I caused a Riot in a Chinese Red Light District!

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  1. Nice story. It’s always sad when organised crime exploits the kindness of others, and leaves you unsure if being the good Samaritan is just making you a sucker.

    (Love the B roll too BTW. I love people watching).

  2. Ohh hey Winston hello from philippines ive been avidly watching your videos thumbs up to what ur doing! you and lao whyy have really developed my views on china and how its important to be aware of the TRUTH!

  3. Shanghai in 2004 (to about 2014) was heavily populated with red light districts. Every neighborhood had dodgy saunas, cheeky massage parlors and happy ending barbershops 💈 they were ubiquitous. Arriving from Canada I was in shock. Had no idea China would be like that 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Title – “I caused a riot”
    First sentence in the video – “I almost caused a riot”
    Content of the video – “a crowd of people stoped to look at me”

  5. Moments like these truly make you realise that we’re all the same under the hood. Wholesome story mate, hope the man remembers just as you remember him!

  6. I dont get it.. why was everyone watching? what is the big deal about sharing a meal with a poor person? Because you are a foreigner? Is that so unheard of in China? Im confused. No disrespect

  7. The Chinese government has zero real social benefits programs and the ones who had any government assistance is because of their contacts.

  8. Last I heard is that china has over 350 million people who live on less than $2 a day. It’s weird but fond moments often happen when you are in a new country. God bless

  9. Yeap, begging can be a profitable business, especially to gangs gatting their share of it. A friend of a family in 1990s here in Eastern Europe worked in several places, including a bistro in the very centre of capital. 90s was an… interesting time, we had little to no money, definitely not to dine at that place more than once a year, like buying one coffee and one of those little cakes. Yet EVERY EVENING there were beggars having dinner aftter hard working day! I know not all beggars are like that, I know there are people actually in desperate need, yet there are these scammers too.

  10. Good stuff as per usual serpentza 😘


  11. Cool story. I’m glad you made it through that rough patch. Its nice that you had it in you to brighten up somones day, even when you yourself were struggling.

  12. Title: I caused a riot.

    Intro: I almost caused a riot.

    Actual story: My act of kindness attracted a crowd, so police came over to make sure everyone was okay. Everyone was, so the police left.

  13. Hey , serpenza. I just watched a recent video where a black guy stating that you’re covert racist who hate blacks. He claimed he got proof. He claimed that you worked for the CCP in Shenzhen and the reason you’re in the USA is because you’re running from the South African government and the CCP for mulitiple violations, I too have a biracial child and I support your channels; So as a supporter, I only asked because I want to hear it from your mouth. What is the truth to all this?

  14. Hey Winston that was a wholesome story.

    Your channel thought me a lot on what to avoid during my stay in china, I avoided lots of scams, drugs, prostitution.
    And enjoyed china for what it really is

    Thank you Winston.

  15. Ensure your family security by buying some physical Argentum in a very uncertain world, it’s flying off the shelves and becoming difficult to find.

  16. I did that one time in Shanghai when I took a street performers guitar and started playing old crow medicine show😂. I felt like a rock star.

  17. As a US Vape Industry representative, I’ve heard a bit about Shenzhen. A lot of fantastic stories with great people. A number of stories about factory workers, their living conditions and lifestyle. And a few sparse stories about the extremely decadent lifestyles of the executives and upper management, and the prominence of prostitution and how it’s utilized for business purposes, specifically for foreigners. Some of those stories… Get pretty disturbing.

  18. China has never been free, they do not know what it is and the cost.
    The cost is blood guys, sry to have to tell you, its blood.
    So…pay it, get the fuck up, and pay the ferryman ahead of time, forfeit your life for your children, and you will have freedom.

  19. It’s hard to make that pathetic amount of money making videos, constantly trying to find ways to get people to watch them, struggling to find material, it’s hard for you! Do you want a reward?😏

  20. Gosh man, poor you. You miss China SO much, how would you feel in few more years knowing that you’ll probably NEVER go there again?

  21. Keep sprinkling these snapshot stories throughout the arc of your work in the midst of the international upheaval of China’s conflicted domestic and foreign affairs.

  22. Everyone else is pretending to be poor. Winston with business owner parents, and owning a magazine, he is the poor man. Jesus winston your brain is broken. You rewrite your life story daily.

  23. Very interesting stuff. Would you tell me about the camera placement in the showing all of the people walking the streets? Was it yours when you were living there or is it a live feed? Thank you have have a great day.

  24. The CCP police came ready to stomp protestors out but instead found a foreigner and a beggar drinking on the ground. Funny how nothing even turns out how you expect

  25. Quick observation on masks. I have travelled extensively and people who have not travelled extensively insist that Chinese have always worn masks. I disagree and say that its my experience that people wore masks only when THEY were a bit sick or when the traffic is bad and trucks are belching black smoke. I’ ll be directing them to this video. Thanks

  26. You don’t need to be hanging out with beggars to get stared at and photographed in China. You just need to be a foreigner doing something completely normal!

  27. I once had a really screwed up dream I was in a crowded Chinese mall or something and i knew everything around me was watching me everywhere i went, and some person came up and asked me to hand them my phone and I knew they were some sort of govt watcher asking to inspect my phone and I was too afraid to say no and this was all before I started watching these videos which verified to me that these things are a reality😂

  28. I was there for nine years, starting roughly the same time you did (arrived Feb. 06), five years BJ, four years SH. I had several less dramatic incidents like this. I can totally see this happening. In areas where laowai aren’t expected, their presence and actions can create incredible levels of interest. Great story!

  29. Always nice to hear a story about a small slice of life in another time and place. This one reminds us of our common humanity and in this particular time, is most welcome.

  30. Getting anything truthful out of the mainstream media is like trying to pull teeth. Which is why Winston is a great source of Infirmation here, just saying. Great video as always. !! 🙂

  31. I totally understand how you feel about sharing a meal and beer with a beggar. I had a similar experience once myself. I left work on a Friday night, and headed 45 minutes or so to see a show at a concert hall. However, what I didn’t realize was the concert hall didn’t open up until like 8 or 9 and there I was at 5 pm in a part of town that didn’t have much going on. It wasn’t exactly in an area with any bars or anything to just go hang out in for 3 hours or so. Anyway, I wandered upon a convenience store, picked up a 12 pack and found a nice, out-of-the-way area in an alley near the place and started tossing them back. Along comes this homeless guy who asks me for money and I told him I didn’t have any cash, but I had beer. So then, there we were, in a secluded alley both tossing back some beers. Had a great conversation and when the concert hall opened up, I left him with the rest of the beers and went on about my night.

    It too is a fond memory 🙂

  32. U foreignors always starts with the downtrodden and not from high standards. Its not only you but this process is followed all over the world.

  33. Clickbait title: I _caused_ a riot in a Chinese red light district.
    Opening phrase walking the title back: I _almost_ caused a riot…
    Story walking the title back to a vanishing point: A crowd found it funny that I shared a meal with a native guy – it’s actually one of my fondest memories. Police were curious why a crowd had gathered.

  34. Using footage filmed in Taiwan and lied about filming this in China, yeah those are Taiwan Chinese characters and not the simplified Chinese characters used in China. Fake stories and BTW not very good fake stories! Pathetic!

  35. I know what you mean about the flash mobs, the very first time I went to Asia, I opened up my suitcase to get some things out of it and as soon as I did a huge crowd gathered around me to watch…. made me feel like I was some type of circus performer and I realized privacy was a thing of the past.😂

  36. Nice story, bad title and intro, very click bait. Nobody likes click bait. Hope you title your videos better in the future. I love your stories though 🙂

  37. I shared a pineapple with a beggar on a sidewalk in Waikiki Beach in Hawaii and no crowd formed but a lot of slowing down and rubber-necking and funny perplexed looks. I don’t think it is China thing although there is a Chinatown there a lot of Asians and Japanese and 3 language signage there.. anyway

  38. The whole story I was like: “Ok, how is this gonna turn into a riot?”.
    Interesting ride, thanks for the video. The images kind of did a great part of it, too. Good format having them.

  39. Wow Queen Elizabeth must be very proud of you buddy I guess being surrounded by hopeless people is the only for you to feel good about yourself is not a Trump thing instead he copied it from the Corgi Queens C-milk disowned relative. I stay away from those type of people normal people is like a standard for me, I’m fine with a stranger and I prefer normal people than a friendly vibe with a criminal a prostitute or crazy person that’s for sure.

  40. Another great video. Much love from San Antonio Winston! Hit me up if you are ever in south Texas. Some beautiful spots to ride out in hill country.

  41. Was visiting 癀州 as a tourist few years back, saw a homeless people. Then saw him dropped on the street, everyone stayed away. Finally a ambulance came and a nurse come out from the ambulance treated him, blood was gutting out of his month despite he looks big and hulky. He was in bad shape . When I returned minutes later to the same spot, homeless guy gone,life went on as if nothing happened.

  42. Haha. The intro got me to sit right through. Not quite click bait (but nearly).
    I lived in china for 2 years and know how fast the simplest of events can spiral out of control in seconds.
    However I did pause it before you got to the outcome so I could go through all the scams, accusations and issues that was coming next, similar to what I have seen and heard about over there. (i even thought of the beggar claiming compensation for food poisoning!) .
    However the ending was a nice surprise. I hope you go through a few more ‘personal moments’ in the next coming vids.

  43. You have a big hear Winston. I was in Shanghai in early 2001. Felt so bad because the prices was 1/10 of Sweden, i did not want them to give me a better price even. One night my colleague and I went to the store quite late. It felt safe, no visible crime. But i generally don’t want to pull up my wallet in the street anyware. So i passed this begging boy. Maybe 5 years old but looked like 3 from a Swedish persons prospective. I remembered the boy so i transferred all change i had not bothered to use to the other pocket. A fist full of money but not very much for me. The boy was still there holding out his hands so i dropped the money into them. He got so exited he toppled over and dropped most of it on the curb. I tryed to help him pick it up.
    Me and my wife was wanting children at the time and i would have happily adopted that boy on the spot if possible. I really hope he got a good life. He should be around 25 now that little boy. Same age as me then.

  44. Very nice little story. It shows you have good heart. Even with little money you had, you did share. Maybe the beggar was a scammer, but what he experienced that day could have changed his life, too. One day, I know you will find out. One day, he might be the one who will stand behind you when the others will pass by.

  45. The video is good: well written, well presented with your footages and a nice little ambient music that gives a vibe of the place, really enjoyed it, it didn’t deserve this title tho, shame.

  46. They thought you was Jason Statham .. well I hope you laughed and I think it’s a cool thing that you look a lot alike with Jason Statham lol

  47. Truly wholesome indeed. It’s small moments like these that we remember even after a long time. Hope we get to hear more stories in the future. The chill vibe in this video made it even better, so definitely continue with this concept. 😎

  48. Even at your lowest moment, you were able to give. Never doubt your moral compass. It’s better than most. Sad that such an act of kindness was viewed with derision.

  49. I can feel for you Serpentza! On a business trip to China, I went on a packed train from Beijing to Jinan, and I was on the lower of 3 bunks in the hard-bed carriage. Being a 3rd generation Chinese American, I knew little to no Chinese (mandarin or cantonese). Most of the locals in the carriage found out about me quickly, because I guess they’ve never seen a Chinese guy who couldn’t speak Chinese! Anyway, I became an instant celebrity on the trip and didn’t get much sleep that night!

  50. Hi Winston! You have easily shown you are such a caring person, even when you yourself needed help. Thanks for an uplifting story! I especially liked the few shots you didn’t have your “trademark” suit on! 😯😎💕

  51. you have a big heart! instead of them gathering around you, they should have aplauded for you and the fact that they took it for fun or strange shows that chinese society mostly lost decency or empathy!

  52. Compared to Asian cities, American cities are dull and boring. America is basically a place to live and make money, and Asian cities are meant for vacation and having loads of fun at a cheaper price. Look at the Americans that crowd Bangkok bars and massage parlors. Fun, fun, fun.

  53. Mate please stop clickbaiting your videos. I understand it’s difficult to have a channel about china when you’re not allowed in China but all it does is ruin your credibility in the eyes of others.

  54. They probably think of foreigners as wealthier and they mostly keep to themselves, so it must’ve been weird for them to see one with a beggar

  55. You reminded me of some of my childhood friends with Filipina mothers and tsaynis businessman fathers and the visiting tsaynis wives of the fathers staying in one house. We have also heard of one common law wife for each business establishment that a tsaynis guy might have which may come in multiples. But we know they are not the only race who can do this. So it was nothing to us. I was really glad to hear these stories in the English language even though they are old, really old to the Filipinos

  56. There are even more who are poor now there in China with the CCP taking peoples homes and destroying them without compensation so that contractors can build skyscrapers in the area.

  57. Should one not buy any products made by china? I.e by chinese owned companies and/or its government? I bought an expensive af head of ecofriendly garlic just because all other ones originated in china.

  58. I would love to have been there myself. Everything about their culture is just so fascinating.I’m sure you miss it very much. Stay Awesome Winston <3

  59. I remember giving a homeless man some money for a beer in Budapest and he bought one for me with the dough and we sat on the wall drinking and trying to communicate. It was quite fun.

  60. I must have missed the part where he almost started a riot… click bait guess unless you consider it to be almost starting a riot because the cops thought it may have been a problem

  61. Hey SerpentZA do you know how you made a documentary about conquering southern and Northern China you and C-Milk should make a documentary about conquering America

  62. The fact that you moved to china with a limited budget and never comeback to South Africa is very inspiration… You are brave man… I don’t see myself moving to a none English country… I do wish to immigrate to Germany but I’m afraid…

  63. So your title is “I caused A Riot…”, yet your very first words are “I ALMOST caused a riot…”
    you guys expect people to have complete faith in what you say?
    When is a click bait title a problem? When it’s an important subject that needs firm adherence to the truth.
    This isn’t the first time you’ve done this.

  64. You just got your first taste of culture propaganda. Oh yeah…there’s no poverty in China, BS. Everybody is enjoying all those yuan coming from the U.S. Wall Street money machine. China definitely saw the weakness called “Corporate Greed” come to China, where the labor is cheap and plentiful. “Don’t worry your manufacturing trade secrets are safe in China” Your heart was in the right place at the time, but you should have realized that being a foreigner you were still a victim in the long run.
    China will never be an equal or honest partner when it comes to family, business or cultural differences. It’s a current cultural product heavily influenced by the CCP called wealth and by any means to achieve it. Ethics and integrity not needed for success in China, just don’t let them on to the real motives or agenda.

  65. Winston, there’s another channel that I keep an eye on where rather clickbaity thumbnails have become pretty much the norm, but they so excelled themselves recently in the clickbait department with one particular video that it drew a rash of critical comments from viewers, and the channel owners responded quickly by disabling comments and the display of like/dislike figures. The views counts on the handful of their videos since have been noticeably lower.

    Clickbait might attract short-term viewers, but honesty keeps long-term viewers.

  66. Poverty knows no race…. just as kindness knows no race! Be kind to your fellow humans especially those on hard times! You never know how they will pay it forward

  67. I don’t think it’s a fun thing to talk about this as you should have the basic knowledge to understand that mixing with a beggar or vagabond to be filthy & unhealthy. I would be worried even to move near them due to hygiene issues. Didn’t you know that at that time, you couldn’t even afford to be sick due to the lack of medicare? You were extremely lucky that you didn’t get infected by any bacteria. I wouldn’t put myself in such a precarious situation.

  68. > 哇! 我以前从未见过这样的人!
    > 放开 对您来说太大了!
    > 不! 这是我的顾客!
    > 走开! 你们没有能力! 我第一次见到他!
    > 我会擦你的眼睛!
    > 把椅子扔给她!

  69. I was in Shanghai in 2010 and whilst roaming about this elderly couple wanted to take a photo with me – they said I was the tallest person they’d ever seen (I’m not that tall – 6’6″, but they themselves were tiny). I was happy to oblige but whilst we were preparing for a photo a huge crowd suddenly formed around us. And then, just like happened to you, police barge into the crowd and push their way to the front to see what is going on. When they saw it was just a foreigner being photographed they kind of did this sleepy nod and wandered off again.

  70. Serpentza: I lived in the red light district
    Also Serpentza: I had no money!

    LOL I kid, I joke…I know the story of why he was living there, but it’s still a funny coincidence.

  71. I’ve been in this kind of situation in China. There was a ladyboy who everyone was creeped out from. They approached me and assumed I was Thai and proceeded to greet me in Thai, I responded and then we had a little chat in Chinese In a few seconds we had 40-50 people around us taking pics and making videos 😂😂

  72. I’m Dutch and many don’t know that a fellow dutch guy had a big part in introducing communism to china way back then. Not many dutch people know about him and actually not many chinese do either. But he is in the communist museum in shanghai. Although I absolutely detest the CCP i find the history fascinating and especially how a guy who just happened to be dutch got involved out of passion.
    He actually pushed Mao to the forefront at some point before he became this big leader.
    So long story short i went to the museum in shanghai which is free to visit. Many chinese were there and i was the only foreigner. People already looked at me but they let me be. Until I reached the small space i was looking for where they were displaying Henk Sneevliet. They didn’t put him in the big room where you can read about Mao and all the other early chinese that started the CCP but just outside it in a small alcove together with a Russian guy.
    Most chinese skip over them but then they saw me reading what was written and somehow connected the dots that a white guy was reading about another white guy and sure enough phones came out and before I knew it the whole room started pouring into this small area all taking pictures of me. It was quite bizar. In the end some people from the museum started ushering people away again but one of the weirdest things that happened to me in china.

  73. Nice thumbnail. Yellow Fever sufferers incoming. Not to mention your sensitivity regarding the recent shooting. Why the fuck would you click-bait using this type of imagery? Guess you know your audience

  74. They’re not prostitutes. They are entertainers. Their job is hard as hell and they must endure human nature. And still walk upright. So please be respectful. It is a shame that globally these girls have no reputation. Though they save the world every day from many crimes. And your video is click bait. The title says: I caused a Riot in a Chinese Red Light District!. First words are …I ALMOST… then I got tired of listening any further BIG BOOO. Sell content and not vapor ware. THUMBS DOWN.

  75. Careful there Some people (wumaos especially, they would say it is thanks to the CCP that you became what you are today. Not thanks to your hard work nor abilities!

  76. I have lived in Thailand for over ten years. While living in Chiang Mai, I saw a number of beggars, but one caught my attention much of the time, a grey-haired woman probably in her seventies I would see her shuffling weakly, bent over and leaning on a gnarled wooden cane while she held out a shaking hand and a pathetic look to passers-by. From time time I would give her money myself, feeling sorry for her.
    One night I was walking towards the Thapae Gate at a relaxed pace, when a familiar figure moved past me on my left. It was the old woman sliding past me at a brisk pace, cane tucked under her armpit, with a handful of mostly twenty, and some one hundred baht bills, and a smile on her face.
    I live in Chiang Rai now, still see the “regulars”, but with Covid there are also the desperate.

  77. Thank you Winston. You’ve inspired me so that next time when I be walking and see a beggar on the street – I’ll do the same as you did 🙂

  78. Anger and hatred against China makes you lost your mind. You’re still making a living by defaming China even you’ve left there for such a long time. What an ironic.

  79. Disgusting, seriously I UN subbed. This low level click bait has gotten on my last nerve. First “we are back in China” and now this. Do you have any standards anymore?

  80. I guess the beggar must be secretly hating you vehemently in his heart for ruining his business by drinking beer with him and preventing any passer-by from giving him money.

  81. Baby lying alone in the middle of a street -> no one does anything
    Foreigner buys food for homeless guy -> hundreds of locals watch, police outraged
    Wumao ‘Serpentza is so provocative and evil’

  82. You moved to live in China with no money and no job? When I went to live in China, I had a jobb lined upto go to. I also had money. You wouln’t et a visa for Thailand without showing that you had enugh money to be enough for the length of your visa.

  83. Obvious clickbait. You’d be responsible for starting an actual Riot here you wouldn’t be out walking freely no more no matter your non existing connections.

  84. As far as poverty is concerned, China is not very different from Brazil, from my point of view. About 20 years ago people suffered a lot to buy basic things for survival here in Brazil, but as time went by the country’s economy changed so much that a new middle class emerged, of course there are still poor people who suffer to get the basics, but not at the same level as before, and I think that what happens in China is not very different, so to say that poverty is being eradicated is not wrong.

  85. Not only is this click bait there was no riot. Not even almost. People stopped to watch you drink with a beggar.

    I rather you just be honest. Even simple stories about your different jobs are interesting. How did you teach kindergarten, what was that like? Talk about living in that red light district. Talk about being homeless in a foreign country.

  86. On April 10 at 11:08 AM CDT I saw 2 commercials before the video started. At that time the video had 2k likes and 99 dislikes. At 11:13 I saw 2 more commercials making the total of 4 commercials watched.

  87. Finally a video with a more positive vibe! “Chinese government bad” has been getting rather old recently. Keep up the good work, maybe you can document California as an outsider.

  88. I thought he pumped and credit card got declined or something so he had to cause a riot to sneak away while all the comotion is going on outside. But it’s not that type of story.

  89. Have you considered making a video about Otto Warmbier who stole a picture of kim un Jung. Do you think North Korea murdered him?

  90. Ever wonder why there’s no graffiti on Chinese railroads while American and European railroads are a mess? Are the Chinese (and Japanese, by the way) more respectful of their environment and fellow citizens than selfish Americans who think others should clean up their mess? Just wondering if you’d make a video explaining why this is the case.

  91. Next “I destroyed an aircraft carrier…” as a title, then in the video: ” let’s go back to 19XX, when I dreamed I was destroying an Aircraft Carrier”

  92. Asian people are very inquisitive. They see something different they are fascinated. Love the hustle bustle, energy of China. Bet you missed the good old days sometimes

  93. Oh..1st 10 seconds…I once “Almost” caused a riot….but the title says I caused a riot!!!!! Uhgg…Im out….cant stand FAKE garbage!!!

  94. Just out of curiosity, as I previously lived in SZ..are you talking about the Haichangjia Shekou area or somewhere else? Thanks and enjoy the states:(

  95. Oh… I know some beggar are imposter. They are not poor but rich by doing their ‘job’. But during pandemic, I wonder what happened to them.

  96. This video is too long for such a short subject. 3/4 into the video, still nowhere near the main topic. It’s all intro, intro and more intro. Had to stop this pointless video without ever reaching the end of it.

    This video should have been titled “Endless INTRO just to troll you.”

  97. Serpentza….is it possible I can email you? I have a couple questions and I think you might be able to provide me with some insight. I won’t bother you and promise to be brief as possible. The reason I am asking is because I think it may pertain to your channel, and in a positive way. No business ventures or any jive like that. Just something I am having trouble understanding, to be quite honest. Any insight would help

    And glad to see you doing well, sir. I’ve been following you and Laowhy for some time now, and I really enjoy the content. It’s as objective as we are going to get pertaining to China, and that is how I like my editorials and social commentaries. Understanding all sides of the issue helps me come to my own informed conclusions.

    Stay safe and hope to hear from you, broseph. Hope you and yours are well. Cheers!

    Fletch Keilman

  98. A very unrealistic image of Shenzhen. This situation goes back 6, 7 years at least back in the time. Why do you deliberately mock chinese people? You are married to a chinese woman. Where has your respect gone?

  99. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  100. Same stuff over and over, need clickbait to attract people to watch it. It’s becoming very boring this channel, use to really like it before now it’s just or Chinese anti propaganda or this kind of stuff

  101. **reads title** _”I caused a riot…”_
    **hears opener** _”I_ almost _caused a riot…”_

    No one like a quitter, chief. You get back there and finish the job…

  102. go cause riot in Iraq, afghan , Venezuela, Syria. People really need you there more than they need you in red light district. Go help the children whose parents have died because of America bombing recklessly, wipe their tears. God will bless you. You look pretty old, do something that will give meaning to your life being in this world.

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