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  1. In our subdivision dome people have good internet others none. They tell the ones without they owe money id ehy not working hut these are prople who pay there bills I finally moved to pldtl snd it works

  2. The electric lines are the 3 lines up on the top of the poles. The lower lines are are cable, telephone, etc. I agree with you, the roosters are more important then the family

  3. School goes back in the PH October 5, right? Does Hanna Grace have to physically go to school or study online? Here in Indonesia, all the kids study online and they get free internet for Google Classroom/Google Meet/Zoom.

  4. good move dude…just stay out of it. in the Philippines an animal is an animal, sad but true. sometimes they even treat people like animals, just how it is. hi to the family and happy birthday to Miguel…be safe, cheers.

  5. Hope Hanna grace is ok, I understand that confrontation with the neighbor wouldnโ€™t really be a good idea, but as a animal lover as you and your family are , I would not be able too help myself, I would have said something or reported him, saying that I donโ€™t live there, even though I have a Filipino wife, sad that people can be cruel to defenceless animals โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  6. Brayant you can tell him it against the law to hit animal i hate that if i see them i will a stop to it i dont gove a dam.i love animal better than ppls they are loyal im american to but like i said im not afraid of them i give mg life for animal thank you

  7. I used that cheap orange conduit to protect an outside 20 foot run of an electrical wire out to the Mama Mary Shrine my wife has in the backyard. With in 18 months the sun (UV) bleached it pink, then white….. it cracked and started fragmenting. Replaced it with a run of blue water pipe for the wire’s protection. You can expect the same result of ‘plastic particle rain’ from overhead onto your street in time.

  8. Hi Brian I got not words for how they are doing that internet line wow I’m gonna show it to my neighbour he works for the power company here and it’s good and about the free internet and computers we did it here for the poor it had problems like you will there but its needed I feel ps yep sometimes you have keep your mouth shut with the likes of that guy hitting the poor dog very sad take care

  9. About 5 years ago my internet was kinda okay, then overnight it went to s it, it was weird, the download speed was same as always, not fast but what you learn to accept, but the upload speed was zero or close to zero, always. After a month of emails, visits to their Balibago office, home visits to me from their tech guys, they finally sorted it out….their explanation was that OTHER companies used the existing cables to rest their ladders on when installing/fixing their cables, damaging the high quality expertly installed Comclark/Converge cables, something that Comclark/Converge NEVER EVER do, they’re a cut above the rest of the cowboys….hahahaha. Here we see they do exactly the same, uhhhhhhhhh, if you didn’t laugh you would cry!!!
    By the way, their WAS just ONE sane employee in their Balibago office, usually I forget his name, even though I always remember it’s an unusual name, HASTINGS, I ain’t seen him there lately mind you, poor sod probably suffered a nervous breakdown, but he was good and knew how to get things moving, hopefully he’s still lurking in the background somewhere.

  10. Hi Brian, you know I love dogs. A few years ago my neighbors care taker had a dog that they never feed so wherever I feed my dogs she would come to the gate and i put out a special bowl of food for her everyday. Months past and she had puppies which I also fed. No problem, I’m not a hero. One night I hear this god awful cry from next door. It subsided but the next day the mother didn’t come for dinner. After a few days and some questions I was told the dog was eaten only after being bound and having a bottle of vinegar forced down its throat. Welcome to the real world guys.

  11. i’m hoping it wont be like aus’s nbn! that gov was told not to build. they built it, they were told it needed to be a certain speed, it half of that! complaints, complaints, complaints. the chimmp turns up, everybodys working form home, an the kids are doing home schooling. complaints, an the gov increases the speed, an says when the pandemic is over, the kids are back in school an people are back to work, they’ll turn the speed down again. i can understand that, why h.g. was so upset. happy birthday miguel m8! you and yours stay safe an well eh!

  12. Hi buddy know you now where Cavite is. When I come to the Philippine’s would love to visit you guys. I’ve learnt a lot about the Philippine’s watching your vlogs THANKS HEAPS….

  13. Nice video mate .. that’s a good thing the government is doing giving free internet and laptops .. I myself is getting NBN the next few days in Adelaide Australia .. but not free. Good video Philly

  14. Yep, I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out how people think over here about certain things, i.e., open sewer holes that are dangerous, animal abuse, etc, etc. Sometimes it just better to (not all the time) to just let it alone. Sad to say, “when in Rome”. Doesn’t mean I like it or approve of it though.

  15. The Neighbours seem terrible mate I feel sorry for you and I feel sorry for the poor dog there hypocrites .. say they did that in the USA or Australia that be going to court for animal abuse.. so sad

  16. Brian, You have more self control than me. The story you share about the dog does not surprise me, but saddens me. I have seen so many times that people treat animals there like they are not even a living feeling being. Seeing this happen is what makes going back each time such a hard decision. I own some property and a house there and have banned fighting or any cruel treatment on my property of any animal, including roosters. When I am there the nieces and nephews all wait for treats when I arrive, and they know that I will check on all the water dishes for all the animals before they get any treats. They know it’s a no water for the animals is no treats for them deal with me. I am sure I would have gone to jail if I saw someone beating a dog with a broomstick, I hope you take that dog in and adopt it, and protect it, or at least bring it to the shelter where it won’t be beaten again, I know HG would love to see the dog safe.

  17. That wiring for internet links is like what we used to call a Chinese fire drill, aka all messed up. I am a retired SPCA Imv. In the states we would have sent that guy to jail .

  18. i was thinking of what you said….that they want to transform AC into a gourmet food town….It won t work everybody knows it…. Open the bars up and just add some casinos, big and small and bingo you ll get tourism…….Girls and Casinos, a sure recipe for success . Make it like a little Las Vegas….They could even organize The Philippines World Poker Tournament. You even hve Yhave everything there…..hotels, bars,

  19. Brian, WE hang it the same way in PhillyWe use a ladder to just like they do. Our ladder needs hooks and to be fiberglass to be OSHA approved. I’m much Fatter than any Filipino never had a problem I ran a lot of cables.

  20. Enjoy the party, The Mabalacat lock down is not a “Real” lock down. What they are doing is trying to limit more than one person going to public places such as the Market, Jenra and other public places, that said, the new barangay passes they sent out is required when you go to a “PUBLIC” place from what I understand. and each barangay has a specific day to go and only one person from the family will be allowed.. Makes sense, maybee.. who knows LOL ..

  21. Free internet is terrible for here. Converge can hardly support what they have available now. Of courses the job won’t be done right and they probably don’t have the servers. Internet could slow down drastically for paying customers.

  22. The cable tv service people here also put their ladders against the lines for support. Occasionally they will have a bucket truck but a single repairman will use an extension ladder supported bu the cable TV wire. Phil

  23. Kanna makes you wonder … Is been said humanity will need to improve in five area before reaching a Status 1 Civilization, goal is 5, clearly the internet is #1, funny when you see all world government working in sink.

  24. Man I love the PI but their infrastructure standards are incredibly third world. However I wish I could be there this very minute, in fact I wish I could live there during the american winter months.

  25. OHS.. ๐Ÿ˜‚….animal cruelty ๐Ÿ˜ข…..your rant..priceless mate! To be fair, you did well not to say anything to that ” prick” dog owner!. I always hear dogs yelping around here….for whatever reason. I have learned to ignore it…sadly. Sometimes i have a good rant ..just to vent a bit or i will go insane or something.Take care bud and just try to accept their way, however messed up it is.๐Ÿ˜’

  26. PPFFFT! Comparing him wacking the dog vs you ( theoretically ) wacking his rooster cracked me up! HAH! Perhaps you could adopt the dog? Or get help for him via PAWS Philippines

  27. Doing a good job indeed, rolling out free internet for Angeles City school kids. But what about the rest of the country school kids? Fibre Optic. Must be Virgin & 5G Network too! Selwyn Lawrence. Birmingham. UK

  28. Hello BRIAN,from Abilene tx., good thing you didn’t confront that scumbag, you probably would have gotten into more trouble than him. Although I don’t condone violence, maybe someday he’ll get his just desserts. Anyway, hello to all and stay safe. Happy Birthday to Miguel.

  29. Do they have any such thing as animal welfare in the Philippines? if so provided that you actually saw exactly what physical ill-treatment was being committed you could try reporting it. What about the PNP, could you not report the matter to them?

  30. Why don’t you adopt the dog for Hanna Grace.. bring it to the vet and get it checked and get it’s shots..put a collar on it and keep it inside your fence..if you do I will send you money every month for food and care.. thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

  31. Hey Brian..unfortunately, you’re right..they don’t really value life in the Philippines (that I’ve witnessed). I was in Silliman University Hospital in Dumaguete city a few years back with my girlfriend (I had an eye infection). We were sitting in the emergency ward when they wheeled in a woman on a stretcher past us. My girlfriend saw the woman’s eye open and blink (very briefly)..but the doctors came over and quickly looked at her and said that she was gone…and they completely ignored her after that. If this had been the US or Canada, the doctors would have been all over her to revive her. The husband just sat crying holding his head and the family was there too..they didn’t seem to have alot of money..if you’re poor in the Philippines especially..your life has no value it seems. I remember this and I remember watching this unfold and feeling really awful. I thought this was terrible and tragic. While the body was still warm, they wrapped her up for the morgue and after they wheeled her away. I think the doctors could have at least attempted to revive her. So, if this is how they care for humans..how much less animals..

  32. Take the dog to that recuse shelter and let them find him or her an adopted shelter same place you got your two dogs Rocky and B-2 but yeah that guy is a total asshole

  33. The Philippine way will always be the cheapest way possible and funded by foreigners. This way who ever is handling the money gets to put a commission in their pocket and still get the job done.

  34. The electrical power lines has always amazed, and scaried, me whenever I see the overhead lines there. Its is not all neat and clean as it is in the States or other countries. Amazing!

  35. As much as people criticize Comcast, they are offering free internet to those with kids who canโ€™t afford it for online school here in Philly. The School District also gave loaner laptops to kids for school. I did electrical work for a living and wouldnโ€™t get up on those ladders!

  36. Unfortunately, you canโ€™t get involved over the dog. Had a similar situation there and didnโ€™t confront the neighbor because it could have affected the friend I was staying with at the time as well.

  37. I think the free internet is only for the students cuz’ they have a pin to use; the orange loom we saw they are going to use will not last for a week with he rain and shine there, hehe; kids should not be playing with the holes where the sewing cuz’ they will catch bad bacteria and will make them sick. Oh, it is really sad to see how some people treat pets over there.
    Thanks for the morning video…and hope that they cover immediately those sewage holes before someone falls into it.

  38. When I visited Cebu, I was blown away by the construction I saw. “Osha Approved,” bamboo scaffolding and guys in sandals working away without harnesses or anything.

  39. Happy 25th Birthday Miguel!! That is a long span between those poles. Nice idea for the people who cannot afford to have the kids do the classes. Thanks for the video!

  40. That’s terrible, I hope the dog is ok, I don’t like seeing things get hurt. It doesn’t matter how big or small an animal is, it’s always us humans that inflict pain on things, it’s us that’s at the top of the chain if you know what I mean, animals have no say, no one to turn to.

  41. Not all phipino but many treat animals poorly ,I hate when they put ropes through the cannibal nose and pull them ,they slater pigs inhumanity the way they tie their legs and slit their throat ,dogs and cats not fed good I seen then give bones only to dogs and fish bones only to cats ,yet they still have 10 dogs,,WHY ????? Run loose ,no shots ,

  42. Ya Bri. the same thing here 10 years ago and ya your cable bill will be going up its not free if you pay monthly watch your bill its going up. Same with the free phone yep we are paying for all this free stuff.

  43. It breaks my heart to hear people mistreating another person and animals. If people have kids and animals then they should treat them like they want to be treated.

  44. Wow free internet?!!! On top of that with free laptop โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ƒ to the students? I hope they give this free to every students…too good to be true…thank you philyinthephilippines for passing this news…

  45. The beginning of your video shows what looks like a fairly new white entry gate to a residence with a sorry looking sidewalk entry. Filipino city government at your service.

  46. Dinagat island where Iโ€™m living they have free internet near the hospital and it has only a 100 meter range. You can watch YouTube vids and use FB and check google mail. Yahoo mail and banking and many other things do not work. But itโ€™s free with limit range. Laptops here cost double the price of the USA and most cannot afford them. The Island over all is very poor and most cannot afford a laptop. The hospital has no medical equipment and any emergency has to been taken to surigao, most will die before they get to surigao. Boat is only transportation. No helicopter. The part about dogs is true. Female dogs are not sprayed here. No vet and if they had no one has the money to pay. Many dogs starve to death, no one cares. Good people here, most are not animal lovers. A few do care, but most donโ€™t. Itโ€™s survival which is tough, do they feed their family or their dog. Survival is not a pretty thing. We cannot judge others, but it hurts to see it. I love animals and lack the money to take care of the stray dogs and cats. The cats are often used to control rats and the dogs bark if strange people come around.

  47. Here in Leyte, I’m not near the globe fibre optic cable. So I’m using my phone with Smart sim, prepaid. They have a P299 deal which gives 4GB for 30 days, plus an additional 1GB daily for Youtube and some other specified sites. But the 4G coverage is patchy. At my place I have to sit outside to watch youtube.

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