Is This A Healthy Life Choice? Live Life Happy or Die trying to Live Forever

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  1. Mukdahan I see you video It made me realise I don’t have to live on the coast mukdahan it’s still pretty close to the things you want to go to and have a lot of money in your pocket instead of buying that big expensive house we are just beginning to build thanks 👍🇬🇧

  2. Yes I did have to re-subscribed As I see what you had written in a bloke about leases subscriptions I did again subscribe and we’re back on again thank you you

  3. Good morning from Australia 🇦🇺 time to eat a 🍔 for lunch 🤣 . I see some Chinese have landed in Thailand the first tourists since the closure of the borders ..

  4. Hello Chuck and Paige , What we like to give as a house warming gift is a BBQ, Big Green Egg. People love that thing. I notice I really don’t see any western style BBQ’s there. Are they even a thing? Your mother in-law is very stylish, my wife loves her new Pixy hair dew, What a great time! Thanks for sharing. 😎👍🌹🌹

  5. LOL. (I’m dying). I remember these gatherings all too well. Sit in a twisted contorted position for an hr or 2 & already thinking about the food & wine… Oop!! There it is. Right in the nic of time… 8:00 AM.

  6. Good morning folks love to see you guys happy and having fun. Wish to visit Thailand for first time soon myself. thanks for the video and keep the content coming. Happiness is key in life glad you found yours with Paige:)

  7. Chuck your wife is a real doll…It is nice you have a lot of good s…It is also nice you have a fun loving family..So the big question is when you going to build the pizza oven and when do we get to see the build chuck?

  8. I’m going post twice today Chuck & Paige b/c I’m on the floor… God, I miss Thailand sooo much. What is there in life better than great food, wine and great people at 8:00 AM??

  9. Go ahead, drink the Kool-Aid, I mean the SangSom. Besides when its 8am in Thailand it’s 8pm in Texas. It’s all semantics and there’s ‘no time to be sad!’ Looking forward to more videos. Regards to Pookee also.

  10. Hi Chuck nice house warming party. We are 2 weeks away from the US election are you voting via absentee ballot? Get all you American friends and family to vote.

  11. Love your videos of you and Paige helping others in your neighborhood. Blessings for your friend and his family in there new house and blessings to the monks and my prayers!😎

  12. Hi Chuck & น้องปุ๊ก, I enjoy watching your vlog. I’m glad to see Paige’s little aunt ป้าทองคำ still very healthy and strong. Please keep up all the good work!

  13. HIPPIES LIVES MATTER!!! The house turned out really nice, I’m sure they are proud and rightfully so, many blessings bestowed upon that house. Thanks for sharing Chuckee, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  14. Chucky – you look flasher that a rat with a gold tooth in that formal attire – people are going to think you are farang with lot’s of $$’s – nothing like blessing the new home!

  15. Hello Chuck An Paige
    Love the content would be great to join in at some time in the uncertain future, I was going to get a Durian the wanted 85 nz dollars nah I hot smaller 1 for $40

  16. Drinking in the morning’s is a thai way,weddings, funerals,house blessing been to a few I personally can’t drink early mornings or I am wasted for the rest of the day

  17. Hey there Chuck and Paige, thank you so much for another awesome video and a good experience with all of you for a joyous house warming ceremony and party in Thailand. You’re awesome and it’s so nice to be able to experience various kinds of Thailand cultures, ceremonies and festivities from your vlog’s! Had my breakfast together with all of you and the delicious looking food at the party, enjoyed the whole experience. Soi Mafia look so cute and adorable greeting us with the dessert and the whiskey, cheers and loves to her. Looking forward to another awesome adventure, have a great week, peace, love and cheers, T.F

  18. Hello Chuck and Paige thanks for the video reminds us of our house warming outside Surin in Issan a few years back. Went for 2 days over 450 people from the village,family and village chiefs etc turned up It was party central heaps of food and alcohol with community and family working non stop to keep food and drinks up to the guests. Great days and thanks for bringing this video to us, brought back at lot of good memories of Thailand

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