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  1. I’d be inclined to take the air conditioner somewhere else myself! It is a necessity to have air conditioning in the Philippines and Australia for that matter.

  2. With your AC it could be a faulty sensor or a leak. In the philippines it is just a matter of finding someone decent to fix it.
    As you found out with your car.
    Good luck.

  3. I reckon try to have the aircon fixed one more time ask around and see if you get one name a few times and if you can when you pick it up ask for a demo maybe they will maybe they won’t but that would give you peace of mind if they will if fails buy a new one

  4. Check the water drainage pipe it might be clogged causing the AC to shut down. Compressed air down the drainage house should unblock it. Use bleach if you have algae problem on the drain pipe. Some AC have a safety shutdown mode if water is building up in the AC You said he took it too his shop and it ran good. Sounds like your drainage pipe is clogged. .

  5. Nice ride Brian, especially along Walking Street. This is the nearest to the Philippines i will get this year sadly, normally i’m over for most of November. Where i am in the UK i am half way up a Welsh mountain, sitting in a cloud, wet & cold, looking at your vid at least reminds me of happier times! And you having brekkie at Tequila Reef….i go there, the skirt steak with fried potatoes is superb…….have one for me!……lol

  6. Brian, the guy you met last week from Wild orchid actually I believe he is at Bourbon Street ask him. They had a guy fixed my ac first time 0 issues.

  7. Carrier has good trouble shooting on utube. My carrier is 2 years old and it would shut off in 20 minutes with the temp on 19. Being digital it would trigger the code. After viewing the utube video I cleaned the evaporator temp sensor and works like a charm. Hope its a simple fix and works out for you.

  8. I feel that dilemma, but with my car…. don’t have the right size tires, don’t have the hdlt, don’t have a battery, don’t have this, don’t have that….but i found a car parts store inside an SM mall that carries what i need or at least offered to order it.

  9. I knew you were taking a wrong turn, but you could have saved face by going to Clark via the back gate, and said nothing. Most people would have been none the wiser.

  10. It’d be easier just to replace the air conditioner rather than mucking around trying to get it fixed it’ll drive you nuts, just replace it and save yourself the aggravation

  11. double check your codes on your A/C make sure they are for the right brand and model..if it still says it needs to be cleaned do it yourself it is easy. If it says low charge replace it..i am assuming this is a window unit..there are not really that many things that can go wrong with one.

  12. Do the people who or wherever you bought it from offer repairs or warranties ? Maybe they or the manufacturer of AC unit could recommend a reputable repairman ?

  13. There’s a superb A/C shop down the side street that the old Angel Witch Bar sits on…Its down on the left hand side…Have never heard a complaint against them in the 10 years I’ve been here in Angeles ~ They are busy all the time and they pick up and re-deliver/re-install…Shop is wide open and the owner is there every day and very approachable…Have him keep the unit for a day and run the p!ss out of it ~ have your power checked as you might have an issue there too…It’s just a matter of elimination…P500 is nothing compared to P15K- P30K for a new unit (window type unit…?)…A/C parts are normally cheap as well so its worth trying to get it fixed unless its a very old unit…Carriers should run for 10+ years is my experience here so keep on trying before throwing it in the landfill imho…

  14. If your AC if still blowing cold then your compressor is ok. That’s good for you, if you have a high low setting choose low . If it keeps running chances are it’s the capacitor, I only have 26 aircons and replace or repair 3 to 4 every year.

  15. Hey Brian thanks for the video and that time 19 minutes and 34 seconds you were riding up Vincent Road and passed where are used to live six months ago Andrew Street great street to live in…. just a bit of advice Brian a few metres past Andrew Street when you turned left around that traffic also turning left be careful mate that intersection is a hazard particularly if someone’s coming the other way..you still ride like a Demon stay safe

  16. Cool how you zip through traffic on your scooter. You know.. sometimes there are 3 or 4 days when i never even use my car. I guess i should get a scooter too. My mountain bike is good for most area around here though. Even to ride to Urbiztondo, the main restaurant area here in San Juan! I did a time Lapse of yesterdays sunset.. so pretty! Tell Lot the waves will be BIG tomorrow!

  17. Why don’t you call Carrier customer care? They will send a qualified technician to fix it. The small shop technicians know how to clean and fill the gas. They don’t know how to fix the mainboard in the indoor unit.

  18. Bryan i had that same thing with mine a couple years ago , here in pagadian city its the same everyone knows how to fix things or build things , anyway after one guy 3 times and another guy 1 time , finally had and guy and Son look at it , they really really cleaned it ( Condenser coil’s and evap coils ) been working great ,, i let them service it twice a year,, good luck i hope you find the right guy

  19. Take one more shot on aircon, ten bucks no big deal, then if not working buy one. Comfort and stress relief more important than money. Somewhere along the line you will run into a competent ac or electric guy and can use the aircon then . Chinese restaurants are mostly always closed Mondays seems like tradition. If I had a restaurant open Sunday I would close Monday too though.

  20. not bad m8, if you were in charge, there would be alot more organisation, schools’d get tablets, lot would get the road fixed. an thats just the local stuff! i could go to the wanamaka airshow in new zealand πŸ˜‰ yeh, that’d work. yeh! yolu an yours stay safe an well eh!

  21. Thanks for the ride Brian. I really enjoy these this kind of video you do. Make me think of my time in the Philippines. Sell your old air conditioner for parts and buy a new one. 4 years is not bad for the old one; things are built to become obsolete these days. Stay safe.

  22. I had the exact same error code on my Carrier ac. My ac is 10 years old. I contacted Carrier, used online contact to make appointment.. they came out and thoroughly cleaned it and no problems for a month or so. I haven’t seen other ac techs clean as well as these guys did.

  23. thanks for the ride and the extra round Brian or is it Bryan or Brain,like some people type or pronounce your name,hehe( its funny when some call you “Brain”,hehe)

  24. Brian, If it were my AC unit I would be sure to thoroughly clean the coils especially the condenser coil, as it is outside and can collect dirt and bugs much worse than the evaporator coil. You also need to be sure your voltage is adequate, you know how bad the voltage is there, it’s possible your voltage is a bit low now and at the shop it was OK. One more thing to consider is that when you run the AC unit you have hot air trying to cool the condenser and in the shop it is in a cooler environment, and runs better with less strain, and less pump head pressure. If all else fails go someplace that can vacuum the refrigerant out of the system and refill it to proper level. There should not be any parts you can’t get. AC units are built out of common parts like motors and capacitors, and switches. Last trip back to the Philippines I had my window unit repaired with a new compressor and starter capacitor, very common parts there.

  25. Welcome to the world of private enterprise. There’s always one winner in these situations and that’s the business owner, you get charged whether it’s fixed or not! A kid can put a Candy bar in his pocket at the local shops without paying and get a criminal record for doing so but if a business owner robs you that’s the way it goes and they’re off for their next Hawaiian holiday at the end of another financial year! Pre C-19.

  26. 14:50 i saw Red Planet Hotel i stayed during my 1 week stay in AC. I went there purely for “adult fun” with a friend and we totally loved it. Girls/drinks/accommodations were 30% cheaper than Pattaya, Philippinas speak very good English, they arent pushy, we had excellent breakfasts in the cafe(forgot its name) that you drove past on the right hand side. We even met some random girls ,had fun without paying them for action (only payed for drinks) coz we are good looking foreigners. Overall i prefer Pattaya coz girls were more beatiful and it offers more but AC was excellent experience. Hope it ll come back stronger. Keep sharing videos thanks.

  27. As you have likely found in your google research, FR points toward cleaning and low freon. I would be more inclined to think low freon due to the abbreviation. If this system has a low pressure switch and you have some technical ability (and patience), I could walk you through checking the switch with a multimeter. I can assist via google hangouts or facebook. My personal experience getting things repaired in Cebu (PH) has been the same as yours, hit and miss My best results there have been achieved by providing specific instruction and supervising the repair. Reply to this comment if you would like some assistance in troubleshooting and I will provide my contact information.

  28. Buy a new one the same as your old. Then you have a set of parts and a new AC..also run off your generator for a while to see if maybe you have a wiring or power issue

  29. Buy a new one, aircon is one of the most important things to have. Dont risk it, If you find a carrier tech fix the old one and use it for a spare , but 4 years is not too bad.

  30. The tablet situation I would Monday and Tuesday high school students Wednesday Thursday Elementary School student Friday High School Sardis Elementary School that way a family could share tablets get more use out of them

  31. The same here in Boston when you check the restaurant web site their open but when I go there the restaurant is closed. Even you call them nobody answers the phone because their close!

  32. So if the traffic enforcer stops you from blatantly breaking the law of cutting that corner and riding on the sidewalk, you would have said he stopped you because you are a foreigner? Past videos’ you hinted they picking on you.

  33. Before you say something you have to make sure the real story of Charlie’s before it became a sitnbull. They just open for 1month and they have lots of good customers coming back already.yes they close monday for now and sorry sunday is a good day for them because its a family day.

  34. If it’s a leak and out of warranty just replace it. You will save time and headaches, and money. To fine if it’s a leak pull front cover off and if frost or ice is formed on the front coil good sign of leak or air flow . Is air flow coming out the front does the blower motor still sounds the same and still running. .then it’s a refrigerant leak.

  35. Hi maganda umaga kumusta brian and lot lot and hannah grace.
    Great live stream mate I love moto vlogs and there better in the philippines you get to see what’s going on back home maraming salamat brian
    .scott expat inthe philippines

  36. I love the roads there in the philippines all concrete un like here in Australia tar or bitumen. Your Mike’s good brian I cannot hear any wind. Omfg. Closed . Looks like a nice Mexican restaurant. Next time great moto vlog brian. alls good.
    Scott expat inthe philippines

  37. If you have the money then just replace the AC. Yes everyone in the philippines can fix everything because they have to learn to save money and most of them cannnot afford to pay for professional repairs or replacement. I have been coming to the Philippines for many years and will be retiring there once I can get a visa. so I know how it is out there. 4 years is good going for any electrical equipment in the Philippines. Goodluck..

  38. Your ac. 1st recharge freon. If it continue to cut on and off it could be 1 of 3 things. Compressor going bad, temp switch overheating or going bad, or rely going bad.

  39. Men from Philadelphia, Pa claim to be tough lol. Typical pissing and moaning…Philippines, developing country. Carrier, American product. Obviously, not like back home in Philly. Why did you relocate to PI knowing “life conveniences” are not the same?

  40. I would not be asking who gets the tablets. I would be asking where is all this money coming from a poor country that can barely afford to assist the people with food….

  41. Excellent color quality video today with the head camera, Brian. I also had a Carrier split air con unit in Manila. After a number of tries, I finally located a maintenance guy who could undertake a through cleaning of both the indoor and outdoor units and solve my cooling problems, The first maintenance companies did not get into the depths of the indoor unit and clean out the passageways where condensed water accumulates and then needs to escape out the drain line. Inside the indoor unit, the accumulation of dust, pollutants etc. over time had mixed with condensed water and turned to mud which caused blockages. Simply using compressed air did not work !
    If this has all been done, bite the bullet and buy a Mitsubishi split system. Better SEER ratings and simpler to do a DIY cleaning !

  42. Hey Brian, just sent this video to Jim Goodman the owner of sit n bull restaurant in barrio barretto, πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‘πŸΌ

  43. here where i live in ILLinois we have a lot of restaurant’s closer on mondays most of the bakerys are closed on sundays too chain restaurants are open everyday but a lot of the local ones are closed on mondays they say this is the slowest day of the week at least you had s good ride on a nice day

  44. Well, concerning the repair of your Air-con, it seems to me that you should NOT trust any Filipino to do anything UNLESS they can show you proof, as in the form of a diploma of some kind with their name on it that they went to, studied, and graduated successfully from a licensed trade-school (vo-tech). Most Pinoys in my area that claim to be electricians no absolutely nothing about electricity nor electrical circuits, ZIP, NADA. I never hire Filipinos to do electrical, plumbing, welding, etc because they are not qualified – I do all of it myself. Remember, if you want it done right – do it yourself.

  45. Hi Brian, I use the air con shop across from RBI. They will house call to fix it and bring it to their shop if needed. They fixed my carrier about a month ago – same problem.

  46. By the way, RBI is under new management. Geoff sold his share. New menu – so far I had potato skins, fajitas, and a burger – all very good. They use hamburger meat from New Zealand. You can really taste the difference.

  47. Hard to find a decent repairman in the States anymore. Hope you can get the AC repaired. Enjoyed the ride to Clark. Thank you for the vlog. Stay safe from the CHIMMP.

  48. Buy a new one. It will be more efficient. Take the old one back to the guy you paid to fix it and offer to sell it to him. Its not really broken is it since he “fixed” it.

  49. I bought an air con for the last time I was at the house there. I asked my wife is it still working? She said no, that was few years ago. I say just buy a new one. We tried the fixing road, just a waste of time and money.

  50. where exactly on Clark is the Sit n Bull I go to Angeles again by December and want to check it out I saw Metrobank near but not sure the location there…………….I will make sure not to go on Monday hahahahaha

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