How to make your drone footage 10x BETTER! – Cinematic drone tutorial


Everybody wants to get that awesome cinematic look for their drone shots, and in this drone tutorial, i talk about how to make your drone footage look just like a movie scene and not so much a “drone shot”. for this cinematic drone tutorial we use after effects to bring the footage to life and make it move in ways that look like a camera on a movie crane.

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    1. We have Mavic Air and we are very happy with it. For a travelers is the best option , as is no much space in our bags. Mavic air is very compatible !

  1. Benn this is seriously mint, so subtle but still makes such a massive difference! I can’t wait to get the drone out just to try it. If you’re heading out filming local I’d love it if you gave me a shout, the spots you go always look amazing I’d wanna get some photos and see how you go about doing your thing. Anyway, f’n sick vid as usual!

    1. Dave Levins dude thanks so much, i was actually going to hit you up!! Saw you do some dope shots down at rhy!! Keen to shoot with you man!! (:

  2. Hey Benn, perfect tip. Much needed. I’m using a DJI spark and editing using Final Cut Pro X at the moment. Nonetheless, I can apply some of your guideline. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  3. Yo TK, nice vid man! Love your style πŸ€™ I’m a starting creator and I use the mavic pro. Drone shots are my favourite! But I still have a feeling I’m not getting everything out of it.. especially when I see shots from other filmmakers (with the same drone). I’m taking about quality and especially colour grading. Would be nice to have a chat with you πŸ™‚ thanks for the tips anyway πŸ‘ take care

  4. AWESOME TUTORIAL, this is just what i need for my next video, i’m using a Mavic air and i am in loveeeeee with it, Thanks Benn!

  5. Just FYI… If you ever made an online course for filming/editing, I would totally pay good money for it.

    Currently using Mavic Air

  6. Your very talented bro! But I gotta say I prefer before without the wiggle. Seems more pleasing to the eye.
    Ps using a mavic but looking forward to the phantom 5 !
    Keep up the amazing work !

  7. This was sick! Pretty minimal effects can have a large impact of how cinematic your footage looks. Keep up the great work! For anyone interested, I did a review on my channel of the Mavic Air and how well it works for an adventure filmmaker! Let me know your thoughts! Cheers!

  8. that wiggle is giving me vertigo, i don’t think this makes it look more professional at all. I feel like you flew the drone so smoothly and perfectly then you made it look like you weren’t as good as a drone pilot, lol. Nobody is saying those drone shots look better than their with the wiggle, I’m sorry man… But I appreciate the video and all the hard work you must have put into making this I’ll give you a thumbs up for effort. BTW those shots would be taken from a helicopter on a big movie set either way so the shot would be just as smooth as it was without the wiggle.

  9. Hi there! Interesting techniques but I think the wiggle effect still a bit too strong in my opinion :).

    Also, I already do the vertical zoom and zoom in directly in première pro, so is there a real difference to do it with Ae?

    Thanks for the tutorial and best regards from Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­
    (Oh and Mavic Pro pilot πŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈ)

  10. Damn, this is so dope! Just tested this on a few of my mavic air shots, and they look way better. Using FC, so don’t have the wiggle effect, but will see what I can find!

  11. Yo that dolly shot effect thing can give you Straight vertigo. Fly that drone at top speed for like 20 secs. You’re gonna throw up looking at that footage lol

  12. Thank you so much for that input πŸ™‚ it really makes a difference!…. are you controlling your drone manually or are you using the intelligent flight mode ?

    I’m using the Mavic Pro (2017) and it’s pretty good so far πŸ™‚


  13. First thing……… Turn OFF the annoying background music.
    We really do want to hear your comments. NOT the overpowering music πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰

  14. Mavic Pro , but I will change it soon to the mavic pro zoom because of the dolly effect and because I make a lot of movies over kitesurfing so I dont have to go really close. Can be dangerous because of the kite lines. Nice movie thanks for the idea.

  15. How to edit 4k on a dell without drop frames? I tried proxy and at 2.7k it’s still horrible. Editing on a i6700HQ, 960m. I have been thinking that it should be because my storage drive is slow?

  16. thanks for these tips Benn – just getting into drones lately. btw – heading back home to Melbourne for a few weeks – where is this place? the East? I was reading up on flying – not allowed to fly the Great Ocean Road – so looking for some alternatives.

  17. Hi! Today I came across your page and I love your editing style! It’s so interesting to watch. Also love the tutorials. Are you planning to make more?
    I was wondering whether you learned to edit your videos in a study/school or did your teach it yourself by watching tutorials? I’m curious:)
    Best, Iris

  18. I just thought you had an unstable drone. Not a fan of the wiggle effects, makes it look sloppy imo. Especially when the horizon is in the shot. Also, there’s no colour correction etc.

  19. Definitely loving your all your editing techniques, not so much the wiggle but the rest is awesome. I do a lot of drone shots round Cape Schank from the boat for my fishing show, so look forward to giving these a go.

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