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  1. Hello Rod! Congratulations on being the first person I have seen explaining this process. Still kind of confusing. LOL Thank you for sharing! God Bless

  2. Rod. We have all the bill dates written down first when we should get them and also the due dates- approx date of arrival-. If it doesn’t come by then we ask the house’s next door as they will give it to your neighbor at times. They are quick to shut it off being a Saturday or Sunday, no matter.

  3. My favorite childhood memories was not having to pay the bills. I use the payment collection service Bayad Center to pay my PLDT and Veco bills. Thanks Rod for the timely and informative presentation…

  4. At the mall here they have outlets to pay electric & PLDT bills. Today Rody the mailman delivered a letter from my credit card company in US dated June 11th.

  5. Thanks for information. How hard would it be to get banking account in Philippines, just to transfer money to. Do you get better rate by transfer money to a bank instead of a transfer place like western union and etc?

  6. Started using LAZADA in April to pay VECO (no fee), PLDT (p7 fee) and water (p6 fee) using credit card. Very convenient, and easy, no problems so far.

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