1. Any other country who admit to hating another race or country would be called racist . Vietnamese don’t care about political correctness they say it as it is , and mean it .

  2. As an American… I’ve found the prejudice is huge in the older people. And of all ethnicity and races… Because they were taught to stick to they’re own. But the younger generations…like 50’s and younger have learned that it’s wrong. And personally I judge a person off they’re morals and character. Skin tone is not a deciding factor for me.

  3. Vietnam :north, central, south, and west. Trung mean central. There might be misunderstood. You talk to the camera in English and I doubt she understand your conversation. I have a feeling she’s thinking you are insane when you talk to the camera and she just play a long.

  4. TROY !! NO wildbird like to be CAPTIVE !!..thats why i stopped breeding MACAWS >>you know those BIG BIG PARROTTS as big as a MULLOCAN COCKATOO !!!!!

  5. 45 cents for a kilo of peaches. I just paid $5 for 6 peaches here in the states. Please be extra careful, Troy, as since you’ve been ill, if you catch the Toyota V., it will go hard on you. *”….sleep with Japanese freaks….”* LOL

  6. Where did she collect all that fruit??, Did her family grow them? This place is far nicer than the city! Troy please stay here a while.

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