I Will Make A Change! I Need To Move Forward.

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  1. Hello Chuck. Sa Bai Di Mai! I think some of the negativity you are feeling is because others are projecting their reality on your reality. Here is the US, we have a far different reality with the virus, life requirements and needs than you do in Thailand, hence the comments (I would think). I have a totally different reality than you do, I have to work and accept responsibilities. BUT, I’ve been to Thailand and understand (with jealousy I might add) your reality. This is exactly why I like your videos so much, giving me an idea of my potential future. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Chuck,
    I now know I wasted 40 years worrying & stressing about work stuff that never really mattered!
    Now I’m retired I seeing thins differently!
    Don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control.
    Great insight!

  3. Thank you! Salute to you for wanting to and enjoying your life during this plandemic.

    The people that are bashing you for being responsible are people that never had a life to begin with. You’re travel vlogs have kept me sane and its is just good to see someone somewhere enjoying life. Keep going!!!

  4. I live by the words of that great Man who wants said !! Don’t worry be happy !!! In the wisdom of my grandfather always said fuck the neighbors they don’t pay the rent !!! And Chuck maybe you should get a sponsor and allow you to send out free samples I think Vagisil would be the best . 5555

  5. It’s like I’ve told trolls and negative people before, my block button is limitless, I just wish I had one in real life 555. Keep it positive and keep living the dream, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  6. Thailand my story is very similar to yours surround myself with positive people being married to a Thai The great thing is we all have a choice I live by the day I have lived and stayed in Thailand for over 25 years I spent the time back in my home country two 👍👍👍🇹🇭🙏

  7. Stay positive Chuck lad!!!!. Life is too short. Live every day. We all make mistakes in life but those different paths lead us to where we are now??. Me and my Thai partner are planning to move to Thailand 🇹🇭. At the end of the year. Hope to catch up with you guys. 😎😎

  8. Chuck. I have watched you for a good while now. I enjoy your and Paige’s adventures, and places you go and things you do. I have a plan to live some what like you some where in the world in the next couple years. Thailand is Very high on my list, but regardless.. just relaxing, and enjoying life in the long run is inspiring. If I move to THailand or not.. .I like to visit there, and will go back when COVID restrictions are over for visits. Some time I do want to meet up with you and have a beer. Stay positive, and try and ignore the negative people.. they are living life in pain and don’t know how not to…

  9. Greetings to you “Get it of my Chest’ Chuckie… We all need to have an outlet but at the same keep our sanity …. I have no advice you but will ask you to take so this is a suggestion, I have someone I wish to share with you who is an American doing his thing in Thailand …..My Buddhist Brother: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4s4I_0RxKMgp-HKRVagRnw … when you have time in your daily schedule please watch and comment how you feel to my friend Nick ……. My dear Buddhist Brother Chuck and my Dear Buddhist Sister Paige love and peace to both of you and buddha blesses you and your Family!

  10. You said it, don’t let the trolls get to you, it doesn’t matter but realize it’ll never stop, there’ll always be haters, always, you’re not gonna change human nature. You gotta deal with them, you’re semi famous now. Hey! you got a back rub from a butt haha

  11. PREACH MY FRIEND! I watch almost all your vids and I think we are kindred spirits. Keep doing what you are doing and I hope one day I have the opportunity to meet up with you. You are living my dream!

  12. now i better understand no time to be sad. I’m retired and living in los and i feel the same way.God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

  13. Hi Chuck, I enjoy watching your vlogs, I’ve been to Thailand 4 times and have had 2 flights cancelled last year, also I’m thinking about coming to Thailand for one year this year/ beginning of next year, it’s just my family particularly my granddaughters I would miss, the question I wanted to put to you is, the 3 sons or daughters you had, how old are they now, and of course you miss them, but just wanted to know about your feelings.
    Thankyou Dale.

  14. Chuck, keep doing what you are doing. It’s great, I love to watch your adventures. The Mafia are great to watch. Thier attitude to life is superb. Have a great day its bedtime here in England.

  15. please let’s get rid of all the negatives. thank you for letting me follow you and your family, both on this channel and your other. love for you and your family // Magnus from Sweden

  16. Thanks Chuck. I just sold my house, that I’ve lived in for the last 23 years, packed up up the car and am currently in the process of moving from California to Ohio. It’s time to start the next phase of life and really live! Vloggers like you, Joe and so many others have contributed to my changing on how I look at life. I’ve commented this before but I’ll say it again. As soon as I can, I’m coming back to Thailand. Maybe I’ll try to sneak a couple cans of Modelo in my luggage. Thanks again.

  17. Good night from the Netherlands. I agree with you. Stay positive and think in terms of solutions instead of problems. A simple life with few obligations makes everything much more enjoyable. Enjoy little things, take care of your loved ones and don’t worry too much about what’s going on around you. Because life is only short. Chuck and Paige, I wish you a nice day.

  18. Everyone needs a ‘Paige’ in their life. How can you let any negativity get to you when you have Paige bouncing around like a 4 year old behind you.

  19. I can’t relate to quite a bit to what you’re saying, and the vast majority of the time it’s an unreasonable leftist/liberal who’s the source of the negativity. That has been my experience at least. My predicament is admittedly much less challenging than yours in that I’m able to simply disassociate myself from the dead weight, or a least limit my association with it. I’ve done this by the way in several instances, and I’ve found it to be quite liberating…a bit sad, but more liberating than sad.

    You, on the other hand, are obviously creating content on a youtube channel, and ultimately expose yourself to the mob via the comments section. If we’re in fact talking about the same type of people then I have some not so good news for you. They’re simply not going to change in order to accommodate your request for them to put a plug in it. They won’t, they’re simply too self absorbed to care about being tactful. Unless you find a way to ignore their ways, my prediction is you’ll ultimately decide to shut down the comments section. Like you said, life is too short.

  20. We all watch you grow into a Chuck happier and much more content. I can only speak for me, I’m finding myself steering more to be happy. I thank you for that

  21. Thanks, do you get into Buddhism ? . I’ve traveled Thailand a few times . And just think it’s a great way to live . I’ve looked into their beliefs and l found l was living that way . Take care and can’t wait for the new channel

  22. Hi Chuck good evening from Surrey UK.🙏Your words in this video are very meaningful in these very difficult times when we get bad news every other day . Going to bed shortly with a lot of positivity as life is short indeed and we need to look forward indeed 👍👍👍

  23. I agree with your outlook on life, BUT… When you talk about the negativity that’s being presented to you and the problems that causes, all you’re doing is enabling the people that are giving the negative views. In their mind, they’re saying: AHA,I got to him! My advice to you is block them, and never mentioned them again.

  24. Google doesn’t actually look at whether a comment is positive or negative, the end result of this is that all comments, or “engagement”, actually drive traffic to your channel. The end result is that the haters, spammers, and trolls are actually widening your viewing audience, which by your own estimate is 90% positive. Thanks for all the great videos, I fell in love with Thailand after spending time away from the tourist areas, I can’t wait to return.

  25. I’ve lost many friends recently. But I’m good with that. Somehow this last year has brought the true colors of people out. 😆👍🏼

  26. I’m one of those who has never commented, but have always enjoyed your videos. Great philosophy and insightful words of wisdom. So crazy that your channel attracts negativity when you and Paige exude non-stop positivity! By the way, Paige is so adorable and her love/deep affection for you is so evident. Can you do a video and discuss how you learned to speak Thai?

  27. Man I’ve got a few more months until my daughter graduates and goes to college and I sell my house and everything to come to Thailand. I’m so ready to get away from all the politics and bullcrap and just go live carefree! I hope to finally meet some of you and just travel in Thailand.

  28. Chuck, the issue here is actually possible to resolve, but it needs Youtube/Googles help. I suspect that most negativity comes from people that post comments under a fake name or pseudonym. Youtube (and all Social Media companies) could help by enabling a ‘Real Person’ verification step. If this were done, then the reader could filter out comments from subscribers who have not ‘verified’ and are thus hiding behind a fake persona. I think you could lobby Youtube for this long-term change as its a common problem – not just on your channel.. Until then, I think you should do what works best for you.

  29. Totally agree with you mate, we live in a negative opinionated time unfortunately. I run a mile from negative people, life’s too short. You only have to please one person and that’s yourself… sounds selfish but it’s true 🍻🍻🇦🇺🇦🇺

  30. Change the things you can change, accept the things you cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference. If you have an empty stomach you have one problem, if you have a full stomach you’re likely to have many problems.

  31. Psychopaths can’t be cured. This video will not cure them but feed them. They enjoy pushing people’s buttons. There are more than you realize. They do it to everyone not just you. Be stoic.

  32. Hi Chuck, my father told me ” you can make some people happy all of the time, and some of the people happy some of
    the time, but you can’t make All of the people happy All of the time. As you say, you have to do what you need to make
    you happy. Depending on the issue you may have to consider others that count when you make your decision. Don’t let
    others ( those that really don’t count ) make you feel guilty for making the decision you have. As long as things are ” O.K. ”
    with those that count you have no reason to let others make you feel guilty of what you do or have done. Everyone is
    aware of the possible consequences. Don’t let others make you feel guilty for your decision. Your doing great, I enjoy
    your videos and I believe you make Or made the correct decisions to do what you wanted to do. (Screw those who judge
    you for the decision you made!) They didn’t count anyway.

  33. Congrats Chuck…now you look like you should. Your friend Joe might have won the bet but you won in life.
    White mans trouble….I always say it is because of the winter…The cold have rooted out the men who was’nt willing to work them self to death. Now a days it is no problem…but the brain have to adjust over generations.
    Please continue to have notime2bsad 😉

  34. Hey Chuck and Paige this is Joe from downunder. Chuck you are too polite which you have to do. For those people and I hope you read my comment Piss off. I work hard I am married all my money goes on a mortgage rent and trying to buy another property , I am a Supervisor and look after 35 employees life gets tough. For those that are negative about Chuck and paiges website go and make your own called No Time 2 b positive you will get better results, enough is enough. I am disappointed Chuck because you would have time to make another coffee and could have gone for a walk earlier if you didn’t have to explain yet again you personality to the Negative people in the world. I come to Thailand at least once a year and can’t due to COVID but guess what I stay positive , it’s time people get a life and stop the S—t.

  35. “You hit the nail on the head” when you said you opened your life via videos to all, and you must deal(compromise) with that. With all things considered, I’m happy that you can vent in front of a camera, it’s like seeing the shrink. Lol. Enjoy my man.

  36. Stop apologising Chuck, you don’t have to justify yourself or your life. Move forward, be happy, life is too short to be over-analysing you existence. Ignore the haters and the negative commentators, they are just trying to move their frustrations to someone else. Do your vlogs Chuck, remember you are an entertainer, not a mind doctor, stick to what you are doing successfully and let the world take care of itself.

  37. Life is what you make it. I love the 5 years I have been in Thailand. I agree that negatively aimed comments can be distracting but they can also be ignored.

  38. You are so right!!! Staying too long in toxic relationships, whether that’s with friends, family, or even spouses can drag you down to despair.

  39. Preaching to the choir brother….lots of people are only happy when they are complaining. Don’t take it personally, that will drag you down 👍👍👍

  40. Preaching to the choir brother….lots of people are only happy when they are complaining. Don’t take it personally, that will drag you down 👍👍👍

  41. Chuck, you are too sensitive! Put your shield up and avoid those negative comments from affecting you. Don’t allow their negativity to enter your psychic. You care too much and you worry too much. Be like Paige!
    Some people are jealous of other people’s joy. You took the big jump and made the right decision to be happy. Don’t worry about them, all they do is talk and probably never take the chance to be happy.
    The last comment, you are impacting a lot of folk like me. Thailand and its people should be a fine example for the world. Love guys.

  42. I fit into the 15% who are positive and love all your videos Chuck. How could you possibly be negative, when that little bundle of Thai positivity comes up behind you 5555. Stay just the way are mate, you and Paige bring lots of joy to many of your subs 😀

  43. Chuck, anyone that watches your videos and are spreading their negativity to you are missing the whole point of your message. Find what makes you happy and pursue it with all your might!

  44. Dude, with a wife like Paige, why would you care about the few negatives in the comments section? She is awesome ! And so are most of the comments you get. Not to mention an amazing 95% like ration on your videos. At least, that is what YT shows me. So suck it up butter cup and eat a reses or start working out. Lift some weights. Get your testosterone levels back up. Seriously, at your age, you NEED to be lifting weights. And if that does not make you feel better, I’m living a part of the world where it is literally freezing, have not had sunshine all week… yeah. You have the life most of us will never have.

  45. I love your channel and your positivity Chuck. Don’t feel like you have to reply to negativity, just let negativity stay in the gutter where it belongs.

  46. Life is for living, treat every day as if its your last and be the best you can.
    Negativity from others is because of their jealousy at what you have. Ignore them and block them, the rest of us love what you do and it makes our lifes happier.

  47. Chuck, I love your vlogs. Please disregard the negative trolls(?) or commenters. I see them occassionally. One comment as a US Citizen in Texas. We can not watch news without racism, attacks, suppression of truth powered by the media. In other words, US Citizens are experiencing isolation and individual attacks on personal beliefs and opinions. So remember, US Citizens need your vlogs to escape this cultural war. Even this post worries me (if need be delete it for NoTime2BSad).

  48. I can’t believe people are negative in your comments, this is crazy if you don’t like it don’t watch, it’s that simple. Moving on I can’t wait for the next video of you guys in Udon and the video with Soi Mafia at the store(you know I love the shopping videos lol) Thanks for posting and getting this off your chest.

  49. Hey chuck and paige. I think its not a rand video.its just saying your mind. What i love about you and paige is that you live your lifes. I watcht it and im excacly the same. I hate negative people thats why im moving to thailand not to run away but my girl was saying the same thing.so when i can enter thailand im COMMING hahaha. Btw my girl is a truckdriver she enters the bridge to laos all the time.so it was nice to see you put that bridge in the previous videos. Thanks for that.

  50. Being an extremely attentive and caring person like you are is great. Don’t ever become jaded. You will feel a little more pain occasionally from the negativity, but hopefully those of us who love the channel can wash away the bad and your moderators can catch it before you ever even see it. You’re not alone in being so caring. Notice I do not call it “caring too much”, because there isn’t such a thing. Love > Hate Don’t ever become jaded and callous. I have a feeling that you won’t. I’d still watch every video even if you did eliminate the comments, but I think you’d miss the 90% positive comments.

  51. Hello Chuck, ignore the negative criticism and ignore those who are not happy with their life as they refused to take responsibility for their own misfortunes. That’s their problem, not yours. You’re not responsible for them nor is obligated to cater to their needs.

    Keep your channel as is. Don’t get pulled by morons who have nothing constructive to share. I agree with you, we have to learn how to adapt and learn to accept change. The world is full of uncertainties but that doesn’t mean we give up and feel sorry for ourselves. This is very hard to accomplish but you’re doing great and it shows your authenticity and desire to live your life that is gratifying. I agree that we shouldn’t constantly dwell on negatives and blame others for one’s own failures. It’s ok to let go of excess baggages that we don’t need. This is a vicious cycle that only result to hopelessness and helplessness. At the end of the day, it accomplishes nothing. It only leads to missed opportunities.

    One thing I can say is that those who constantly criticise you are jealous, plain and simple. As your channel says Notime2bsad. That’s your motto. Stick with it.😊💪 Please keep it up and you can only control what you can. Ignore the rest of the asinine comments.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your advice, take stock of our sacrifices and our accomplishments and keep moving forward.

  52. Hi Chuck, what you said today is so right, and I hope you don’t let it get you down. You said that Paige helped change your way of thinking, well for what it is worth, watching your videos and hearing your story has definitely change my way of thinking for the better. I live for the day and have become much more positive. I haven’t commented in a while but really want you to know that and hope I get to meet you some day. I believe in the saying “Each day we are born again, so what you do today is what matters most”. So thank you for sharing your adventures and I hope you continue. I know I have said it before in comments and my email to you once, but it needs repeating! Life is short and the journey is not always easy, but that is what makes us stronger and smarter. I just turned 61 and I am happier than ever and part of that is because of the escape I get from watching your videos and looking at what life can be if you stay positive and visualize a better future. Thank you!!!

  53. In a similar situation to you had kids young. At 43 married to a thai woman we left canada to come here and will move here permanently. We are in Bangkok doing the quarentine we just arrived. I found my Thai wife and there grounded budhist way of thinking really helped me to let go of alot of stuff. She is also very positive and lives in the moment. Alot of people had negative judgments and sterotypes about my situation as well. I just blocked them out of my life. Live your life. Be happy. That’s all that’s matters.

  54. IMHO, myself, as a American, once I had spent time in Asia, then married a Asian woman, found my attitude and outlook on life changed. For the better. Many friends and family can’t/couldn’t handle that change. Meh… their loss. Keep up what you’re doing. So many enjoy your story.

  55. Morning chuck. Glad you are finding great ways to not only get by but also find ways to make everyday better. I have one saying I have walked with my whole life, ‘if you always carry a hammer – everything will always look like a nail..’ learn to put your hammer down and you will no longer look for people to pound down to your level. Walk with a light foot and always be open to all ideas, the mindful one will always look worse to the open minded. Cheers and looking forward to getting back home in bang bua thong later this year. Happy days ahead.

  56. Don’t take everything as a bad thing …look at at it as a positive. you are in a far better position than those who criticise you. I wish I was in your position…yes the virus is a bad thing. I live in the UK my wife lives in Thailand. I haven’t seen her in over 12 months. I will be back and hopefully to stay.

  57. Unfortunately that’s why I now watch you via television as some of the comments were very opinionated and came across as people feeling that their opinions were the only right one. I enjoy your positive approach and really do hope to be able to meet up with you some day soon.

  58. Funny thing this happiness stuff. A mate down the pub said to me (you don’t seem happy) well not at work, he works in the same place (I was a cleaner). I said to him, well you can’t always be happy. Think of our ancestors working down the mines, in factories, (I’m English by the way), doing boring jobs and difficult jobs, which I’ve done most of my life. Happy is a superlative emotion, it is also transient. You can’t always be happy. Nor will you be. Life has its ups and downs. You mourn, you fail, you feel pain and discomfort. You ain’t always going to be on cloud 9, so you’ve got to deal with the bad stuff.
    Chuck is right though here. You gotta have a vision. I was semi-retired, but now am fully retired having been laid off (over the illness), but you gotta have an idea of what you’re gonna do and how you plan to do it. You can’t just waltz into idleness and boredom. You gotta have a gameplan that stimulates you physically, mentally and spiritually.

  59. My advice to you is this. Do what makes you happy mafia an pa will let you know if they have concerns same for Paige. They are the only ones that count as far as im concerned. As to losing friends, sorry they were never friends to start with as far as that goes. I quit drinking over 20 yrs ago i found out who my true friends were and are still to this day, if i was a betting man you have too. Sweat the stuff you have to the rest isnt worth the loss of sleep as it were. Life goes on this is a one way trip for all of us live it the way you want. P.S. i retire in aug 2021 an what i do after that is up to me. So to paraphrase a saying up to you lmao enjoy the nay sayers will always be nay sayers, you cant fix em so why try. Sry for the spelling errors if any it is what it is lmao…

  60. I was always taught “if you haven’t got anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”.. No one wants to hear your crap in life coz most people have their own crap to deal with, so just deal with it, crack on and enjoy your life the best way you can is what I say!..I Enjoy watching you and your familys positive way of life and even though it makes me miss Thailand very much, I know that when things get better I will be there to enjoy that Sabai Sabai lifestyle bigger and better 🍻😊

  61. So much wisdom in this VLOG. Thank you for just saying straight to the point. I am working on the getting rid of the anchors and move to Thailand with my wife. Been prepping for the transition. Again Thank You for the wisdom!

  62. Keep the comments, but before you look at them, have a moderator or a neutral source delete them and block. Reading negativity will bring you down. Facebook even depresses me just because of all the negative posts. I”m the 90% hahaha

  63. Chuck, i am one of the 90% quiet followers who’s watching you every day. Keep up the positivity. I enjoy watching your adventures. Thanks for the peptalk. Your way is my way. Thank you very much.

  64. Great video Chuck! Negative people, negative news, negative friends, relatives, politicians journalists. A few nice stories about nice people would be nice. Negativity sucks the life out of me and I’m sure many people. Now I am like water. I find the easiest way to flow through life. Chuck & Paige are excellent examples of seeing the good and following their dreams. Thanks for a thoughtful positive channel.

  65. Hey chuck and Paige, I really enjoy your channel. You bring us so much entertainment. You can’t let the minority stop you from being your calm self. Keep up the good videos. Thanks much.

  66. Hey Chuck, trolls, there’ll always be there , you and me came out to Thailand within a few months of each other and have the same attitude about life, I watch all your videos, I think Thailand gives us this attitude towards life and it’s hard for people who are not here, to get into your mindset, they all have to much cr*p in their life. We’re only a few hundred miles apart, one day we’ll have got to meet up, keep going buddy all’s good

  67. Hi Chuck, i agree 100%, with you, thinking about life,it’s just one and time runs fast, you know life is short!!All the material things that people think are important , are nothing compare to enjoy life traveling, etc.!!👍👍✈

  68. Being happy or unhappy, it’s up to oneself and how one chooses to live. Our heart and mentality set the path for it. Simply, enjoy the present, enjoy today, enjoy the moment of your life and be positive as you mentioned. Simply, let go the negativities and stress. Be nice and kind to others. I’m glad that you are happy and have very good life in Thailand.

  69. I’ve deleted Facebook pretty much the only social media that I used due to all the negative people some close to me hope you find a solution but just want to thank you for all your time you’ve spent entertaining us , when this situation is gone and borders open we’re going to eat something you’re a good man peace ✌️

  70. Always love your videos. You are so blessed and we are blessed that you share your adventures and positive attitude with us! At 58 years old I have been through a string of challenges, but you are so right that we just have to make the best of every day. I like the definition of “stress” that says that stress is not what happens to you, but how you respond to the things that happen to you. We all go through hardships, often horrible ones, but we CHOOSE what to make of them. Anyway, love your videos and sharing in your happiness and good fortune!

  71. I take people’s negativity as an opportunity to better myself. If they are right, I’m grateful and learn… if they’re wrong, I exercise humility, tolerance, forgiveness and patience (a win-win deal). Although I try, I will never be able to avoid negativity… so, I try to deal with it the correct way.

  72. Solution: Always expect that there will be negative people who would like you to be as they are.
    When you feel negative … think Paige. She realizes that death is the only undefeated champion … a billion to nothing. Live! My Grandmother was 104 when she died. She told me what her grandmother told her … to always do more good than there is bad. You do more good than there is bad … but bad does not go away … it is just not part of any reality that you entertain. YOU ARE BLESSED. Keep moving forward. Think Paige and be happy you are not a part of her war … with snails! Wish I was where you are mentally, physically, and geographically.
    Count all your blessings everyday. Especially the small ones.

  73. I think if you have a you tube channel you have to have a pretty thick skin or the comments would drive you crazy. Chuck you do a great job handling that. Keep looking up. Cheers 🍻

  74. This was a timely post Chuck, thank you. Some very scary stuff going on here in the “land of the free” right now. Trying to keep a positive outlook, but working on plan b at the same time.

  75. Thank you so much for sharing your life, family and adventures. My wife and I love watching your show and it’s the highlight of our day. Thanks for living as well as you do !

  76. I hope once I can get back to Thailand(have a visa app in 3 to 5 days they said been 3 already thats the hard part patience) I can get to the being more positive stage as you have, it has been hard being away long distance but we have mangaed ok, your vids have helped keep me stay in touch with whats going on in different parts of thailand but overall as well. So yes keeping the negative stuff to a min is hard but I hope you can get to a solution, the moderators one maybe a start.

  77. I think it’s great to be positive, but it seems like u believe that there are only really positive people who are good, and really negative people who are bad. There’s a lot of in between, and all criticism is not automatically negative. I dont think ur naive to thing on a public vlog that there may be those followers who have different views, but they, we, are still all followers, helping the vlog generate revenue– yes, I realize you say that’s not so important, but in reality it pretty much is.
    If some look at things in a different way, that doesnt make them negative. of course, if someone is nasty or insulting, that’s 100% inappropriate, but to simply disagree or question something doesnt make one negative or bad.

  78. i will not comment on a video unless i have something good to say. So in the words of a famous saying, if you can’t eat it, or make love to it, give it away.

  79. It is funny Chuck my life was like yours once upon a time. But now i have my thai girl and my life has changed as well. Thai wisdom is strong and you now show it thru your conversation. Thank yo for encouraging the people who follow you and Paige. Also loving the mafia and you cooking channel. My kai has started her own business selling healthy salads at the market in naung wang. I am so excited for her

  80. Disregard the negative comments. Those people need to get a life. You have a life and a positive attitude, you dont need to change a thing. If people (like the 36 thumbs down) dont like it then they can go else where.

  81. You can only control your own thoughts and actions. Do what makes you happy because worrying about what others think is unimportant. Life is too short and you only have one shot at it. It’s a fool’s game trying to adhere to other people’s standards. Too many people get caught in the trap of pandering to other people’s negativity and forsake their own true happiness. You have discovered a good life philosophy Chuck!

  82. I’m mostly negative… But your video’s make me positive about what the future could bring! I say I’m a realist instead of negative though but others disagree whatever lol.

  83. Hey I watch you since you seat on that EVA AIR flight to Bangkok 5 years ago and I think you have a very good channel .Its all about life in Thailand, Don’t worry about other negative comments, ,Life is too short and is PRECIOUS

  84. I lived in Thailand for awhile i had a ball. But the best thing for me was comming back to Australia im so happy and content , being retired helps haaa , Sydney beaches are the best i have seen , the Blue Mountains are so scenic , I live a little out of Sydney so the huslle and bussle doesn’t concern me , and going to live in Thailand gave me perspective in my life and I have no regrets at all. I hope to go back once a year Notimetobesad for me ,

  85. Great video Chuck. Ur words are an inspiration to getting my butt to Thailand & start living a happier life. Life is too short for sure. I’m ur age & im done wasting my time being overly concerned about the things I can’t control. I want to be out of sight & things will be out of my mind. I have no more time to be sad. I look forward to more of ur videos and the videos of others vloggers in Thailand that are living a happier stress free life till I get my own.

  86. Chuck let the haters hate!!!! Walk your walk!!! Life is short !!! Keep evolving and blazing your path because this is your journey!!!! People come and go brother!!! It’s about you😎✌️

  87. Agree 100%. I’ve unsubscribed from most all other expat channels because I just can’t stand listening to all the negativity any more. I didn’t retire to Thailand to continue to hear someone’s b.s. or their “expert” analysis of “this is the way it is for everyone” wanting to live here. Your simple advise long ago to those people still applies today, “just smile and don’t be a dick” can make your life over here pretty darn good. 💯👍

  88. 50+ yr .old manchild lives with in-laws, like a teenager😂. Goes on the same old trips with simps like Foreigner Slow Joe… bored to death In That Nowhere.

  89. I think that is the mindset from the west. We tend to go a faster pace in the west compare to the East. She is absolutely right a few thing we worry about things or about others and in the end it’s just delusional.


  91. Chuck…Just keep doing what you do…You are helping a lot more people with your vids and view points than you know. There is just no helping some people…Very sorry that it effects you. Once this “situation” is over I plan a trip over there…You have sold me on the people and culture….Thanks!

  92. just ignore them and don’t talk about the negatives…they are winning by you talking about their comments…live by the name of your channel! No time to be sad! 15000 steps a day! Lol every day! Cheers Chuck!

  93. my life changed 10 years ago when i first came to Phuket. Fell in love, Fell out of love. But it’s been an adventure all the way. I would not change a thing.

    The stress thing was a killer for me. It was the worst thing in my life. Then I came to Thailand, and it just all went away. And i’m not going back.

  94. Good evening Chuck and Paige who cares what anyone says about you and your family. Enjoy your life and just be you keep doing your beautiful videos!😎👍

  95. Hi , Chuck, we here appreciate your Trips around Thailand . We are trying to make trips and this last week in Petchabun we had to stop, hotels and villas were canceling out next 10 days so we gave up and came home to Udon Thani. Yes Covid has us worried that we will get infected and bring it home. I worked overseas my whole career so I know alot about Viruses mainly off the Equator. Not Sure how I can explain how to get rid of negative people on here. I like what you , Joe and James are doing , I follow a few more for different reasons, food channels that Barbecue is one. Dont let the debbie downers get to ya. cheers buddy

  96. What are friends anymore anyway….when u get older it seems like people are acquaintances more than friends….when I used to call up a friend and race over to the house so we could go rage around and have fun..that was a friend….but time changes all that….it’s growing up I guess..we grow apart from our life’s philosophy and we’re fine by ourselves and we find our own happiness…with no need for others….except of course a rockin companion…..

  97. Chuck dude….absolutely true when death comes as stated 15:55. no one cares about our stuff…it just how it ends for everyone. No Time To Be Sad is truism, so long we don’t hurt someone else. I enjoy your trips along the Mekong ….consider by touring bike …btw, you are old when you come to ….well who can I make happy? Wait that person is ME…yes sir, you have arrived…we only have ourselves to blame …dump misery, hello happy me. Happy new year from stateside.. brother.

  98. Post a video and don’t review it for a week….have a moderator go through the comments and delete all the negatives ones so u only read the positive ones….problem solved…lol

  99. Worry about what you can control is 💯 I like the family time Sunday funday parties, They warm my heart. It’s easy to watch your channel and feel good. Thank you Chuck and Paige

  100. Morning Chuck and Paige I always try and stay positive I can’t stand negative people. That’s why I like watching ur videos keep up good work please don’t worry about those nasty ones they have nothing better to do in their lives.

  101. Happy New Year for you , Paige and the lovely family !! You can’t help those people, they love conspiracies and complaining , so sad ! .My FB page starts with ” Be Nice or Go Away ” ….it helps !!

  102. Hey Chuck, don’t change a thing, live your life as you are, you have a very positive outlook on life, and a lot of us follow you for that outlook. You and Paige are a fun couple to watch, your vlogs are very informative, your friends and family, and the life you project to us is very uplifting, Thanks for all you do!

  103. I would assume Chuck that a vast majority of us love what you and Paige do on here otherwise we wouldn’t watch every video. I must admit I am jealous of you and your lifestyle, wishing I could do the same. I look forward to viewing your videos as soon as I see them pop up!! Your positive attitude and sense of adventure are great. I enjoy your outlook on life and issues and even though I may not agree with everything you say I respect your opinion. I do hope to get over there someday and if I do would love to hook up with you and Paige for dinner or even a round of golf with you!!! Keep up the wonderful and amazing things you show us!!!

  104. Yeah man if it’s affecting you disable the comments or get a moderator. Social media can be awesome but it can also be poison. Your Health and happiness is ALWAYS paramount!! So if this is the last comment you read. Keep it up. You’re awesome NT2BS!!

  105. Great​ insight on​ dealing with​ out​side​ negativity Chuck.​ At​ least on​ the​ Internet​ anyways, it​ seems​ many​ people​ feel​ they​ need​ to​ make​ opinionated comments about—- other​ people’s​ comments.​ While​ stating opinion​s​ is​ OK, it​ seems​ that​ it’s​ by-far weighted towards​ the​ negative.​ I​ think​ it’s​ just​ human​ nature to​ reap the​ credits to​ one’s self, and​ throw the​ negative​s​ to​ the​ way​side, or​ at​ someone​ else.​ I’ve​ experience​d​ this​ on​ the​ Internet​ from​ both​ Thai’s and​ foreigners.​ Humans will​ be​ humans right? Keep​ up​ the​ videos with​ the​ super​ fun​ caravan trips! This​ viewer and​ subscriber still​ enjoys your​ content​ very​ much.​ And​ don’t​ forget​ to​ continue​ to​ erase out​ the​ ill-intended negativities.​ I​ will​ continue​ to​ do​ the​ same…. :)…

  106. You and Paige along with Joe and Gift, James and Mai, CJ and family and all the other wonderful folks you have introduced to me and my good friend Ross have given us renewed interest in all the great places in Thailand to visit. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and patiently look forward to seeing you and the gang when we are able to return to the place I have travelled to for the last 14 years. Your channel is awesome👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  107. Great vid, Chuck. You obviously see a lot of comments that I don’t because I am always amazed at how positive the comment section usually is. Keep up the great work…you are helping a lot of people

  108. Thank you for sharing that. I try to always go by “If you don’t like the direction you are going, change.” Recently I lost a close friend due to the China Virus. It opened my eyes a bit. I need to keep focused and keep changing when ever the need arises. Easier said than done. 🙂

  109. God love ya man…..My wife and I appreciate our time we spend in Thailand tagging along with you…..You are right, don’t worry about the haters—show them a good way, those that want to can join you and take your approach….otherwise, fare thee well…..

    Can’t wait until all the obstacles out of our control clear in the next few months and we can get to Thailand and start our retirement there…..

  110. Maybe try to stop looking at comments for a few videos and see how you feel. have a friend edit out the negative shit , the you can look at them…..Just saying, try it. Jim from Cypress TX

  111. At my age (71) many have gone on. Besides I’ve gone on with my life. The past is gone, don’t hang on to it. So, in a sci-fi type of statement….onwards to the future (and its surprise). Cheers

  112. Chuck,
    I am 64 now. Gee! If your irresponsible then I want to be like you when I finally grow up.
    I also need a Thai Paige type in my life too. In hope that travel opens up soon. Eventually the Government’s wise up and realize that this ( situation-19 )
    Is no more than the annual seasonal flu. Until then it will just be another hurdle to clear.
    Keep Having Fun.

  113. Chuck,
    I am 64 now. Gee! If your irresponsible then I want to be like you when I finally grow up.
    I also need a Thai Paige type in my life too. In hope that travel opens up soon. Eventually the Government’s wise up and realize that this ( situation-19 )
    Is no more than the annual seasonal flu. Until then it will just be another hurdle to clear.
    Keep Having Fun.

  114. Been watching your channel for some time now. I’ve now moved from the UK to live in Buriram Thailand. Love it here and find living here far more relaxed.

  115. Hi Chuck,
    I’m one of those that mostly watches your vlogs and clicks like. I really happy for you and Paige, you two are a great couple. I found your channel about 8 months ago, when the entire globe went on lockdown. I’m a physician in Hawaii and have a wonderful Thai wife who I’ve been married to for the last 15 years. I have a couple of anchors keeping me where I am right now, but in a few years I’ll be freed up. Aloha and wish you the best.

  116. Well said Chuck. I have changed my life to remove the negativity and I am enjoying my life more now. So keep up the good work on thee channel as I am enjoying your view of life in Thailand and it is helping me plan my retirement over there.

  117. Everything you said is true. Life is so much better without anchors. I never realized I could be so happy and content with nothing but whatever I put in my backpack… Also, life already hands us enough suffering. We shouldn’t be focused on adding to it. And like you said. It’s your channel, Chuck. Nothing at all wrong with just deleting the “Debbie Downer” comments and frequent offenders…. No offense to any Debbies. 😜

  118. Well said Chuck. There is notime2bsad. Looking forward to my own slice of paradise. For now I’m making the best of my current situation. Thank you both. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  119. We so enjoy your videos and positivity Chuck it has kept us reasonably sane in these crazy times 🤪 Keep sharing and everything of the very best to Paige and the family. 👍🇿🇦

  120. Hi chuck, if only 10% of your comments are negative you are doing pretty good 😊. Accept they will always be there (can’t please all of the people all of the time), don’t engage with them which is what they want and you will be just fine. Remember, without the negative comments maybe the positive ones wouldn’t seem so good haha. Take care mate, love the channel and have a safe, happy and healthy 2021.

  121. Its great how you pour your feelings out.
    I came from a very different country to USA,now live in Pattaya, but i can retate to sooo much of what you say..i wish more people could realize that we ALL only get ONE life,so need to make the very most of it.
    Im nearly 70, have excellent health and wealth,so looking forward to my remaining yrs,in thailand.

  122. Hi chuck that was a great video I liked every words you said the world is a very negative place and yes I’m sure we will have our struggles this year. my partner also is from Thailand not far from where you live I’ve been following your channel now for about nine months and I am so jealous of your life style I have a small business here in Australia Brisbane and like you were I am also run off my feet working 80 hours a week I am 52 years old and looking to slow down I like watching all your videos after a hard weeks work or a hard day at work dealing with cranky customers and people demanding of me all the time it’s nice to come home and listen to you keep up the good work hopefully one day soon my partner and I can come to Thailand. my partner’s mum is not very well and we are trying to get over to see her she has been in and out of hospital a lot this year it has been very hard on my partner we are looking after her financially and her family. Thanks again mate I like watching you and foreigner Joe always great positive videos you have my support 100% enjoy your life.

  123. Chuck sorry I say it but the cooking program you have started you should not cook the food I figured then ha ha I figured you showed step by step where dan you make your things like bread and pizza and your cakes I am very interested in your recipe for your coffee cake and all the negative vibrations you from on your channel just look over and say ups they disappeared laughing as we can all have a bad day and we can not save all people and the fact that we die when we die and will not come back again hmm I do not know if it fits as I have never tried to die before and what I remember from the first time I came to thailand sage thaiewrne that we should be good to the dogs as they could be an uncle oller auntie or someone else from the family of so if we resurrect yes time will only show but if we do I would like to be an eagle as it comes around a lot and it is protected from the tax office and it can do almost anything it wants without anyone saying something to it Laughs

  124. The road to happiness is lonely sometimes. I don’t know how youtube works, but could you employ a kind of moderator system? Perhaps do a deal with another creator where you can look at their comments, and zap any jerks before that creator see it? You could deal with idiots the other guy has to deal with, and not feel any personal sting, because the jerks are talking to someone else. Just a crazy idea, but I really enjoy your content, and would hate to see your positive groove crushed by a few dicks out here in the internet either. All the best from snowy Canada.

  125. Keep doing what you do. I live in Thailand too and I still travel in the country like many Thais do. We just take the usual precautions. Some people are not able to adapt yet to the new conditions and blame others to keep living.

  126. Good morning Chuck,
    Thank you for showing the positives and beautiful Thai countryside and people, especially at this time.
    Please stay positive and seeing the joys in the small things each day.
    Take care and enjoy each day.

  127. Mate,you do you ,you have the balls to put and make content and certain people come and trash that for whatever reason??? What the fudge ..Keep making magic!! Live Everyday!!! Go out and pump just One Volt of your Personal Energy into the World!! Go well and Live Long!!! Greetings from another military lockdown in Cape Town, South Africa!!

  128. Chuck, you’re awesome, bro. Great great ‘tips’ for life and living. Great to see you sharing on such. You do great ‘n wonderful things; keep it up! Yes, your vlogs are super awesome regular positive charges of energy and life in this world in which we all live. Appreciate you sharing this stuff tremendously. People can hear these comments, and apply the same type of scenario and suggested paths in their own lives, as they themselves face the negativity that inevitably surfaces along the pathways of life. Yet another fantastic vlog installment – khap khun ma krap!! Thank you again for *all* that you do! Be safe! Be healthy! Safe travels, journeys, to you and Paige always! Sawadee krap, brother!

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