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  1. HMMMM strangely, the jeepneys must not be tested because they are one continuous smoke stack. They look like a rolling BBQ smoker. Just another day in the PI.

  2. I loved Parking Wars and watching the PPA on TV. Could you imagine the PPA there, wow boot city, ha ha. I was stationed at Subic Cubi Pt in the 70’s. It was so much easier to register the vehicle on base. So now you have to take Mad Max back on Friday? I seen motors in the emission bay. So those have to have an emission test as well? Really great to she your not super sore today after the fall.

  3. My father has been using McGuires Insurance on Don Juico for many years. They take care of everything including registration, the only thing I had to do is get the emission and vin/engine serial number stenciling done.

  4. I always got my insurance from Buddy McGuire at the Oasis Hotel Compound on Perimeter Road, or Reen (Dutch) at Ascolin Insurance up in Friendship who look after a lot of expats, and expat businesses. Useful video thanks!

  5. When did they start this with all the smog and jeepnys and trikes polluting the air looks like a money grab on all the new cars and people that can afford it 🤷‍♂️

  6. Time for the Phillipines to set up online registration and insurance ! I like their the idea of last digit on license plate to determine when to reregister !

  7. If electric cars are affordable. Makes a lot of sense to get 1 in the Philippines. Then you can play a joke when you do an emission test. (saw this guy who borrowed his dad’s Tesla and took forever only to realize the car is electric)

  8. I could have missed something about the car issues. When the last guy found the issue, Did you show us when you put in drive did it show us it was 2 instead of 3 for your acceleration?

  9. Emission testing is a joke. 90% of vehicles cannot pass. Emissions only apply to expats, local and govt. officials or rich people. I have not seen a single jeepney that could pass emissions. I promise you no filipino will pay 4k for registration. They print fake, its not hard.

  10. When I lived in the Philippines I met an English man who had lived there for years. Married with a business and gifted with the smarts to making money. He gave me one piece of advice. “Consider every thing in the Philippines a scam. When your not scarmmed in a transaction, consider it a pleasant supprise, lock it into memory, and use that service every time you need it.

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