I was a Bodyguard for a Chinese Serial Rapist

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  1. Not just China don’t want you say this, West Countries also don’t want you to say those facts about China. The whole world is very weird now a day. Like Covid-19 is obvious from China, and China peoples are so happy to see it make bigger impact in West.
    If you can read Mandarin you would know is true. Majority of them are cheer for the chaos in US.(mainland Chinese or CCP Chinese)
    But, if you talk about this situation on West Forum, you got blocked, your comment got removed. because that is hating? is racist? All those governments are playing some game together.

  2. @serpenza good on you for telling the world about this creep, can’t imagine how many times you wanted to scalp and gut him yourself.

  3. Having a mistress is seen as normal in many European cultures… and taking it a lot further than a consensual mistress also happens 🙁

    In no way do I support this … but it’s by no means just an Asian thing.

  4. These women go there then they feel they have no choice. Horrible and shows the lack of development with the local police and police is based on money (and face) not on human rights, especially women. No higher level oversight agencies to go to like the west (fbi for example) that can investigate

  5. This story is really shocking.I’m amazed you didn’t turn a blind eye to something weird that happen in the company. But the way you look with the Sunglasses looks cool though.

  6. China may be biased in favor of male workplace harassers, but the United States is definitely biased in the opposite direction. There needs to be a happy medium where both men and women are listened to objectively. It’s certainly not that way in the United States. All it takes is a rumor of sexual harassment and the man is fired and possibly doxed.

  7. Well, I know how you feel, do you know there is another men like this but darker, this man is King maha Vajiralongkorn (Rama X) this guy not just rape but also order to killed of his concubines, this man is not just very very powerful but this man rule Thailand with absolute monarchy with fear and terrer, the court also affected by this because the court judges under his mejesty name, people who talks about his majesty in public will get into jail for months even though there is still being in the process of filing a cout case with the corrupt law article 112(Le majeste law) anyone can file a case to the police with or without the evidence even 14 years old student affected by this law, to whom may concerned pls help us that is terrible for free people of Thailand 🇹🇭 spread the words out thank you.

  8. 65 (and counting?)…yes…65…down votes on this vid. Just goes to show…that no matter what…Winston’s vids are automatically flagged by CCP bots and/or those ordered by the CCP to discredit him and ANYTHING he says…Just because it’s Winston …and that’s the marching orders from the CCP to discredit any and all he has to say…at all cost…no matter what…

    I mean, how…HOW…can anyone…ANYONE…possibly condone such behavior?…It happened…It’s documented…It’s TRUE…How can anyone in their right mind deny that fact?…This whole sordid affair…from what this Harvey Weinstein clone did…to the mock, standard as usual, CCP court trial and system in the name of justice [sic]…to the scrubbing and sweeping under the rug of any and all references and history of this despicable case is totally disgusting and despicable…If you have money…power…and connections…It’s how things work and is the standard quo in China…

    To the 65…You have mothers of course…do you have sisters?…daughters?…or other female relatives? What if THEY were subjected to this predator, and to what he did?…What if THEY told you, that the same thing happened to THEM as what happened to these girls?…If your daughters or female relatives would have this happen to THEM…then what say YOU then?…You effers are sick…Puke on all you a$$-wipes…Shame…Shame…Shame…on YOU all…

  9. Wow. This is shocking and amazing. It was so much like a cult… On the funnier side at 10:40 you look like you’ve come straight out of “the Matrix”. A skinnier Morpheus.

  10. These kind of situations are not uncommon anywhere in the world. Employers targeting poor and desperate people from rural areas that can be manipulated in various ways and treated like slaves. They use people to feed their giant ego and get rich, and are tolerated because of their social status. Social parasites with god complexes. Children should be taught in school about these kind of people.

  11. This got me so heated.. I am in disbelief at the things he did, and the things the Chinese government allowed him to do. I feel so bad for those girls

  12. Did he ever try that shit on an American, Australian or foreign citizen?
    That’s what I want to know. I’ve always suspected that China was a dangerous place to work if you are a woman.

  13. I started watching you after having found your video about common scams on tourists in China. I subbed, and since then I’ve loved all of your content. You have consistently provided an interesting glimpse into a world I’m not at all familiar with and I truly appreciate it. Thank you! 🙂

  14. The internet catch phrase Positive Energy 正能量 caught on like wild fire from his trial. This cult rapist would first proclaim the victim was suffering from Negative Energy 负能量,
    only he could turn it into 正能量 if she agreed to have sex with him!

  15. Winnie the Pooh, and Beach Monkey too!

    Damn Winston, you worked for a Chinese version of a Bond villian. Like everything produced by the CCP, it is shabby and low quality.

  16. People with power and money always get away with it, not only in china. Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Harvey Weinstein, Gilbert Rozon and Guy Cloutier here in Canada and sadly so many more whatever the country you decide to dig in. This is absolutly discusting the level of power these pople have to be able to always get away while being so evil. Thanks for your video

  17. I couldn’t finish watching your video which was unfortunate. I’ve followed you and watched many of your past videos. But this one was unbearable. Waited patiently until the 20 minutes mark before you even stated for the first time what the dark side was. And then on and on … we knew you were principal, we knew you were friends to most of these girls, we knew this guy was the Elon musk and famous in China, we knew things ccvip practiced were weird because you’ve said it many times. Just wished you only gave a short intro and got to the point more quickly. Sorry, lost my patience.

  18. Hi Snake, you are not allowed to stay by China people in China now. Please stop obsessing on slandering China to defraud your money. Can you please do sth else normal???

  19. I rarely hear people mentioning this but how tf can winston talk in front of the camera without a script and without pausing or stuttering for so long

  20. Sighs…very sad. I am glad you tried to do something. Meantime, are you going to post on other sites in case Youtube (which has been censoring things here) decides to deplatform you?? There are many other sites you can post on and this way you can still post your information. Also, a lot of people are leaving Youtube and use those other sites because they are sick of how content creators are being treated. Just a thought.

  21. It’s the same in the West. People with money and influence get away with anything….unless their atrocities are committed against others of money and influence.

  22. I knew a wealthy man that wanted to keep me as security when I was young because I looked trustworthy. He said “oh what I could do with that face”. You do a great job for truth and freedom guys, thank you.

  23. Thanks mate for sharing this, rather disgusting topic. But people need to know. Keep up with the great job and keep your head up. Respect mate, you are awesome.

  24. It’s all very cult-like. The CCP, by extension is cult-like in a way too….Man You have seen a lot in your time! Good video as always, both yourself and C-Milk.

  25. Man you have kept your cool even having witnessing so much bullshit. Props to you man honestly. I’m so impressed that you were able to keep yourself sane after all this. Modern day hero!

  26. Crazy how Youtube will not only demonitize but also heavely supress a video like this… But i guess if no one talks about this kind of stuff, the problem just goes away right?….

  27. People, businesses, politicians….do these things in the US too; its called marketing. Its taught in colleges and universities. Sexual harassment related promotions, firing happens in schools, corporations

  28. Every school I worked for in China was weird for different reasons. There are so many shady things happening behind the scenes. It’s such a bizarre place.

  29. Calling an Asian man a beach monkey is really racist! (32:54) I do hope that this video for a racist content will be removed from Youtube! BLM! Shame on you !

  30. Regularly watch and appreciate your videos and hard work…but this real picture of these people is disgusting…..I hope people understand what they do in life.,..

  31. Why would you be releasing this? Are you asking for a death sentence? If this guy is a big as you claim you just put yourself in jeopardy imo I would have kept my mouth shut especially in a foreign communist country..good luck..

  32. this only came to light coz of you..makes me wonder what awful things that never come to light . we take democracy for granted here and this should be a wakeup call.

  33. Winton, I’ve been watching your videos off and on now for over a year and I recall on some of your videos how you talked about how you and “milk” had to do YouTube videos BECAUSE “China does not allow foreigners to take Chinese jobs”.
    if this is correct, then how could you have gotten a job at that company? Especially as the bodyguard of the owner?
    My point is, I’m seeing contradiction here of what you have been saying.

  34. The insight that you have into the government and society interplay are truly enlightening. And the whole nothing to see here, move on attitude that enables this sick government to stay into power. And the difference between yourself and the shills is that they are shown a potemkin villa version of China. They were shown the villages that the government wants to portray Chinese society as the “real” society. It pisses me off to no end when these pro CCP shills claim that they have seen the “real” China. Keep up what you are doing Sir. As you have said, the truth is anathema to the CCP.

  35. It’s too bad the people who usually attack Serpentza couldn’t use this video; accuse him of protecting a rapist, because you know they would. If they mention this on their Youtube channels, they would probably be arrested for spreading lies…you know, anything that makes China lose face. They are stuck in a predicament.

  36. Thanks for sharing this story, I’m really happy you’re able to expose this side of your experience to daylight now that you’re safe in the US

  37. Wow, imagine how many hundreds of illegitimate offspring he has. And at least half of those kids will grow up to have many of his characteristics since as least half of our personality is genetic. I don’t think it’s going to improve the Chinese gene pool.

  38. The difference between the USA and China is sexual harassment can cause the downfall of the rich and powerful in the USA while in China you can get away with it.

  39. I worked in Africa for many years and unfortunately the same is true African countries. No one ever asks how you earned your wealth, they only give you respect for being rich. Good for you speaking out but what’s the end result? Nothing will change, only people going there will be forewarned. Makes the feminist complaints in the west look a little silly though.

  40. So basically . . . He is one of the thing’s that is wrong with the world. And he needs too be scratched off the list !

    Sounds to me, that you may have had the chance to do something about it at one point. But you didn’t out of fear for your own life. This of coarse is understandable.

    However, If I was in your shoes at the time. I would have said screw it! It is worth my life too end this S.O.B.’s life. To save countless other women from being put through such a traumatic experience.

    I would have found some way of disposing of him permanently. Thrown him out of his office window, Stabbed him in the Jugular vein with a set of chopsticks or something. Anything too make sure he was dead and paid the ULTIMATE PRICE for what he had done. Regardless of the cost too myself.
    Too me it would have been worth ding for. And not too be a hero or anything like that. But Just because it was the right thing to do.

  41. 16:40 – You were naive? LOL. You were the guy with privileges, being the “vice principle” of the cult after all. So of course you wouldn’t have any problems with the ways things were. You probably enjoyed yourself while you were there.

  42. This is what we like to listen to as a community that’s interested in China’s communist behaviors on society as a whole. And it sounds really good coming from you cuz you have experience and wear a suit. Keep it coming my friend.

  43. China is in America or vice versa with Billionaires and politicians getting away with murder, thats why there has to be a God to judge these evil people in eternal hell fire

  44. AM i the only who noticed that he edited alot on the videos !? Like he blurred people (much respect) i know you couldnt do it in live and thats okay !! and also 40:10 HAHAHAHA THIS IS GOLD, this wasnt there in LIVE HAHAHA

  45. Being such a bad dude u would hope someone would take him out, but then again I’m sure he was surrounded by bodyguards to protect him. Oh wait…

  46. Hi everyone, I saw a channel that does propaganda for the CCP, you can search it by the encoded keyword “@UCvVIk8oQ2vnZsCi4vR9O4dg”. I cannot just stand watching evil and lies spread. Please come and tell the truth in the comments.

  47. I have absolute respect for your moral standpoint. And standing up for the small voices. Takes great courage well done my friend. Keep up the great work. This bastard will get his comeuppance. The world just works that way. Thank you

  48. As far as I’m concerned you are all responsibile for crimes against humanity for not speaking up while genocide takes place in your country

  49. thats a scary situation you were in. thats the sort of person who would put a hit out on you, so kudos for doing what you could to help the victims

  50. Its not that they don’t believe the women- it because they protect the people in power and these women are poor and of little value in the eyes of the men in power

  51. To think of all the untold stories….This is insane. I’m sure any more of the ones you have kept away would be banger. Great vid!

  52. You open with the statement that this is not click bait. As for a few videos recently you have been accused and in one video posting rightly so for click bait. My question then to you is – ‘English Teacher’ why didn’t you call your video – “I was a bodyguard for a serial rapist when I lived in China” ?

  53. Wow, the US is like that now. The dem mafia runs everything. The Biden and Clinton crime families get away with murder. Elections are stolen.

  54. Thank you for this. It’s such a shame that most Chinese people refute these sort of negative portrayals only due to them coming from what they consider as “outsiders”. Funny thing is a lot of the older generation know deep down what kind of society they live in and the dangers that are present but choose (understandably) to keep it to themselves, leading to even more young Chinese being more entrenched in the positive propaganda of the country.

  55. Nxivm with Han Chinese characteristics . I remember seeing these fliers and catching the TV ads: “ShanMu hao!_ Now do the downfall of Li Yang, and the cult of Crazy English

  56. Why dont you start making videos about South Africa where children are butchered with pangas and the elderly are tortured?
    Tell us more about South Africa where you are from. Would be even more interesting than China.
    You have been pointing your finger at China for a decade BUT your finger is full of shit. Your identity is China hater. Thats what you do for a living.
    China will rise and you will keep falling. By trying to drag others down you are already below them.

  57. This is unbelievable I can tell you if he went to a prison in my country. . . man these people only kept alive to be able to hurt them the next day.

  58. Your ability to document everything happening in your life is just incredible man! Wouldn’t have believed this story had it not been for the picture evidence

  59. This 宋山木 would get a bullet on his head if it was in 1970’s! How would it make you feel? Rape use to get capital punishment in China. 4 years? Gosh I’m so out of touch now! I guess you could be the same after spending so much time in China. But it should be so much easier finding out the truth in USA,…..

    I appreciate you speaking out for the girls and still manage protecting their identities. People may die, but stories won’t.

    I doubt whether ever be peace without justice?

  60. i trust what i see on your channel just because you do not glorify the psychopath mao like how my chinese friends who can’t speak or write mandarin do.

  61. I would like to hear the douchebags’ (Gweilo, Living in China, Nathan Rich, Barrett, etc) thoughts on this matter. Oh, never mind, they’ll be too busy bashing the West, talking about parks, and dancing with fake organic veggies.

  62. Thanks for having the courage to disclose this difficult part of your past. It takes real integrity and moral fibre to reveal that you had a connection to such a despicable person, particularly with the knowledge that in the west, you are known by the company you keep. For what it is worth – I admire the fact that you did all you could to help the victims of this man. Unfortunately – many countries have legal systems rather than justice systems – Communist China is simply a more extreme example of two tier application of the law, for people who have money, and those who do not.

  63. Why not focus on this one too… ““‘Racism and sexism intersect,’ says Nancy Wang Yuen(nancywyuen)…This intersection has been a driving force in western attitudes towards Asia & Asian women, who are routinely hypersexualised and objectified in popular culture.” && wing_kuang’s tweet “explores what is it like to be an Asian woman living in Australia. We first look at dating apps, where Asian women constantly receive Asian fetish messages like “I never tried Asian girls before” or “Asian girls are naughty”.”

  64. What were the fine compared to the salaries of these victims???
    How this man earned money?
    We will ban his products internationally.
    Anyways my family has banned using Chinese products due to pandemic & military attacks they carry out on Indians.

  65. A few decades earlier, when being rich was a negative point instead of a bonus one, that Shan Moon guy would have been condemned right from the beginning to learning what real life and real work are like, somewhere far away in a correction facility in Qinghai, right?

  66. Makes me think of the Jeffrey Epstein story. People were speculating about the people he could ruin…right up to the time he conveniently committed suicide. This monster probably had PRC bigwigs in his circle, and that’s why the scandal was swept under the rug in no time at all. Unless the courts could take away his wealth, he had lots of leverage with the corrupt party apparatus: threats as well as bribes. You wonder why he didn’t disappear though.

  67. I remember a wealthy adult student telling me about a businessman who raped all his female employees. It was an open secret. I wonder if it was this guy or yet another.

  68. Would you like to report to the police and testify? You know that the guy only got a 4-year sentence for only one count of rape where he actually committed many. If you are willing to do so, I’d like to cooperate in doing so.

  69. Thanks for sharing all the details of the case that wasn’t made public. It’s interesting to see how those successful Chinese company runs like cult, sadly that works well for a lot of Chinese people especially those come from rural area. Mao is the master in that.

  70. Imagine this happening in the western world, most of our wives and girlfriends would be receiving *heavy* fines.
    No but seriously ,this is pretty disgusting and creepy toooooo!

  71. I don’t understand, I thought communism was to improve the lives of workers but everyone I learn about jobs in communist or former communist country’s the workers always seem to be treated just slightly better than slaves, am I misunderstanding something?

  72. Ya know… by the time his victims have kids that grow up with scores to settle, he’s going to be very very old. He will need many more body guards.

  73. Sounds actually like a cult, Winston. Totally control and power. Very scary and lucky to be out of it now 😉 C-Milk laughing in the background was class 😆 the sick underbelly of exploitation in China. ty for finally sharing this crazy experience ❤️🙏🏻

  74. 21:22 That Asia
    Why do you say it’s rape
    The Girls wishes to be with Us
    Plus we r Bachelor and Super Rich at 30
    What the point being rich if u can’t have 50 Girl friends ?
    Don’t get me Wrong But that a Part of being an Asian Alpha Male 🙂

  75. Man, even though I knew where this video was going from the title, it was a hard watch when you get to the part of the coworker crying. So sad.

  76. chinese traditional society has always been about power dynamics, never never about humanity. this means that the entire society runs on power play between the tyrants and the tyrannized. therefore if anyone comes into tyranny they stay in tyranny because everyone else in that society abides by that underpinning paradigm. this mindset has never evolve out of this even coming into the modern millennium. it is exactly this persistent mindset that keeps the communist tyranny alive no matter the levels of catastrophes the tyranny levels on its people. so seriously, any core-centric addressing of the communist tyranny issue needs to address this very cultural power play mentality.

  77. Very interesting. I worked in the US for a company owned by the Chinese company. I spent a fair amount (not even close to your 14 years) of time in China for meetings and “training” (indoctrination). The amount of corruption and “face saving” was beyond compare. I always felt that there was weird stuff going on but didn’t speak the language and didn’t speak the language so I was only on the surface. Thanks for your in depth analysis.


  79. 中国几千年历史都是大男人主义所以渾蛋太多了,社会是不公平,像您这样有正义感的英雄已经绝种了!我非常欣赏你的勇气。

  80. As fucked up as this sounds to men. Consider this: How many women actually hate being under a man’s control? Put another way, how often do women prefer to be in control of any given situation, long-term? Most women I’ve dated hate that and actually look down on passivity. Based on my own experience dealing with women, those sorts of places are probably a wet dream for more than a few of them. Men and women have different desires and limitations. “50 Shades of Grey” was wildly popular for a reason.

    Part of me also believes this is why women go crazy at men who cheat. The act of cheating has a deeper meaning when women do it, because of the dynamics of gender. Women have less sexual desire (overall) and are less impulsive to it (although they are impulsive regarding status upgrades [a rich man can take your wife, sorry]). Men are far more easily manipulated into sex than commitment (men are less impulsive to this), but for some reason we naively we equate the two forms of cheating.

    TL;DR – Men and women are judging each other by their own metrics. Which means we perpetuate not understanding each other. lol

  81. These are my favorite kind of videos from you Winston it’s very empowering to see you vulnerable and willing to stand up for what’s right. It’s not easy being this open and blunt especially being so criticized by those want to keep covering you up. Keep being awesome brother I support you and Cmilk!

  82. I’ve been in a similar situation. The company I used to work for (in the US) is notorious for hiding sexual assault from the public. I’ve had my own experiences of uncomfortable and unwanted sexual attention/harassment. I tried to go through HR to no avail(they don’t do anything other than send the worker to another store). I, like many of my coworkers/friends gave up on the company and quit because we were tired of being punished for doing the right thing. I can’t tell you the name of the company, but I can say that they recently had a mass shooting. It has left me jaded, distrustful, and traumatized. I now wish to be self employed/remotely working for the rest of my life for fear of repeating that awful workplace environment

  83. Bruh, You were clearly indulging in his rape agency in 2007, and now he is going down and lookng at a prison stretch you are jumping ship… YOU are smiling in all those damn photos you showed us… You were ejoying the pussy then, what changed?! You say multiple times “I know them all, Close friends etc” you smashed them and now you regret it because it was human rape bondage.. Get over it

  84. I just read the court documents and serpentza is mentioned multiple times, is this video just so he can get ahead of the story here? Why bring this up now? He looks awfully fucking happy in all these rape pictures…

    hmmm ??

  85. Careful what you say about Mao. I totally agree with your sentiments about the man but I was under the impression that they still “disappear” people over this sort of thing.

  86. Winston will never be able to step foot in China again. I wonder how his wife’s relatives are protected or whether they get harassed in China

  87. You need to get a network show as YouTube will demonetise all these types of videos under “controversial topics”. Their whole policy sounds like it is written by the CCP themselves..

  88. I don’t judge anyone but If I was given the chance to be a bodyguard for a pedo or rapist, they be dead and I’d be in prison! Death to all pedos and rapists!!!!!!!

  89. Not gonna lie Winston. You are not an intimidating bodyguard. Well maybe you’re intimidating to a bunch of people barely over 5′ tall.

  90. Thanks for exposing this. You are a righteous good man. I totally believe that is what happened, but there are so many people, Chinese or not, they don’t want to believe it.

  91. What a story. Jesus. One of the several thousands of thanks for sharing, in my case from Latvia. Utterly hope China gets rid of BS like this, although the hope in this respect might sadly be fading.

  92. The story is terrifying but telling this is how Chineese society works is like talling how American society works based on Weinstein or Epstein stories. Propably in every country you can find similiar stories.

  93. there are a lot more of these cults going on in the world than people realize. It’s most likely everywhere… think about NXIVM. Just the tip of the iceberg

  94. The billionare man sounds like a right perfect narcissist. How you mentioned walking on eggshells when he was around makes me related to that hardcore. This guy just worships himself and feels no empathy for these women or any of his actions.

    He is nothing more than the disgusting shell of a human and he will get his eventually if he hasn’t already.

  95. If it was just my life on the line I would stand up. I would have to be honest if my family was also involved I would have to be rather hesitant. Good thing is if I know my family they would still urge me to stand up and say something.

    Justice in my books would be: His money dived up amongst the victims. He would be sodomized relentlessly for a whole 24hrs. Then just thrown into a hole with a lid that let no light in and left to die.

  96. Sadly friend, this happens everywhere, don’t think that China is the only place that does this, every poor country around the world has this issue. Its very easy to exploit the poor and weak.

  97. 33:45…as a Mexican woman, I am not surprised, I know this is about China, but here we have very little to expect in favor of a victim of rape to, in any situation, the heck even a dude accused of raping multiple women wants to run as mayor of Guerrero and has the president support. I know is different, and another type of rotten, and I am sure China women have it worse, just felt like had to mention it if is expected to feel surprised about a country letting something like this happen again and again.

  98. You a body guard? LMAO >…. jesus and you can tell he is really super serious here. Mentally, physically, I’m not getting any type of body guard vibe from you … at all.

  99. I hate to tell you this but in the US we have the same problem. Haters please don’t come after me. I have personal experience so leave it at that.

  100. It’s good to see the early pictures of you enjoying your first real professional job at a youthful age. What an emotional and mental headwreck it must have been once you first suspected and then found out for sure what he was like…

  101. There is another aspect underneath this. It’s these women. They came from poor rural areas with no education, minimum living standard, think about the worst part of Africa if you can’t imagine it. For them, dressing up like that, working in a big company and living in a clean dorm like that was their dream life. Do you not see? How low has the government put the Chinese people? The government has no respect for the people to the point that the people have lost their self respect. Can imagine for many people in China, a meal from McDonald’s can be a luxury meal? What kind of world view would such people have? Can you imagine?

  102. Thanks again Winston for another great reveal of China’s justice system (or lack thereof)…It’s horrible and extremely wrong what these women in China had to go through…unfortunately it is typical in any country where the accused has power, wealth and connections, especially in a country that doesn’t have a fair and impartial justice system. I believe this is even more so in Asian countries that have a male-dominated society and culture. Even in western countries it can play out like that…look at Donald Trump and other powerful political figures. Fortunately, we do have a bit of freedom to speak out and take action at a grass roots level, as in the MeToo Movement. I really, really appreciate your efforts in creating this channel to share and reveal the truth at a very personal level what living in China under CCP rule is like, for you and the Chinese people. With that said, I have to say it wasn’t your best edited organized presentation. I don’t know, but you looked extremely exhausted and worn, so that may have been a factor. You seemed really scattered and disorganized with the photos you wanted to show which was distracting to viewers and yourself. Your commentary was also a bit disjointed and didn’t flow very well. I have watched many, if not all, of your past videos and they were well-prepared and commentary was great; detailed and concise. Please forgive me for maybe not understanding the behind the scenes challenges or what may have been a factor, but I truly thank you for all of this work and effort. With deep respect, Abe

  103. The USA might not have the experience in censorship and burring the Truth that China has, but Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc, are learning awful fast

  104. It’s a different culture. You shouldn’t judge them with your own values. There isn’t even a word for rape in Chinese which is why you shouldn’t accuse them of it. Just kidding.

  105. why only ethereum and bitcoin ? how about upping your game and adding support for more crypto. for example LTC litecoin doesnt have as high transaction fees as bitcoin or ETH have.

  106. CCVIP Show Girl: *Can I get a raise?*
    CCVIP Boss: *Sure, we can negotiate about the price. Come to my place.*

    CCVIP Show Girl: *I want to quit the job.*
    CCVIP Boss: *Now now, let’s talk about this. Come to my place.*

    CCVIP Show Girl: *I am new and never have done this cleaning before.*
    CCVIP Boss: *No worry, I show you, very easy. Come to my place.*

    And that’s where the magic of rape happens.

  107. Beach Monkey and Rape Ape has a nice ring to it. Also those cards reminds me of that story you told about walking around in the Red Light District of China where they were handing out packs of these girl cards to call for a good time. Collectors items or something like that.

  108. I was in Singapore visiting and spent a couple of days staying where the true locals live. I can attest to this. Women are treated very inferior; seen as nothing but sex objects. It’s sad.

  109. So similar to my experience in PRC… I remember clearly asking female PhD students why they came to Canada and getting the reply: “Sex is required for graduation.” Anyways, I am now in ROC…

  110. This story is consistent with many government offices with high ranking public officials. Resisting rape or complaining about it will get the woman terminated and blacklisted from future government employment.

  111. This reminds me of the way Muammer Gaddafi had his own female army that he sort of enslaved when he was running Libya. Thanks for the story Winston!

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  113. I laughed to death. If I photographed the violence and armed issues in American slums the way you did, or why the United States has the highest crime rate in the world and the country with the most prison criminals, I think you will be speechless like a pug. Why do people in this era still use this out-of-context method to deceive ignorant readers in media? There is no doubt that the purpose of your filming is to tell your fans what a terrible country China is, then all your videos will achieve your goal by partially reporting. You are so good at splicing stories, why don’t you take your fans to China, let the fans understand the real you and your so-called facts?

  114. Winston, I can understand your outrage from the Western perspective. The ultimate question one’s got to ask themselves is – why is it that 1.4 billion people agree on living under the yoke of the CCP dictatorship? They must have their own reasons that are beyond the grasp of non-Chinese people.

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    Na…RapeApe is better😆 but in all seriousness it’s just so pathetic people think there’s equality or justice in China.

  116. Horrific 🙁 And so sad. Here in Japan the image of women in companies is pretty much the same, but forced attendance at late-night parties is outlawed—sexual harassment laws are, at least on the face of it, working, but it does depend a lot on the company culture since shame is often used to control behaviour and manipulate/coerce people.

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  119. being weighed- I think they still do that in vegas? I think thats par for the course in hollywood for Alisters at least, Charlton Heston comments on it in an interview in th ’80’s with Johnny Carson when he elaborates on his comment ” you know johnny, we live by our waistline…”

  120. An incredibly important & sad story, glad you shed some light on it! :'(

    I think that a class in society has to be re-established to protect innocent children, in Sweden we called them “Fredlösa” during medieval times, those were rapists, murderers and all kinds of horrible people whom no one could trust – which is basically the same as “Outlaw” but with an “Outlawed” tone to it – which means that those whom didn’t simply commit minor crimes (Which resulted in a lost finger, hand or a hefty fine) and non-hesitantly aimed at dehumanizing or really burdening behaviour for their community could be easily identified and avoided, since they didn’t respect any rules others put up to remain at least peaceful citizens (Non-physically abusive or violent) – anyone could treat them as they wished as well.

    So… those who rape children, those who rape others, those who kill without a seriously complex issue with the victim of their actions – would naturally get thrown the fuck out of society and be left to their fates and therefore hunted down or dealt with by permanent leave and no return + a branding to warn other villagers before giving them any aid or shelter.

    Today, at least lock-up for life is an option – even though I think pedophiles should be fucking decapitated. In the public square. I’d applaud. I’d even chop. They know they have a problem, they should go and chemically castrate themselves or they know that people wanna kill their fucking asses. It is a protective instinct. They don’t have it. Those who don’t… well – their intuition is SO FUCKED UP.

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    In the military I was a security NCOIC and that comes with a lot of briefings and training on national security issues… it’s scary the things some governments do to quiet dissent or stop truth to power.

    Thank you again and stay safe brother.

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  126. Looks like when you reach a certain wealth level, you fly totally above the law. Same shit in the West with famous recent example being Epstein. At least our Western courts are not as much of a sham as the courts in China. Thank you for sharing your story, it must have been hard for you.

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    Different hair structure, different hairline, different eyebrows, different nose..
    Even his beard-line isn’t as full, I doubt this man could even grow that beard.

    He must have found someone that looked like him to take the fall.

  154. Thank you for this video. Thank you for talking. I will never step foot onto the PRC again for many reasons and I am very happy with this choice.

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