I SNEAK back into China on a Private plane!

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  1. SZ was my life from 2013-2017. As an American musician, I was playing tons of bars, weddings, events, etc. OCT Lof, OCT Bay, Coastal City, Shangri La, Hilton Shekou, Taps bar in Coco Park, etc. I’m sure I bumped into you Winston at some point, although I was a Shekou / Nanshan guy. What an amazing whirlwind life I lived in China for 4.5 years! High highs and Low lows! It was ANYTHING but boring, and part of me misses those days greatly. Being in the fastest growing city in the history of the world. And those were still the golden years of China, especially around 2013.

  2. Instant click and way too cool! I love your content and love flight sim, can’t believe eve you did this. Thank you!

    Please keep you and your family safe!

  3. I wonder if the reason those buildings are replaced with generic black box is down to licencing? I mean, the same reason that you can’t show the Hollywood sign in anything.

  4. You two are such trolls, I love the title!
    I expect there were air raid sirens in Shenzhen when all of the wumaos saw the title and hysterically attempted to track you down.

  5. Just a note for everyone watching. All the buildings are generated using AI from Bing Maps using Blackshark AI. Chinese satellite data is not as good as EU/NA in quality. I can assure you that China has some mad good quality satellite data from their space programs however, I can also assure you that they will not be selling it for use on Bing Maps.

  6. As far as I know, China doesn’t really allow access to street view/detailed satellite imagery from companies like google and microsoft, so it makes sense that the renders in alot of areas are probably very poor. Represents poorly on China if anything. If people could go into the game and see things they were interested in, China could make good tourism revenue from it.

  7. Stay awesome 👌.. stay safe .. don’t upset the Chinese.. they will hack your Microsoft flight ✈️ simulator and turn into a riksha push

  8. I to have flight sim, I laughed so hard when you revealed that’s how you were entering China! Haha, Done in very good taste sir! Thanks I enjoyed this!

  9. “These guys don’t care about anything related to China! They use it for money and western glorification!”
    *Literally flies a plane into China just to look at his old home from above since he can’t enter the country*

    Edit: Yes guys I know he didn’t.

  10. Awesome footages! You looked the role as a pilot in those raybans 🙂 If you’re ever in San Francisco, I’ll take you flying the bay tour. Keep up the great work!

  11. Wow, I lived in Gang Dao Yin Zuo, can you see that, too? My Microsoft flight sim just won’t start any flight, installed everything nicely and it crashes every time while loading a flight 🙁

  12. I was just thinking if someone could sneak back into China it would be these two who get in and get out. Their just blessed and incredibly lucky enough to do it 🍀 😂

  13. Nice click bait . But interesting way of discussing China and not being there anymore.

    Maybe this proves that tourism will never come back to what it was after the Corona Virus.
    Get this software, sit at home and do the flight to your destination, google maps and search for pictures to look at and save in a folder as your holiday album and call for a take away meal or two to be delivered.

  14. Winston had to pause midway here, I too had Microsoft flight simulator but of 1940 war planes my favorite era! I could fly even Japanese planes too, wow I love this! You and Steve should make this here a product simulator game yourself! I would play!!!! Do you see it??? You both as characters!!! Haha that would be too much fun!

  15. Hey Serpentza You can use the drone camera feature in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to move around, and you can adjust the rotation speed and movement speed of the camera in the toolbar

  16. 5:35 they didn’t “mess it up.” The construction areas are clearly there. They’ve been developing this for years and they won’t have every building that popped up over the past half dozen years.

  17. this is trashy even by your standards. but hey, as long as you keep wearing a suit and acting posh, there will always be enough people looking up to you.

    (for the record I hate the CCP, I just don’t like the level of griftiness of winston.)

  18. One if the most obvious problem with Flight Simulator is the MICROSOFT part. Turns out they built a version of Windows 10 for the CCP.

  19. I think the reason why the buildings seem small is this is using Bing Maps to grab a lot of the ground data, and the Satellite view doesn’t do a great job at getting height of buildings.

  20. I enjoy this content, to be honest back in February you guys got me to take the CCP virus with abit more care. which helped alot. I live in a country that had about a month and a half of total lockdown so I was able to get ready and warn those around me ahead of time. thank you for that. but that bieng said i also very much enjoy your more light hearted content as well. hope you all the best.

  21. I flew over Guangzhou and my wife was able to spot her apartment and the school where she taught. Other major landmarks, though, are missing, like the Canton Tower.

  22. Why did they not send their airforce after you its not good sim . They would have shot you down with spud guns twoi minutes into sim .lol , Did they know you were there . lol , Guess now you have to stay in sim quarantine for 14 days now .

  23. The pod racer style seating is interesting. That view is similar to preening on tow in a glider except it is a little closer . Also that plane is lacking sufficient power to be used as a areiltug.
    I would like to be visiting my friends in China today put it is not safe for me to go. And I doubt it will ever be safe again.
    The local GPS/ phone map system is terabal the road I lived on was shown in the middle of the Peral river in reality it was about a half mile north of the river.

  24. C’mon. Admit it… you skydived out of the plane, with your themoptic cammo, sneaked into Xi’s personal data center, cloned some of his drives, escaped by sky hook in your thermoptic plane and sold the data to the pentagon.

  25. Cool idea to fly over Shenzhen in MS Flight simulator. Well done, Winston! Sadly I haven’t experienced Shenzhen much back in a day. But I miss GZ and Southern China in general!👍 I hope to go there as a tourist some time in the future. The worst we are losing real HK🤔 I’m grateful I went there once in 2019, checked the real HK. The only one. Also Macau. China is a great place to experience a bit. Peace out.

  26. They did an extremely accurate ‘clone’ city of shanghai using real engine. I don’t know if they did one for shenzen yet but I’m sure they could use all the drone footage that you’ve got haha

  27. it looks like a chinese bootleg software imitating western software. the building are close enough to real thing briefly looking. but closer inspection it is not accurate. i find this funny. like comparing real iphone to chinese knockoff applephone or something.

  28. The algorthm to generate these buildings uses all kinds of public data together with the sattelite images. It might just be that height data from these buildings in China is not available. I think for the data that they have, they do a really good job. especially when viewed from a higher altitude.

  29. I was going to write how full of crap you and your mate are … until I saw that you just click baited … if this is how pathetic your videos have become then it would be worth stopping now, I think you have lost all credibility and you are bitterly bitterly upset and angry that you cant go back to your ‘stomping grounds’… those very same stomping grounds have been my play ground since 1996 but I was taught one very important lesson that sadly you didnt get taught … you never ever under any situation jeopardize or risk being denied access to a country, you are in someone else’s play ground, you choose to be, you are not forced to be, thus you play by and actually well within the rules they set… I know people in HK that are multi millionaires that cant go into China because of things they have done and been busted for… they would give up their wealth to have another chance but they will never get another shot at it … just like you… China made you what you are … you would be nothing today on youtube or any other platform if it wasnt for China… so think about that… if you think your actually anything other than ‘Made in China’ change your username, dont mention China and lets see how far you get. People enjoyed your original videos because to most it may be useful, I liked them as it was something I would have loved to do but I didnt have the time nor the desire to be a youtuber … Im in China to make money … and boy oh boy have we!

  30. I asked my son if America invented a general artificial intelligence and China invented a general artificial intelligence which one would be good like benevolent based on the people and the culture and how the people love each other what do you people think?

  31. Probably the title alone caused a massive intelligence manhunt mission for Serpentza before they realized it was fake. Great video! You look like a real pilot.

  32. I wouldn’t say it’s “pretty accurate” anywhere. Buckingham Palace is a three-storey run-down apartment building with some dirt roads next to it, Washington Monument has been replaced by some sort of a strange skyscraper with a 5 meters by 5 meters base. There’s some hand-crafted assets for items that airline pilots might see, like the Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer statue, but they let the A.I. do most of the work and it doesn’t have any idea what buildings are supposed to look like from the side.

    It did completely fail to predict that this is an urban area though, that’s definitely a strange one.

  33. My copy seemed pretty accurate. I’m playing the level where ik in arbitration over firing a ramp employee for not following iata procedures and refusing to get off her tractor and work. Looking forward to the level where I get to downsize the workforce due to global pandemic while getting congressional funds that would have allowed me keep it open. Good times!

  34. I just got FS 2020 yesterday, took till today to download the 90GB updates though lmao, I think Ill fly through there too lol. Keep your head up bro, and Thank you for all the Truth you tell. Stay Awesome brother!

  35. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft put in purposefully inaccurate maps to appease China. I feel it should be easy enough to get building height data, and plenty of information and models already exist for the popular buildings.

  36. Nice clickbait + mind-phuck with those first 20 seconds lol
    Too bad they didn’t figure out how to use satellite images to get the building heights. Still an impressive game (except for the lack of crash animations).

  37. I have been a subscriber of your channel for several years now, and no matter how the Chinese wumao talk shit about you, I love your videoes. But this kind of click bait is a disappointment. It just reminds me of those overly exaggerated titles of articles in WeChat. You know what I am talking about. I rarely read those articles Since I know the contents will not be what the titles imply. You always make informative videoes, and I believe you can do the same with their titles.

  38. You say all the worse about China, than you seem to miss that country so much, maybe it’s time to join for good Taiwan and to stop this stalking before something sad may happen to you …

  39. That’s an insult.
    All decent “terrorists” ( former “FFreedom Fighters”) have trained on Boeing.
    You had to be stiffy even on simulator with shitty Cessna ? ;o)

  40. Is there the city of Sihanoukville in the simulator? I spent some of the amazing years from 2012-2014 in that port city before the chinese invaded with casino projects. Despite its bad reputation it was a home for many and you couldn’t get enough of cheap seafood and endless fishing spots. It was quite surreal when a friend invited me to go fishing inside the port and I would drive my motorcycle around trucks and containers. Gosh, why didn’t I have a camera back then? The roads were in reasonable condition but nothing beat an afternoon ride past the Sokha beach, the reservoir for city’s water supply and stop at the monkey place just before the notable Independence hotel from the 1960s. Then I would loop around to get back home. I miss those rides…

    Today it’s full of dusty construction, every restaurant, hotel, hostel, cafe, minimart or apartment building that I knew are all gone, and I really mean they were bulldozed to make way for casinos and luxury hotels. Whenever I see a newer video of Sihanoukville after 2018 I don’t recognize it anymore. The roads or the grid I navigated are still there and the two lions roundabout, but every new landmark is confusing you. They want to make the new Macao for the chinese (gambling is illegal for cambodians), but everyone left after the online gambling ban. As much as anyone hates chinese dominating the world, I wish them well so they can restart the city I once called home.

  41. At the start I gave this video a thumbs down because I thought you were illegally flying into China. When I realised that it was just a flight simulator I felt a bit bad, but once I finished watching the video I felt the thumbs down was justified (but for a different reason). That video was one of the most boring videos you’ve ever made. I’m glad you and your wife enjoyed using the flight simulator, but I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy watching it (not one little bit).

  42. Btw you can use a drone mode to fly around. it was meant to be used to position you camera at any point around your plane but the “camera bound to plane” part can be deactivated, so if you want to do more Microsoft FS 2020 I recommend that mode.

  43. Hey actual question here: I was recently flying in MS2020 in China and was wondering how accurate it compares to some of the landscape you are familiar with personally. In your experience, do you see the buildings/scenery in China being different from reality in comparison to other locations in the simulator? Wondering if they had specifically altered the modeling for CCP privacy nonsense.

  44. YouTube will not tolerate aerial spying over mainland China. If caught or captured, YouTube will de-platform your ass and your YT channel, and as for the traditional disavowal – consider it done.

  45. Does it not make you sad that you’ll never go back to Shenzhen, your home for years? Shame that this channel turned into a propaganda outlet for the Trumpist crusade against China…

  46. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is amazing! You should do more videos where you explore China with it and talk about various issuesl ike you do with your motorcycle ride along series but instead fly around instead!

  47. If you had any doubt Winston and C-Milk were CIA, they’re able to get private charter flights over a country we’re in a trade war with…let that sink in Wu Mao. You were right, they’re definitely CIA!!!

  48. I get what you’re about these days and you have my full support but I do miss when I first discovered this channel and was learning about all the fascinating nuances to your everyday life in China. Was particularly cool hearing it from a fellow SA. I know you have your car channel now but any plans to share your everyday life in the US in a similar way to your previous early days in China? Wouldn’t recommend being political but the US can be just as fascinating as any country.

  49. I bet the US Military has some perfectly accurate fly over data in their flight simulators, if you know what I mean. I cant imagine you ever returning to China for any reason.

  50. Hi Serpentza, I have a question. My girlfriend is Chinese and whenever I bring up Hong Kong, she gets defensive. She says it’s how someone can criticize their own relatives, but when another person does you defend them. She knows that China has a lot of problems, and in fact she wants to move to the USA because she prefers American culture. However, she refuses to acknowledge how horrifying the genocide of the uighers is, or the forced annexation of Hong Kong, or the many other human atrocities of China. Why do Chinese people have such a hard time criticizing China, even when theyre in America where we openly criticize our own politicians all day?

  51. Fake vlog about China for people who can’t travel, it’s wonderful. Well, in China you can go everywhere in fact, you don’t need to be so careful to avoid die shoted in a dangerous area as in USA. I hope one day your country can improve in safety, medical assistance and social justice, is so pitty a so rich country with so many problems and chaos

  52. Ha-ha! I’ve been to Lo Wu also. But I had to get off before hitting the border at Lo Wu. I’ve also used Microsoft Flight Sim. It’s fun.

  53. Bro I know ur from SA but that was not by choice.. You CHOSE China.. That being said, you sound a little homesick.. just a little…just sayin’

  54. Serpentza: Did you manually cache the data for the area? This could by why it doesn’t match. You have to do a manual cache for it download more data. Otherwise it won’t have enough information so it just uses algorithms to estimate what it should look like.

  55. Awesome that you are still posting great content. Cheers Winston! And I admire your ability to change and adapt to constant global change.

    Love from Canada!

  56. Back in December 1981, my wife and I went into newly born Shenzen for a day tour. And was the place raw but bustling! In my old pics, I see construction going on all around; people dressed “smartly” in semi-Mao suits (some in actual bright colors!); “supervisor” party officials carrying curled up blueprints leading groups of older, official minions around to inspect progress; a shop selling what was advertised on the wall outside as “Simple and Crude Shop, Cheap in Price” (didn’t enthuse me to look inside!); a “Shenzen Arts & Crafts Centre” (which we did look around inside, but there was not much to see except someone doing calligraphy); large blue, military-style trucks filled with construction workers wearing oversize floppy straw hats moving from place to place and kicking up clouds of dust; crude, very crowded five- and six-story apartment buildings with laundry hanging on the balconies; other living quarters that looked little more than tile-roofed sheds lined up together with lean-to awnings on the side; donkey tractors dragging trailer carts overloaded with bricks and other cargo; roads and streets mostly of compacted dirt; bicycles everywhere! A world away from the Shenzen of 2020. Shout out from Oregon, USA.

  57. It’s a nice area for expats, but well, noisy and so so air quality. I went to the Walmart and MacC next to that building numerous times 4 years ago but never met you, I guess. I had my apartment as one of the KK mall buildings.

  58. Just imagine the maintenance cost of all this overnight infrastructure and as it ages the repairs , particularly with shoddy Chinese quality , this will tie up 10’s of millions of people and drain their budgets .

  59. When I seen the title I thought, “naaahh, i’m interested to see how you would fly into Chinese airspace without being escorted by military jets then arrest you when you land” Then I seen you in the Cessna and knew it was sort of a click bait title – I would click regardless

  60. I flow your most of your podcast that are great! I am afraid this particular podcast is very poor… just the whole thing means nothing to me as regular follower the compare a Flight Simulator Graphics to Real Landscape. This is a 180º Turn around from what I am used to see!. Mistakes happen. My criticism is a constructive one. Hope future podcasts are different and maintain the same “magic” as previous ones. All the Best Bru!

  61. I can imagine the frantic activity that occurred in the Chinese intellience agency once this was posted, I wonder how many high ranking officials were awoken with frantic phone calls from HQ and how many people lost face with this video.

  62. If that is the best that Microsoft can do then shame on them – or have they bowed down to Chinese pressure ? Half the reason that China is where they are today is because we let them. Now we are suffering from the results of this pressure so I guess we have to say we deserve it. Why – greed and mony on the the part of western countries. And I bet the Chinese, who also have this greed, have made the most of it.

  63. I lived in Jiujiang, China for almost five years. Unlike the four or five types of foreigners our host describes as living and working in China, I was a licensed teacher from America, and went to China to experience the culture. All in all l never had a problem. I stayed to myself and worked diligently. I guess l am the exception, because l didn’t go out to party, drink, do drugs, or womanize. I was more interested in the food and shopping for my kids and friends back home.
    However, l did experience nationalism and it was scary.
    I rode a motorcycle and enjoyed the freedom it afforded me. One time a young boy on a bicycle came out of no where and T-boned my bike. I had some road rash and minor damage to the bike. However, a crowd gathered of some 40 to 50 people. The traffic police was called. The police were about to take my bike and the kid’s bicycle when a friend who l called to help me with translation, told me to just drop it, because the crowd began chanting China strong, America weak. He said the traffic police were getting nervous and were worried about my safety. So I said OK. I shook the boy’s hand, while his parents told me they will instruct the boy on traffic safety. Then as quickly as the mob gathered they dispersed.
    I didn’t go to the hospital, parked my bike and took a taxi home. I was surprised at the mob mentally, because l believe that each one of those people, individually, would have been totally different in their interaction with me.
    That happened about 3-4 years ago. Since that time, especially in the last couple of years, the PRC has spoon fed the populace nationalistic dogma.
    In my opinion, should it ever come down to it, if the Americans cut off the head of the PRC the rest would wither on the vine. This is just my experience and opinion. It doesn’t mean I am right.

  64. How old is this China flight stimulator? That would be the problem. Microsoft needs to hire you and get it accurate! I don’t agree with anything Microsoft, Bill Gates is a parisite he is corrupt too.

  65. HI Winston!!! I have 2 say, Thank you…that was FUN!! It sounds like you really do miss China, not the CCP, of course, but China itself. Personally, I’m happy that you & Matt & your families are safe in the USA..Stay healthy & as always Stay Awesome! 😎💕

  66. Damnit Serpentza you snuck back into Shenzhen China. But you forgot the most important part of your mission. You were supposed too have Shanghaied Miss. Naomi Wu. and smuggled her back her too the States.

  67. I have been to Shenzhen and the people I met there where very proud to point out many buildings that were 100 stories tall or more. I was impressed that even way up these buildings, there were open windows.

  68. I was thinking ,Oh no! you two are together. Its too risky , if you get caught your wives and children will be left alone. So good result: baited, bit and reeled in but relieved. Haha. Enjoyed the awesome fly over. More please and stop scaring us.

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