1. hey bruther, what are you doing for a living? Just curiosity, I want to to move back to my beloved hometown Sai Gon but I can’t. We definitely will have coffee together one day, I am buying.

  2. A dog in western society has a better life than this little girl 😢

    Money doesn’t solve everything, but how do I donate to Troy for him to keep on helping people?

  3. That was really nice! That guy probably can’t wait to go home and tell his wife how he met this super nice guy who helps hard working stiffs who aren’t rich! 😊🥳👍

  4. Hey Troy,

    Just wanted to say I’ve been watching your videos and it’s very touching how you’re trying to help out the less fortunate.
    I came across your channel because I’ve been to Thailand and Bali before, but not Vietnam andi was interested in possibly visiting so I was just doing some research. The divide between the haves and have nots is so wide in that area of the world.

    I have a question, if I were to donate some $ would it be possible to request who to give to and how etc ..!? I would love to help out a little if I could.

    Keep up the good work,

  5. After seeing this kid and her grandmother sleeping on the street, I had to act again. Troy, can you find her again and give my donation which I will send shortly to them?

    No kids should be sleeping on the street !!!

    Thank you brother!

  6. You know what, even if she’s playing a game, she’s obviously bad off. Provided gangs don’t get the money I still say it was good to help her out.

  7. Those were some rude questions, but commenters are always crying about how “fake” these people are. Finally they have some answers.
    Situation has been also bad here in mexico, like in vietnam, many people started collecting cans and recyclables, ive even seen uber eats dudes picking up cans they find along their routes!

  8. Great act of kindness Clifford thanks for being so generous to others in need . Thanks toTroy to be an a ambassador to this country and people less fortunate

  9. Hey Troy. As I commented in a previous vid, its called “chan dat an xin”. Not necassary run by gangsters but just shifty greedy kunts taking advantage of the poor, disabled & elderly in huge groups. I noticed you been in D1 in these recent weeks (you know those people make more than ordinary shift workers & just bung it on). I’m sure your smart enough to tell a fraud from a genuine person anyway. Your an Aussie digger!

  10. Just an aside. I hadn’t seen anyone outside the Majestic before. I’ve been by there often. My uncle was charged with rebuilding the Saigon Telephone system during the American Occupation after it was blown up (it wasn’t too good before) He used sit in the rooftop bar with workers every night watching the insanity. He was always surprised that nobody ever hit the hotel during that time. Sorry to jump in with non-topic bullshit. I used to eat down around there during Tet and Christmas celebrations (yes they have parades, fireworks and shows and exhibits (the best part)) over there. Even took one of the fancy “dinner cruise” when I was romancing my wife and trying to impress my daughter Oanh. Shit I’ve been away only 2 years. Its NICE around the waterfront now. If the fucking Ford Virus goes away I’ll get down there for a while.

  11. I agree with everyone, this seems like a nice grandmother and granddaughter that could use a lot of help. Definitely check out her story, but you should help them get to a more stable situation so the little girl can focus on school to improve her future. Kudos to the grandmother for doing whatever she has to to take care of her granddaughter. As soon as I’m back to work (lockdown in California), I will send you money for them.

  12. It’s sad to see my Vietnamese people poor and sleep on street like this. Yeah, Cambodia really corrupted – ultra rich and ultra poor. Poor lady, being accused before money is given. Anyway, thanks Troy.

  13. You just made that guys night towards the end of the video. Hell, probably made his whole week.

    I wonder what it would take to get him working on Grab so he can make more money.

  14. Even though it’s really sad, I feel like she’s not utilizing what’s out there (but this is just my feeling, maybe it’s tough to get): She could sign up as a “household in poverty” (hộ nghèo) where she lives (District 4 is a poor district after all) and get health insurance / bảo hiểm y tế (the shitty type but still) for free. The kid would then get all school fee waived as well. Especially elementary schools in Vietnam don’t have tuition fee and only the school itself making parents paying “infrastructure fees” (which I hear is only mostly in richer schools). I mean the social net in Vietnam is still weak and crappy mostly but it’s there.

    There are also “Lớp Học Tình Thương” (classes of love) where they teach children for free and there are also orgs like Saigon Children who specify in getting kids off the streets.

  15. Thanks Troy for this true eyes’ view of the situation in Vietnam. I would like to thank your generous donors for providing the money, as I can see the money will directly go to help the children and adults in need. I’m a recent subscriber to your channel. Do you have a Patreon page?

  16. To those trash-talkers viewers here… It’s time to put the money where your mouth is. How about helping out this pair. Granny is sick & not selling lottery tickets and the lil girl needs money to goto school. They don’t look opportunist to me… So what ya all say? Instead of farting your brainless, baseless & barbaric accusation on Bot’s gran as if you are a bunch on Moral scholars… why not show us how kind & generous you all are in helping the deserved ones???!!! tsk tsk tsk…

    Losing a single parent is bad enough… wtf… losing both at the same time??? I feel sad for this lil kid. My heart hurts…

  17. Hey Troy,
    Just sent off a donation, please try and find these two and help them out if possible. Just made me so sad seeing a grandmother struggling like that.

    Much appreciated and keep up the great work,


    PS, I’m not Vietnamese so I can’t understand without subtitles so I really appreciate them. 👊🏼

  18. I didn’t know there were people (criminals) who drug kids to win sympathy out on the streets… Rent a kid? What the hell! Thanks for the heads up. Great video Troy!

  19. Some times U have to ask the tough questions it’s best to know if the donations will go into the hands of criminals. I think she was genuine you can hear it in her voice maybe she will get more help she said she can put her gran child in school because of the donation so hopefully she does and ppl help her out more

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