1. 2am here in mexico after like 10 beers still watching before going to sleep… that room looks pretty clean wtf lol better than mine! Have a nice day whoever reading this.

  2. I don’t know if it was my suggestion but thanks for the subtitle, the kids are so cute especially Bi .

    Thank you Stormwolf, you’re a legend!

  3. Since the mother is going to take control of the donation I think you should have handed half of it to Nhi’s sister so she doesn’t feel left out or jelous

  4. Yep looks like Nhi’s doing better, surely alot of that has to do with you & your donor. Keep doing your work Troy, your making life better for others, something you & they will forever be thankful of.

  5. So happy and relieved to see that Nhi got checked out in the end and that her family is doing okay.

    I just got paid so will donate a little bit more if Nhi and her siblings need school bags/supplies since I could see how left out her sister looked.

    Thanks for the update Troy. I really appreciate it. You’re the man!!!

  6. Danny ,your message to troy was lovely mate .Not to mention the donation .Top man 👍What lovely girls and so well behaved .bless em .Keep up the good work Troy

  7. Just a suggestion… Can’t you split the money between the kids!? The one in the yellow looked very sad when she didn’t get any….
    We try to make things equal with children. It’s better for the self esteem.
    Just my thought please remember your doing a fantastic job regardless of my idea. Your the best Troy…

  8. Danny aka Storm Wolf, you are an honorable man and making a difference. This family and those little muffins are definitely happier and have some hope in their eyes thanks the the two of you. Your clouds in heaven are getting more lush.
    Now Troy, I think my heart is falling for you. Don’t get scared, haha. If you are ever in Southern California, we should grab a bite to eat. I dig your humor and more importantly your heart. I’m happy I found your channel.
    The world is learning that these “organizations” to help children are nothing of the sort and so programs like yours are the best way to go. I pray you continue to progress and help people p!

  9. Another fine video to wake up to on a Sunday morning. *Thanks much to Danny and Troy for the update.* The little sister didn’t seem overly happy. The cousin seems like a handful for mom and grandma. Kudos to whoever picked up that cat, or perhaps the cat just picked them. It seems to have a very good disposition, being handled like that and not getting irked and all.
    Dogs are the best though. <-- Just had to get that in after the cat preference remark. 😛

  10. I see they are poor but look how clean they keep their house. I see ppl with money and their homes look like a tornado has gone thru it! Danny aka storm wolf, you are a generous man!! Thank you Troy and Danny!

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