Indians React To Half Indian VP-Elect Kamala Harris And The US Election | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. Probably no one cares 🙏 she will change her ethnicity like her mood when she wanna impress black ppl she will be black , when she wants To impress brown she will be brown .

  2. She is NOT the VP elect!!!
    The media does NOT elect our president! They have NOT gotten 270 electoral votes. Our election has not been decided yet so stop spreading Disinformation!!!

  3. People are in the void. Biden isn’t president yet. He hasn’t been certified yet. There’s legit fraud evidence thats been exposed and has flipped blue states recently.

    It’s sad how US news is so biased. Trumps historical achievements have even been neglected. 4x historic peace treaties signed. Making the KKK a terrorist group. And they call him a racist.

    People want pretty words. But look at the man’s actions and not false promises that normal politicians do.

  4. I don’t care if she is green, but she is a serial liar and cannot be trusted.

    She claims while running SHE IS BLACK gaslighting her supporters and she does it deliberately.

  5. Donald Trump is problematic but good for the economy, Biden wants to ban guns. Who do you choose? No one. These people are too hopeful of Biden. Kamala Harris has a bunch of criminal prosecutions. But we gotta keep that quiet right?

  6. I expected more from Indians, honestly. I expected someone to point out Biden’s “Indian’s at 7 Eleven” racist statement. As well as Kamala’s continuous lies about growing up poor and in segregation to garner sympathy votes. Not to mention her blatant phoniness overall. I’m honestly surprised that Indians do not see this. The gentleman in the red shirt upset me greatly. Donald Trump has never “hated Indians and wanted them out of the United States”. Do you know how many Indians and Africans were given citizenship this year? You can see it on youtube. Now Indians are saying that the virus “came from a God”?? My goodness. The information is out there as well as to where the virus came from. C’mon India?

  7. The vote between Joe and Donald is less than 3%. And it looks like Joe’s team cheated. Note: Trump’s team has 100 million guns…… As for Harris, she identifies as, ‘black’. Democrats are clearly in the China camp. Joe will support China’s claim to the disputed lands between China and India…..

    Note: Asian Boss is owned by China….

  8. It’s funny how most of them care more about her racial identity and almost none care about the merits of her policies or platform. As if her occupying the position of the VP will suddenly make the U.S. a racist or sexist-free country. The bald guy was the only one that brought up Biden being in China’s backpocket. Every other interviewee was just reiterating MSM talking points. Lol

  9. She is about Identity politics, intersectionality and critical race theories. In other words she thinks of White hetero Christian males as the oppressors of all the other races. That alone makes her just another race hustler anti-white bigot. Nothing to be proud of for Indians, Asians, Brown people are whatever color/flavor of the month she is trying to impress. Her ancestors owned slaves and she is the oppressed class now? Really?

  10. She jailed over 1400 black men for weed. She had two executed and withheld the evidence. She is pure evil. She slept with a San Francisco Major married man to get elected

  11. The Fat guy is so ill informed. Where does he get his information from? First they said Biden son got money from Russia. Now it’s China… which is it fam ? 😂😂😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. Half of the people here who spoke against Trump are also the same who wants to sell this country to Pakistan🇵🇰, China 🇨🇳, Turkey🇹🇷 or any nation that stand against this country. My God these people such pearls of wisdom! Don’t even have a clue about what happened. Why Kamala Harris? Ask them about Tulsi Gabbad.

  13. U.S. election is not called the media cannot call the election who are part of this fraudulent election. President Trumps 74 million validat votes this far the highest for any U.S. President. Trump highly smart very brave he is truly a hero President for USA and for the world even for those brainwashed fools who don’t know it. God Bless you all ! May I say don’t think right or left be balanced it’s call love the brave juice that will was stand for truth 😁

  14. The girl with the grey mask in the “girlism” shirt and the dude in the red shirt with the sunglasses were absolute cringe with the amount of misinformation that spewed out of their mouth.

  15. She is NOT the new Vice President-elect. The election is not over. The media does not decide who wins the election – the electors in each state decide on December 14. And Kamala’s nasty – can’t stand her.

  16. I’m an Indian…And I Don’t stand with Leftist Kamala…. She is Double Face Women…..We Love Tulsi Gabbard More Than This Women…..🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  17. Trump doesn’t care about the so called Blacks? Omg the misinformation. He funded the Historical Black Colleges and Universities for the next ten years. Black Lives Matter movement was here every damn election since 2012. The BLEXIT movement is in total support of Trump. Trump doubled the so called Black vote since his last election.

    This election is not over. The media does not call it. The Electoral colleges do and they have yet to certify the swing states. It’s not over yet.

  18. Donald Trump throwing a tantrum???????
    Kamala Harris don’t know what she is Black, Indian or what
    Joe Biden ???
    All politicians make promises in countries!!!!!!

  19. She is not VP elect, no offense, media doesn’t call the election, no matter how hard they are attempting to will this upon the public, she isn’t!! Theater is what we are watching!!

  20. This 51 years old Filipina American raised is in San Francisco, California United States America
    Kamala Harris 👎👎👎👎👎
    My parents came to America LEGALLY !!! LEGALLY!!!
    BY the way my grandfather served in the American Military

  21. Seeing this people being proud of kamala makes me cringe so much. Like dude come on , she’s an American. She wasnt even born in India. She didn’t bothered talking about India until the election campaign where she was talking as if she acknowledged India so much. She’s an American n mark my words that women will never ever stood up for Indians. Grow up. N stop this obsessions with foreigners when she call themselves indians or try to acknowledge Indians.

  22. thousands of black men were put to prison and served long sentences for petty offenses like smoking weed because of her..she blocked evidence that wouldve free an innocent man from death row.. even how she got started in politics is disgusting.. she slept with a politician (willie brown) 31 years older than her when he was still married…

  23. The thing is Kamala almost never refers to herself as an Indian American. She prefers to project herself as African American for political reasons. It’s all about political posturing. I hope Indians who are excited to see her as an Indian American finally realise this rather unpalatable truth.

  24. Isn’t it but irony and hypocrisy from so called fancy feminist in India that Ms Kamla becoming first women VC was empowering for women.
    In India, we already had Ms Sarojini Naidu, Ms Indira Gandhi and Ms Pratibha Patil.
    Because they were Indians it was not enough for them to get empower

  25. I think that asian boss needs to move to other cities to ask opinion of people and firstly saying that Kamala Harris will see India and help as she is half Indian why do always you need someone to push your own country people of India need to take stan for their elections secondly they speak against racism and equality and you yourself feel if she is elected she should help India and its people please

    She was born in America as an American citizen
    She never acknowledged herself as an Indian. She always tells she’s an African American.
    Also, Do these ignorants realize that Biden and Kamala are Pro China which is a threat to India

  27. If Human relations got to improve in the world already affected by corona and other incumbent disasters to humanity that can be ruthlessly planned by Mother Nature, America first should live by example by sacrificing its economy (Because corona in US has proved it has no other way left. There is no real death to a human but only a evolution through rebirth and revolutions). Coming to India, china or any other Asian country the impact is going to be individual depending on theit karma and their degree of evolution that has to take place because Asian countries dont thrive based on Economic betterment alone like the west

  28. It annoys me alot that people are proud of Kamala she usually calls herself African American she never acknowledges her as half Indian or whatever there’s nothing special she is VP of USA so she would work for interests of USA so don’t be excited she’s normal American politician nothing else

  29. Kamala played very well she used all Black and Asian ppl votes nothing change will happen!! And Indians are as always obsessed with ppl who have indian roots even if they do good or bad!

  30. Covid – so scary. If 60 or under, 1/300,000 chance of death. 86% in UK don’t even know they have it. What a joke! Trump had the right attitude about it from the beginning.

  31. I feel odd when my friends were celebrating Kamala’s win just because she is Indian. Like seriously? She is solely there for America’s best interest and has nothing to do with India.

    So far I only liked response of the bald uncle who spoke about the policies and pointed out history of Biden being close to China.

    Last but not the least 7:20 10:55 Don’t be Desi like them who think just cause because she has some Indian roots she will keep us as priority.

  32. Proud to be Indian, in India almost every speaks English, if this interview was done in some other part of Asian country I am pretty sure they will speak their own language and not English because they’re not comfortable with English.

  33. So many Right-wings here claiming this intelligent people are brainwashed just because they don’t agree with them and because they are trumpies.

    They are well informed! – even better than some Americans and Yes, Joe Biden is the president-elect and Kamala Harris is the VP-elect.
    Some people here just chose to live in denial

    Also, as for the people claiming they shouldn’t be happy a half Indian became VP, why not? She is indeed Indian and that’s a thing to be proud of. Whether she calls herself Indian or not doesn’t erase her Indian root. She is African American too and has always embraced that side more because she grew up in America so of course she was able to embrace her Jamaican root more than her Indian root but that doesn’t make her not Indian.

    Am Nigerian myself but I grew up in the US – I will always be Nigerian but many of my attitudes, beliefs, behaviors etc have been influenced by where I was raised and my whole life – friends, family, school etc are basically here so before I call myself Nigerian, am American first but that doesn’t erase my Nigerian roots

  34. Wow, how sad it is that majority of people think that what makes a great president is a great personality. Are we all that shallow to rate a president on face value alone? This is the reason why true democracy fails.

  35. Shout out to the girl with grey mask, she is so outspoken and intelligent and actually well informed about the world’s issues and also about what Americans are going through. I guess that’s one advantage of Trump airing is whole thoughts and stupidity on Twitter 24/7. It keeps people informed of how he is really like.

  36. It’s funny how Indians are angry at Kamala supposedly not claiming her Indian heritage, but would Indians ever accept a half-black as one of them? The rest of the world has not forgotten how Indians treated the “untouchable” class, who are the “black people” of India.

  37. She’s not gonna do anything for Indian people so why even mention it? Now if you’re rich you’ll benefit from her candidacy as usual but that’s regardless of your color.

  38. How is it even relevant that Kamala Harris was half Indian?
    That she was a women? – Great. A step forward for feminism. But half-Indian? With almost 0 exposure to India ( I would assume). Nothing. Absolutely nothing to be proud of.

  39. Wow, most of these comments are very eye opening. I had my suspicions, about how a lot of the South Asian community viewed this country, and the people in it. These comments have solidified that for me.

  40. Kamala is a pioneer because she is the first woman and poc to become the vice president of the USA. Even if you don’t agree with her beliefs, it won’t dismiss the impact she has on people, especially young women around the world.

  41. Kamala raised by her Indian mom, but she is black. Obama raised by white mom and he is black too. Without these moms, no black president or Vice President. These two moms are the backbone.

  42. She is after india over caa and nrc
    She said india is abusing and india playing with human rights of kashmiri
    Just some questions to her
    Where was she when kashmiri Pandits were outforced from their own state
    Can she feel the pain of losing a son india soldiers who die in kashmir their families can fell the pain
    She only sees terrorists human rights not soldiers

  43. The most disappointing episode I have ever seen on this channel. So many people so naive to be praising the new normal and not even recognizing a practically lateral move back toward the direction of the old normal, not that one is necessarily any more suitable for society than the other. The new normal is just more blatant than the old.

  44. वो आधी भारतीय नहीं आधी अफ्रीकन और अमेरिकन है, और और भारत के खिलाफ है कश्मीर के मामले में, उसके आधे भारतीय होने ना होने से कोई फरक नहीं पड़ता। और ये एशियन बॉस वाले अबे मुंबई के अलावा भी बहुत सी जगह है अब तो ट्रेन भी चालू है😂

  45. This is very sad to watch. These people are sadly very naive and ignorant of facts. Culture and ethnic pride is romantic, but deadly to reason, logic and reality. The globalists thrive on manipulating and capitalizing on this weakness in the heart of man.

  46. I love how most of these people are the ones who’d consider themselves the least sexist/racist yet the only way they see Kamala Harris is through the narrow lens of sex and race.

  47. Kamala Harris is not the Vice President-Elect, at least not yet, since US General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Emily Murphy hasn’t recognized her running mate Joe Biden as the President-Elect. Also, there are legal challenges and recounts in a few states that have yet to be resolved. We don’t know yet who the next president will be. This year’s elections are such a mess.

    Their views reflect the fact that they watch a lot of American media, which maybe not be a good thing. Most news networks here have a rather leftist slant, which is obvious from some of the interviewees’ comments.

    Why are these Indian interviews always in Mumbai?

  48. हिंदी में पूछने में बुरा लगता है क्या? हमेशा अग्रेजी में ही क्यों बनाते हो ?

  49. may kamala harris be half indian but she is fully nepali, and indians care about us elections because both of the countries are in nepal. nepalis from indian state of nepal would agree to me.

  50. To my fellow Indians, she is an AMERICAN. Just being half Indian does mean she will good us. She never grew up in India and she doesn’t know how make a dosa.

  51. Honestly I’d prefer Nikki Haley if we’re going to have a female ethnic Indian president, and I’m not even conservative. Harris is a opportunist who literally slept with a powerful politician get her first political position.

  52. The lady who said, “no one really wanted donald trump to be elected again,” is wrong. 80 million americans wanted him re-elected. Why dont you stop watching the news and stop listening to hollywood celeberties.

  53. Dear indian citizens… Stop running away from problems…learn something from korean, Chinese people.. like stop complaining about India is not in race of superpower and India GDP is not’s like this because of you people who just like to move out of your own country and serve other countries…

  54. Seeing how we indians living in india hav been celebrating the US elections and stuff really surprise me. There is a huge difference btw the news tht we hear of another country sitting in a tiny corner of our room in the exact opposite pole. I dont knw how the new president and stuff is gonna be . All i can hope is tht let America get good times. We indians ourselves are having so many struggles with our scenarios and govt . And the whole kamala harris being indian thing is the most hilarious part. As an american citizen , she is gonna do stuffs for her country and consider other countries only aftr the US . We never fail to take credits for things like these even though in india marrying frm a diff caste even of the same religion is considered crime. I knw the new generation is against these stupidness but we just cant deny the fact tht it still happns. Lets just understand tht all tht we see are the most superficial things tht the media intends to show and appreciate kamala for bringing a change and being the first woman who worked hard to get her position as VP and not just bcoz she is a woman and of indian origin

  55. She’s not a Black American just someone Black in America. People who come from immigrants are not Black Americans. Her “Black” side is Jamaican not Black American. Two different people.

  56. I’m sad that Asian Boss is becoming CNN; you talk about politics, but not including Biden & Hunter’s Laptop, not including voter fraud, not including dominion voting system, not including Twitter & FB censorship, not including the fake polls; while interviewing 9 Biden supporters and 1 Trump supporter, and act like you are fair. Quite disappointed to this, may be you should talk about other casual topic rather than politics, as you are bias(Left) as F.

  57. South Mumbai is not the whole country it’s just a city and that’s all.. These few people don’t represent India . ASIAN BOSS if you really want to know what indians think about KAMALA HARRIS then you should do interview of people from different states not only South mumbai. Being a northeastern indian i don’t agree with them!

  58. The Fact that the USA legit labelled this woman “African American” makes me sick. And you know she’s indian too because she locked up and incarcerated so many africans ameicans during her time in california. I do not support this woman lol 😂

  59. Nobody wanted Trump to win because if his personality? That’s what a finally brave enough person said out loud. Nevermind that’s not what you vote based on, how are all these people so misinformed? Is India only allowing CNN for news?seriously, they must be watching United States news broadcast to have the same thoughts as the Dems. You have to be watching the same thing to draw the same conclusion and we all know, they don’t let the lefts anywhere near real information. They’re lockdown tight on them with all that.

  60. @ 5:39 “And they are really proud that this lady could match it up all the way up to there and see to it that we Indians deserve our pride and our status in the whole UNIVERSE” the universe maaaaan LOL such a cute hyperbole 😂

  61. These people are so ignorant, he created jobs and made American economic was better than ever. Also, how was he irresponsible with the virus? China and the WHO was responsible for letting it spread worldwide.

    He doesn’t care about POC? Eff off poc is an American term for victimhood mentality.

    Biden is just going re-start the war in the middle East and become bestfriends with China

    These people should leave Mumbai

  62. WHO The hell is the bald guy???
    He is the type of a guy who worries about what is happening in the neighbors house, than his own.
    Also he spoke about Trump when asked about Kamla-Harris…

  63. I’m an Indian and I’ve zero expectations from VP Elect Kamala Harris..
    Like you know even your fellow citizen may sell your country out if he/she is up with greed…

  64. People should not get excited as to who wins or who looses. These are politicians, they keep their interests first (very few are really honest to their mission & statements) And the most important thing as a democracy is to remember that it’s for the people and by the people. so, if someone doesn’t stay true to their promises may him/her be white, black, brown, purple, orange, violet it doesn’t matter! throw them out next time

  65. Not yet ‘elect’ still projected, until the electorates vote and secretary of states certifies results and supreme court passes it then there would be a change in title.

  66. Negative opinions of Trump from other countries mean nothing to us in the U.S. You are told lies by the MSM and Trump has accomplished more in 4 yrs than Joe Biden has accomplished in 47 yrs in Congress. Kamala Harris has no interest in making America greater so unless you live here, your opinion does not matter at all!

  67. Aww the guy says she’s from India that’s so sweet to see them so supportive of her. This is why it’s not good to be racist. I wonder if her family were in celebratory mood when they heard their daughter married a black man, how many of them disowned her. Like some of the Indians in Trinidad do. Say no to bigotry and racism.

  68. It’s not Indians, rather Indian-Americans that are excited about her victory
    It’s just about the representation being a good thing
    That’s it
    There’s no use interviewing Indians who have little to no knowledge on US politics

  69. Dear indian citizens… Stop running away from problems…learn something from korean, Chinese people.. like stop complaining about India is not in race of superpower and India GDP is not’s like this because of you people who just like to move out of your own country and serve other countries…

  70. I think Apu on the simpsons is more Indian than Kamala Harris. 🤣🤣🤣 I kid I kid, don’t blast me for that joke. Not hating on her. I don’t even kno her personally or her policies. So I ain’t gon judge her. Only her name and her mother are Indian. She is 100 percent American if you ask me, and why should we be proud. Shouldn’t we be just a little disappointed that her mother didn’t find the right opportunities here in India. We could be proud if she can come up with policies that are mutually beneficial for both US and India. That would definitely be something to be proud about. My two cents. Not that my comment on a YouTube video matters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. When she connects to her Indian heritage, like making Dosa
    Indian-Americans appreciated it
    Indians called it stupid and that it was done for Indian votes as if someone will vote based on a Dosa
    When she doesn’t stress on her Indian heritage
    Indian-Americans still like her
    Indians are mad that she’s American and repeatedly say that she’s not Indian at all

    Moral: Indian Americans like her because they’re more liberal
    Indians don’t like her because they’re more conservative

    Nothing else matters

  72. 1:10 Imagine wanting someone to win based on personality, rather than the vision they have for the country. Tells me most peope are too stupid to be allowed to vote, lol.

  73. I donno why people are complaining about the interviews always happening in mumbai😑…Asian boss isn’t too big to put a representative in every city of india…Watch their videos from other countries, it’s either in the capital or the largest city🙁

  74. Fact that Kamla Harris is of Indian descent will have zero impact on US-India ties. Our ties are based on global geopolitics. Both US India have common strategic goals so we will work together in that direction for foreseeable future

  75. This is a prime example of how easily people can be manipulated by controlling what media they view. The mixed-raced individuals are almost always used disingenuously solely for appeal instead of their ability to perform their job.

  76. These people doesn’t even know who’s their local MLA or IAS is, but know exactly what is going American politics(edited: that too wrongly)
    No wonders were choosing chutiyas to run our country…

  77. According to the Pollution Index by Country 2020, out of 111 countries listed America is 89th at 38.17 where as India is 17th at 79.56. Don’t worry about America effecting climate change…worry about how India is effecting it.

  78. She is certainly going to raise some critical social issues of india on international Platform. She will also be helpful in empowering democracy in our country.

  79. thought indians are smart based on past interviews here. But this time,it shows how lame and brainwashed they are.
    Kamala is black. Not Indian 🤣
    I didnt expect comment section would be something like this then left wing americans claiming the wolrd wants biden and kamala.
    They must living in their bubbles.

  80. there is no preident or vice president elect. US congress has already stated this. Also Kamala’s family were slave owners in Jamaica, but lets keep focusing on Identity politics. real americans support Trump and dont focus on people color or ethnicity.

  81. America is a stupid country
    Why are you expecting so much from American ?
    They created the huge Chinese economy , and now they can’t control it . They stopped Indian investment in Iran , stopped cheap Iranian oil to India .

  82. Kamala Harris was brought up in a Black community . She defined herself as black American . So there’s nothing Indian about that .
    Stop forcing identity over someone

  83. 1st of all the info that I know is her mother was Indian but after at very young age she migrated to Africa. So after that kamla’s mother consider herself as an African more than Indian. And now also she shows herself as an African Americans. And if she belongs to india a little bit but then also she would barely work for India. As Indian never supported her only Indian American supported her. So, getting excited just because she belongs to india some how and has a tag of Indian which she admits sometime and even sometime not will not benefit us.
    Acc to me.. I think so that she will work for or with India only if it will favour America. As you all know this is politics. Everyone cares about their own and their own reputation.

    So it is not worth to think that just because of her, American will welcome Indian in their country. We are there just because of our own abilities not because of that that we are indian.

  84. Jesus you guys her ansectral village in South India Kamala NEVER GREW UP IN!! That chubby guy in the red shirt is so ill informed. She’s as American as Donald Trump himself.

  85. And please next time don’t hit the streets of Mumbai again Asian boss. India is not about Mumbai go to madhya pradesh, Chennai, hyderabad and many more. Cause there are non Indians watching your YouTube channel too.

  86. The girl in the gray mask, i wanna be her friend. Hearing these opinions of indian people gives me a sense of global solidarity and with the division here in the US, it’s a missed feeling. I agree with a lot of the people in this segment too. I think its great kamala is breaking barriers but i dont know if she’ll do much for the US /Indian relations bc covid will be her main focus. Also yes, being from the bay area I know firsthand the negative impacts kamala harris has had, not saying shes great, but it is nice knowing we have a black, indian, female, daughter of immigrants, VP. Not all skin folk are kin folk, but there are yt politicians who have done so much worse and im hoping both her and biden do better than their previous records (although their predecessor, Trump, didnt set the bar high at all)

  87. So many offended Indians in the comment section complaining how these indians are talking about US elections and not about Indian elections. Let me tell you all, talking about a different country is not cheating on your country lol

  88. She’s pro Pakistan just like the rest of the democrat party. Trump is actually a friend to India and sees India as a strong democratic ally against China.

  89. So basically they don’t really know anything about President Trump because they just watch biased mainstream media which is an enemy of the people. Journalism is dead and the wicked actions of the media has rendered over billion people ignorant. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  90. Asian Boss, Harris is NOT the VP elect. The elections are still happening and nothing has been officially confirmed/certified by the powers that have the legal authority to do so. The media does not have the legal authority to certify a president, so stop believing their fake news.
    Yes, she MAY become the VP elect, but currently (as of Nov 21) she isn’t.

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