I was Interrogated and Detained by Chinese Special Police – NO BS

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  1. We now know who the black cube technology and corporations and cults running our government and u.n. really are tied to as the central banks of rothchilds.

  2. What They Want You To Believe:
    That the Man who proclaims “America First” is bad for our country.
    The Man who fights against The Swamp, is the corrupt one.
    The man who facilitated the US to become Energy Independent for the first time since 1957, lower all fuel prices and create many new energy jobs, does not care about the working people.
    The Man who says we should stand for the National Anthem, is a tyrant and a dictator.
    The Man recently nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes is an existential threat to the World.
    The Man bringing US troops home and brought peace to the Middle East, doesn’t care about our Military
    The Man who fixed the VA thinks people wounded or killed in battle, are “losers and suckers”.
    The Man who increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is a Racist
    The Man who created Opportunity Zones to revitalize distressed inner-city communities, hates minorities.
    The Man who champions School Choice, hates the poor.
    The Man who presided over the largest increase in low and middle-income workers’ earnings in decades, only cares about the rich
    The Man whose policies helped lift millions of minorities out of poverty is, yes, a Racist
    The Man who created millions of low- and middle-income jobs, (prior to COVID), does not care about working people.
    That the Man who saw his net worth go down while in Office – the first in history to do so – only took the job to enrich himself and his Family.
    The Man who doesn’t take a salary as President, only cares about himself
    The Man who instituted prison reform and criminal justice reform is a Racist.
    The Man who had a record number of small donations to his Campaign is owned by Wall Street and the Billionaire Elite.
    The Man who began closing the Wealth Gap is only in it for his own financial gain.
    The Man who became the first President to appoint an openly gay person to his Cabinet, is homophobic.
    The Man who held Communist China to account, was wrong to do so.
    The Man that created more favorable Trade Deals, to help the US Worker, is dumb
    The Man who attempts to enforce existing laws, is a dictator.
    The Man that banned travel to-and-from China in Jan, 2020, was a “Racist and Xenophobe” for doing so
    The Man who followed the Constitution and allowed the States to create their own Coronavirus Policies – and then provided them everything they needed – is to blame for all Coronavirus deaths.
    The Man who created the strongest US economy in history – and now has the economy back to just 6.9% unemployment – is not capable of leading us out of the COVID Recession
    The Man who told his supporters to “vote in person”, to avoid possible cheating, is trying to steal the election.
    The Man that has been investigated more than any other President in history, is a crook
    The Man who has been the most transparent President in history, has not been straight with the American people
    The Man who has a devoted patriotic following, who had hundreds of campaign rallies with thousands in attendance, received less votes than a rival who rarely campaigned, who rarely left his basement, who relied on a teleprompter whenever giving speeches, who made serious gaffs nearly every time he spoke, who rarely gave interviews over 5 minutes and who’s best rally attendance was a couple handfuls of people in their cars honking their horns!
    The List goes on……….
    This is what “THEY” want you to believe about president Donald Trump!
    Don’t act like sheep!
    Wake up!! Please feel free to add to and share! If you use a laptop or desktop you can copy/ paste. Let’s help preserve our freedom and stop the steal! Trump 2020!

  3. Sometimes ones mouth and the lack of being able to control what comes out of it can be detrimental to one’s health and well-being. Compassion is always a tasty ingredient in any soup ❤

  4. I am so sorry that there will not be a SINGLE Chinese nationalist who will understand your words. Not a single one 🙁 I am happy that you succeed in escaping this shithole that the country has become.

  5. Biden/Harris may ship you to China in a cage to donate your organs. Same goes for me, but my organs are too badly worn out, I am good only for fish-food.

  6. the chinese goverment is pathetic liars who only want to see the rest of the world burn… Chinese way of the future will NOT be a positive outcome.

  7. Be careful.. Biden’s win is China’s win.. China will dominate America in 10 years which means you will get in trouble. No free speech anymore.. What you say now will get you in jail by anti-racist law which will be applied to wide-range cases.

  8. Winston is right about the over sensitive Chinese nationalists, I met one once and every little thing I said, she thought I was attacking China when I might have just been talking about the traffic in Beijing or the air in some cities, she would say well your country is bad x,y,z, very immature. On the other point Winston made even in some big cities like Da Lian and Beijing there were a lot of hotels that take no foreigners.

  9. All of China is a law-free zone that is exploited by every country on earth for profit.

    The CCP willingly and eagerly betrays the Chinese people to keep them in thrall to corporations inside and outside of China. When you travel in China, every corner is infused with corruption and decay. Foreigners are not allowed in many areas because they’ll immediately recognize and possibly report on the crimes they witness. The CCP pollutes the air, land, water, kills dissidents, poisons children, commits genocide to keep the money flowing. Global corporations and governments know this and exploit this criminal abuse.

    The CCP is the enemy of all living things. But the entities and individuals outside of China who knowingly support this government are equally culpable. In 2020, it’s literally impossible to claim you don’t know who China is or what they do. Anyone who supports the CCP, especially after 2020, is simply dishonest scum and needs to be rejected and fought until utterly defeated.

    The fascism and atrocities of China are the same as Nazi Germany and in some cases actually exceed the crimes of the Nazis. The only moral position to take with China is total, unflinching opposition. That means war. That means weapons. Not harsh words or social media scorn.

  10. The chinese translator suppose to know english right? (even bad english) , so why did he took your videos personally base on a bad translation when he knew what you are talking?

  11. it’s a conspiracy people will say but if you followed Winston for such a long time you would know Winston and Matt are some of the nicest people you could ever know or meet ..Stay Awesome

  12. I will never return to China. Even if the CCP is defeated.

    I love many, many wonderful Chinese people I met there, but the corruption and atrocity is so pervasive in mainland China. As with Russia, I think even a regime change will not address the deep, disgusting pillars of that dysfunctional place.

  13. It was a smart move that you left after your Canadian friend Michael was arrested. They would make you disappear for simply being acquainted with him. I pray that both the Canadian Michaels gets freed but knowing where that Huawei lady is headed, I truly fear for both the Michaels… May God be with the Michaels and the thousands of other political prisoners there in China.

  14. Very sorry you went through this brother. You’re the only one I know thats either stupid enough or brave enough to tease this particular tiger so often. Glad you’re still here, keep up the good fight. They can’t escape accountability forever.

  15. I can 100% vouch for you on the refusing of foreigners being allowed to stay in hotels or areas. it happens quite often. EVEN after booking over the phone. you book it, you walk in, they refuse service, then you spend hours trying to find somewhere to stay

  16. I barely know Chinese, but I’m really currious as to what the subtitles at 7:15 say lol. I can read “China” and “Chinese people” when you were talking about scenery…!

  17. I know you’re not master of it but if possible make a video on China’s expansionist policies and Indo-China issue over military occupied country Tibet and Indian union territory of Ladakh. Waiting…

  18. Great video Winston. I see your channel as a way to learn the truth about China when everyone else has sold out to China. I’ll be sad if China somehow pressures youtube to take action against your channel.

  19. Hey if you are staying in the U.S. now you need to be critical of the U.S. government, that is our norm lol. Oh and keep the truth coming about the CCP communism is evil after all.

  20. Youtube might remove this video if the Chinese PLA complains about it.
    Youtube has a kindred authoritarian spirit with the Chinese Communist Country.

  21. Is it possible to arrange a kidnapping of Chinese secret agents and transport them to Africa. Then force them to build homes, dig wells and plant trees.
    That would certainly be good for them I think. *LOL*

  22. TBH, I am glad you experience this, otherwise you may not believe things like this is actually very common in China if you only hear words about it.
    In addition, these treatment are also happening to visitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau as well.

  23. What happens if these Chinese nationalist stand down is the (elite) take over the media and that’s the first step towards becoming South Africa. America’s well on their way.

  24. I was detained in China and had my passport taken away from me for two days for staying at a place that wasn’t for foreigners. Thank goodness it was almost 20 years ago, I’ll never go back there.

  25. We have “rabid nationalist” here in the US to. More than I ever knew. They are a problem in china,Germany, US and any country that has a big population who’s government supports this.

  26. Chinese Special Police Officer: “We’re investigating expert use of clickbait youtube thumbnails which evoke emotional responses”
    Serpentza: “…”

  27. “Conquering” in the movie title might have given a mainland Chinese a raised eyebrow? Maybe it is a little bit less of nationalism by Chinese than CCP relationship? Trained via bribed social credit score for “love” of CCP system of government rather than actual love of the nation of China? They get positive social credit score points for outing “enemies” of CCP, rather than “enemies” of the Chinese people, right? I know (and they know) Serpentza and C-Milk LOVE the Chinese, and when you (rarely) point out things that could easily be made better, CCP lose face and want it stopped, regardless of circumstances. CCP is the prototype government beloved by the globalists. Not by the populist nationalists.

  28. I believe in combination to protecting the reputation of the country, the government does not want christians going under cover as “tourists” and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  29. I liked how you edited this video. It almost reminded me of Anthony Boirdain’s Beirut episode but still retaining your style.

    Theres no hiding from powers like these who have so much unchallenged and unchecked control over it’s people.

  30. Unfortunately trust in people/ human being was destroyed during the cultural revolution when blackmailing each other was the centre of their education. Not sure if there’s any documentary about this period. I wonder how they teach their young kids at school to act with integrity in an environment where honesty can still get people in the jail or even get killed?

  31. ‘Yes, over the course of two days, a Chinese swat team, a special police investigator, a Communist party leader and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army detained me, tried to get information from me, tailed me, and ultimately… sodomised me.’

  32. Great if you’re reading this.
    It’s true that Western private trying to appease China and that’s why their algorithm works that favors China.
    Your YouTube account seems hit by the same that’s why you might be observing less views nowadays. Indian great social activist Sonam Wangchuk has recently made a video on the same. Right from Million to not even 100K he’s been triggered by YouTube algorithm and probably so do you.
    No wonder why twitter google fb all are hitting Trump so badly cuz private companies gain a lot when countries run by Left wing authorities.

  33. I’ve been watching your videos for many years, Winston. It is such a shame that they have become so negative. I was truly fascinated by China. I tip my hat to you, sir, for having the courage to inform the world of what a contrast Chinese people are to their government. Keep it up..

  34. The fight must go on sir! Never back down to these scums! These communists think they’re above human rights and freedom of the press. Don’t let anyone tell you what your rights are when you are well aware of them. If only one country would be brave enough to slap the CCP to their feet.

  35. Thank you for sharing the truth Winston, I have traveled so far 34 countries sometimes five times each over 40 years and currently live in the Philippines for the last five years but travel for a month every four months in Taiwan, Malaysia, Taiwan is the most beautiful modern place by far I have ever been by far I believe you love it too, I digress thank to you and your beautiful wife and child. Bless man

  36. Met a Chinese nationist in Canada before I knew all about it. They took full advantage of Canada’s social programs even though they were rich. They refused to see anything that showed China in a bad way. I can now see their motives of being in Canada before I could not understand on why they were here and they could not give me a believable answer.

  37. Recently, the power of the CCP has taken a big hit, but, based on the outcome of the final US election results, China could well be back on track to meet and exceed their power goals.

  38. There will be a day when China would be needing the world to help them out again, Winston. But in Malay we have this saying, melepaskan anjing tersepit, or to release a stuck dog, which would bite you immediately upon release. Well not every dog of course but this one…

  39. It was this regime who has planned this for the last 40 years ….. They have roped us into this as a very well planned takeover…. They fed off the Greed of the west and we fell directly into there trap……
    If you think they dont think themselves as a superior race and not as equals your smoken CRACK!!
    ……1.4 BILLION and growing
    Not to mention the millions of molds through out the world infiltrating every form of infrastructure……

  40. I got detained in prison for couple of hours in China too. I got scammed by a scammer, he then called police on me and told them that i scammed him, probably just to fuck with me. Police told me that I have to pay HIM some amount of money to make this go away even though they know that he is the scammer… As a foreigner, you can never win any official dispute in China. Also, the hotel where i was staying at was superluxurious skyscraper, thousands of dollars per night thing, looked really great. Until i took a lift to the highest floor (i like views so i always check the top floor, just in case). When the lift door opened i almost shat myself. The floor was empty, open space with bare steal beams holding the building together, holes in the ground several stories down, right in front of the lift door… If i took 4 steps from the lift I’d die. Also, electricity wires hanging everywhere… So, the best hotel in the city, looking great but only the first half. As usual, they half-assed it, literally. If you want to experience China, just go to Taiwan!

  41. PLA boy band/doughboy/dickbags are only skilled at murdering CHINESE students, CHINESE grandmothers, CHINESE petitioning wives, CHINESE journalists, CHINESE doctors, but they can’t do fuck-all against Indian or Taiwanese or America soldiers, so they play their little cop show antics to bully the few foreign tourists who travel to China.

  42. I have had Chinese secret police stake out my house and have me followed… outside of China…

    So their presence is not limited by China’s borders.

  43. Since you’ve left China, I was wondering how in the hell this happened until I saw that it was in 2017 before you left.

    And how about the CCP’s likely success in getting rid of the only US president who ever even pretended to hold them accountable on trade and IP theft, that removal greatly aided via their “accidental” release and allowed international spread of a “natural” virus which “just happened” to show up in the city with the only Chinese Level 4 biolab which “just happened” to be doing dangerous gain-of-function research on bat viruses, that “accidental” release “just happening” to be released well timed in Trump’s reelection year.

    But, never fear, our US idiocracy will still buy great loads of big ticket items from China in order to support the CCP on our conspicuous consumption day named Black Friday, further proving the great truth of the old commie adage about what happens when BOUGHT governments allow it as “ours” has: “Capitalists will sell you the rope you hang them with.” Unfortunately, in this instance, it’s a case of “A capitalist will build your rope factory, allow you to steal all involved IP with no consequences, and then buy the rope you hang them with.”

  44. When I watched “Conquering Southern China,” I was enchanted by the people, the countryside, and the adventure. I felt like I might visit China someday and explore the country. But now – I feel like the entire country of China is completely inhospitable and unwelcoming, and I no longer have any interest in going there.

  45. China sounds a lot like the Covid19 police state that our ‘beloved and democratically elected’ politicians and WEF’ fascist Klaus Schwab are trying to introduce in the Western world.

  46. I’m convinced the Chinese military only exist to monitor their own citizens. They’re too incompetent to do anything else but hassle people without guns. Worlds largest prison. 1,400,000 “guest”…..

  47. WW2 America and Britain were both nationalists countries. Conflating nationalism directly with authoritarianism is a mistake. A globalist world run by banking cartels and mega corporations will be just as authoritarian.

  48. If China seriously wanted to dissapear you, you wouldn’t appear in USA.
    And BTW, by best current EU practices, you wouldn’t dissapear suddenly.
    You’d get cancer or leuchemia and be in hospital for a month or three.
    Or die in sleep etc.
    Being questioned by a “special” police isn’t even slap on a wrist.

  49. The closest thing to China I would ever consider visiting is my favorite Americanized Chinese restaurant, and even there i will not ask for the ” special menu ” .

  50. May i ask why staying was not an option? dont you think that this could have been resolved through talking? I mean the youtube videos you made were not too harsh at that time, right?

  51. It’s so sad. Dark are the times… I’ve been watching you and cMilk for a long time and I remember the passion you had for China. You were the best advertisement any country could wish for! It’s such a shame that these things were going on behind the scenes and now in broad daylight. I hope that times will change again and that the both of you can regain that friendship, love and trust you once had for China.

  52. Can you make a video on operational security while traveling in China? Things like VPNs, what mobile services are better than others, banking services, personal data security. I’m guessing Micro SD cards are the most secure/ easy to hide? What are best practices with local governments? Would it matter if you communicated with authorities before you entered an area or would that essentially guarantee the same hassle as being snitched on by “uncles” or ultra-nationalists?

  53. It’s sad to see basically a China fan turn into a China hater. U can’t say he’s just blind hater cuz he was a China fan at first. Just shows how terrible and horrific China’s system really is and their CCP cruel ways

  54. Kudos to you two on your grit and determination to pursue your craft despite the potential for being detained or arrested. After watching both documentaries, I knew there was a back story behind your visit there and I’m pleased that you chose to share it with your audience. Chance, fortune and skill that you both were able to get out with your families as the door was closing on a foreigner’s ability to travel and shoot video freely in mainland China. This video deserves a much wider audience than just YT.

  55. “China’s rabid nationalists are in fact the people who hurt China the most.” Sounds like the rabid, mindless Trumpers in the USA. They don’t know what damage they’re doing to America by blindly following a demagogic, populist confidence man.

  56. If a “ regular youtuber” can record all this, imagine what your own government knows about all the shit China is doing. But none of them will say anything
    Our society deserves to die

  57. You’d have to be the dumbest person. What you think you can sit in China and say whatever you want ? They’re blow ing
    ch u r ches up for goodness sake.

  58. Your reaping whot was sown by us and uk. Anti chinse propaganda probily its pressure from arm.s sales companeys and the militry side wanting more money ..

  59. The way you are doing it..posting bad about China all the way..I am not surprised..
    You have been there for so many years..yet with every channel is mockery , insult and hatred..
    Either you are trying to get subscribers sitting on hatred..or..you have an agenda

  60. In WWII tolerating genocide was not an option. In 2020 China is harvesting organs and the world looks the other way…my hope is that the Chinese people refuse to tolerate the CCP and liberate themselves to become one of the greatest live stories the world has ever known.

  61. You literally lived through an ordeal with Big Brother!! You even have the main characters name!
    ‘Cept the Winston in the book got wasted by The Party..

  62. So fragile. They are in the world’s bad books for at least 2 decades for Chinese flu. Why do they try to supress anything? The world already thinks the Chinese government is a dick regardless of anything you are doing. have they ever heard the phrase “stop digging a hole”

  63. When a friend from Vietnam was telling me how bad China is, I thought she is mental. Now I know she wasn’t telling me even half of what is really going on.

  64. In China a Nationalist is some sort of hero, in the USA a nationalist = an extreme racist, ie, Trump supporter. I’m sure the Democrats can’t wait to institute more Chinese polices for social monitoring here ASAP.

  65. I’ve enjoyed your videos for a few years now, I’ve never commented before, but I must confess that I wouldn’t last one month in an oppressive culture like that. I’m glad that you got out and I’m sure that a vast majority of the people are nice and the culture is fascinating, but there’s so many other places around the world to visit that wouldn’t have this level of scrutiny and paranoia towards foreigners. No thanks, I’d rather sip a cocktail on Koh Samui without the fear of some snitch trying to get me ‘disappeared’.

  66. Oh the irony of you trying to show the good side of various Chinese cultures and the government trying to stop you because they’re afraid of you showing something bad

  67. Wow , what a bad experience !! But the sad thing is , I’ve had similar experiences here in the u.s. — and I’m an American!! Lol a swat team came in the place where I was playing gin rummy , lined everyone up and took pictures !! 👉 in Omaha Nebraska– who would of thought !!

  68. Do not go to China is from Canada, they will arrest you for no cause, detain you at the airports and police stations, they will beat you up and even kill you NOW AS


  69. I feel we are going to see the ccp go into free fall decline within the next generation. The iron grip always fails because the tighter you squeeze the more slips through your fingers. China is far to happy about using subterfuge and violence in even the most innocuous of circumstances and eventually they are going to harm the wrong person or group of people. The dark age of communist pooh bear and the million acre army is grinding itself into dirt.

  70. Your altruism speaks volumes. You know, common sense and a bit of altruism towards human beings that are suffering is really huge and even if it doesn’t help immediately, the least we can do is offer them a voice in our world, it will make these people feel like they have been heard and their suffering is recognized. I know that you would lose sleep if you don’t use your voice to address what needs to be heard because it involves people who are suffering daily..
    When in Rome, if a person has common sense and a genuine care for others it enables you to know wtf is wrong immediately in different country it is blatantly obvious. In Individdual centric nations people’s credibility is always questioned with scrutiny, You know, American and European celebrities and government officials alike shaking hands with brutal dictators and praising them, pretty fucked up knowing that activists and political prisoners are getting beaten raped, tortured and their families violated and harassed if not disappeared, sometimes simply for as little as telling a political joke.
    Stay Awesome! Nice to see you again

  71. I had no idea how much of a struggle you had to go through to film those movies. Wow. I’m glad you persevered. I watched both on vimeo when they were released and thought the results were wonderful, or should i say, awesome.

  72. I sorry serpentza . Its not that China doesnt want positive video. They want positive video of their liking. They dislike you and Cmilk going wherever you like and document whatever you want regardless of your intentions. They want to control exactly what video is being made, edited and publish to the letter.

    They dont want you to show rural underdevelop parts of China, or you chasing camels or driving into bumpy roads and eating dog. They only want things like what shown in CGTN over domestic news, things like 6G satelite, Sillicon Valley Shenzen, Happy Xinjiang citizen and Organize chinese dances.

    From the interrogation its clear they wanted to find smallest amount dirt so they can ditch your ass. Its amazing fortunate that they didnt just dump you into lockup then figure out what to do with you.

    Well those pro CCP foreigners YouTuber are now bearing same problem now. Like China Brand Teacher who had to redirected away from city just because he foreigner to Jayaoe who denied entry to the mountain just because he foreigner . Its funny how they naively film and publish the video complaining about it which had to be taken down when they approach up Govt Officials.s

  73. To be fair to the CCP. This does happen in the UK as well and many other countries.
    It’s basically a form of racism. You phone up the government and accuse people of acting suspicious and the FBI or MI5 swarm on you.
    Now, its not like for like but how many muslim looking people do you think have been falsey detained in western countries for no good reason.
    Or been subject of searches similar to this?

    It’s a disapointing trend that is increasing across the globe. The rise of nationalism and extreme patriotism.

  74. I just saw a photo from Hong Kong with people dressed beautifully in red traditional clothes holding signs saying “抵制圣诞节中国人不庆祝国外假期” boycott Christmas, Chinese don’t celebrate foreign holidays.” How do you feel about this whole China opening up narrative?

  75. I truly enjoy your work. I visited Hong Kong and Guangzhou in 1987. At that time, I was struck by the posters in the alleyways of Hong Kong
    and many more in the countryside that depicted ‘whites’ as to be avoided as they would ‘give you drugs and are violent’. weird. But, all
    of the individuals we met were kind, and helped us to see some beautiful areas by train. So, people have been told over many years that
    Westerners are evil and want to hurt them and their culture. I cant blame them for being afraid. I just hope enough websites are allowed to inform westerners to
    Understand the reality of the CCP and enough information gets in to China to build trust.

  76. You guys are amazing! Despite all the bullshit you guys had to go through to get this footage, you still managed to get it done. ADVChina is one of the best channels on Youtube and I hope you two never stop doing watch you guys do. ❤

  77. Missunderstandings come to easy in dealings with Chinese even if they do understand English
    World they live to be treated in Our country the way you have been treated in China ? No that would cause offense !

  78. Those Camel herders should thank North America because this is where Camels first evolved before crossing the Bering Land Bridge to Asia. Horses also. In fact both has such a well documented fossil lineage that Paleontologist can literally track the entire evolutionary process for both from their earliest ancestors up to the point they became extinct in North America (which by the way their demise was hastened by the new invaders from Asia crossing that same Bering Land Bridge).

  79. You know… I think part of the problem the CCP has with people like yourself is that they can’t understand people who aren’t like themselves. “We aren’t paying these guys to make us look good to the rest of the world, so who is?” Because of course they would never do that themselves without being paid for it… Probably before and after the fact… If they ever even produced anything. So of course you HAVE to be working for someone, or likely some government that would do what China would do with it… Make the government look bad whenever they felt a need. It’s probably part of why the CCP dislikes reporters who don’t just take whatever they are given and why the CCP has forced out any group that won’t simply take what they are given to run.

  80. Human’s biggest enemy? is fanatism. That Rabbit Nationalist? is a show of fanatism to the country. I hope one day there’s a rule : anything show of fanatism would be sentence to death, don’t care if they’re veteran, military government or even the president or leader of the country. Tbh, from your video, that “RN” should be sentence to death, in my view. But in military view, they should interrogate back at him by saying, “why tf you report this unrelated spy-related bunch of bullsh*t about foreign being spy, you waste our time!!”. That is if they’re being fair of course. If not…well I guess China’s government not as “Justice” as the world thought they should be.👎

  81. Foreigners are safer than native Chinese in China. Some of my friends talked politics issues in wechat group and had dinners offline and got them in prison for years in Shenzhen.

  82. One of the big problems in China is the total incompetence of the officials. And we hear about how they watch everybody and note what they are doing. But seem to have no ability what-so-ever to be able to convey this information onto the next location and everything is repeated again. If it is being done to just annoy the visitors then they probably succeed. But what a total waste of their time. And petty. If they really are unable to forward information then China’s ability to monitor everybody is not as good as they would have everybody believe. I am prepared to believe that a lot of their reactions are the results of long CCP time rule and indoctrination but I also think that there is something in the Chinese psyche that makes their minds work like that. A seemingly lack of an ability for logical thinking. This is partly shown by the CCPs view of their own population. Once the CCP are gone it will take another 50 years before the damage done by them will dissipate. Now with Biden in charge in the US this has just added years to the process.

  83. I found your “Its actually incredibly difficult to show China in a positive light ” comment fascinating to be honest. It reminded me of Norm Macdonald’s bit “The more I learn about Hitler the more I don’t care for him”

  84. Great informative video boy’s,! we’re copping a lot of there ‘Nationalistic Crap’ here in Australia at the moment, I like many other people here are very worried about there motives and unfortunately I get the feeling that an invasion is just around the corner, what do you think? keep up your good work, I always look forward to your video’s’

  85. Thank you and I love the fact that you make these videos! 🤩 Do you upload them to a website where we can watch them if the ccp has youtube take your channel down?

  86. You know, if you stay out of their country, you’ll probably not get detained by them. Just stay out, their social score ain’t gonna forget each time you show up.

  87. I can confirm that you can’t just go anywhere as a foreigner. I’m crew and we always travel with a different kind of visa which is called a general declaration or GenDec in short. It’s an official document and it has an official stamp. It’s not commonly known however since all other foreigners travel on a tourist visa.
    I was able to book a hotel and a train ticket from shanghai to nanjing via C-trip. Never was i asked for a visa number. I was able to pick up my train ticket without any problem. They check your passport (which normally has the visa in it) and give you the ticket. No problem.
    Only when I got to the hotel in nanjing the trouble started. They wanted to see my visa. I showed them the GenDec. The guy comes back and says he has called the police. Great! Police show up and I have to show everything again. Long story short I couldn’t stay there because they didn’t recognize the GenDec. I mean it has no restrictions what so ever. We have the same in tokyo but it’s very well documented that we can’t leave the tokyo area. This is not so with the chinese GenDec. So had to buy a ticket back to shanghai on the same day. Complete waste of time and money.

  88. Think how bad a white South African feels being interrogated by black South Africans. There are subtle differences between people groups which in the collective become a tsunami you just want to get the hell away from.

  89. Right, the Cultures of China are wide and in many ways are deep in fraud and criminal activity. I’m sure their facial recognition program is working to help contain the hatefulness but you want to make sure you have all your connections before visiting.

  90. The cool thing?…useful idiot revolutionaries get shot in the head first, right after the revolution they caused. Ironic justice but well deserved.

  91. As someone who studies and lives in China, despite the love for the country and its culture, it’s good that your videos show me always what I’m ignorant about or what I just pretend to ignore just to not get any worries, somehow it made you stronger. My best regards Winston and wish you to be always Awesome

  92. Just a little over-wrought, I think, not that I would have wanted any of those experiences myself. “Detained” has a pretty wide meaning and being “detained” in a hotel room with your whole crew around you and group-questioned is not the same as being banged-up alone and left in isolation for hours or days, not knowing what is going to happen next.

  93. I literally brought and watched all of conquering northern China today. It was so addictive and I loved it. It’s crazy all that happened in the background I would of never thought. I really respect you and C-Milks courage and bravery in making this documentary.

  94. I’m sorry, but Winston, were you guys really do naive to think your travels wouldn’t be used against you? I would be more suprised if the Chinese gov’t would have left you alone.

  95. Ah jeez what a scary experience! You were walking a tightrope there. Id been following you for a while and you really could tell how things changed over time.

  96. I saw a video that Bald and Bankrupt did about the Mongolian people and they were so kind and amazing only this was in Russia. My niece lived in China ( her and her boyfriend worked there ) and although she loved the people and she said they were kind she said they were far from free and the Government is scary. She was very happy to come home. It’s sad that any people thinks they are better than another , no people would ever go to war with each other if it wasn’t for our government and banks ! Stay safe and I hope you and your wife have a wonderful holiday.

  97. I absolutely loved Conquering Northern China, it’s incredible how you guys were able to maintain the good mood through the shooting when facing so many problems, I really respect your work

  98. Cape town is looking good to you now, I bet. From your previous videos I’m shocked you would risk everything. I learned with our incoming commies here in the U.S. they will come after us here. I was very vocal and encouraged Hong Kong. Now we are in extreme danger in the U.S. Cape town seems like a picnic. I may consider it for myself. Trump is laying down for the Communists so it looks bad for us. Americans are associated with racists and planning a purge. We should be on the attack throwing everything we have at them, but like Trump they have no fight in them. Are you still in L.A.? maybe I’ll run in to you. Take care.

  99. it seems to me pretty obvious that China is a dictatorship… and light years away from defending civil rights. There is this old expression, “useful idiot”, for those thinking that China is all unicorns farting rainbows. Great job in showing the reality but jesus!, there shouldn’t be any doubt nor surprise!

  100. The Chinese really shot themselves in the foot with this. They should have used the opportunity to improve their image. A dissident-leaning Chinese friend once said China is its own worst enemy. This truly proves her right.

  101. If you had hard subbed chinese translations into your video’s it would have made it harder for them to mistranslate your video’s without placing black bars over your text.

  102. I know it’s not a fortune or anything but I’m pretty sure it was no small sum that they blew on harassing a guy who was trying to make the PRC look good. Doubt it occurred to anyone up top to put that money into helping the disabled or homeless, both of which might actually mean the government has less to hide from people trying to make the PRC look good.

  103. It must be realized that there are indeed many hostility and misunderstandings between China and the West. The efforts of people like you have made these misunderstandings less and less. I am sorry for what happened to you. Because of historical and political reasons, foreigners’ actions in China are indeed subject to many restrictions. This is also a point that China must change if it wants to be more open. Greeting from China.

  104. That why you buy American! They hate Americans do you ever see them in any Americans place to eat . They take our money and spend just in their community.

  105. CCP is paranoid, and rightfully so. Many around the world hate them, but they are hated most by the chinese people they oppress.The hate will only grow.

  106. In fact, bureaucracy is still very serious in many places in mainland China. There are few foreigners in these places, so the local government will be very sensitive. Due to the history of colonization and aggression, these locals think of espionage when they meet foreigners. At the same time, China’s nationalism problem has become more and more serious. These remote areas in China are economically underdeveloped, it is difficult to get access to foreign consultations, and it is also difficult to understand how a foreign team makes a Youtube channel.

  107. It’s China so anything goes, and there’s no limit for how ridiculous something can get. Still, imagine the situations in the video, but in a western country. This is basically expected in China, but in the west it would be totally outlandish.

  108. there is no closed captions lately in your videos Winston, is a great help for non english native speakers, even your english is cristal clear!! thanks for your videos Stay Awesome!!!

  109. Bill Clinton must have known that chine would grow in to a monster enemy when he lt China in to the WTO, they wanted a new cold war and maybe they even want a third world war

  110. If you want to know 100 year-history of China, look at Shanghai.
    If you want to know 400 year-history of China, look at Beijing.
    If you want to know 2000 year-history of China, look at Xi’an.
    If you want to know the future of China, look at Hongkong.
    The fall of democracy in Hongkong…

  111. If China wanted to “disappear” you, you would be dead.

    If they did fail and the CCP is listening get ahold of me. I have a special set of skills.

  112. Sounds like a gentler swat team raid like the one on our studios while they searched for three hours and we were held at gunpoint, no charges ever filed, that was the third time we were raided.

  113. California is changing to fast too much, No wonder why people are leaving the state. Hopefully Trump can kick out the CCP out of California. This should not have happened to you.

  114. You know maybe you should learn some Chinese, i think that will help your understanding of Chinese people. Its very easy to be cynical in a country which you do not speak their native language. You seem to always zero in on the negative side of China, all countries have their problems. In 70 years China has become a super power from dirt poor, do you think that is possible for other countries without extreme determination? I watched a few of your videos and i don’t bother looking at anymore, its full of negativity about China, learn Mandarin and it will help you to better appreciate people and their culture. Do you know that China is leading in solar power supporting green energy? Do you know the capacity of Chinese manufacturing for western businesses? Do you know China is the largest producer of electric vehicles in the world? Do you know that China is investing heavily in satelite technology and extra terrestial travel? Do you know that China is a leader in Artificial intelligence? Do you know that China is one the major leaders in 5G and 6G technology? Give credit where it is due and stop looking at only the problems in China

  115. It’s funny I did warn you two guys when you guys were having fun in China and your channels were booming. Communist hate people and want to destroy their lives if you speak the truth. I did tell you guys to get out and run away before it got worst. Same thing is gonna happen in Vietnam. It always looks nice in the communists countries in the begging then everything starts to fall apart quickly

  116. As I Chinese, I deeply abhor Chinese nationalism and the atrocious authoritarian regime. This guy and laowhy describes the bad side of China very well that I can be resonated. I hope the world can see this and be careful of the Chinese communist party while be aware that there are conscious Chinese people like me.

  117. Chinese/Japanese/USA are generally very nationalist and thinking is subscribed to that ideology. There is a point to be proven and shown to make things right. The actors can and will differ but the stage remains the same. We all live on a tiny blue dot in the space.

  118. Winston Frederic Sterzel … I challenge you to a live video debate … youve been in China a few years … ive been in China since 1999, lets get it on… what do you say?

  119. The whole Chinese education is brain wash the people nationalism..which is above anything and can accuse anyone treason when the government does not like you..5000 years of same BS.

  120. This guy is full of shit. If you take so much a self-righteous and arrogant attitude to conduct yourself in China, I think actually the Chinese authority did great job to track and expel him.

  121. What I don’t get about this story… the “Nationalist” from Beijing was supposed to do the translation right? So he knows english. How can he buy into the fake subtitles of your videos if he actually understands english??

  122. Winston, it took a lot of courage to film in those areas. I enjoy watching your documentaries. I used to want to go visit China and experience that culture. I love Chinese-American food. I was in love with romanticized China. However after I saw your videos, I saw that I no longer want to travel within the country as you did. I enjoy the fact that you report the truth as much as you know. It has helped satisfy my curiosity of the unknown there. It has been truthful. I can be satisfied knowing your experiences will help put the rest the questions I had about it. I don’t like what the government is doing to its people by giving them a biased view of foreigners. I hate what China is doing to the world as well. But you have also given China a positive view by showing the land, its people, and food. You have shown us that you do care about China by marrying one of their own and lived there for a substantial amount of time. Thank you. One day I may go to visit China for a short time to say I have been there. I will probably binge watch all of these videos so take a crash course in Chinese education lol. In the meantime continue to stay awesome!

  123. Being harassed by the police and army for not comitting any crime is not a “Negative” its fucking authoritarianism. A negative is having no wifi; not being chased by corrupt fascists. You guys are still a bit soft on the CCP despite what youve been through, i dont understand that.

  124. This is starting to strike home here in USA to an alarmingly similar tone. Just like CV19 the marxist plague is not confined to China. We hear from many who have escaped the CCP, North Korea,Cuba or Eastern European communism to the US who are becoming alarmed at what is starting to happen here be it those pushing all aspects of nonsense from critical race theory or intolerance to opposing views.

  125. I like this fair critic of real problems that you experienced your self. I will probably never go biking around northern China filming a lot but it is good advice to be careful. I agree that these nationalists is China’s worst enemy. Second it the US wanting China back as slaves. But i know more and more Chinese see it the other way around. I do love a halfway Chinese nationalist so my compromise is to hate the US war mongering and slave mentality to the rest of the world, and support China’s right to be an independent country. It does not mean i support this behaviour you became the victim of.
    I don’t want the “Omega glory” future of the world. One solution, force feed 600 hours of Startrek to all worlds leaders and problem is solved!

  126. Jesus Winston. Listen, I’ve been a fan of you and C-Milk for years, I’ve paid for your Conquering series ect. But you need some new material. You’re flogging a dead horse here mate, so much repeatition with your material, I’m starting to tune off

  127. I have crossed paths with CCP army online, they hate when you call Xijin WinnieDPoo, and stop commenting when they realize you know the truth… also I have encountered dating scams where they want you to invest in crypto or stock market… It’s entertaining because it was obvious, but there seems to be many people hunting foreigners online.

  128. Stop stop stop. There’s nothing wrong with nationalism unless it is communism. You keep mixing up those 2 up in a very stupid harmful way. Nationalism is NOT communism. Communism – is pure evil. Nationalism is pride of country. Completely different. Stop the BS.

  129. I don’t quite get it…..you are dealing with a country and government that has murdered MILLIONS of it’s own people, is now bent on suppressing HK and Taiwan not to mention it’s ultimate goal of running the world and you expected something different? The Nazi’s rounded up Jews and anything else they deemed undesirable with the support of its people or at the minimum, the indifference of it’s people because of the perceived gain they were receiving. I’m not against any race of human being in this world, I’m just not stupid because it’s socially expedient. Chinese PEOPLE support the CCP…wake the fark up to that fact. This world is headed for some very serious s hi t because western people are oblivious to reality. You’re weak…..and the CCP can smell it. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Can’t say 1989, OR Reference it in ANY Way!

  131. I was in China ( Beijing )back in 1983. Adults were dressed very plainly ,Grey, dark green or dark blue . Coming from Australia it was a big culture shock. We had party officials with us the majority of the time.
    I managed to sneak out by myself a couple of times and wander around the back streets of Beijing. What an eye opener. This was when there were hutongs every where. One of the main things i remember was the people spitting and the spitoons on the streets.
    Watched a pig being slaughtered in a back alley.
    Went to Tianamin square and saw chairman Moa laying in state in a glass coffin. Visited the forbidden city(touched the Emporer’s seat) , summer palace, Emporer Chin’s burial site. There were no barricades around anything then. (got a picture of me astride one of the stone horses leading up to the tomb)
    The place has certainly changed. I was 12 yrs old.
    You have certainly had some adventures in China . Glad you and your immediate family are safe.
    A life without adventure is a life unsavoured.

  132. This is a very interesting video, when I watched conquering Southern China I really enjoyed it so when I watched conquering northern China I felt like something was off and this explains it.

  133. That whole big brother and people spying on people crap is really disgusting no matter where it happens, but more than that, it diminishes what it means to be human. Basic humanity–empathy, compassion, trust, all that goes right out. Its weapon of fear cultivates the worst in people.

    Moreover, it makes those who sponsor this kind of regime/behaviour look bad, because it begs any reasonable person to ask, “what have they got to hide?” It’s hard to accept, sometimes, that the very culture that brought us Taoism and so many other tremendous advancements and art, has been reduced to this.

  134. May be you were collecting isotope fingerprints. So they should check out. If you can go everywhere in country, that means all military secrets are already stolen.

  135. Great job on exposing the real China. I am not surprised as to what happens when a brutal totalitarian Communism and socialism is running the country. Centralizing power always results in loss of freedom, torture and killing of the opposition.

  136. Almost something a little bit out of the Bond movie Thunderball – where was “ODD JOB?” 🤔
    Also some of those Bad Guy Characters look as IF they from Central Casting😂

  137. Brave dude. If i were speaking as honestly as you about the CCP, i wouldn’t feel safe traveling in any of the countries where china has increased its influence through the ‘belt and road initiative’ let alone the mainland.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the wording in the ‘Hong Kong security law’ implies china considers it a crime for citizens of any country to speak disrespectfully of China, even on their own soil! To me says they’ve extended their social credit score beyond their boarders. So if i were traveling through any of the chinese colonies I’d expect harassment at the least. Not to mention, if I had any friends or family who were chineese nationals I’d be worried they’d be harassed by proxy.

    I hope I’m just being paranoid, and things aren’t really that bad.

  138. Why don’t you leave bucktooth country and go home where deserving people can embrace your personalities and pioneering spirits without having to deal with scum humans?

  139. I wonder how much influence CCP has at google. I cant imagine they’d pull your channel, but the truth of your content is really important, so I hope its all preserved somewhere other than a youtube server.

    Heh, I sound really paranoid.

  140. Based on you experiences I don’t think you would catch me dead in China. The place seems like an absolute toilet of a place full of sinister and mistrusting people. You should consider travelling India on Enfield bikes ???

  141. Why didn’t u invite them for dinner .
    I’ve got very well of ( so called friends an they get more fk if they get a scratch on their car .I think over wealth destroy s the soul .

  142. Good video of your negative experience. Unfortunately I have nothing positive to say about these nationalist types. Obviously this petty culture needs to evolve more on many levels. Sorry.

  143. The rise in “Chinese nationalism” that you constantly inveigh against has been in direct correspondence to, and proportional with, the rise in ethno-nationalism and anti-Chinese sentiment within the United States during the Trump era. Funny how that works. I don’t feel sorry for you in the least. For years you have been capitalizing off of said trends here in The West by airing out China’s dirty laundry for likes and views in your exploitative and sensationalized Youtube videos.

    You’ve been able leverage your time and experience spent in their country — a country that does not share our laws and traditions regarding freedom of speech and freedom of the press — into a successful Youtube career knowing all along that it would elicit a negative response from the authorities. Unable to withstand the inevitable blowback that you brought upon yourself by your own selfish actions, you then abandoned China and fled to the United States and are now claiming political persecution.

  144. You’re surprised???? Just accusing the CCP almost every video on youtube for the world to see and surprised you were harassed by the most corrupt and strict country on planet earth??????

  145. 19:31: She says to the communist party guy “I’ve got a VPN back at the office, let’s go and investigate”
    I laughed so hard at that line. The fact that government officials have to circumvent the government with tools like VPN to do their jobs is so fucking ironic.

  146. I think everyone should abide by local laws. Because of strict inspections, there have been no terrorist attacks in China in recent years. Why the terrorist attack in France? Now you should understand.

  147. If they tried to disappear you, then why are you alive making this video? As a white man, behave yourself when it China and don’t stir up crap, and everything goes very well. It worked for me when I was there.

  148. The rulers of the world are conspiring against the peoples of the world. That is whats really going on. And Communism or Socialism is the final stage of slavery. If we dont watch out we might end the same way so be careful.

  149. What’s with the friends pink backpack shoulder harness?? must’ve borrowed his wife’s backpack? Hummm…

    I bet if you did not pay him upfront, the “Nationalist fixer“ would’ve have given u such a hard time. I don’t think it’s Chinese nationalism as much as cold hard cash.

    On the other hand, America is in a defacto war against China. Not only in trade, but eventually militarily in the South China Sea. You keep going back you could wind up in jail as a westerner!

  150. This is ultimately the problem with socialism. Socialism is, in essence, “I want the government to censor/shutdown/silence those people over there.” When people who think like that start to amass, you end up with Socialism/Communism. You end up with elites who stay close to the government demanding that they censor/shutdown/silence the rest of the population who suffer. But, this abuse of power comes at a cost. That cost is paranoia. The more they abuse their power, the more paranoid they get. Eventually they start censoring/shutting down/silencing innocent people, which in turn creates bigger problems for them. They ultimately end up cannibalising themselves/each other with their own paranoia until the system collapses.

  151. Unfortunately; the CCP is SCARE to let ANYONE show China to the world if is NOT approved by the CCP. The CCP has been trying for over 40 years to constantly brainwashed the Chinese people in order to keep the people under the CCP control.

  152. I’ve seen (and paid for) both Conquering series and they were great. There was nothing negative or malicious at all, they were a fascinating watch. I really can understand that being treated like this would be enough to shift anyone’s attitude towards the place… I went to China in 2017 and absolutely loved it, but I remember even at that stage there was great difficulty for my ex-gf to get accommodation that would accept foreigners. … I can only imagine now after all this Covid19 nonsense that China would be an incredibly hostile place to visit as a foreigner, especially me being Australian, I’m practically evil incarnate to Chinese Nationalists because our government dared to even just contemplate launching an inquiry into the origins of Covid 19.

  153. Nationalists… Pure sophistication, erudition, education, culture and broad horizons. You know what I am talking about if you met at least one in your life.

  154. Um? You go to China. You witness incredible amounts of state control & propaganda. You witness indoctrinated humans do what they believe is their civic duty. But? You seem completely blindsided and incredulous when this state control is exerted upon you? Why? It’s obviously apart of the culture. So? Why the befuddled and childish whining?

  155. You need to properly open a entertainment company in china, submit your itinerary documentary filming to the local & central govt for approval, maybe you wound’t have so much problem that may endanger you and yr partners.

  156. What do you know about the majority of Chinese people anymore? Have you been there for years? Winston your stuff just sounds like propaganda, in fact, it seems like your main contribution to the world these days is anti-china propaganda. You say China needs the world more than the world needs China. A more accurate statement would be, you need China a helluva lot more than China needs you. I guess you learned that first hand.

  157. It’s really heartbreaking to watch this given how special China is as a historical and cultural entity to the rest of the world. Tarnished to hell by greed and malice.

  158. Lies to Police about having Hardrives filled with data by saying they are battery banks. Yeah lying to the police is super cool in the US, there are no consequences to that ( I guess Michael Flynn is proof). You go on to say oh yeah there was super sensitive North Korean stuff we did RIGHT BEFORE THIS. You even called it “incriminating”. So you did something that you yourself called “incriminating” , and that you hid, and then you were surprised that you got attention from the authorities. Give your head a shake and stop playing the victim card. If it werent for the CPP, more people would go to China so you’re whole career wouldn’t exist, lets be honest your career is based off being willing to go places most people are too afraid and just filming yourself talking about it.

  159. I saw your Conquering Northern China on TV 3 months ago at night on TBD channel 19-4. It was well done. The CCP has been at war with everyone since it’s beginning. Like Japans pre WW2, it has been building it’s wealth and military for it’s expansion. Consider yourself lucky to be alive after roaming behind enemy lines. No spy would dare do what you guys did. Best part is you have stories to tell your kid/s and grandkid/s.

  160. It’s really sad, I’d really love to see true Chinese culture and people flourish. But this slow generational indoctrination of its people will unfortunately see its population in time to come being completely brainwashed in pure hatred to all foreigners. I fear when total indoctrination of its populace is complete, is when the CCP will pull the trigger and be outwardly very aggressive to the rest of the world (even worse than now). I genuinely fear for future generations with the apparent path the CCP is taking its beautiful country. It’s people deserves better, particularly when China has been victim of foreign aggression in the past, you’d think the Chinese government would be against such aggressive actions. Do we not learn from the past! I truly hope we don’t see another 1945 and really hope that I’m being paranoid. China has the ability to be a wonderful country with its rich cultural history, will its path veer back, I really hope so.

  161. The problem with communism is its Godlessness. Being under no higher moral authority than their collective characters will allow, and no concept of Heaven or Hell or Purgatory, they have no prayer lives and no Sacraments and thus become playthings of the devil. The consequence is chaos. Pray the Rosary daily for protection

  162. PAP- People’s Armed Police, and the ministry of state security are the most likely people who were bothering you. And the PLA. Awesome video Winston. Continue to shine a light on the CCP and their rampant corruption.

  163. So your translator watched incorrectly translated videos of yours and decided that those incorrect translations were the meaning he’d go with? That’s some high tier translation skills there.

  164. Imagine leaving China for the US, only to discover that US law enforcement are no different than the PLA when you go around recording stuff and flying drones.

  165. Hi Winston, I am really sorry for what you have been through. It is sad to see how things going here. It is unfortunate to see a true friend like you to be pushed away by those stupid nationalists. I am with you. By the way, just purchased your Conquering Northern China documentary. It was awesome! I really enjoy the Rongcheng part as it is only 200 km from my hometown which was also a small fishing village before. Good job!

  166. The worst I got was a policeman looking daggers at me when he walked past me on the metro. I don’t think he knew I was a foreigner at glance until he got close because I look Oriental.

  167. Here in Australia we have a lot of Chinese here, that still have families in China and because of that they and their families back home can’t openly convey how much they despise the Chinese Nationalists, The good news is a good majority of the officials don’t like the rampart corruption that is part and parcel of communism, evidence to that is by all previous fallen communist regimes oh and yeah “The fatter they are, the more corrupt the nationalist/communist official”, Alas most officials are so afraid to say anything or worse if they too don’t act in kind they could lose their life if not family members, “which I find hard to believe” And if true I am confident if the Dictator doesn’t address the Corruption which always comes with communism, it’s very close to hanging itself, In short it wont be too long before a corrupt official goes to far and ends up dead, which may be the catalyst for a massive uprising, and perhaps even the end of communism altogether..

  168. I just want to mention that most nationlism now a days is not bad but genreally good but the form of nationlism that China mostly has is not healthy and is quite dangrous

  169. I sure hope the United States will maintain it’s freedom. The socialist progressive marxist liberation parties are trying to destroy and replace our republic for an authoratative regime. The 2020 elections is proof that CCP is contributing to the implosion of the country creating division, maipulation, propaganda, fear, economic instability, trade disparaties, racial tesions, religious controls of worship. All from different angles that include big tech, media, grassroots from all sides. The CCP is evil and xi jinping should all be punished for murders around the world related to the CCP Virus. No to Communism in the land of the free. I have no prejudice for the Chinese people however I despise their oppressive government.

  170. And the CCP just imposed a 200% tariff on Australian imported wines. Possibly because their feelings got hurt about Australia launching an investigation into the origins of the “China Virus”.

  171. Sorry, the CIA was dug in deep within China, so the party has to be extra cautious to ensure that no foreigners are one of them. Sucks that this happened to you, but it’s not China’s fault.

  172. I will say at the very least that China will be a very interesting experiment in the utility of micromanagement in government. We have been shown the detriments of micromanagement of this level in the corporate world but never before in the governmental. Will be interesting to see how this works out in the next couple decades.

  173. The Chinese Communist Party has only one goal in managing the country, to control the power and control the Chinese people. Because it is not a democratically elected government, the Chinese Communist Party does not serve the common people, it only serves the party and the dictator. Any policy required by the party can be released. Even if it is self-contradictory.

  174. I was a Chinese long times ago and I still have a lot of connections, all my families and friends are still there. The Chinese, the ccp and their government are all about faces. They don’t want to feel losing faces. China was so far behind the west back in 1980’s and chinese feel shameful about that. In the past 40 years they have been worked so hard to catch up. They focus on the big cities, make them look so nice. But rural area still very poor. They don’t want you to show the world the poor rural area, they don’t think it’s cool for the world to see the poor dirty sides of China. That’s it! In 2009, I went back to China, went on a tour with my roommates in a train. I was taking a picture on the train and my girlfriend roommate stopped me. Nothing happened on the train, it’s just a bit crowned, it was clean, nice. But my friend thought it’s shameful to show the world the Chinese train was crowded. They don’t want anything slightly negative to show the world. She is my classmate, roommate and good friend! Can you imagine that?

  175. 0:35 “In the CCP criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally idiotic groups. The police who investigate foreigners and the PLA who prosecute the innocent. These are their stories.”

  176. This is NOT just happening in China, it’s ALL governments, they’ve become stricter and stricter on cracking down on freedom. I’d try going to India instead.

  177. We’ll frankly, I can’t speak for others but it’s clear to me that Winston is a covert spy working for Mi6 trying to uncover Chinese state secrets regarding the herding of camels and the cooking goat meat.

  178. massive story. VERY scary and I would hate to be in your place. You were quite close to be disappeared. I remember at the time in this channel some people were bugging you guys to get more political, and, to be completely honest, at first I thought that would be a good idea too. remember some ppl calling you guys cowards even. Naturally with time I realized that you were just 2 guys and had to keep avoid certain topics because its downright fucking dangerous. These ccp people are crazy and they kill/arrest/disappear people for nothing. with time you guys ended up having to talk about these things, safely in the US, wich is great tbh. So I think everything ended up going for the best.

  179. It’s sad how one person or turd as you put it can ruin an entire experience and opinion of something or somewhere. Personally, I think turdism is becoming its own global pandemic.

  180. I agree with you Winston.. its not all black & white.. the reason ccp/pla is acting like that .. is because of Our CIA covert ops.. and people like soros who are allowed by our shady .gov operate overseas and blemishing our innocent western image…

    So that is why ccp is on their toes .. 😂

    I love your point of view 😎👏👏👍

  181. Im canadian and have worked in far east Russia, its not much different. We don’t video we work on oil transfer stations, when the government officials show up on site its terrifying.

  182. Love your channel. My comment is that America is following the CCP Nationalist model on censorship and state sponsored civil terrorism . YouTube , Facebook and Twitter censor and block any views they dont like ( claiming their fighting racism and hate speech ) and then their minions are the promulgators of cancel culture and are using Antifa and BLM and radical left wingers to be their enforcers in the street and community . I wonder if Lebron James will donate 100 million dollars to support Uighur Lives Matter ? Probably not because Uighurs are too White for Lebron and BLM . From South Africa to China and then America , where is the next stop , maybe Cuba or Venenzuela !!!

  183. I wann say I was a nationalist untile i was in my 20s。The educational system told us “The American imperialists want to destroy us ”,Japan,Britain,even all of the West is considered the enemy of China。The brain washing is so deep,fortunately i see the truth of these platitudes。The CCP fear being overthrown if civilian got truth。

  184. Do you ever get frustrated for feeling that you are in your rights and you are of moral and upstanding character and you vehemently believe in REASON , but wherever you turn , AUTHORITY is trying to subvert you and make you feel you are a perpetrator and should repent of your guilt ?????? IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE OR AN ACCIDENT

  185. In my experience, while some of what you say is probably true in certain areas, hotels need a special permit to accept foreigners. And many simply don’t bother getting that permit because not a lot of foreigners come by. The gov definitely want to track where we are, but I don’t think in many cases it’s as macabre as you put it. Maybe in some cases yes – most of the time no. I was rejected at a cheap hotel near Pudong airport in Shanghai. Not exactly a sensitive area.

    As for “I had to sleep on the street” the resolution is very simple. Plan your journey and ask if the hotel can accept foreigners.

  186. Mainland Han bemoan that westerners don’t understand China and to assure that it remains the case, the CCP makes efforts to discourage outsiders from learning about how life in China works, equal parts paranoid defensiveness and selfimposed isolationism

  187. It’s so unfortunate, because China truly is a beautiful country with a rich, diverse culture and history. They truly have the potential to be a global tourism hotspot and make a ton of money off it if only they weren’t so consumed by hatred and suspicion of the outside world.

  188. Hotels are such bullshit in China. While I was living there, I wanted to visit Shanghai for the first time and stay for 5 days. I looked for not too expensive hotels. I had to call over 10 places before I found one that accommodate foreigners. Remind you it’s not butt fuck nowhere, it’s Shanghai. Basically what they want you to do is to stay in 200 – 300$ international chains, unless you really go out of your way and really search by yourself. Never go travel anywhere in China before you book a hotel, or might sleep on the street.

  189. My children were born with what’s called Mongolian spots, I am white, they have the same blood type as my husband, and he looks native, I said to him, Genghis Khan was real.

  190. Winston, I thoroughly enjoy your informative videos. I appreciate you candor and honesty. You are a solid guy.

    I am glad you are in the USA now. Although we have our own problems, you will be far more safe here. You just need to know where NOT to go.

    Be vigilant because you never know if any CCP goons try to get you on our soil.

  191. I have been following your channel and I love your videos and I really like that you answer most common questions really well, full explanations. I like 👍 that!

  192. Just finish watching your 1st episode of Conquering Northen China. It was fantastic. It a bit pity that my hometown Yantai is only a little footnote of your wonderful documentary. Next time if you and C-milk come over, stay a few more days. There are a lot to see!! undrestand you may not be able to come back any time soon but please remember you are welcome from the people here.

  193. Heard this before on China Unscripted. Still very powerful.
    True story: I was getting vibes from a pretty Chinese girl who works in a local takeaway restaurant. One day she starts chatting me up, really going for it. Within two minutes she‘s asked me twice where i work so i tell her i‘m a barista at a local coffee shop. She asks if i own the place and i say ‘No’, i‘m an employee. She turns her nose up and never speaks to me or looks at me again XD

  194. There’s a tiktoker who is trying to paint you as a Chinese racist and taking your quotes off topic. Making it sound like you’re saying All Chinese eat dog.

  195. They’re Witch Hunting you for exposing the Truths! Take Good Care Good Brother Serpentza! May Good Gods & Goddesses Protect & Blessed You! Thank You So Much for Your Selfless Works to wake~up & protect the Innocents! 🌍♥️🌷🕊🕯

  196. You and C- milk have went through all kinds of hell just to share some beauty and cultural differences! Wow, thank you so much, and sorry you went through such a stressful experience !


  198. Has anyone noticed, this days I get recommendations of youtube channels of foreigners in China telling how good China is, especially about how china bet COVID 19.

  199. Wow !
    I am puzzled why the Discovery Channel executives haven’t snapped you and C-milk up with your
    dangerous adventures and amazing video captures of scenes never seen from the outside world.
    This is a “taste” of what reporters did in war active Vietnam, Kosovo and in the middle east through out.
    Dangerous and possibly an instant end of life for nothing but showing something interesting or beautiful to the rest of the interested world.
    Perhaps freedom will reach the world someday.

  200. Hey Winston, can you do a video on the Chinese video game companies such as miHoYo? There’s a game called Genshin Impact that’s been developed and published by miHoYo, it has been skyrocketing with popularity in the Americas since it’s release date (September 28, 2020)
    , it will be great if you do a video on it. My brother likes Genshin Impact ALOT

  201. We should probably stop calling these people “Chinese Nationals” and instead “CCP Nationals”. These people have no interest in China as a whole, only the CCP

  202. As Indian, we knew this evil side of China since 1960s and often wonder in amazement why freedom loving country like USA would be heavily invested is a fascist China. I guess it was corporate greed. Now with strengthened China, the world would be paying a very heavy price to control this monster.

  203. Perhaps you were naive to think that you could just roam around in CCP China to do a documentary on subjects that YOU deemed interesting. After all, China was and still is a communist country and maybe at one time the government was too busy making money. But as soon as there were some problems, a one party dictatorship would revert back to the old ways of trying to control everything.

    Also just my observation, United States and many western countries have this “innocent until proven guilty” system so that people could pretty much do anything that is not deemed illegal. But it was the opposite for many Asian countries, not only do people not allowed to roam around freely, but laws were often interpreted by whoever was in power.

    Also from a more sympathetic eye, the so called “nationalist” is just trying to protect himself and his family. Under the communist regime, no one is safe. Just look at how many corporate executives that were accused of corruption and being detained or disappeared, you can understand everyone in China is living in constant fear.

  204. Talking to a friend online in Guangzhou I asked: “欢迎外国人吗?”
    “NO,” she said bluntly and seriously.
    It is sad that the opening of China has been totally reversed. The incoming US administration will be much more about globalization, and China is not seen as a partner.

    The USA Head of Homeland Security is going to be a Hispanic woman. Foreigners are always welcome here. Now the tough policies to try to stem the tide of fentanyl, Mexican gangsters, and of illegal immigrants flooding into sanctuary cities before the 2020 census will be relaxed.

    Politics is a dirty game. The more people cities and states can attract before the census, then the more Congressional Representatives that area will have allocated for the next ten years. That is a huge amount of federal money and power on the line. Radio ads in countries to the south convince people to migrate for jobs, and tell them they don’t even need to speak English. They come in droves, the migrant caravans, and what many experience is a modern day Grapes of Wrath.

  205. CHINESE SWAT TEAM? REALLY?- BIG TALL BURLY GUYS??? really? That’s the absolute opposite to Chinese men 😂
    I can assume the type of man he is talking about is very much like the Chinese guy Tou Thao who aided and abetted Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd.

  206. To me if you are visiting China and take pictures video etc. Please do not post on social media because anybody staying there can take advantage to misapply and share with the police etc.

  207. Have enjoyed your videos for a long time now. So thank you for keeping up with your drive and passion. Would love to talk sometime about your future endeavors.

  208. People watch news and listen propaganda that only serve those who have vested interest but this is down-to-earth and real.
    Kudos Winston. these true color of chicoms would not been shown without you and crews taking the risk and presenting them.
    Thank you!

  209. “Tried to disappear me” …? such strange grammar. I’m certain that if they wanted Winston to disappear, he would never have been seen again.’

    Based out of Beijing ? Or based IN Beijing?

  210. When I watch your videos I’m always constantly looking at the people’s faces around you and holy crap do I get anxious from the way some people look at you. 😭 there’s nice folks that greet you but the general vibe is just disturbing. I’ve grown up in one of the worst neighborhoods here in Texas and I know those looks. So glad you and your family got out. Stay safe and keep speaking truth to power! Also have you heard of the Jimmy Dore show? I would love to see him interview. 😁

  211. In general my experience here in Russia has been positive. There is a lot more good things than negative things about Russia and living in Russia.
    Hi-Tech and affordable medicine
    A growth of business and opportunities
    traditional culture where women are women and men are men
    interesting nightlife and parties
    historical and cultured cityscapes

  212. The scariest thing is this is happening/has happened to “white” people. I can’t imagine how worse it could turn out to be for a black and/or a brown(me) foreigners. I always knew that, at least, white people are adored by most of Chinese but these nationalists are the truest kunts. For us general foreigners who are brown / black, China is already a hell (unless of course it’s for those ultra wealthy black and brown who can get mutual benefits with the CCP as in the means of trade).

    One positive thing I got from this video is, these nationalists (supporter or member of CCP) still have to think about convincing people by showing them the wrong subtitles of your videos in attemps to either get the people’s support so that the CCP could take the full charge in executing these foreigners and nobody will complain, or, get these foreigners hurt(or may be killed) as in lynching by the rabid nationalists themselves. What I am meaning is that it shows even CCP is in their deepest heart are afraid of the power of people. But sadly, the leash on the lives of these people is so strong, and as your last sentence says it all, these nationalists are increasing.

    Holy cshit man! The highest fear a person can feel, in my opinion, is, not being accepted by a random foreign society for no reason and this is even scarier when their government itself does this to foreigners.

    The democratic side of the world really need to get together and somehow beat and destroy the CCP for forever, I hope and I am praying for that day.

  213. I took a photo of a coal mine just out side of Linfen just because I thought it looked cool. I wasn’t prepared for being arrested and the amount of angry interrogation that followed

  214. Asia has over 4.5 billion people. There are bound to be tens if not hundreds of thousands of obnoxious individuals out of the billions. And unfortunately, many of them are in positions of power or influence. Their toxic behavior is always bound to play out on some unsuspecting victim.

  215. Keep telling this story.
    You have viewers who haven’t seen this story yet. This newer account is strong, passionate and clear and newer viewers need to see it.
    Truly courageous tale, worthy of re-telling from time to time. This seemed more detailed.
    True/not true?
    I saw commercials! ❤
    Monetization? 👍

  216. Hi there mister Serpanza! Im always so happy when i see any of your videos pop up on my feed! Cant wait to watch em!🤗❤️👍 Cant waith till next time! Greetings from Europe👋

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