It Is Going To Have To Get Better, Last Video and Prime Burger Pattaya

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  1. I literally started watching this video as soon as it was put out and popped up. Halfway through the video before I even had a chance to finish watching it, someone had already put thumbs down. I believe there’s probably haters out there that simply put a thumbs down as soon as the video comes up without watching it.

    In this instance there was no time for them to have watched it before they thimbs downed it.

  2. Hey guys only seven minutes in Paige has talked more then usual 👍
    I’m with you on the vaccine. If you’re in the age or vulnerable like with the flu it’s your choice just as mine. Go see a Dr. And take care of yourself.👍 Non mandatory. Have to finish the vid in a bit. Gave my 👍

  3. This is No time to be sad Chuck. I think Thailand will come back even better and the changes will be positive. Much like when the tsunami hit Kamala, Kamala came back better. Took a few years, but it came back.

    Personally, I am hopeful that by next year I’ll be able to get back there to find a better Thailand; (if that is even possible!).

  4. Think I figured something out! Page was getting all those shots but they weren’t vaccine, she has been turned into a one woman snail assassin. Haha, thanks for the videos, love seeing so many things nobody else shows. Thank you to both you and Page (AKA – The Snail Ninja).

  5. vaccine will help. But some (snowflakes…etc) need an attitude adjustment as well… You know they guys that want others to do the work for them…

  6. It was really refreshing to hear Paige chatting with you on the balcony Chuck. We don’t often here much from her which is fine, but it was definitely a stand out on this vlog.🍻🍻

  7. Greetings Chuck & Paige. Paige dropped some pearls of wisdom for us all:

    4:42 “Things change every day…..a little bit at a time……it will never be the same as yesterday……so just get used to it!”

    Well said Paige…., well said 😁👍🍺!!

  8. was gonna write something and forgot what it was…”trying to think & nothing happens” hahaha. I did like the funky little beat at the end…..the guy on the white motorbike had no F–ks to give……just checking out his phone while riding his bike and cutting off SUVs driving down the road

  9. You should talk to the guy at prime burger and get his logo on your shirts ,watching your vlogs from the past you are the fussy about your burgers 🍔 understandable coming from the States

  10. In Chiang Mai, I see many businesses (restaurants especially) being renovated massively, while business is slow. They are planning on the return of tourists. It’s inevitable.

  11. The Thai government had signed a few agreements with a few international covax researchers to lock in supply/manufacturing agreements once a vaccine is found.

  12. Have you been to Sai Kaew Beach which is further around the Sattahip headland snuggled between the mountains. It’s beautiful, but it is simply for a beach day – there is not town or anything nearby.

  13. We just have to ask ourselves ” do we have the control over the changes?” Then accept the situation follow the rules and carry on with living the best way we can in difficult times. Thailand is a wonderful country. I hope soon things return to a more normal situation. We are fortunate as farangs because we have the incomes. So many Thai people are losing their businesses or jobs but they still can smile and be strong. Support the local Thai small businesses if you can.

  14. And if a working vaccine is not possible (none of the previous (18) corona viruses have had a working vaccine) then what? What if a vaccine is not going to be available for another 12 months? How long will the Thai Government wait until the health/economy balance is shifted in the economies favour?

  15. I like your videos me and my wife drink coffee in the morning and watch together. Your videos are good when your just focusing on being happy and traveling. I disagree with page when they say get used to taking vaccines. There is hundreds of millions of dollars paid out in vaccine damage every year. Plus the vaccine Bill Gates wants to give will actually change your DNA something that has never been done before and after testing it shows 80% of people are having negative effects. I will not comply with the mandatory vaccines ever. That said there is nonething wrong with being postive but there is nonething wrong with speeking the truth and standing up. The reason tgus us your second take is because your scared too offend big tech and some of your listeners. Thing is we will like you more if your just strait up. People better pray everyday that America comes out ahead of all this and Trump wins because if he doesn’t then Page will realize there is going to be a whole lot to get used too. Bill Gates has come out and said we need to wear mask and stay locked down for the next ten years. Im a real political person im not mad im justing saying it the way it is. Love your videos just dont hold back unless your scared of getting sensored .

  16. wow Chuck and Page having a conversation don’t see that often.
    26c you poor ppl going to snow tomorrow in edmonton maybe 10 centimeters
    i’ll be happy when i can call that a cold day hope to make it there some time next year but will depend on work

  17. Chuck, you are a lucky man to be able to live for today and have a wife like Paige and her family.
    Don’t worry about circumstances that out of your control. Just travel and enjoy life. The time we have here is beyond our control. Love you all, continue to be straight and honest

  18. o Chuck & Paige, I just read a lot of the comments and I agree with a lot of them. Yes, I like hearing you two discuss things. I like hearing Paige talk and giving her views on things. Keep it up Paige. I also like hearing your views too Chuck. It is these reasons as much as your travels that I subscribed. I like the family of vloggers which includes you Chuck, GT, Foreigner Joe and Lucas (Rides 4 Kicks). You are all good folks. Much fun and almost like family. Looking forward to you entertaining the Mafias and being home for Sunday Funday 555. Beverly, old lady in Vermont.

  19. Obviously they’re going to have a vaccine. They’ve been working towards this depopulation plan for decades. Agenda 2030 is a real thing people. Nanobots in the vaccine has been developed by darpa. If you enjoy a good game of Russian Roulette, you’re going to LOVE this vaccine..

  20. 22: 35 the best corner to sit at.. i could sit there and watch the traffic / people all day…. the state i live in.. QUEENSLAND , Australia has not had an infection for 38 x days… we are very lucky, life is 99% normal for me… i get depressed because i ( we ) cannot travel overseas…. people in Victoria are having a very bad time, people are still dying every day and they cannot travel more than 5km from home…. SOOOOOO i am not as bad as them, thing will get better, my son will get married in thailand, my daughter will also get married …. it will happen…. life could be worse….

  21. Great video series. Love how you and Paige balance each other out. I think the best life for a western man in Thailand is married life! They help us be better men. Cheers!

  22. When I was in Kenya I wanted to go to Egypt and see the pyramids. I was required and had to go and get a immunization for Yellow Fever. I could have refused and not went but I wanted to go and so I got the shot. Same with Indonesia. I had to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B Anyone who does not want the shots is welcome to Stay Home.

  23. Hi Chuck , I’m happy the way Paige support n loves u. She looks calm, cool n positive thinking always. Today really shows her true n sincere character. Take care both of u n cheerful always too.

  24. So nice to hear Paige speaking out more in this Vlog, I am so thankful and inspired by Paige’s words of wisdom, it’s a boost of motivation in this current dark times due to this darn pandemic. I am very happy and glad I have both of you to accompany me every morning while I have my breakfast and especially watching all the delicious food you guys eat helps makes my simple breakfast nicer and delicious too. Those Prime Burgers look’s extremely delicious, makes me want to go burger hunting right away Lol… You should come to Phuket after the wet season ends at the end of this month coz this is actually the best time to chillout in Phuket town and the beaches, free from tourist almost desserted totally peaceful and quiet but if you want some local crowds you can always head to the street food night markets in Phuket town or anywhere on the island actually minus the tourist. Thanks for another great experience, peace, love and cheers, T.F

  25. Greatly enjoyed hearing more from Paige. She is so positive, and intelligent, and has a uniquely Thai perspective that we could use more of here in the west. Keep up the great work guys!

  26. Thanks for the positive words Chuck & Paige. Watching your VLOGs is a daily escape for me. Glad to be a part of your community. The next time I go to Thailand, I might not leave.

  27. If I know that many people refuse to be immunized in a certain place, I will choose to avoid that place and those people. Modern medicine has saved many many millions of lives with the use of vaccines. The benefits have far outweighed the risk. If the Covid vaccine is shown to be safe and reasonably effective, people should have to provide a certificate of vaccination in order to travel or congregate in large groups. Common sense.

  28. Hi Chuck, I like your vids very much. You have a great asset in that you are very easy to listen to. I do not think that things are ever going to go back to the way they were before this virus arrived. The scientists have been saying for a long time that climate change is going to tip the balance and upset the chain of events that allow life to exist on the Earth. I am heartend to see that we may not need to educate the population to be conservative and have a different attitude to life, maybe nature will just shut us down when we go too far with waste and indulgence, with a virus.

  29. Thank you Chuck for all your hard work editing the Vlogs, This was one of my favorite series. Thanks again cannot wait for the nest one, Take care . It was awesome to hear Paige opinion on life and its an awesome one your very lucky to have her. Please come have beers in Phuket on your next trip 🙂

  30. The tourism industry will probably take years to recover, it wont happen overnight. The facts are that tourism centers all over Europe have been decimated and many of the people that work in these areas would be the same people that went to other places (such as Thailand). Living in The Netherlands which has just gone into another lockdown, the whole hospitality industry and tens of thousands of people the work in the industry could end up in financial difficulties and wont be going on holiday any time soon. The same applies to many other industries. I am afraid that we are all in this for the long haul. Fingers crossed that a vaccine will become available soon so that the road to recovery can start happening. Very wise words from Paige @ 4:42 about things changing.

  31. Hi Chuck and Paige
    Another enjoyable video, my wife and i enjoy your vlogs . We live in Northeast Thailand. But i also have a condo in Pattaya/Jomtien . A lot of the places you visit we have visited or intend to do so. I dont share your view on Prime Burgers, but everyones tastes are different.
    I wish you and Paige good health for the future, keep those vlogs coming buddy stay safe

  32. Hi, You should realize that Rayong benefits economically from the very huge Ma Ta Phut Industrial Estate. As you mentioned it does not rely on tourists completely like many places. Also SATTAHIP contributes to the area economy by way of also huge Thai Naval presence. Just saying ,not trying to be

  33. Iv never heard Paige talk so much I love it 😀🙏🏻😀🙏🏻😀 live each day as it’s your last and don’t worry about a tomorrow that you can’t change the sun will still come up no matter what



  35. You guys are right and wise for sure! I speak with my dad and other family members everyday and their lives are normal. My Thai musician friend in Pattaya is heavily affected, eventually decided to change course and open a very small food place and beginning to do well. Like you said, Thai people are good at adapting to things and they have been thru a lot, recently and historically. Patience, patience…..can’t wait to be back. Got my tickets for Feb 2021! Can’t wait!!! Keep your hopes up guys!!!

  36. Hi guys
    Great video yet again as always very entertaining and informative thank you , must say the chemistry between you both is wonderful.
    I have a question about the music playing in the driving segment who was playing the slide guitar it was great and I’d like to hear some more if its available many thanks and best wishes to you both

  37. Refreshing to hear Page’s thoughts on Covid vaccination (if the jab ever becomes available). Mostly Page’s shtick is just to smile and go with the flow (at least on the YouTube), so, when she does speak her mind, it has real impact.

  38. I had the vaccine twice over the last month in one of the large studies. Doing well and no big problems. Feel good and hoping to help. Thanks for the great vlogs and for teaching us Thai words and customs.

  39. Hi Chuck and Paige great vlogs,we need a fast way to test ourselves every day. Results show up on phone .no green light no going outside or going to work.

  40. There will not be a vaccine friend. Not one that cures anyway. Coronaviruses are sneaky and mutate easily, so any vaccine this year is useless in a year or less.

  41. We entering the NWO. Globalization. You will have to accept the system rule or you will have no way to survive. Not able to work or shop kids can’t go to school I you don’t obey. The list will go on till you will be living in Communism. It’ll be awful for Westerners. Alot of countries used to being controlled. Thailand has has alot of poverty with very little options. They want America and other countries like third world. Rich and poor no middle where we headed.

  42. agree with the comments…. should hear more of Paige….. and share her pictures at end of video … maybe we see something from her perspective….

  43. You will love the Thavorn beach hotel Phuket/Nakalay ( in jungle garden, biggest pool in South Thailand, with a funicular to go to your room, private beach) and Bhandari ( sea water pool, lush garden, wooden style) at Khao lak..

  44. i have read a report that Thailand has signed an agreement with Britain to make the Oxford vaccine , it is expected production will start the first quarter of 2021

  45. Sheer torture watching you all wolf down those prime burgers!! 😂

    Nothing worse than noisey neighbours when your trying to relax and rest but love your attitude which is along the lines of only here for a short stay …oh well. Best way to be. As far as world events go less said the better really… Parts of England now marked as high risk and gone into local lockdowns again. At least its not the whole country but tough on the people affected for sure. Glad Thailand is still largely unaffected hope that continues.

    Cool vid rreally like Paiges friends resort nicely out the way near the mountains. Thanks a lot for sharing Chuck safe travels home.

  46. Quite frankly Chuck I envy your life as you obviously have made multi-millions in order to be where you are. You made your mint and it doesn’t matter at this stage to justify anything. Having a local wife and family is the icing on the cake. Keep up with your videos and we will see where we fit in all of this. Enjoy brother.

  47. my cousin lives in bangkok says lots of homeless people coming from different areas outside bangkok looking for help agencies and local charities overwhelmed.

  48. I agree with you 100% Chuck! Until there is a vaccine or at least a proven therapeutic this is the world.
    I so wanted to move to Thailand but thanks corona! But Paige is correct. “Get used to it.” 22 years in the Army I had enough Gamagobulin shot into my buttocks to float a small boat!😂 Stay safe and keep the vlogs coming!

  49. According to the CDC, if you are less than 70 years old, you have a 99.5% chance of surviving Covid-19 IF you get it. I think I’ll pass on a rushed vaccine that they’re trying to scare and sell people into taking.

  50. Hi Chuck and Paige,
    Just wanted to thank you for all the videos. My partner and I have travelled around Thailand on a number of occasions and its my favourite country.
    It’s been a real comfort watching your videos during lock down and quarantines. I actually just got back from 4 months there before the pandemic happened so when times have been dreary in England it’s really helped watching your travels around beautiful Thailand. It has definitely helped my mental health a great deal so thanks for that guys!

  51. Wow Chuck what happen to Paige talking Wow boy a transformation love it you guys are great at this current time bringing us with you really appreciate everything Cheers Guys Chris

  52. We have just brought 2 rai for building not far from your staying. TTT made me love this area with his positively wonderful attitude to life. I don’t want to live surrounded by fellow farang. We also brought a top floor studio 55sqm a little bit up the road from this hotel. The area is fantastic for seafood and schools. Thank you for sharing. Excellent

  53. It’s the corrupt government which is bought by the elite that don’t want things to go back to normal. And no vaccine will stop infections. Look at the flu. You have annual vaccination because it’s renewable. Thai government knows these facts. They can easily keep the quarantine period and allow tourists in. Hundreds of thousands will come if they stay quarantined for a week or 10 days. But the ultra rich who own the banks want to continue to keep giving loans out to the state and the people. Thai banks have BILLIONS of cash 💸 in their vaults, and Covid crisis is the perfect opportunity for them to inslave governments and people. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Just read the news of the loans and you’ll know.

  54. Having said what I wrote in my previous comment, I do believe that things are going to change from next month. Huge sign of that change is the continuous increase of the ASQ hotels being approved by the government in the last two weeks. The number has jumped from 60 to 90. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence. They will start approving STV applications soon in my opinion. Personally, I’ll come in on a medical visa to do full check up while being quarantined in a hospital.

  55. It was really good to see Paige actually have a conversation about what’s going on, I know she doesn’t like to talk on camera but she did very well. Convince her to do more. Keep living the dream!

  56. After Nov 3, election everything will be just fine. It’s magically going to be over with. It’s made to be more than it really is right now. Sensationalized, media likes it that way. We need it to be over so we can go back to Thailand. Jai’s whole family is there.

  57. Great video Chuck and that’s what I call a burger lol, and so nice to hear Paige enjoying herself too. Glad you guys had a lovely vacation..Keep safe 🙏

  58. Love your videos Chuck & Paige, you always bring interesting and posative content with your vlogs and Paige is always delightfully refreshing with her wonderful smiling face. TTT in Ban Chang is a happy and contented man and his new enterprise isn’t dependent upon trongs of foreign custom like all of the known tourist traps.Given the current climate, there are many inevitable changes afoot, some of which are way to senestive to mention here. Looking forward to your continued travel adventures, always a joy, keep well and stay safe👍 😃

  59. The thing is they won’t make the vaccine mandatory but those who don’t take it will not be able to travel. I am 58 not great health and if I have to take it because I want to travel then so be it. If I can travel without the vaccine then that would be my preference. The vaccine containers so many dangerous ingredients. Baby fetus mercury aluminium none of these things are good for our health. Trump has had it and recovered without vaccines. I think his treatment is far better than any vaccine. Great vlog nice to see the Mrs being so chatty and on point. M

  60. What international travel eventually returns I’m sure that to be allowed onto an airplane to go anywhere well have to have had a vaccination and a CV 19 test. result showing we’re negative.

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