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  1. I will make your choice easy- Just move to La Union and ill meet you there for a good feed at one of the nice resorts- I only need permission to travel!! Monte Mar here we gooooooooo !!!

  2. Some people cannot live away from the city because of the convenience that it can offer like you said; malls, restaurants, hospital but living in the province might still have those just as not modern. Also, if the hustle and bustle of the city is driving you insane, the peaceful surrounding might do you good and it might just be all you need. Good luck. Pork in Mindanao has not gone up in price yet ( in the wet market it is still 180p s kilo). In Gaisano though it is 233p per kilo.

  3. LOL as too where to live sometimes bigger is not better, but smaller has less services. My desire is to have peace and quiet regardless of the roosters in the area, water lapping at the beach has a large draw for me. A nice home the love of a good woman what more could you ask for. Lol be careful about what you ask for too, you might find it.

  4. City living can be loud and obnoxious
    Ocean living can be boring and monotonous
    Quiet barangays are definitely boring

    Can city living be best since there is nothing keeping you from weekend trips to the ocean?

  5. Now your family has two you tube channels move on , retired go to the islands and enjoy. Hanna grace can do online and thats most places in the world.. Phil you need a break the world is your oyster .

  6. I enjoy your videos. But proper English is ‘I saw’, not ‘I seen’. ‘Seen’ only follows ‘have’, as in ‘I have seen’. Keep up the good work.

  7. You never know what you will see when watching one of your videos. I saw my brother-in-law while you were walking. So you didn’t answer the question… Are you moving on?

  8. I hear ya…i hate the city life as for me i don’t care about internet or malls i would love the province life.we too have a sari,sari store not like yours. Ours is very small but it is very we both teach English to Korean students. We live in Pasig ( Manila area).i think I’d enjoy what you’d come up with on your videos in La Union…good talk i enjoyed it very much.

  9. I would plan your move to La Union and go for it, life is to short to hesitate. You can always move back to Angeles City at some point in time if you want to.

  10. Would have thought your not effected as your business is your residential surround. Gosh saying it runs itself. No hands on you will get done. This is the Phillipines. Have you noticed how customers and frantic activity has dropped RIGHT OFF.. its 50% unemployment right now.

  11. Seems like since the bars closed down all the Angel’s flew away.
    Basically a ghost town now.
    Time to relocate fo now.
    Fund a nice beach town breathe.

  12. damn right when you are passing the travel agency it goes out. my ex gf works in their i was hoping you would take the left turn off mcarthur so i could see her then brownout!!!!

  13. If you are feeling that way, I would definitely make a change. You can always come back if you want to. Get out there and try different places. That was my plan until I got locked down in Cebu City. Now stuck here for 6 months. Unreasonable restrictions. I seriously doubt that I will ever live here again. The mayor here puts out an unclear statement, then clarifies the statement adding more confusion, then clarifies again, so now everyone is confused and no one knows whats going on.

  14. I moved here planning to move to a beach once I found a good girlfriend. I found one I am comfortable just being with, so it is time to leave Angeles. But now we can’t travel easily. It sucks just waiting without much to do.

  15. I would go to the beach town for 1 month to see how I liked it. I say go for it. If your not into the bars then it don’t matter. It’s time to enjoy life, your retired you paid your dues now live life.

  16. me2 i have a place in denaget islands but still the travel is hard ,just waiting but planning to keep the place up here as it’s cheap rent and stay there 3 months -then back here 3 months ,back and forth -then we can be healthier after we get out of this virus thing

  17. The kids (with NO mask and NO shields) you saw where from under the bridge down MacArthur hwy. Those were some of the boys Iam_marwa was trying to help almost on a daily basis.

  18. Living at the beach sounds very nice. I used to live near Ocean City, MD for awhile. So many tourists but your right being by the ocean is less stressful. Would say go for it.

  19. It’s called Island Fever. No matter were you go you gonna ask yourself again same question. There is no Activity there that’s why you question yourselves once the Borders and the Pandumbmic is over life will flow back into A.C again. If you move to Country Life its gonna be the same but Country side is just same situation your in The difference is Country life will always be slow and far less activity than the City. Either or make the best of your situation. Its Psychological and its hitting alot of people and buisness owners same way. Hang in there Brian and lots make the very best decisions and God Bless.

  20. I am very tired of this Lock down BS here in the Philippines with no end in sight. I came here to travel and I have not been able to do that for 6 months. I am thinking going home or to another country is my only option for travel for another 2 or 3 years. The Philippines is still closed and will be for another year at least and the rest of the world is open. Why stay in prison here. Its getting about to much to handle.

  21. Only you know the best. A move to the Beach could be nice but flooding in the time of storm or tsunami could get you. As for the store without Lut Lut it will not survive. But maybe you don’t need the store and its income. So we will stay tuned Good Luck

  22. start making trips to La Union as you research and select a home. Makes good content. I am interested to see more about an area like that. Maybe up the hill a ways, with some breee and good access, somewhat quieter home.

  23. all i will say is the place i live i came 5 years ago on a holiday touring around and 1 year later i moved here and now after 4 years i would not want to live anywhere else in the phils

  24. Living in angles city would be no attraction to me it’s a shit hole to be honest rather live by the beach 🏖️ even if it meant leaving Luzon heading south get more bang for your buck good luck Brian

  25. Curfew just got lifted to 10 pm today in Dumaguete. They are starting to figure out the businesses need to make money so they need to be open during peak evening hours.

  26. When I make the move from Boston USA to Phil’s it’s going to be the quiet country beach life in Abagatanen Beach Agno Pangasinan for us. That’s my fiancés province. So wonderfully beautiful there. Angeles will be far away enough for the occasional vacation to the city but not too far for rare international airport travel needs.

  27. Its very good idea to live by the ocean, La Union is a good place and also cleaner, they have all the government head offices. In the city it’s very polluted just breathe all the dust and all the tryciclez and cars. Even you dont smoke you might get cancer, it’s true because you’re in the highway you’re very near and also very near to Bagiou, you’ve been to Baguio? The weather there is very cold not hot. And they have good university for the future of your daughter. Dont forget that if you need to go to your embassy in Manila, you’re not far away.

  28. Brian, It is normal to get bored with things after a while, but when you consider the nice house you found for a great rental price, and you have good internet finally and the AC installed, and all the other good things going on there, it may be hard to duplicate all that, and you may end up regretting the move and get bored again anyway. I hope you hang tight and think twice before doing something you may regret, it took a long time and effort to get things the way you have it now, don’t give it up so easily.

  29. By how much? You live what, on average 5 years more, instead of being dead by 73, you’re out by 78? If for whatever reason one prefers the city, the extra 5 years doesn’t seem worth it. Move by the ocean in a sleepy town if you don’t think it will get old after a while, you can live a relaxed and slow life even in the city, as long as your kapitbahay do not sing Karaoke all day.

  30. Go for it. You’re retired. You have have no ties to Angeles city. You should experience more of what the Philippines has to offer.
    If i had ever moved there when i retired i wouldn’t tie myself down to one place. Heck, i can do that here in the U.S. ENJOY YOU’RE LIFE MAN WHILE YOU CAN STILL GET AROUND.

  31. I grew up as a boy in Angeles Angeles City. To be honest it has not change. It’s still the same HOE TOWN full of poor people that are struggling to survive. The only people benefiting are the foreigners like the Koreans, Chinese, etc., while the local people are really not making it. It may have improve a bit because of Clark but overall, it is the same 30 years ago. SO sad that foreigners come to Angeles City to fulfill their perversion!

  32. Brian, seems like your local election results are already in. Lot decided unanimously ‘…the ocean’. If you have the flexibility to keep the store going, daughter can adapt to a different school easily, then maybe ask ‘Why not move?’ Me, I would at least ‘try’ a move and if it doesn’t work for you then move back. We only live once and we aren’t coming back. Wife and I plan to live outside of her city at retirement. When I am too old to care the city will have grown to us by then.

  33. I just got back to Canada after being stuck for eight months in Tarlac and I want to move to Palawan now it may be more isolated but if you can’t go out any way it doesn’t matter my wife say no because she can’t swim but I told her we would fly their lol

  34. You really have to think—-there is so much to do in AC and you are reasonably close to so many beach tourist areas to go for a break. If you head to La Union, sure its more relaxed but will you get bored there and where do you go for a get away break. You have a great house, you have friends in the area and H has her school and friends. Sure, you are going to have to ride out the Covid wave, but you will anywhere

  35. Time to move Philly, you only live once. Get out of that City and move to the beach. You will enjoy your life there much more. Take my word for it!

  36. The beach areas in La Union are great…..except when typhoons come through! I saw ships blown a hundred + yards onto the inland side of the National Hiway there… the ‘60’s and in the ‘80’s too…..lots of damaged homes, resorts, etc.

  37. Just listening to you since you visited La Union Brian it’s obvious your heart wants to do it and your mind says the reasoning stacks up too, I would say defintely go for it. Lot seems all for it & there’s nothing stopping you coming back if it doesn’t prove what you thought it would be. Anyway whatever your decision good luck to you and your family,

  38. Trick is to find a spot close enuf to a major or minor city..and have good internet, phone coverage…the rest you can sort locally mate.Take yr time and find a spot you like.😎

  39. Hello BRIAN,from Abilene tx., I would move to the ocean! You seem to have everything covered as far as the store. I would miss your vlogging from ANGELES, because I am partial to this city. But I love the Philippines and the wonderful people. So as long as you keep vlogging. Anyway, hello to all stay safe. P.S. did you happen to catch that fiasco of a presidential debate.?

  40. I know things are kind of hard there I work for the highway department here but at the end of the day the road will be better. Seems like to me you are leaning towards moving there’s nothing wrong with that. Seems like place you want to move to it’s just a little bit more modern don’t blame you less problems

  41. China has had a few disasters on it’s hands which affected the food supply. No doubt they are buying up
    pork, rice and other food stock on the international market to make up the shortfall. This will drive prices

  42. I kilo= 2.2 pounds. So, it’s about $2.27 per pound. It’s still way cheaper than here in the states.
    The cost of living here is getting outrageous with so many people out of jobs and prices going up as well.
    You guys have a good life.
    I’m sure people around you are envious.
    Taking a nap; wish I can, that’s why I can’t wait until I get home and just relax ‼️

  43. Same here I finally got sick and tried of cammiefornia bullshit. Decided to move on to Oregon beach area. Lot rite nothing better than leaving in small town near the beach.

  44. I think Cebu is better than in La Union. There are lots of things to do in Cebu. La Union is quiet and peaceful, but over time you get bored in my opinion lol

  45. Good morning Brian from Jenkintown Pa. I understand you want to leave Angelos City due to closure and chimp disease. When you go to finally make your decision remember you family and your family needs. San Juan looked like paradise but when you moved to your place and Lot opened her new store you were all pretty happy as well. You liked your new house. This virus situation will change. You have a long life to live but do what is in your heart not what you are temporarily thinking of. I love the Philippines just remember give things some time. Make sure it’s what you all want to do. Good luck.

  46. Think you have already decided but if it were me would check out other options because its probably your last move. La Union seems great though. With your daughter becoming a teen I think a less urban environment would be much better for her as well as you and Lot. A lot of folks want to move there but don’t think AC is high on any list and your channel will flourish with an real tropical ocean but livable local. Fresh start good for family, content and us.

  47. Life is too short to spend it all in Angeles City. I would stay in Luzon within a day or two bus ride of Metro Manila. Metro Manila has the good hospitals. You can still find a nice town on the beach after all the Philippines is a archipelago. Sit down with google maps and start looking for places to visit.

  48. Brian, There’s another YouTube vlogger that lives in Lipa city batangas in one of his video vlog he make banana chips. His video vlog is my pi dream (make banana chips).

  49. You should split your time in the U.S., Zambales, Baguio City, and Pampanga. Zambales has good beaches. My dad buys those thick saba bananas and boils them. They are good stomach fillers and are low on sugar from the taste of them. If you’re a diabetic, that’s a good fruit to eat. Course, you deep fry and caramalize em with sugar, you better check your AIC level 😂

  50. I saw your house set-up in Angles…looks pretty sweet with a backup generator (I believe). Not sure you will have all the conveniences in La Union, but like you said got to weigh the pros/cons of moving. I know La Union had several brownouts a month when I was stationed there in the late 80’s…maybe its gotten better since then? The biggest part of making the decision to move looks like how much stuff you need to take with you. You mentioned food prices are going up in Angeles…if your wife doesn’t speak the local dialect in La Union, you’ll pay higher prices than the locals. You are right…maybe you just need a change of pace and the move may be exactly the ticket!

  51. How about changing up your video blog to foods , beer, and snacks in Pampanga 😂🤣Cooking Filipino style? Sampling street vendor food like fish balls and etc 😍 balot eating contest with Lot 😂🤣

  52. Go go be happy I have a house in San Miguel Bulacan we love it but time to time we go visit visit different place a different place a different places but living in the province my wife happier my kids are happier me long as I can get to a golf course I am happy

  53. Check your battery Brian..older batteries start to show weaknesses like this and later just this could be a sign of a weakening battery or a defective one. It makes sense that living in a calmer area free of fumes and noises and stress will promote healthier and longer life. I think splitting your time between Angeles City and La Union would be a healthy decision for all of you.

  54. I just don’t understand why you or anyone would leave their own country/city to move/live/retire in a developing countries city,baffles me,all the best from Palawan..lovely ocean breezes and clean air.

  55. Price of pork is going up because there is a massive shortage in china…I’m guessing china are buying it. China stop buying pork from Germany because of politics.

  56. People act differently when they are on vacation versus living in place. Would have to consider school for HG. What would you and Lot do? The pets? Lot’s brothers? Decision, decisions, decisions.

  57. oh sorry i did not see your own comment…..haha… know its funny looking at a black screen while audio is still working…btw may i ask your age? me i am 57 years so keep up the vids i love them

  58. Brian-
    What can I say… I had a feeling when you returned from La Union that you might be seriously contemplating a move… and I’m sure you may get a lot of criticism if you do move as well as the process you take to make that decision… a nice insight was your view today (or maybe it was Lot’s) that she could leave the store behind… albeit in the good hands of her brothers…

    Here’s a bit of advice that might help in your decision of whether to stay in the ‘big city’ or move to ‘beachland’… make a list of whatever reasons you might have to stay in Angeles City… you know… things like… our business is in Angeles City… we have a lot of friends in Angeles City… Hannah’s school is there… a lot of people know me on my walks… and whatever else you can think of… then take that list and puit the positive spin on the same reasons… like… our business will be in good hands… we can make new friends in San Juan…  we want we can even open a small Sari Sari store in San Juan… when Hannah completes the school year there will e a new school for her… maybe a better one… everyone is so friendly in San Juan…

    The point is… whatever negative you can put on why not to move… is also the positive on why you should… you already have shown us a glimpse of things like housing… nearby town for other than Filipino food… mall shopping… medical facilities… and plenty of nearby places to show us in more depth… just remember… every negative has an equal positive… good luck in your decision making…

    My best to You… Lot… and Hannah Grace… stay safe… stay healthy…

  59. Hannah Grace has adapted to a big move before when she joined you and Lot, she has just started senior school so it would be easier for her to move now rather than a few years from now. There is a British guy in La Union called John, he has a channel called A British Expat In the Phillipines, he lives inland but his wife knows a lot about that province and works for the government there.

  60. We moved to a very small town in Northern California from Los Angeles, California. Yes, we had to give up a lot when we left. It was a big decision. But once we decided to moved, got settled in our new home we realized it was the right decision. We had to adjust to a whole new life style. Follow your dream and what your instincts tell you. Don’t ask yourself later, “What if…..? You can always move back to Angeles City. Try it for a designated time, 6 months, one year, what every. You are too young to give up on your dreams. You’ll know if the choice you chose is the right one. Let us know and please don’t stop your travel adventures. Josie from California

  61. people have known for hundreds of years its more healthy by the ocean.its not a new thing.remote places are okay in phils.just be careful of wild dogs that carry rabies and other deadly diseases.abd the snakes and spiders jellyfish etc,make sure you have huspital near,

  62. You both not worried HG gets fed up making new friends again a nd get stuck behind PC too often? I understand ocean (when there is no typhoon) is appealing but some stability for your daughter also has mayor advantages if she is happy where she is now?

  63. Looks like water main pipe. Guess if they need to fix infrastructure, now is a better time, ya know while biz is already off due to the pandemic.
    Come down and check out Cebu, no ‘walking street’, but it’s awesome.

  64. La Union would be a great place to wake up every day. As for us our condo is almost finished (probably about another 6 month) in San Fernando, so I consider that a real nice place as well.

  65. The siren-calls of the soothing waves of La Union, Iba or Pagudpud are calling you Brian! You can always have another sari-sari store in a less stressful city among new friends you, Lotlot and Hannah surely will win around you. Go man go! 🙂

  66. If the road work is disturbing your business just shut it down until things open up. If you are depending on the income from the store to survive then you are doing something wrong…..

  67. It depends from person to person. Some people live longer in the middle of a big city. Others live longer in a small remote town. Everyone is different.

  68. spot on lot! always bored by the sea is better m8! srill in stage 3 lockdown down here melbourne an hour nth east of here is stage 4. an dan andrews the fella in charge keeps sayin another cupla weeks. they change my pension in august next year. wonderin if i can get the hell outa dodge! 12.22 in, lost picture, could hear you an lot an traffic noise. not sure what happened, you an yours stay safe an well eh!

  69. G;day Brian and Lot, I know where I would rather be, oceanside for me 🙂 The brothers can run the shop, less stress outside a city, especially Angeles, less traffic etc, kids bounce back easy going to a new school at Hannah Graces’ age, all in all a more laid back lifestyle. I guess there are pros and cons but a sea change may be beneficial ie, health wise with cleaner air, new places to explore along the coastline and in the bush nothing worse than things getting stale,. May be you have already made up your mind if you are already considering it, especially so close after being up there. Anyway good luck with your decision mate, I’ll keep watching either way 🙂

  70. Might be nice to enjoy retirement. May have to come up with creative options for your videos to keep up viewership. Maybe travel a bit more, show some places like Baguio and other locales you haven’t experienced yet. Good luck in whatever you choose. Your heart will guide you, go with your gut feelings! Take care!

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