I Lost My Morning and I Smell Like Beer……

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  1. Take care Chuck and Paige.
    I’m waiting to get back to Sukhothai to see my gf and it’s driving me crazy.
    You guys should check out Old City Temple there if you haven’t already.

  2. Thanks Chuck we enjoy your videos , hope your passport comes back soon, did you have to send it to USA 🇺🇸 or can Bangkok embassy help?

  3. Hi Chuck. This covid is driving us crazing in toronto as well. Every closed down. Winter as well.
    Keep making us smile with your videos.
    Rob and thai wife benci.

  4. I personally could just watch your morning walks or bike rides several times a week, it makes me feel like I’m still there for a little while. Trolleys is what the British call shopping carts 🛒 , and Tesco is a British market sooo.
    Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  5. Hi Paige and Chuck, your dragon tattoo looks very cool! You should hug Paige more just for being Paige! This covid-19 lockdown is making me realize how much I miss my female friends! Thanks for video, always get the donuts!!!😉

  6. Hi Chuck, one of your old videos popped up on my viewing list where you explained how you and Paige met, I’d already viewed it in the past and really enjoyed it, so it got me thinking that it would be great if you could interview your in laws on how they also met and perhaps include some early family photos. It would also be nice to get to hear from the lovely mafia ladies about their early days. Thanks always for your entertaining videos. 🙏

  7. Great, now I want to see you build the woodfired Pizza Oven……Thailand Cholesterol Heaven……Sticky sticky rice is nice……Oh boo hoo to many question, I don’t think so…..เนื้อสับผัดไทย………โกคาร์ทร้านขายของชำ…..fish’a’cide…… Just be a gogo chucky….

  8. Good morning Thailand! I wish your guys have a wonderful day! I love that you show me round and doing stuffs wherever your guys doing it’s always interesting to me.

  9. You are good at what you do Chuck and you do like to be told good things. All Americans can not handle any sort of comment that does not scratch their back and they will be offended. Chuck, I am offended by ARMY written on your clothes. It is offensive to people who have been invaded and exploited by the US, to have it shoved in their face. Most people in the US need to go into the army to get a job. The same people who were saturation bombing Vietnam and using napalm on the population are now living there because they can’t afford to live on their army pension in the US

  10. I find that a little frustrating too….come to find out, Thailand doesn’t have a set way they Romanize their language…unlike china, japan, etc. It can get confusing….I need some of them little kid books!!.hahaha…❤❤🙏🙏

  11. Chuck how did you equate the the thai alphabet to the wests abc.
    Im impressed with your thai reading, writing, speaking skills.
    I could do with a teacher.

  12. Sorry that you lost your videos. I’ve noticed Paige likes to mess with you even more when your grumpy. She’s too funny, she should make an a video on Paige-aerobics. I hope things get better for you. I’d like to see a bike ride video with relaxing music, if you don’t want to talk during the ride. Thanks for sharing your day, even when it’s not the best. It’s real life, not some made up bs like a lot of channels.

  13. Morning Chuck… he he… the first headline I saw on my phone for your stream was “ I lost my morning and I smell like a bear” …. then when I opened it up … beer not bear….. as I watched it all came clear and made sense. You know, I’m with you about staying home. I’ve always like to move. I think the Thai government (maybe without really knowing) has in a way, put the country in a lock down with provincial restrictions. Terminology is everything. With my family, I’ve developed a routine to take care of the girl (11 now) and up for school , etc. So, we are waiting too for the beach. Thanks for sharing and c u on the next one.

  14. Yup – keep the everyday stuff coming….. How are the mini-scooters – haven’t seen much of them since we met you in That Phanom last November. Maybe some content could be added by spending a day with your Father-in-law and his business and all about the Tuktuk business ?

  15. Good Day Chuck ! Enjoyed this video more than others where your running all over the place ( that causes sensory overload and jealous rage that I am locked out of Thailand) I like this slower pace vlog. Then again I like those long Bike rides. Eventually things will open up just a matter of time.
    Please let us know how that Beer Deodarent works. I want to know if random gorgeous Thai women come up to sniff you or you start getting chased by hoards of the Soi Mafia type women. Just thinking how you could make the vid into a Funny skit. ( write it up like a short novel and get Chocolate Man to be the lead ) That would be totally funny.

  16. Chuck, I know this is a weird question but do they have oatmeal there at the grocery store? Like the regular Quaker Oats or that type. I know, weird right? Thanks

  17. 7:40 That is how I learned English when I moved to the US in 1972, I was 17 years old, I watched a lot of Sesame Street. I can read a little bit but had a hard time speaking.

  18. I am a guy from the land of ice and snow. Keep it going! I enjoy your content. It keeps my dream alive that I may be able to come there and enjoy the sun and warmer weather year round.

  19. I brought a few packets of those laab and chilli basil mixes etc back to Australia last time but have run out now. No problems getting through customs as long as they are declared and still in their sealed packets..

  20. Sometimes it’s great just to stay home and mope around the house. At least you got Paige to brighten your day. Many of us just stay home by ourselves, work from home, eat at home, watch TV or movies ourselves, all due to the virus. But you guys are my home buddies, keeping me interested in moving to Thailand, for the good life. Keep Trucking!🤙🌶😤🥴

  21. Just take us for a walk every day. I love that. Are there any other places in That Phanom to show us? Or tell us the personal stories of the local people you know there, how they learn a living etc? Never boring!

  22. 100% correct Chuck, everyday life and how you experience it with Paige is what I find most enjoyable about your videos. Whether that’s at home or on the road I totally enjoy catching up on your life there.

  23. …finally realized why I enjoy No Time 2 B Sad & Ride 4 Kicks bc y’all work on Thai annunciations compared to how others butcher Thai words especially city names. Finally your natural & unintentional use of idioms are common terms to us..familiarity is good. Yeah, why ball & chain to house when free to roam ? No Paige Pokémon T’s @ Lotus?

  24. Hey Chuck. You and Paigh are in a great place. YOU and PAIGH can decide what you both would like to do day to day. Thats freedom. Not many people have that option. Keep living your dream. Its an inspiration for my son and myself. And thank you Chuck for giving us a dream and a goal Alex and myself can aspire to. Paigh and Chuck, be safe. Blessings. Alex and Richard from Tasmania Australia

  25. Hello Chuck. I like your videos because you live together and take care The family and chowing howe The real life in thailand is. Keep up The god work! I hope to meet up you and paige when i can go to Thailand again.. We live in chainat. Mvh Ronald and bangon.

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