I Got a Letter…Personal Services in Thailand

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  1. It’s simple, you don’t need to be the guy at a magic show shouting “the rabbits in the table”. No one what’s to hear it let alone pay for it.” I’d suggest even you would say the very best and memorable times you had in Thailand was when you very first came here and knew nothing!

  2. Scott.
    I believe you don’t realize that a lot of the men seeking love in Thailand are not like you,
    many of them/us are socially challenged(around women) and/or nerds.
    Hell, i was one of them.
    But as i have told you before,
    you saved me a lot of money by your insight shared in the “I got a letter”/”Chowderhead” videos
    and for that i will always be grateful to you.
    Now i live happily in Sweden with my Thai family.
    Yes i am longing to get to visit Thailand again.
    Thanks again.

  3. I fail to see the point… They don’t already know the word “no”? Their “unruly but hot” girlfriends don’t understand no? Also, let people make their own mistakes, relationship-wise. I had one or two f* up relationships and got wiser because of it. And it helped me to be able to recognize a wife-material girl when I met her. And if those guys who wasted all their money on some street-side girl hadn’t done that, they would have just spend it on magic beans otherwise.

  4. You had me “clicking” with the title. But no ranting? I get it though and Thanks for explaining the end of Chowder Head. The content in those vids is timeless. Just keep doing what makes you happy. Stay safe & thanks again🙏

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