1. I dunno who he is, but out of respect for the dead I sure do hope he rests easy. Everyone goes through issues, mental illnesses isn’t a thing that avoids people because of fame. I say this because some people would be like, “But he had this and that, why would he do something like this.” and so on.

  2. MUMBAI Police is trying to Save BABY PENGUIN “Son of CM of State” , He was Murdered by his GF with Director coz She was in Secret Relationship with BABY Penguin, And which His Manager DISHA Salian was also Murdered, His Best Friends were also Died of Cosquences were by Accident in a Short span of 1 month.

  3. Thanks to bollywood mafias and nepotism
    And illiterate nepofans
    Till today’s date we have lost great telented actors in this corrupted industry.

  4. It’s ofcourse not suicide , what mumbai government and police was doing till now just to hide all the proofs is itself a proof that it’s a pre-planned murder

  5. Parents in India are still very old fashion and narrow minded. The only job they want their kids to do is doctor’s and engineers. High hope and pressure from parents led to students suicide and it is everyday news. Need to change this kind of mental .

  6. 7:47 Not going to last longer??? One more time people try to say this sentence I am going to smack their faces hard. Do people really think it is just a phase?? No. It piles up on the long run and gives a hard time to people going through it. So it always better to share your pressure with families and friends..don’t just keep it with yourself. It is okay to cry and have mental breakdown because sometimes that’s what makes us human. People in India need to break the stigma. We are in this mess together guys..

    Also I am not criticising the lady who said that sentence. I mentioned it on a general note.

  7. Rest in Peace Sushant Singh Rajput, my man. You have such beautiful eyes and the world have lost a good man when you left. I pray justice and truth emerges in honor of you and your legacy. Rest Easy 💚

  8. It was very shocking to know of his death. He was a great actor and also a very smart guy. Extremely sad to think that this was a murder. Hope his family gets justice.

  9. Students in India: *talks about mental health*

    Parents: WTF is that!? Is it tasty? Can you wear it? Oh, stress? Meh, just suck it up. Oh, you’re depressed? Just don’t think about it. Oh, you have insomnia? Just close your eyes.

  10. To all the sisters out there i wish i could send you yall to Mumbai to investigate the case! I bet you will do better solving then the mjmbai poilice

  11. Mental health should be taken seriously, undoubtedly. I hope we, as a society, progress forward in that direction.
    But stating that Sushant was suffering from BP, without having any evidences to prove the claim, was far reaching. Also, an entire case is ongoing, yet to decide whether it was a suicide or a murder.

  12. Besides the topic but I will suggest the reporter to attach the microphone to a long stick to maintain a distance. She has to hold the microphone close to their mouth and without gloves that can be dangerous for her amid covid-19.

  13. I know the guy didn’t mean it in a bad way, but there are a lot of “strong people” who struggle with depression and can commit suicide. A person who thinks about committing suicide does not have a character defect. As a matter of fact, no wonder a lot of horrible people have a long lasting life…

  14. WHAT! MENTAL HEALTH? Lol is this interview for real? The reason why this case has persisted in the news cycle despite COVID, China’s border dispute, ram mandir construction is because IT IS NOT SUICIDE. And the Mumbai police have been caught to be deliberately negligent and how thousands if not millions people petitioned to get the case over to the Central Bureau of investigation to get justice for their idol. There were a lot of instances of foul play and links have been made of his death to other celebrities in Bollywood and the son of the chief minister of Bombay?????? This interview is so propagandist and false, people! Please disregard it. This death is certainly NOT related to mental health, it’s why this case is famous smh. This interviewer is an idiot. His unproven suicide and mental illness cover is being given by all the nepotism stars in Bollywood and all the woke retarded leftists. 😒 Very disappointing, Asian Boss.

  15. He have lovers now because he is died
    Otherwise many people even don’t watch his films and watch mashala movies
    Note – if someone want to know what about me
    I don’t even watch bollywood movies

  16. I think it’s wrong to talk about mental health by keeping rajput’s death in focuss. Because it’s still not clear if he committed suicide .And Asian boss skipped the controversy around his death 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  17. Till the time it is not proved it was a murder, i just know he was suffering from bipolar disorder… It is high time people realise that mental problems are real…

  18. For who is outside India: I don’t know when and which city this video was shot in. As of today 22nd Aug in India, the case is handed over to the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation of India). Around 16 members of the agency are looking into the case. Sushant’s family registered FIR stating it was abetment to suicide by his girlfriend. If at all it was a suicide. But it is strongly believed that it was a murder.

  19. Many people think depression means being sad or being anxious, no depression is something long term it doesn’t cure itself when the issue passes, it stays unless you seek a professional. Understand what is depression correctly.

  20. His girlfriend is a murderer. 😠
    She was the one, who used all of his money for her expenses ,inspite of the fact that she herself is an actress.. 😠

  21. About 800,000 people die by suicide worldwide every year, of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India, a nation with 17.5% of world population. very sad try get help and talk about it

  22. Let me make this very clear!!he wasn’t suffering from bipolar disease..it was a clear murder..plz interview people of other States too.. it’s crystal clear that Maharashtra government is trying to hide the criminals and they aren’t taking any action against them..!!the supreme court approved to CBI for investigation in SSR sir case..and for all those 2 months all the bollywood stars were silent and they didn’t spoke a single word about SSR sir case..and now when they saw that what happened to sadak 2..all of of a sudden they are waking up and now demanding justice for SSR case..😌ohh we don’t need Ur fake sympathy and hipocrasy at its peak..🙏🏻the truth shall prevail 💜

  23. Why is SSRs death being related with suicide and mental health issues!!!
    He was absolutely stable and was MURDERED.

    This is one sided interview.

    Why is She not asking questions about MH govt and bollywood involvement in his death. This news is running parallely…

    Truth will be out soon

  24. I don’t know anything about him, but he seems kind and positive person. Ngl, he’s cute and charming. I’m probably will watch his films. R.I.P. ❤️

  25. I think it is a murder cause sushant is normal boy from normal family with good looks, good academics, good manners he is so kind and good I think it is not depression something the movie he done was about suicide of students cause they don’t rank in jee and iit sort of things he talked about students suicide but I don’t thing he done that something we all don’t happend but what is it how can a good man like him and I can assure you that he is the only Bollywood actor who have struggled a lot to get his career path to success he is but what is the reason behind these

  26. This is interview was probably taken in june ig, no latest developments they mentioned or they don’t watch news. Now as of 22 Aug, it’s purely a murder case.
    For International people/fans wondering what his achievements are apart from the video
    He is an intelligent guy, self made actor, he bagged gold medal in physics olympiad, 7th rank in the toughest exams IITJEE or JEEADV. He had many volumes of diary which he wanted to publish & the SPECIALTY was , whatever plans he made today, by the next 5 years he’d establish all. Right. He had a vision. He is unique. Just visit his Twitter account (@itsSSR) or insta(sushant singh rajput) his posts will blow your mind. He wanted to go to NASA, Hollywood & was also offered a scholarship by Stanford. He was also offered to visit some space agency last year in Europe he was busy that time, was supposed to go this year.He is a person who dreams a lot, he had made list of 50 dreams. His smile is contagious, he was a living inspiration & forever be in our hearts.
    For more info follow republic tv on YouTube. He was only 34 , he doesn’t deserve this world…

  27. After going through some of the comments here from Indians, it is clear they are watching too much of Indian News Channels which are peddling all this nonsense conspiracy theories BECAUSE of state election in Bihar and Sushant was from Bihar. May be a better story for Asian Boss would be how effectively Indian Media had moulded brains of its viewers and the absurdity that is on display turning it into a circus.

  28. It’s not suicide it’s cold blooded murder. He didn’t do suicide on his struggles times but he is now top on his carrier .he was not mentally ill people who call him mentally ill for such inspiring person is really sad .

  29. Who the hell told her that he was suffering from bipolar disorder!!like seriously first you should know waht kind of words u should use while taking interview , don’t talk something like that , that too about a person who was inspiration to youth 🙏

  30. So everyone who don’t know him !

    Guys let me tell you !
    He was a great guy! He got 7thAIR (All india ranking ) in one of the toughest exams in india !
    He started as a background dancer and became the best actor on tv!
    He left tv when he was at the peak of his career!

    He entered into Bollywood and gave some amazing movies! And he played the character of Dhoni (the most loved person in Indian sports)

    He used to sketch, exercise!
    He was a spiritual being!
    He belived in God and he loved his family and fans!

    He was the only bollywood actor who used to reply to his fans and follow them!

    He used to visit oldage homes and orphanages and help the people there!

    He was extremely talented !
    He was someone from whom all the Bollywood nepotism products were afraid and jealous of!

    But he will always live in Indian’s hearts! We will keeep fighting for him until he gets justice !

  31. I don’t know at what time this video is shot but as of now this case is being looked from a murder angle by the CBI as no one in India believes that Sushant committed suicide.

    This suicide angle was fabricated from the start to make a fool of public. But now because of the protests of people of India this case has been on fire and it just a matter of time that they will rule out suicide.

  32. When i heard that news i was praying that someone announced that it’s a rumor😢. To all those who don’t know Sushant sing rajput, he was an indian actor and also a national olympiad winner in physics. He cleared many engineering entrance xm and got admission in mechanical engineering. Due to his passion for acting he dropping out his engineering career to pursue his dreams. His major works are Kai po che (debuted film), M S Dhoni, PK, Chichore, Kedar nad, Dil bechare…… Apart from acting he was actively involved in helping young students. There was something about his smile that everyone can easily fall for him ( like Lee min ho).
    I guess people like me r also responsible for his death, we didn’t appreciate him when he was alive. The whole world is like this, When u r alive no one cares, but when u r died everyone wants to be with u.
    His death is really suspicious,…i think there r lot of people involved in his death. I wish sushant come back and say he was just fooling everyone around😣😟

  33. I never thought of it as a sucide.
    As Maharashtra police tried to hide info from Bihar police.
    Having all kind of contradiction statement given to police.
    But I am happy that CBI has finally got the case of SSR

  34. Suspected suicide ? Are you kidding me ? It’s a murder 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️do some research

  35. My Brown Parents Reaction To My Mental Health Be Like –
    *”Depression? Yeh sbh bs angreezo k chochle h, aisa kuch ni hota. Subah jaldi utho, Hari sbhzi khao, or phone se dur rho sbh Shi ho jyga”* 😚🤷🏿‍♀️🌚🙏

  36. Me – *Mummy Mere Ko Andar Se Kuch Accha Ni Lag Rha*
    Mummy – *Aur Chala Mobile*
    Me – *Mummy I’m Pregnant*
    Mummy – *Aur Chla Mobile*

  37. Sushant’s half sister, Meethu is not very innocent. On the day of Sushant’s death, she was in the room. But she was not crying out loud, depressed of even looked weak like we, the normal family members would be! She looked very steady, calm and composed during her btother’s death! Even we, the fans, public were more shocked!!! I suspect Meethu is NOT very innocent! God will let the truth out!

  38. People saying it was murder in the comments section but I think Asian Boss cannot say it was a murder unless proven and the investigation team releases this statement. It’s a risky thing to say for a media company. I see news reports where Police has given statements that he was suffering from bipolar. I think that’s why Asian Boss opened the mental health topic which is very good, as Asians we need to know that even rich and famous people could have suicidal thoughts due to various life reasons. Ideally Asian Boss will believe in police’s statements and not the personal instincts. Is it proved to be murder? What’s the lastest statement by police or investigation team? Asking as an outsider these high profile cases are always very fishy.

  39. I have never seen people mourn over any celeb’s death as I have seen people for Sushant… people felt so depressed after this death and literally cried .
    I don’t know when was this interview conducted by as per current situation this is highly speculated to be a murder as per all the proves found, and this is now under investigation..

  40. Dislike: Your Questions were more specific to “Suicide” which clearly wasn’t ..

    False content.. just to show that Audience believe it Suicide or is Confused !!

  41. The cause of death is yet to be decided by CBI investigators. When the Supreme Court of India has put the case under CBI investigation, why would Asian boss blatantly declare it as suicide? Disappointed. Unsubscribed.

  42. When I hear Indian people speak English or mixed with Hindi, they sound smart. When I hear Filipinos mix English with Talalog, sounds like they don’t know their own language

  43. hello everyone i come from singapore i am 38 years old. first of all i apologise if my comment do offend or upset those of you who read it. i think being upfront direct is the best than pretending! honestly as a singaporean i was very shocked when i found about the death suicide of sushant. he is very handsome he is very talented and he is too young to die! seriously i think in any entertainment industry be it asia america or europe celebrities cannot be the person whom they want to be! and in entertainment industry you always have to maintain your appearance! you always have to look good all the times. you cannot go out walking on the street looking frumpy and sloppy! also you always have to compete with other celebrities by making sure that you are always wanted by film directors. so i strongly believe that these are what pressuring sushant. maybe there might be other things that pressuring him! as a fan we don’t know who are the celebrities behind the close door of their house!

  44. He did not commit suicide , why are these people saying that he took his own life, go and see all around Google, he was such a beautiful, fun loving ,and intelligent soul ,he has been murdered by Rhea chakarborty (now claiming to be his former girlfriend) and that horny director Mahesh Bhatt ,please see the news from “Republic India/ Bharat) they are showing the correct news ,”times india ” is just supporting Rhea

  45. Let the CBI investigate the matter , Rhea chakarborty, Mahesh Bhatt, Sandeep Singh, everyone will be exposed and God is not going to forgive you all , He is watching everything you assholes ,just wait and watch what God will do to you

  46. Technology will Punish the Costly CORRUPTED LLB passed Lawyers,Courts should answer the meaning of the Costly LLB passed Lawyers ??? Technology can Expose your all activities in Courts,

  47. I don’t like Bollywood at all.there no place for real talented and average people. only stars kids can get famous. even people also only pay attention to stars kids. there is no place for real talent in india

  48. You guys don’t seem intelligent at all. You ppl seem to get a mental check up. When even CBI officers calling it a murder then wy u people talking lyk dumb nd calling it suicide

  49. Sushant Death is not because of nepotism his case is totally different from nepotism now Rhea and more people such as Aditya Thackeray all are involved in this case

  50. Guys now this case will be handled by CBI. It was a murder. Even people haven’t seen him hanging to the fan. And there are much more mysterious facts in this. I hope we get to know the truth.

  51. I don’t know when the interview was conducted but the discussion didn’t actually cleared his death conspiracy and eventually the topic shifted to mental health 🤷. It was not a suicide, nor he was suffering from any kind of mental illness, this is the dark side of spirited bollywood which is eventually loosing its authenticity. No doubt talented artist are there in bollywood but nepotism made many such starkids a big superstar who dont even know acting, but it becomes a hurdle for an outsider to be one, and many known big bollywood stars also take their fame for granted, so it depends on the public to differentiate between acting and mere trash! Hopefully things get better, and people should open their eyes and be more practical in terms of bollywood and the entertainment industry on the basis of what they are receiving, Sushant was not the one to be sacrificed because of the toxicity that bollywood holds behind it’s lights and shine, it’s a murder, hopefully and eventually the truth will come out. People love him, miss him because the public could genuinely relate with him and all such stars unlike the ones who take advantage of their
    fame as if they were genetically ment show all that tantrum and shade🤦 and some people still follow them like anything 🤦. People should be really selective when it comes to Bollywood, dont encourage trash,
    most of those smiley faces are just commercial tactics without any acting experience!

    *I would like Asian Boss to take people who knows about the issue in detail, coz the question asked by the interviewer didnt seem to clarify much of what was actually there! even with the tiktok video that came out. It would be great if you incorporate more diverse views, because only some of them gave a bit insight on what was actually going on ( might be because of the type of questions asked).*
    The audience (local + international) should be clear regardless whether the truth is good or bad.🙏

  52. दरबाजा खुला है और खुला ही रहेगा, प्यार बना है और बना ही रहेगा
    *******Rip Sushant Singh Rajput*********

  53. He was such a talented and strong person. I’m sure that he did not want to give up. He was pushed to do it or it was a murder but no way a suicide.

  54. If you become successful in bollywood as an outsider there is a high chance you will be murdered and your death will be staged as a suicide or accident

  55. Everyone thinks bollywood is great but knows it is complete garbage, it’s a Indian version of Hollywood, it doesn’t have its own identity ’cause Bollywood thinks Hollywood is the greatest so trys to copy Hollywood everytime, Bollywood has completely westernized Indian culture, it copies Hollywood & southern Indian movies but no credits r given to southern Film industry,makes Money by showing girl’s naked body in the movie, remakes movies of southern Indian film industry, that’s why everybody calls it a copywood, remakewood, pornwood.

  56. What Mental health..Mental health. He was Murdered by Bollywood mafia’s .(Mahesh Bhutt his alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty) . The police tried to cover up the case because there is involvement of state government CM son in this case other than Rhea Chakraborty.
    In first 20 days after his death , it was portrayed as suicide saying he was suffering from a bipolar disorder. But when things started blowing up after Kangna Ranaut interview … It’s clear he was Murdered. Also when ED interrogated Rhea Chakraborty it was found how she transferd SSR Money from his bank to her and spend on her family…. she used SSR . Moreover Supreme Court ordered for CBI investigation.

  57. 0:59 he never said TV personality…. Why did you add it? He even had amazing films from where he garnered a huge fan base not just from TV…. I felt a little unfair 😔

  58. Why is this channel making it look like a suicide??Its literally a cold blooded murder……there’s even evidence to prove that.Stupid channel.

  59. Are you Asian boss people endorsing the suicide theory?
    To the ones who are watching this video.
    There are lot of speculations regarding his death and even his own family rejects the depression theory. Still few big celebs are relentlessly trying to paint this with suicide and depresion theory. Pls don’t make judgements watching this video.

    Disappointing Asian boss

  60. If you ask me “what you personally think about his “suicide” ?”, then I’d say – personally I think this is a very well planned murder. The possibility of him being murdered is much much more than suicide.

  61. Madam, 1. Not everyone who kills themselves by suicide suffers from mental health. Some could be driven or forced to kill themselves too.
    2. The case has been handed over to the CBI. So it’s wrong to even discuss point out this death as suicide so soon.
    3. There was a world wide revolution on his death where people kept aside religion, caste and creed and came together to fight for him.
    4. I don’t get the whole idea behind this interview. Since Asian boss has viewers all over the world , the whole introduction of this interview should have been detailed .
    5. Sigh.

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