can help ur problum an the doctor will ask you how many tablet an dosage you are taking an he will proscibe to you. Meds from the public hospital is very cheap.

  6. Well Rod i had no problems with my 6 weeks supply for all my tablets i do take alot and also brought my Insulin to that i use and customs in Cebu it was ok also in Singapore was ok i carried it all on carry on bag

  7. Hello rod.
    When i come to Philippines. Australia allows you 6months special overseas scripts. Allowed to take overseas.require doctors letter and specialist letter for immigration..i take a lot of medication for my health conditions..no trouble with immigration, coming into Philippines..you must declare your medication.
    Great video rod..ok

  8. During my most recent visit to the USA I had surgery and was given a codine based pain killer. I decided the headache of potential issues wasn’t worth bringing it with me back to the Philippines…so I left it stateside. I’m pretty sure I could get it here, but decided the dog sniffers would most likely make my life more complicated if I had it with me.

  9. Once or twice a year I need prednisone for an allergic reaction. In Thailand you can get a lot of medications without prescription. Prednisone is not one of them so I went to a doctor there. The pills cost more than the doctor visit and the pills were only $8. 😂

  10. With the VA, you have to be service connected to get any kind of medicine, example if you have diabetes or high blood pressure that started while you were active duty and the VA has granted service connection to them, then you can get medicine for them. The key words are service connected.

  11. On one of my trips to the PH one of my tasks was to go to a pharmacy and get availability and pricing for my medications. The search went very well. Most of the meds are cheaper than my co-pay here in the US. The only thing that I do not like is the pills come in a bubble pack not loose in a bottle… hehe

  12. …I would imagine the Philippines is like Mexico and Thailand. Most things would be dirt cheap and not need a prescription. I picked- up some blood pressure meds in Thailand without going to the Dr. and they were only a couple dollars. If the medicine is “controlled” meaning a derivative of the opium poppy (codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, oxycodone…etc.) then of course you need an RX….

  13. Got my pneumonia shots every year but not this year cause Of the pandemic, hopefully my doc will offer it again next time I go for check up🙏thanks for the info about the pills😀

  14. How reliable is the delivery system there?
    I’ve heard for years it’s wrought with theft. One cannot even send a letter without the contents of the envelope being rifled through…

  15. Will a hospital or pharmacy order meds they do not have on hand for you to pick up?
    That would sure be nice
    Anyway, great topic and video Rod as always.

  16. I have travel to Manila few times, few years ago I could get any medication directly from Pharmacy but starting two years ago most Pharmacies in Manila told me I must have a prescription from a Doctor and no longer they can provide prescription drugs without Doctor’s prescription.

  17. Rod, my experience was an ordeal in Vietnam. I had a prescription bottle that is a fairly common drug issued in the U.S. I went to a couple of pharmacies in Hanoi. They said I had to go to a hospital and get a prescription from a local doctor. I managed that ok but I went all over Hanoi to different pharmacies who said they didn’t have the medication. About 6 or 7 of them said they didn’t have it. I finally found out that they have a different name for it at the pharmacies. I had to go downtown to a central pharmacy and have them talk to the Doctor that prescribed it on the phone. A pharmacist who told me they didn’t have it was told the name she recognized by the doctor. She had a really nasty attitude about the whole thing. It turns out they had it. I think she was so unpleasant because she felt like she had lost face. Vietnam can be very restrictive regarding certain drugs.

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