1. costa rica is inviting Americans to come there and building whole communities for us. there government does not have a skewed view of Americans.

  2. i have been to the philippines and find the place great. i found love there however with this COVID nonsense getting back in has been a big challenge. The current government seems to bad mouth the US. seems to forget how much we still give the the country in aid. that we are in the south china sea now to protect them. The fact that we are reopening subic bay shows we are not the bad guys. China is not the friends of the philippines 🇵🇭. they have flooded the country with illegal worker and not enriched the local filipino. We are far from perfect but we do.not try to take away from the country. Since we liberated the philippines in WWII. we have remained a friend.

  3. If a person can’t learn Spanish, how much more difficult would living in Latin America be compared to SE Asia where English is spoken more than in Latin America? I really like talking to people at Coffee Shops / Cafe’s (I have made lot of good friends at a nice cafe here in L.A.) and don’t want to limit myself to American / Canadian / British expats.

  4. I’ll be staying in SE Asia (when I can finally go there) as long as I’m a renter. If I get to a point in life when I want to buy property, like a small farm, Latin America is where I’ll look. Speaking of which, is there anyplace you’ve visited that would be attractive to you for owning real estate (other than condos)?

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