1. I missed ya…. Dang it!

    That guys scooter almost sounded like a weed whacker!! Ha! 🀣

    You are welcome about train info… Its pretty cool looking I admit….

    Have a great day…..😊😊

  2. Hmmmm….beer museum sounds interesting. I dont drink it but….worked at a Budweiser plant years ago.
    Its awesome how they make the 12oz and 16oz aluminum cans.

    Starts out as a small thin square about 3x3in and the machine punches it into shape under pressure as it unrolls…pretty cool.

  3. *11:38* I dont think thats a price tag for the car behind ya….

    Lol .. Just sayin… 🀣

    Like your shirt… Looks nice. Very humid here as well… Stay hydrated!

  4. Well snap, missed your stream but I’ll catch up with you later. Def the Beer museum hoping they give out lots of free samples too. There is also the Japanese Sword Museum in Yokoami, Sumida City, Tokyo but not sure if you can film there. That would be a cool museum to visit. Have a great day and don’t let that chrome dome get too sun burned . Ha!

  5. I was massively impressed with the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum and the Railway Museum in Saitama, but I’ve been to Museum of Yebisu Beer three times as I like the sampling menu (although not much of a museum), the area around it is nice and there is a photography/art museum near it. Meguro Parasitological Museum might be worth filming, equally fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

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