I owe EVERYTHING to China!

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  1. “Don’t lie who else is a FAN of Serpantza🧳”

    *“¡ᴍ ɢɪғTɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”*

  2. China gave nothing to no one. Winston, you carved out your own piece of pie, while china tried to stifle you in every way. China is not the nation it would have been had Japan completed her conquest of the black dragon.

  3. Serpentza, when I came to the USA as a little girl, I was undocumented for 15 years. I was working like a dog but I still got my college degree; I missed out on a normal teenage life, I didn’t have a home or parents. I started working in the USA since I was 14. So everywhere was extremely hard. I now still have to earn a lot of things for myself through hard work.

  4. The CCP have delusions of grandeur. The CCP, like the Democratic woke party, are narcissists (gaslighting, projecting), sociopaths (no conscience) and psychopaths (violence, destruction, homicides.)

  5. Such humility Winston, you shall be welcomed once more within the GLORIOUS people’s folds and suckle from the honeyed teat of the the great all knowing divinely mandated communist Emperor, the all forgiving, nurturing and yellow, like the Huang He itself, bear Xi Xinpooh
    *starts rapping the GREAT peoples’ anthem*

  6. You are basically turning everyone competent in Mainland China against collectivism with this narrative. This is Scott Adams or Trump level of re-framing

    I will send to Scott. He will love it. Unless he died if bad air due to Democrat/CCP-bought incompetence burning his state.

  7. Once i was part of a socialist and later communist regime. Remember Yougoslavia? Since 1991 when my country Slovenia became independent..i have to say only 2 words: NEVER AGAIN. Rather i die then go back in time and life.

  8. We are what we make ourselves into what we turn out to be in our lives! China is evil and is going down the proverbial drain because of the way they think and the way they treat people. Our eyes are being opened and they cannot be closed to the world and what the world is doing to us. And what we are doing to the world it’s a scary time with that we live in now and you know warriors inevitable which ever country strikes first we as the World will back them but it cannot be the United States that strikes first I have a feeling it’ll be India patients that are wearing the thinnest and when this happens all hell will break loose just be ready people God bless us all!

  9. Malaysian Chinese believed that the brown natives learned planting rice from their ancestors kah3…austronesians probably planted rice earlier than the Chinese!!

  10. China is a country, it is NOT a Human Being. There are over 1 Billion people living there and they still get food, water and a roof over there head. Chinese people have a good demeanor. They don’t act unhappy. They look very happy. I think it’s unfair that USA call it the China Virus. China people are simply “misunderstood”. I’m happy you fell in Love with a Human Being from China!

  11. Dude, China gave you two wives (one of which you affectionately called beer girl. Boy if I were her father I’d have you disowned just for that!), a child, saved you from the gutters as a dropout saffer. In addition, China will be pissing circles around the rest of world economies in decades to come. Focus on the Covid ridden US of WHvirus of A if you can. Oh no, he can’t because he’s still waiting for his side kick sponsored green card to arrive for flipping 1k cars. Now that’s a productive activity to add to a society!

  12. Chinese people should understand that for a lot of people in the west, Winston’s videos make china and the Chinese people more appealing. Not the CCP, but the actual Chinese people seem like really interesting good people. And that China is a beautiful country with fascinating culture. For many, what Winston points out is that the CCP treats the beautiful people of China poorly and that the people of China deserve to be understood and the CCP needs to be called out for the bad things they do.

  13. I had been living in china for 2yrs as black student and I really know that being a white is privilege in china. Most of the local community are nice towards white people and they offer them job with a good salary. He should be grateful to Chinese for offering him an opportunities that he didn’t have in his country.

  14. Winston – How fast do you think we read?! Better yet, how fast do YOU read?! I’m not a terribly slow reader, but damn son. Lol You put up information and if we don’t pause it, we better hail ass reading it!

    Great video though, bro. Definitely worth doing. Have an above average weekend.

  15. The CCP is following in Hitler’s footsteps. They got secret police, a dictator, massive censorship, disregarding human rights, and concentration camps. Hopefully the CCP will off itself like Hitler did and do the world a favor

  16. Unsubscribing from Patreon… Until you said it’s total crap. Thanks to the CCP I’m going to have a covid-19 test even though I’ve self isolated since march. And I’m having 2cm of my ear removed because the NHS only started seeing cancer patients again in July.

  17. When China gives anything for free, it’s a trap. Ask Africa. They think China is their best friend like our beloved South African ruling party, the ANC. China will be the new ruler of Africa.

  18. The ccp have evicted and taken ownership of over 1000 homes and businesses belonging to private chinese citizens recently, the ccp are doubling down on their abuse of power recently. With everything going on in china right now I bet the ccp are feeling a distinct lack of control now which, according to the news channel cross roads, has sparked some changes within the ccp as xi is making every attempt at pulling china back to the awful crap chairman mao stood for in fact xi has decided he wants to be chairman.

  19. Recognize Taiwan as an independent nation. Enough pandering to the CCP in the vain hope that the CCP will change its ways. There will be consequences yes, but every day the choice will be more difficult not less.

  20. “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” China did not work for you, you gave to China. In the context that you are referring to, this is also a constant of human nature to exploit our tribal instincts to further personal benefit. The CCP is a caste, a tribe, and it is using tribalism to dominate and control the rest of the population.

  21. That ccp they have no cultural history but white russian marxism, stalinism, Socialism, communistic criminal role models. What hippocrites they are, R—-TS but yet in old documentaries you’ll see a FOREIGNER coming out of their bunker with mao! ( they don’t get capitalized here.)

  22. first 30 seconds kind of remind me of those videos that pop up saying they exposed you and other nonsense followed by your working for CIA, even though your originally from south Africa, they really do lack logic sometimes.

  23. This is what religion does too. Your successes are because of god. Your failures are due to satan.
    Sorry, if you want to take responsibility for something you take it for everything.

  24. Its frustrating how brainwashed mainland Chinese are. I have good friends from China who live in the US and have been here for years but they are so brainwashed you cant get through to them about many things. Its sad! Many are good people but China has programmed them not to think!

  25. China is basicly the most racist country in the world. The fact everyone stood by when they launched a global epidemic on the world is a joke. The world would be a better place if it burnt to the ground.

  26. It is sad a place you wanted to stay for the rest of your life went off the rails. ( I think you can understand go off the rails ) Just think what happens to a high speed train that falls off the rails. Now you Beautiful Chinese wife had to leave her family and come to such a country like the USA. That is not to say that C-milks wife is not beautiful she is but she looks different and the same to me. They are both beautiful women China gave to you men..

  27. No body says you can just stay in line and get your turn to get a free wife.
    But China’s unique opportunity did allow you as a westerner to teach western customs and English and then to meet your wife.

  28. Sharing credit is the reason there is no innovation in Socialist / Communist countries. It stifles creativity because there is no real initiative to succeed.

  29. “if you’re going to blame your successes on the government then you should also blame your failures” – wait, actually yes!

    Not **literally** all successes and failures, but yes, we need to acknowledge that society is structured in a way that benefits some groups of people more than others. Say, if you’re born into a wealthy family – regardless of whether they earned that money or not, you benefit due to something you had no control in. Same for if you’re born into a poor family, you are disadvantaged by something you had no choice in. If you’re born into a black family, due to the history of the black struggle, that family is more likely to be poor and face challenges that most other people outside of that group will not.

    The doctrine of Capitalism is that, Capitalism is a meritocracy, and if you aren’t rich, and doing great for yourself, then that’s your failure as a human being. (Not that China’s system is a good system. Democracy is a key pillar of any fair society.)~

    Individualism and Collectivism are not incompatible. You can have both!

  30. Some wumao lectured me on how China is a Han ethnostate and that westerners never would understand this. I redirected him to one of the many statements from the CCP about 56 glorious ethnicity and how they pride themselves on being a multi-ethnic society.

  31. One think that upsets me is you a true Africaner comes to the USA and people from 300 years ago came here not in a good way will not call themselves American. No they are African American.

  32. There is a popular phrase in Chinese: “glass heart” or “heart of glass.” Someone with a “glass heart” is someone who’s very sensitive or whose feelings get hurt easily.

  33. Would you be up for an open conversation with ‘moderately’ brainwashed Chinese citizens ? Like these Al Jazeera journalists trying to have some sort of decent parlé with alternatively educated Chinese people.
    btw: I am a gearhead too.. married to a Thai-Chinese lady and have a fondness for SA. (Flemish Belgian).
    I applaud your passion for the truth and Simon vs Goliath attitude !! Rock on man.. awesome lady and daughter.

  34. So true. It’s a false equivalency pushed by the government. I saw some pretty incredible things the government did there (building infrastructure in record time, for example), but the one thing I miss the most about the Middle Kingdom is the people!

  35. games? no, necessary skills to define and choose the best for you with integrity and morality. The sad fact is love comes from God as the start and if a culture does not give honor to higher being then it turns into a slave society….oh, the strawman mentality still exists in western culture…indentured service…peonage…the Utopian society can thrive but there is a new golden age to be found and there is way too much corruption right now to comprehend it. There are farms being taken away in China, the organ harvesting evil practices ..the cheapness towards life …absolute sellouts…and good people in China need a revolution to oust their liars and demand better authority but they are usually beaten into submission or disappear. gold plated poop is still poop. The Mason god is all over the American dollar…wrong stuff there.
    Sovereignty to the people.

  36. The CCP lies all the time, the Chinese lie all the time, the CCP is the political voice of Han Chinese culture! Never believe the words they speak to your face, they will be different than the whispers words behind your back and to other Han Chinese! Learnt from over 7 years living in Shanghai and in Hong Kong! I worked in IT and dealt with so called “well educated” Chinese all were brainwashed drones of the CCP in China and some in HK also. The CCP is the party of the Han chinese, it is their true SOUL and can’t be separated from the Han as it represents the Han’s true nature!

  37. You’re right, the chinese people aren’t the CCP. But if the Chinese people don’t want the CCP talking for them then it is up to them to stop it, it’s not up to us to not call it out.
    Every country has the government it deserves, hate to say it.

  38. When Neil Armstrong step foot on the moon he said ” one step of man , a big leap for mankind” ,

    If a Chinese person had landed he would say , one step of man a big leap for Chinese government. 😆😆

  39. You can say the same about criticizing Israel or pro-Israel policies in detriment of Palestine or other arab countries; getting accused of anti-semitism, which is bullshit

  40. what really annoys me is that my mom came over from Cuba when she was only 4, and she and her family came with nothing but clothes and a squeaky doll, and we didn’t have much in Cuba either, and yet, online marxists immediately assume i’m a former slave owner for being Cuban and living in America, just outright racism

  41. So, the CCP is like God.
    God only take credit for your accomplishment and all the good stuff, and blame you for your downfall and bad things in the world.

  42. Most governments don’t want you to separate the people from the rulers. It’s a good rule to know there are great people in every country, regardless of the government.

  43. A famous Westerner reminded his subjects, “you didn’t build that!” CCP also says this. Which came first, the Maoist or the Race theorist-in-Chief?

  44. So true that the CCP and the chinese people are not one in the same. I am so sick of people painting with a broad brush that they are.

    I have found China for the most part to be wonderful. The CCP not so much.

  45. CCP is just another imperial dynasty. In fact, China remains the same as ever – an absurd, ancient Confucian state longing to bring back the glory of yesteryear.

  46. Winston your criticism of socialism is biased. You are supporting you biased argument with facts logic and history. You need to improve your biased attack with feelings and wishes.

  47. Thank You, Winston, for explaining the DIFFERENCE between rugged individualism AND the Marxist/Communist/Socialist FEELZ set of Collectivism.

    Commifornia is a lot like China: Lots of regressive, Leftist, Collectivism. Once you LEAVE, your cost of living will go down by 33-50 percent.

  48. CCP is made of people of China. Separating Chinese from CCP is as incorrect as claiming that all of them are part of CCP. CCP is a responsibility of all Chinese, because this organisation is funded by all Chinese. People must be judged individually, but they still share collective responsibility as citizens. Evil deeds can be countered by good deeds. If you fund evil and do nothing to counter it then you are evil. Ignorance does not absolve from responsibility.

  49. Your people earned South Africa it’s yours. They fought for you.
    When the times changed and the predominant society trusted others to participate your South Africa was different. Your journey starts with security cameras…why…? Your people fought for 300 years with no cameras, Why would anyone need to go to China? Oh, yes,they make stuff there because it’s cheaper . The good old security camera. ” stay awesome” means South Africa is no good for < equality>, new guidelines, plus they are vengeful and violent….thats realy what , ” stay awesome” means….get to where it’s hospitable enough to be awesome. We do need your wife on a medical staff in an Awesome Country. We EARNED her, it took 200 year to earn her. Respect California as a refugee, you lost South Africa, we will feed and shelter you. You are home my friend.

  50. Dude I love you serpentza and I’m extremely grateful for your work, but what the hell were you thinking when you had to do things like enter in a business agreement bound by contract, in a country that completely hates all of capitalism and it’s values and systems lol. I don’t mean that in a dickish way, but what I really mean is, we’re you suspicious from the start? Or did it take a couple losses before you realized you weren’t gonna be able to hold anyone to a contract there? Is there any way someone was able to protect themselves from being financially fucked by someone outside the CCP, back then? Thanks

  51. Well said and it needs to be said, over and over, until the Chinese people are free to chart their own course in life…each guided enroute by a vision of destiny that is of their own individual choice.

  52. Ironically, this is why you will never be taken out. Sure, you say some bad things about China, but it’s what everyone already expects, and China’s citizens recognize internally. You love the people, culture, (true heritage) & yet you are still censored outright for speaking the truth. I do wonder if there’s a point to it all, even the Australian journalists being kicked out of China is just indicative that it’s hardly changing whatsoever.

  53. It is the same thing in Vietnam, too. Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) making the citizen of Vietnam and the country Vietnam are the same entity with the VCP as the leading regime.
    Vietnamese in Vietnam has been brainwashed and confused by VCP’s tactics. However; the VCP has failed in big time to Viet Kieu ( Overseas Vietnamese ).
    Serpentza – Please keep up with your good works that are from your conscience.

  54. I have been watching y’alls videos for months now… I started because my 14 year old daughter is and has been drawn to all Asian cultures..and I wanted to be I formed enough to understand and carry on a conversation with my American teenager…. thank you for providing a platform for a mother and daughter. I have never been under the impression that yall are talking shit on China. Yall come across as representing both the good and bad of living in China as a outsider person… it’s a different experience compared to being a forener in America…. keep up the good work…

  55. in order for the CCP to grow, it NEEDS to be able to take constuctive criticism, take name calling on the chin, stop the racist BS and give the chinise people the TURE freedom of speach. No one is ever perfect, we never will be. But we can all strive for a better prosperous life, you can only do that off your own back and no one can take that away from what you have earned.

  56. You equate the criminals and ANC with SA; as with China not being the CCCP, so is SA not that. Why do I bother to say this to you, because the 95% of SA deserve to know how to get the best out of China, and so does the rest of Africa, and you know how… (By DNA you are of the San, the origional people of Africa)

  57. I think you are in for a rude awakening in America. PLease start to make videos about America and we will see where it takes in the next 5-10 years. You’ll probably end up in Russia, seeking refuge.

  58. I remember the first time I got arrested by Chinese police for posting tweets supporting Hong Kong protesters ,the cop said to me “CCP gave you everything you need your food your clothes your life spending and why did you keep making trouble ?why did you spread rumors to attack our country ?” I was shocked and completely speechless don’t know how to answer him that moment

  59. In order to earn something, that something must first be available. Why didn’t you earn it in South-Africa? Right, there are nothing to earn there. China built a system that created those opportunities, like it or not. Why didn’t South-Africans create those opportunities for you? You’re completely delusional.

  60. I’m seeing a floating head and hands. 2020 just got weirder.

    Anyway I raised this very same question to the other channel that criticized you where the lady said China gave you a wife. This is laughable. Apparently all Chinese people take credit for your happy marriage for some reason. She didn’t understand my question and felt she had to explain to me what she meant lmao. This is a deeply rooted mindset embedded in the culture, cultivated by their collectivist government.

  61. The CCP sure sounds a lot like organized religion. Everything good in the world and everything good in your life is thanks to some god. While everything bad is your fault. Don’t ask questions or challenge their belief because then you are attacking and anti (whatever) religion and people you’re talking about. It’s all about power and control.

  62. And the parties who fight individualism or collectivism change. As Ray Dalio mentioned history changes like a sinus curve. Europe has been collectivistic in medieval times and China has been individualistic when the country was not united. Probably sides will change in the future because capitalism only functions properly if the economy is decentralized. All remarkable inventions in the past came from individualistic cultures and China cannot continue their dominion of the world without innovation.

  63. I came to Canada with nothing and I could say that I earned everything myself, and I don’t owe anything to Canada. But I don’t feel that way, I feel appreciated about the country that provided me with the opportunity, and I will defend Canada even though it’s not perfect. That’s the difference between Chinese culture and the West.

  64. A few video’s back you informed me of all the hate you’ve gotten and this video is in a way a respond to that. Soo i went out to search for some critics/haters, another YT’r claims that you use negativity as clickbait for video’s and he shamed you for it (to be fair there is a lot going on that isn’t quite positive) but than I checked his channel and all of it was focused on negative news or even rumors and blowing those out of proportion. How can anyone take someone like him serious when he’s such a hypocrite.

    Anyway keep up the good work, hope to see more fun stuff as well i felt soo jebaited at the flight sim.

  65. Well said …. we all need to have that clarity that CCP is not Chinese people. They are just people like you and me, simple, hard working and god fearing. CCP is the evil. We ignored one evil from Germany in the last century and the world was dragged to a war. What we do now counts … the future historians wont be kind if we choose to repeat the same this time.

  66. I highly doubt you’ll see this comment, but it must be said/asked. Was it the CCP’s achievement when the school children went to your father’s zoo and met the friendly pettable leopard at his zoo? What an amazingly scary, yet funny story from your dad’s book. I really do enjoy his stories of his life in South Africa.. I will also admit i have been following your channel since shortly after Beer Girl. I just don’t comment all the time. Love the content man. Love the old C-milk too. Peace guys. 😎👍

  67. China’s loss is our gain. They’ll never realized what they’ve lost in with their collectivism. Seeing so many Americans embracing that type of government and pushing for it in the U.S. breaks my heart.

  68. Actually China doesnt also like good things comes from Chinese citizens who are not Han. If a scholar or scientist not Han, Usually praise shifts to chinese. If the person Uyghur or Tibetan gets detention or even execution for inventing something great.

  69. At least my kids look like me and I didn’t destroy my ethnic line. So no thanks bud. Enjoy your “success” cos I see nothing anyone should aim to emulate

  70. I know that there is a difference between the people of China and the CCP and the latter belong in Hell for all the hurt they have done to the people of China, and the world.

  71. China’s COMMUNIST PARTY LEADERS are dangerous and need to be destroyed. America, including the world at-large, should be very skeptical of China, about their explanations for the virus, about their human rights record, about their treatment of the Uighurs.

  72. It’s both, right? “China”, whatever that means, gave you an opportunity. As you said, you seized the opportunity. Hard work is very important, but certain conditions need to exist for hard work to even be an option..

  73. I just think back to all those times when I was in China during the economic crisis in the USA during 2008-2009. I remember how so many Chinese people gloated over the “fact” that China’s economy was doing better than the USA’s. I sit back in my home now going ” siiigggghhhh, yeaaaahhhhh “, thinking about the utter economic downfall of the economy of the CCP that is happening right now. What is there to gloat over this time? Also, for the CCP to call themselves Chinese is a bold-faced lie. To be a real Chinese man or woman, you have to have a soul, heart and a true love for China. The CCP doesn’t have any one of those. So, they cannot call themselves real Chinese.

  74. Good God! I can’t believe you own a Mao suit! May be I shouldn’t have made fun of your black suit and tie. Please return to the black suit and tie. What could be next, a Mao cap with a red star or MCGA logo?

  75. Yes ask Hong Kong, India, and Southern Asia right now, They are moving in fast trying to take over, Much Respect Brother, Much Respect, Belus

  76. Sounds like the epitome of being an American. Individual responsibility and freedom to make something of oneself. Unfortunately the CCP propaganda is being pushed by white woke Marxists here in the US. And even worse, people are falling for it.

  77. The United states or let say the world made A DECISION TO DECOUPLE WITH CHINA.
    The world thinks CCP China providing us with all made in china products … at the end we all realized CCP CHINA IS EVIL!!

  78. dear Wumao,

    I love the chinese people, and all the very different Nations in this beautifull country, from the Tibetan followers of the Dalai Lama to the devout Ouigur muslims to the wise Han followers of Confucius. They all have their own individual dreams that they pursue in their country, China despite the existence of the CCP bourgeoisie, I hope the chinese people will win the class warfare against this bourgeoisie one day and pull out those that fall victim to the falsehoods the CCP spreads. the CCP financially owns your means of production, your land, you are the worker yet you give your work and all your hours awake in exchange of the basic necessities only while the CCP devours your health and the profits you created. Read Marx, read Mao: you are in class warfare and the CCP is the bourgeoisie. You don’t even need to subscribe to capitalism to want to fight back the CCP.

  79. 7:30 right there, thats a very powerful ending statement, the people of china are not the CCP, and the CCP is not these people, thank you so much for bringing this to light and for making this powerful videos to convince others to stop being affraid

  80. This is obviously anti-China probajanda by this WHITE MAIL!!! HOW DARE YPU CRITICISM THE ONLY COUNTRY ON PLANETA
    Tiananmen Square was a VIOLENT TLRIOT the CHONESAE PEACEFUL Liberation Army helped quell darn Stude- I mean anti Chinese foreign agents!

  81. Sirry but YOU ARE very critical toward China, to such a degree many of your videos are depressing . Theres a girl who’s lived there 10 years and she loves it, as do many other vloggers for some reason. Just sayin

  82. Serpentza I am not a Chinese person, I am White.
    But I am begging you to stop attacking Chinese people on the basis of having a pro-chinese attitude, a nationalistic attitude. It’s not morally wrong, and it’s a strategically useful evolutionary strategy.
    For the sake of people like your family and friends in South Africa, please learn the lessons from history you should have learned from what happened to the country of South Africa. White people there were not nationalistic enough, they cared about foreigners and let them in by the millions and millions over time, and did not sufficiently stand by their own people and their own interests, and their country is in the process of being fully taken away from them by black south africans who united under a shared racial identity and nationalism. I know it’s tempting to try to destroy nationalistic attitudes now wherever you see them, but the ones who hurt you are not going to listen to your message, instead only the people you love will hear this. White people end up being the primary target of anti-nationalism videos like this, and it will only cause more tragedies to happen to White people like what happened in zimbabwe and south africa, to happen again.
    Please change your mind about what is worthwhile in attacking the Chinese for. Because whatever you attack is going to be received as a message by White people to no longer do, and Chinese will continue to do it.

  83. To be honest, if I play devil’s advocate, they would have a point if they said China gave you opportunities to succeed. However, that’s not the same as “China gave you success”.

  84. We should be clear about the relation of the citizens and their government, any government. It’s becoming unclear nowadays, even in the west.

    We, the people, paid tax to HIRE the government to work for us. They work for us, not we work for them. If they do a good job, that’s their duty. If they do a crappy one, we show them the door. Voting is the method of showing them the door. Owning guns is to make sure we can still vote. Let’s be clear about this once and for all.

  85. All the chinese people I have ever talked with are happy with the chines govt.
    I was very angry against china when I first started watching your videos but later I found out that your content is just promoting hate against china. Just watched the video due to the baity title.

  86. although my family is from mainland china, i despise the communists and the peril they have wrecked upon china. my heart belongs to taiwan and the overseas chinese who also disapprove of the ccp

  87. Why anyone would go to work in a communist country to support the communist economy and not think you are a communist boggles my mind. That is the definition of a hypocrite.

  88. Serpentza opposes the righteousness of Chinese rule.

    I have downvoted every video you have ever posted and reported this video to Youtube and the CCP which righteously owns it. If your heretical behavior does not stop your punishment will further continue.

  89. so I guess ethnic Tibetans, Mongolians, Uighyurs, and the people of Hong Kong and Macau are just an extension of the Han people who speak Mainland Mandarin…and here I thought China celebrated diversity amongst their nation…

  90. Great video as always Winston for me I would agree with you all you said for me in general most of my friends who went to China had kind of similar mindset as you to start with life great in China over cheap costs and a possibly a better lifestyle than there own country but once the good sort of time period has passed you start to see it can become a dangerous place for example if your government is say enemy against the CCP then you can get jailed for being that nationality .

  91. Nobody likes china. Not even the mainlanders. And not even mainlanders who are associated or part of the ccp. They all send their kids out to a western country and desperately try to get them a second nationality. They all dislike the west too, but they dislike china so so much more. I know this guy who works at Huawei in Amsterdam, his name is Max Li. His parents received so much from the ccp, and first thing they do is tell their son to go out and live outside of china. They continue to smuggle money out of beijing to eventually live with their son in the netherlands, and fully cut tie with china. This is how bad china is.

  92. I wanted to correct you for the tag when I first saw it. Eventhought China did give you “everything”, it does not mean it is OK for the tyranny, oppression, and the lawlessness they imposed on you. It does not mean you gave me a dollar then I owe you that favor for the rest of my life!! No. No…oh…no!!!!

  93. I was shocked that over 200 people this week have being taken their inherited property. To belong to the CCP. For generations lived in a house, end suddenly it belongs to the state.

  94. I owe EVERYTHING to the USA! !I’m ashamed. I’m black. I’m ashamed. I’m American ,LOL 。What do I owe America so much that Americans treat black people like this

  95. And old Soviet joke about the “important and essential” role of the Party in every aspect of life:
    _Прошла зима, настало лето,_
    _Спасибо партии за это!_
    (winter has passed, and summer has came, thank dear party for that)

  96. Nah it look like brainwashing but truth its not, Most chinese people dont really buy into the propaganda BS you see. Its just they just dont say anything.

    Its the Ultranationalist that is loudest person in the room and since the CCP doesnt censor them so they are encouraged even further. It doesnt help the pro CCP youtuber and Wumao encourage such behavior on the internet.

  97. Just a quick personal question. Why haven’t you moved to Taiwan directly from South Africa bypassing China? Most people that I know are aware that Taiwan is basically China without communist regiment.

  98. Thanks for making these videos. The world needs to know what CCP is and know they should stop doing business with it. It will devour you soon after you play with it.

  99. Living in China, I, on the one hand, had never experienced such a society of takers. On the other hand, my life was enriched by the individual Chinese people I was privileged to get to know. It’s just such a dichotomy.

  100. CCP takes away all the credits, but none of the blame.

    CCP has no concept of leadership, who hides behind the Great Wall of China (build by the people where communism didn’t exist back then).

  101. I love the tongue in cheek intro here – really well done Winston. Hope you are doing okay amidst the smoke and fires currently, I’m in Sylmar and its even thick with smoke here. All the best sir.

  102. Don’t owe your govt. your life. They mean to govern and will govern as poorly as possible, in the human way. This is a universal that transcends communist parties. I have made administrators huddle and birthed bureaucracies. Anti-Christ doesn’t have fangs or a demon posse. It’s the skies hot with human sweat.

  103. What do you mean you don’t owe China? China made it possible for you to appreciate the USA that much more. Things we who were born here take for granted. We’re going through some hard times now but we survived and prospered much worse in the past, times when the very continued existence of the United States was in doubt. We’ll survive this top. Over 100 years ago John D. Rockefeller said anyone who bets against America will go broke. Personally I seriously doubt China will survive. Everything about it is a fraud.

  104. Is CCP grateful for being able to trade with the free market but they took advantage of it? Is CCP grateful with the US for saving them being colonized by the Japanese imperial army during WW2? None of them

  105. sounds very bolshevik.. just like the democratic party in the US… I wonder why…
    Check out the interview of Norman Dodd before he died. He was a federal investigator.

  106. STOP COMMUNISM PERIOD!!!!!! WTF are people waving the communist flag in our streets for don’t you understand how many people wish they had half the freedom we have here in the US…….Stop taking you’re freedom for granite because you might wake up one day and freedom is a taboo thought. Live free or DIE!

  107. I dont like how serpentza now is all fighting and talking about the CCP. I liked his videos before because most of us knew nothing about china and regular chinese. We always knew thier ruling class was corrupt, but not the average class. Now all serpentza does is talk CCP.. sux.

  108. After listening to you and your friend, I became interested in China. I also later started listening Joshua Phillips on Crossroads and heard him discuss some of the same issues you had been sharing. You shared the good and the bad which is always an evenhanded way to report. There is no doubt in what I’ve learned from you that you genuinely love the Chinese people. I was shocked to learn that if you criticize CCP government you are criticizing all of China. Keep up the great work.

  109. This seems like nothing more than sematics to me. You admit China gave you opportunities, which could basically be viewed as a country giving you something. There is a difference, but having an opportunity is a big difference over having no opportunities. This same logic can be used to explain the baby boomer generation in the US, just in a slightly different way. They believe America has given them the opportunity to live their lives, so they believe kneeling to the national anthem is an insult, not saying the pledge of allegiance is an insult, and they always have to say god bless america. I don’t see how this is different from any other nationalism. This isn’t about individualism vs collectivism.

  110. wumaos will answer to your video with one line: “we are tough in China, we don’t whine like you, this is nothing and nobody wants to see your whining about your personal experience, who do you think you are, excuse us Mr. Important??”

  111. What Mr. Xi is saying in his Chinese people/CCP statement is nothing short of a treat. I believe this is the CCP’s reaction to overwhelming evidence that anti-CCP sentiment is larger than ever…and growing. I take the statement as evidence that Mr. Xi and his cohorts are feeling their grasp on the mindset of the Chinese people is slipping away…and what are people inclined to do when a bully stands at the mike like Hitler and demands that all his people must think exactly like him…or else? Exactly!

  112. I love your honesty and frankness about South Africa and China, both positive and negative. I have especially enjoyed your travelogues in China. You are never prejudiced.

  113. Winston your sub rate has increased. That is good news.

    But the discourse of yours can get tiring.

    Nobody cares if you worked hard for your successes nor that China has been bad to you.

    Good for you. Or what a pity. Poor little baby.

    If you gotten your US visa then , just make good on it an pursue whatever you want.

    You ain’t Ralph Nader fighting a good fight. And everyone around knows CCP is the evil empire.

    Good find other dragons to slay.

  114. I like your videos, but you are gettinga bit salty and personal, no offense, to keep your viewers I would suggest you make videos witha broader view of China (like you used to do) and include positive things (there are several positive things as you know obviously), it makes it more interesting for us viewers…. don’t let the the hate get to you (you are now and it shows), shrug it of and make great China-videos!

  115. I for one always say “Chinese CCP” and not China and I correct my friends as well. I haven’t been there but would love to visit and roam the country as freely as anyone who visits the USA.

  116. I seriously doubt you make all these critical video’s of China because you hate them. No, I am willing to bet that your heart is in China, and you love the place, but the Government and their retarded, nonsensical ideology is what we all hate. That has to go and China needs to be reborn.

  117. When I was working on a Master of International Relations with an emphasis in Asian Studies trough Troy University at Kadena Air Base, in Okinawa, the professor had spent much of his life as an English teacher in China prior. I was about convinced that he was a member of the CCP and was very open in his support for the re-election of Barack Obama. I didn’t really matter to me much, but he seemed very favorable to the CCP and indicated it was sort of a “pussy cat.” Let the party rule and the people could earn as much as they wanted.

  118. Western governments need to discriminate against the Chinese people! Keep them out of our lands, so we don’t get our peace and security distorted! Maybe they make a few exceptions for Chinese who married genuine 2nd generation westerners! But allowing them to set up china towns everywhere is only going to harm us! Chinese exclusion act!

  119. Yes, but there are opportunities that allotted to you that were not provided in every country. Yes, working in China, I work six days a week. Yes, places like Taiwan, Costa Rica, and Iceland may be idyllic, but they do not provide the same opportunities for certain fields. I have a master’s+, and I am going for my second graduate certificate at an Ivy League school. So, I have worked hard. Yet, I know that the opportunities found in China are very unique.

    In time, these opportunities may be found in other countries as well. However, I have to say that I am very glad that Chinese companies have allotted me these opportunities. Yes, I work very different hours, but my quality of life is much better. I am actually teaching students as a result of Chinese educational initiatives. There is an increased emphasis on language instruction. I would much rather teach English rather than teach to a test as I would in my homeland.

  120. Winston arrived in China and was soon homeless. Fast forward a few years and now Winston is now cruising around the Pacific coast in south cal in a corvette with a doctor wife and a baby. What an amazing story! Congratulations bro.

  121. “You didn’t build that” A phrase that some American’s remember a couple important Democrats saying 8 years ago. That is the mentality of the CCP. Which makes sense since the CCP has owned the DNC ever since Bill Clinton took their money to get reelected.

  122. All dictators think they own all the people in their countries. Don’t ever be shocked. If you read China’s history, this happens all the time. Qin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty. They all thinks Chinese people are their slaves, but these dynasties all crumbled into dust, but Chinese people still survive. Chinese Communists Party is no exception in the eyes of China’s history. CCP will eventually collapse. It is only matter of time. The more CCP behaves like a dictatorship, the faster it crumbles.

  123. But aren’t the people complacent in allowing the CCP to govern the way they do? I will admit some Chinese people I met in China are some of the nicest people I have met the world over but the majority are brainwashed sheep.

  124. ChyyyyyNah! Trump 2020 and HydroxyChloroquin is the Cure to Covid 1984. Covid is Covert theft of our American Prosperities, Bill of Rights, and freedom right to travel. SerpentZA and Trump 2020! Save U$!

  125. Thanks mate! I feel the same love towards my second home Brazil, I have not been back for many years but I forever wish to and will go back there.
    You’re a legend and keep it up! 👌🏾🤘🏾🤙🏾

  126. 木兰不是中国人更不是汉人,她是蒙古语系的 北魏拓拔鲜卑人,故事发生在黄河上游和蒙古高原上,可汗大点兵,黑山指在今天的呼和浩特东南方,燕山指燕然山是今天的蒙古国杭爱山,可汗大点兵就是命令自己的预备役鲜卑族人上前线。


    The real history about the mulan she was not a Chinese ! Not a Chinese !!!
    She was from a Mongolic monadic people xianbei as called today Siber who established a  khaganate empire in northern China,
    mulan served for khans army to against an other Mongol-turkic northern nomadic khanate confederation Rouran  people’s Invision,
    There were two different monadic empire  fighting each other over controlling and ruling Chinese people just like Mongol Tatar nogay fighting each other for controlling Russian land.

    Ode of Mulan
    Anonymous (c.5 A.D.)
    Form: yueh-fu

    Tsiek tsiek and again tsiek tsiek,
    Mu-lan weaves, facing the door.
    You don’t hear the shuttle’s sound,
    You only hear Daughter’s sighs.
    They ask Daughter who’s in her heart,
    They ask Daughter who’s on her mind.
    “No one is on Daughter’s heart,
    No one is on Daughter’s mind.
    Last night I saw the draft posters,
    The Khan is calling many troops,
    The army list is in twelve scrolls,
    On every scroll there’s Father’s name.
    Father has no grown-up son,
    Mu-lan has no elder brother.
    I want to buy a saddle and horse,
    And serve in the army in Father’s place.”

    In the East Market she buys a spirited horse,
    In the West Market she buys a saddle,
    In the South Market she buys a bridle,
    In the North Market she buys a long whip.

    At dawn she takes leave of Father and Mother,
    In the evening camps on the Yellow River’s bank.
    She doesn’t hear the sound of Father and Mother calling,
    She only hears the Yellow River’s flowing water cry tsien tsien.

    At dawn she takes leave of the Yellow River,
    In the evening she arrives at Black Mountain.
    She doesn’t hear the sound of Father and Mother calling,
    She only hears Mount Yen’s nomad horses cry tsiu tsiu.

    She goes ten thousand miles on the business of war,
    She crosses passes and mountains like flying.
    Northern gusts carry the rattle of army pots,
    Chilly light shines on iron armor.
    Generals die in a hundred battles,
    Stout soldiers return after ten years.

    On her return she sees the Son of Heaven,
    The Son of Heaven sits in the Splendid Hall.
    He gives out promotions in twelve ranks
    And prizes of a hundred thousand and more.
    The Khan asks her what she desires.
    “Mu-lan has no use for a minister’s post.
    I wish to ride a kindness camel
    To take me back to my home.”

    When Father and Mother hear Daughter is coming
    They go outside the wall to meet her, leaning on each other.
    When Elder Sister hears Younger Sister is coming
    She fixes her rouge, facing the door.
    When Little Brother hears Elder Sister is coming
    He whets the knife, quick quick, for pig and sheep.
    “I open the door to my east chamber,
    I sit on my couch in the west room,
    I take off my wartime gown
    And put on my old-time clothes.”
    Facing the window she fixes her cloudlike hair,
    Hanging up a mirror she dabs on yellow flower powder
    She goes out the door and sees her comrades.
    Her comrades are all amazed and perplexed.
    Traveling together for twelve years
    They didn’t know Mu-lan was a girl.

    “The he-hare’s feet go hop and skip,
    The she-hare’s eyes are muddled and fuddled.
    Two hares running side by side close to the ground,
    How can they tell if I am he or she?”

    木 兰 辞







    《Поэма о девушке Мулань》

    Сидит Мулань за домашним ткацким станком.                  
    Но не слышен шум станка,
    Слышны только её вздохи.
    Когда спрашивают, о чём она думает, что вспоминает.
    Она говорит, что думает только о военной повестке.
    Вчера вечером она видела много повесток.
    На них написано, что хан  издал приказ о мобилизации военных сил.
    На каждом листе было написано имя ее отца.
    У отца нет старшего сына.
    Нет старшего брата и у Мулань.
    Она, подумав, решила найти лошадь с седлом
    И поехать на войну вместо своего отца.

    На восточном базаре она купила боевого коня,
    На Западном-седло, на Южном-уздечку, а на Северном-длинный хлыст.
    На другой день утром покинула родителей,
    И вечером на берегу реки Хуанхэ заночевала.
    Здесь уже не слышен зов родителей,
    Слышно лишь шумное течение воды в реке.
    Мулань утром простилась с желтая  река ,
    И под вечер приехала на подножие черная гора  .
    Не слышны тут стенания родителей,
    Слышен лишь конский топот кочевой войск у горы Яньшань.

    Мулань проехала тысячи километров и переправилась через крепости и хребты.
    Северный ветер доносил в казармы удары дежурного в гонг,
    Мрачный лунный свет освещал военные латы.
    Не на жизнь, а на смерть сражались воины и офицеры.
    Оставшись живыми, они вернулись с победой на родину.

    Сын небес  сидел во дворце и принимал их.
    За подвиги он щедро наградил Мулань.
    Спросил хан , что Мулань ещё хочет.
    Она ответила, что ей не нужны высокие чины и должности.
    Она лишь попросила доброго верблюд отправилась к себе домой.

    Когда узнали отец и мать о возвращении своей дочери,
    Они, поддерживая друг друга, пошли навстречу.
    Узнав о приезде Мулань, старшая сестра вышла во двор умытая и причёсанная.
    Младший брат услышал, что приехала сестра.
    Он пошёл точить ножи, чтобы забить свинью и барана.
    Открыла Мулань дверь с восточной стороны,
    Села на кровать в западной стороне комнаты,
    Сняла свои военные латы и надела прежнюю женскую одежду,
    Она причесалась и надела свои золотые украшения.
    Вышла потом она за ворота и увидела своих соратников.
    Все они были удивлены и растеряны
    12 лет они воевали плечом к плечу,
    Не знали они, что Мулань-это девушка.

    Если держать зайца за уши в воздухе,
    Можно заметить, что самец шевелит ногами, а самка мигает туманными глазами.
    Если отпустить его на землю, ты не различишь, бежит самец или самка.

  127. Would you please be less toxic and repetitive all the time? It’s nice to preach and be a thoughtful reminder to those who listen but do you really think that constantly repeating yourself will influence someone that is not your audience? Think about it, because you hurt your audience this way. You’re smart enough to find diversity in your subjects, here’s an idea from one of your own subjects you brought up in this video: gouvernment-issued wives.

  128. I thought he was trying to get allowed to visit China again for a second. Lol.
    Xi: “Kiss the ring”
    ZA: ***Buttons top button***
    ZA: “I owe EVERYTHING to china!”

  129. Thank you serpentza, we need more people who are honest not only to the public, but to themselves, and having watch you for years i can personally tell that you are truly telling the truths from your heart.
    Wish you and you your family all the best and YOU if anyone should stay safe and awesome!

  130. CCP China in reality are a group of selfish leaders that hides under their own people. ( as an excuse). Arrogant to less develop countries but a victim to a wealthy countries. That’s double edge personality.

  131. I’ve argued with my Chinese colleagues similarly – they say we take Chinese money, but don’t see that individual parents are paying exorbitant amounts of their own money for us to help them get their children out!

  132. I’ve seen especially lately how Chinese people seem to take credit for shit they never did and get offended over shit that shouldn’t offend them as an individual… “WE did this, WE built that, WE achieved this”… Its absolutely retarded.

  133. That is a very good point, that Taiwan is a vision of what China could be in freedom which makes the oppressors (CCP) hate them for no reason; it made me think that is why the oppressors in the USA hate Trump for no reason, because he is a vision of what the USA could be free from corruption.

  134. ALL the pandas in the world belongs to China. Doesn’t matter where it is, pandas belongs to China. But that doesn’t hold true for the people.

    But chinese people (ethnicity) is not China. They belong to where they live and serve. They’re Taiwanese, they’re hongkongers, they’re americans etc.

    I really hope someone will assasinate that Pooh for good. If he wants to stay in power, then he can hold on it till the day he dies. But its a matter of short, or long life.

  135. Sie hat uns alles gegeben,
    Sonne und Wind und sie geizte nie.
    Und wo sie war, war das Leben,
    Und was wir sind, sind wir durch sie.
    Sie hat uns niemals verlassen,
    Wenn die Welt fast erfror, war uns warm.
    Uns führte die Mutter der Massen,
    Es trug uns ihr mächtiger Arm.

    Die Partei, die Partei,
    Die hat immer recht
    Genossen es bleibt dabei,
    Denn wer für das Recht kämpft,
    Hat immer recht
    Gegen Lüge und Ausbeuterei.
    Wer das Leben beleidigt,
    Ist dumm oder schlecht,
    Wer die Menschheit verteidigt,
    Hat immer recht.
    Denn aus Lenin’schem Geist
    Wächst von Stalin geschweißt
    Die Partei, die Partei, die Partei.

  136. That’s why you also get these 2nd or 3rd generation American-Chinese who have an identity crisis because they watch all the CCP bullcrap, get asked “So where are you really from?” once or twice – then conclude: “Maybe I’m not American after all?” …You’ll find them on r/Aznidentity

  137. Winston you need to keep pounding this home. China was a great ally in WWII the people are great people who are loving and kind and took care of our airmen. The CCP is nothing more than a dictatorship that represses all Chinese people. They are a danger to world peace and can never be trusted. Dito Russia and Putin.

  138. But Chinese leaders takes the individual credit for the things that he has done or even not done. For instance Mao has taken more credit than he deserves while never criticized for the crimes against humanity.

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