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  1. Don’t walk in that black water. It’s full of infections and bacteria. Also never stand where the water is running off a roof or a tree. You will get a serious allergic reaction. My eyes swelled shut and I was in the hospital for 4 days because I stood under a tree while it was raining. It’s the stuff that sits on the leaves and then drips off when it rains. Deffinately that dirt that runs off the roof will give a real bad allergy. It’s little things in the Phillipines that get me good here.

  2. Try to find a brand of slippers that dont slip on smooth wet tile, my bare feet slip too , i did that a couple years back, thought i broke my back.

  3. Then I see you far thank God you didn’t break your hip. And then you go walk out into the thunder and lightning I was just waiting for it but good it didn’t happen! Thanks for the video!

  4. ouch…that looked like it hurt dude, hope all will be fine. one thing about the philippines that i don’t miss is the rain and flooding after. greetings to the family…be safe, cheers.

  5. Wow wild storm ☔️ just wondering why the money 💴 exchange doesn’t show Australia 🇦🇺 dollars isn’t there any Aussie there ????????

  6. Glad you were not seriously hurt on your fall. Downpour one minute. Sunshine the next minute. Gotta love The Philippines. Thank you for boots on the ground. You and your family stay safe from the CHIMMP.

  7. Oops Brian take care the way it rains in the Phil it really pours and when it stops its quiet oh i heard that vendor maybe taho or pandesal i missed that in the mornings keep safe Brian a d your family and i see HannahGrace jumping in the rain as well having fun.Cheers.

  8. Good to see ya okay after ya step crash, lucky 🍀 ya managed to brace yourself on the way down and didn’t crack ya noggin 👍🇦🇺🇵🇭🇺🇸❤️

  9. I did that in March ripped all the ligaments’ in my ankle and fractured my wrist. your lucky your young I don’t bonce as good as I used to.

  10. Margarita Station nice paint job, in the colors of my county [province] blue and yellow, their breakfast was full and plenty, ate there a few times, although there used to be a black huge guy sitting in the corner of the bar, never say hello, I figured I was over dressed or something,

  11. Margarita station was a good place sitting by the chicken wire fence seats…watch the scene,,,maybe get a hookup…but now it looks like theres no interaction with walkers…plastic barrier screens…no air coming in….covid19 risk???I dont get it???? Why would they take out the chicken wire….that’s where most people usually sit…they lost my business….same as philly’s and kokomos….envys is still open air…..hopefully..if Philippines opens up I’m there…but who knows when..u r lucky no broken bone….I took a spill in a hotel room , I just up ended in the shower walking back to the bed…both feet off the ground….lucky I was young and didn’t get hurt….u need to place some strips there and other slippery areas…or get waterproof non slip tiles….be safe…

  12. I fell about a year ago busted the back of my head open got 7 stitches . slipped on wet pavement like you did and it was so fast I didn’t even have time to think about it and I was down. Good ol Margarita station with a New Paint job. Like putting make up on a Pig.

  13. Glad you weren’t injured. I’m currently in Kuwait and it’s about 110 – 120 degrees every day. I would pay any amount of money to get a good rain like that. I miss it so much.

  14. Mr. Philly …your fall is rated …3 of 10 …please, next time, wave your arms and do a little screaming …
    Seriously, glad you were not seriously injured …please be careful and thank you for the Sunday walk.

  15. The new countertops at Margarita look good, and that is the only real improvement I’ve seen there in my 20 years coming to the Phils. What did the menu look like? The old ones were just as old as the place itself. It was dead in there. You have to wonder how long other places less established and without the great location will survive. That older lady with the gray hair has always been their best server: never makes you wait and is Johnny-On-the-Spot with the service.

  16. It got like that here in NW Quezon City near Don Antonio, 90 minutes of brown out, windy heavy rain. Glad you are okay. I have the same slippery tile here too.

  17. Yes, thank God you really didn’t really hurt. Maybe they I might have those double sided black diamond anti slip strips. They might help. Wow. Last time I heard a horn like that was from Bozo the clown. Keep on keeping on!

  18. Looks like the step has those really slippery when wet tiles! They get wet and they are slippery like ice! Lucky you didn’t crack your head on the step. Problem when you are filming while walking is you cannot always see what you are stepping on, which can be really dodgy in the Philippines where the paths are so uneven.

  19. U really took a flop, hope u r ok next few days ,put some thing there so it don’t happen again💚💜🧡🧡💛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. Brian I am glad you are ok after the fall. I fall all the time the misses tells me. Luckily I can never remember it. She says I walk into the wall all the time and mumble incoherently. He he

  21. Been watching you for a couple of years without comment but today i had to,wet tiles obviously made you go arse up ,hope you’re ok ,ive been to cebu and balamban many times and i cant believe how many times i went arse up on wet tiles,dont they have none slip tiles there ?best wishes from oz .

  22. Man you have to be careful like that. A close friend that I worked with over there in the late 80’s and early 90’s last year fell and broke his hip. Complications set in after hip replacement surgery at medical city, and he never came out of the hospital. He passed away last year. so walk very carefully on those wet tiles.

  23. I have always wondered why they use flat slick tiles in areas that are going to get wet and become slick as glass. like the cr. I have slipped on wet tile also, if that makes you feel better.

  24. Wow … you were VERY lucky. A broken hip or back is life altering. Worse than that though, if you had cracked your head on that corner it could’ve been bon voyage. Stay safe!

  25. Be careful Philly, a Fall on your tailbone would have ended our walks around town. And maybe the rim on that trike is Bent making it wobble? Good luck 👍

  26. you’ve come some ways Brian since your early phillipine youtube days – great stuff you been dishing out keeping us all informed and entertained! Stay safe bro you and your loved ones and keep dishing it out👍👍🙏😎

  27. Thanks for checking out Margarita, nice new paint job. Glad you didn’t get hurt, shit like that happens, it did to me once at DM Residente and I wasn’t so lucky.

  28. Luckily you didn’t get hurt. Your guardian angel was looking out for you. Were you barefoot or wearing sandals when you slipped? Maybe time to put some non-slip strips on the floor.

  29. We were in Margarita at the beginning of March just before I returned to the UK. I have never had a bad meal there. I thought the new paint job and clean up makes it look pretty nice. Hopefully I will be back there, but I think it will be around December/January time before there is an influx of overseas visitors.

  30. Yea we had heavy rain as well yeaa falling down is something i really need to be aware of as my rig hy t shoulder made up bbnn from implants due to beeing squashed by a forklift that ran over me lost a lot off use off right arm but long as imm carefull its all good i w as very lucky to survive so retired as if imm caregull will last me out iff id continued working probibly need to get it redone i was 65 so thought stuff it and we already had our hou see e and car and motorbikes here been he re 15 mounths and love it we came here a lot during last 6 years and my wife wantedto bv return here and live its a no brainer for me on a pension and a hell off a lot cheeper to live here

  31. Magandang lahat, Brian? Everything good, Brian? Glad your fall wasn’t more serious than it was. Jiminy Cricket! Maybe you oughta’ take a seat the next time it rains that hard on the porch. But it was good to see you moving around Angeles the next day. Stay healthy and … safe

  32. Margarita Station has the best egg drop soup in the world (43 pesos)…I also love their chef salad and their Thai Spring rolls. In fact, I never had a bad meal there yet.

  33. Margarita Station’s food sucked the only time I ever ate there. I made the huge mistake of trying their Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Tequila Reef has much better food iIMO. Also Tequila Reef’s margaritas are the best in the Philippines. The only thing I liked about margarita station, was the location and watching the scenery.

  34. The older we get the more fragile we are! I have been saying foe a month now, I need to put something on the shower floor, as the floors here are polished stone! I have had a couple close calls already! Wanna bet I wait until I actually drop and break something?

  35. Glad your OK brian i always said it’s not fun falling but it sure is fun watching someone trying not to i had that happen once in walmart’s produce i stepped on a grape i didn’t fall down but i did the shuffle for 12 ft

  36. Go out and get yourself some of those green Astro Turf strips to glue down on to those steps. They will cut the turf to what ever size you need. Then have someone make somewhat rough any bald smooths concert areas in your garage and concert play areas….so the kids don’t slip while playing in out there in the rain which causes those areas to become as slippery as butter. I nearly cracked my head wide open a few years back. Don’t take that warning fall lightly as I did and it cost me a lot of pain, time and medical cost but it’s up to you!

  37. The sheeple are afraid due to the lies, deceit and half truths being propagated by the Leftist Marxist lying Fake news media. It is the same way here in Columbia, South Carolina. People need to turn their TV’S off and live their lives independent of the liars who profess to be journalists. Enjoy your videos and it is good to see that you are an Independent thinker.

  38. Glad your ok after your fall. Lot’s massage may have helped prevent lingering aches and pains. Was wondering how your road was in the morning? Was it still flooded?

  39. Brian, I have to assume it will rain there again in the future and you or someone else will be walking down those wet steps, I am glad you were not hurt and hope you take that fall as a warning to put a non slip grip strips or something on that step to avoid what could be someone really getting hurt in the future.

  40. Another good video Brian. Keep em coming. How about doing a video on Clarke Airport to see how busy it is?I was Dublin Airport yesterday and the atmosphere was dead. 4 planes came in the hour I was there!!

  41. How does the electrical company even find the correct wires they’re looking for in that mess of wires running above the street? Also why do many cell phone accessories shops within 100 feet of each other? Seems kind of dumb.

  42. Be careful with wet tiles😩Lot looks so worried, almost grab you in the arms😩it’s been raining last night here too, then it gets hot😎Summer😎take care too🤓

  43. A nice vid, glad you’re ok from your slip. Being tall myself i know it’s a long way down when you go! I long to get back to Angeles, by now i would have everything booked up for a trip in November but until common sense returns i won’t be going far sadly…..To be able to sit in Philley’s or Kokomos and watch the world go by with a cool beer in your hand……….sigh! Still, at least your vids are the next best thing, i can almost feel the heat, here in cold, old UK……..

  44. Are you okay ? That was a nasty fall . You might have to put carpet or something down in area so when it rains . You will not slip . Notice a lot of commercial area stores . Does angels have industrial ?

  45. Once when our well broke down I took a shower under the roof spout just like Hanna Grace, just be thankful you don’t have to. Brian the Philippines Government is way ahead of the U.S., it may be a little thing to you but in the background of every business you filmed they had a sign labeled ” New Normal ” . It looks like it shows how to wear a face mask, wash your hands etc. Here in the great United States of Infection nobody has enforced what I would call universal precautions which is why we lead the world in cases of infection and the resulting deaths. My friend, you are in a better place then your home country.

  46. I used to go to Margarita Station when it was still Margaritaville…..stupid Jimmy Buffett! Awesome place! There was a really good Italian restaurant just down the street from there called Salvatore’s, don’t know if it’s still there. I met my girlfriend at Archie’s in that area, too. It was a girly bar with an Archie comics theme.

  47. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SICK AND ELDERLY, especially when they’re FALLING down the stairs😆😄 Get used to the FALLS, they happen more often with OLD age👴

  48. Brian sorry about the fall good to see you are alright those slick tiles maybe look at getting nonskid strips just want to help hope the family are doing doing well and healthy

  49. Glad you made out on the fall. That could have been really bad news and happens just that quick. It’s one of those “O Shit” moments. Same thing happened to me on wet slick tile. Take Care, Dan

  50. Ouch 😣… I see you didn’t have any fissures in your coccyx bone or you wouldn’t be able to ride your motorcycle. I agree with everyone about those tile steps. Easy to clean but dangerous.

  51. I think almost every time you vlog someone either blows their horn, blasting music or revs their bike motor loudly. You have a lot of patience, I’d be telling these people to shut the f up. 😂

  52. Autsch oldboy! Careful careful! Saw a man in Subic had same accident He broke bis head. Since then He has permanent headache. That was close! Good Lück vor you, Hope your ok again! Gerry from Austria

  53. Good morning Brian from Illinois! I am glad you are doing fine after the fasll… make sure your shoulder is OK (not dislocated). I had a similar fall many years ago, did not take care of it right away and as it turned out I lost the window of opportunity of “fixing” my dislocated shoulder (which I had to live with for the rest of my life but managed to survive by exercising it). FYI in Manila area the floods are 10 times worse than in Angeles forming veritable rivers (my son even took videos of me rowing on such “street rivers” in my inflatable boat, why not?). Finally the pronunciation of “efficascent oil” is with an “f” sound not a “p” sound. Unfortunately some Filipinos and Filipina (esp. from the provinces) pronounce the “f” as if it were a “p” (which is funny to both myself and them when you point out their mistake). So they may say “epicasent” instead of “efficasetnt” hahaha.

  54. That’s a nice big restaurant food is beautiful but this covid-19 sure does put a hurting on filling those tables up lot of space not being used

  55. Sir, I hope you’re doing better and not in serious pain. I experienced that once when I was in the Military, going home I stopped for gas, went inside to pay, as i was walking back to my Car all i remember was looking up at the Sky! Damn Black Ice, my first time experience, nothing broken just embarrassed since i was in uniform, good times!

  56. Lucky you didn’t hit that old tail bone… Lord I hate that when it happens. What is the purpose of the black bag I always see hanging on the fence in the videos. Yea the wife thinks that is a cure all and when the old body hurts she coats me in the oil…. Sure keeps the old nostrils open, ha ha ha Maybe the landlord allow you to put down some none skid tape on the steps to make going up and down the steps a little safer. It doesn’t take away from the beauty of the tile. Good to see your okay. I really enjoy your out and about videos and seeing the restaurants. Noticed on the steps of the Margretti station a sign as you went up the steps that read watch your step. I think they seen your post. I know bad joke, sorry. Those fans look kind of cheap.

  57. The green stuff for your muscles is good , I use that PAU my friends bring it from the Philippines , love that stuff , I can’t find anything better here in Europe

  58. Brain hope your ok man our old bones ain’t as good as they use to be the next day you may feel some pain if so take a couple shots of Hennessy all is well take buddy
    That’s a lots of rain

  59. I fell down a whole flight like 15 stairs at our old condo on treasure island. Thank god I fell back on my butt. Tail bone hurt for months.

  60. I slipped and fell down on the ice last jan didnt hurt until a couple of hours later then was sore for a couple of days. Freelance park has sure gone downhill. Glad to hear you wasnt hurt bad.

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