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  1. Good morning from Cali Eh ! 2am
    We can go to any State;
    But I am My 97yr Old Mother’s Caregiver.
    Haven’t left the House since the end of February.
    2020……Is it over yet?

  2. I will agree Brian, overblown, it is a concern obviously, but the way I look at it, look after family first and ride this fkn CHIMMP thing out, and on a lighter note 🀣not a fan of the hairyballs either πŸ‘πŸ€£πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  3. Rambutan has two types , the juicy and fleshy. I like the fleshy variety because I can eat everything.. except the seed..while the other type, you suck only the juice because the flesh sticks to the seed.

  4. As everyone’s 2nd favorite neighborhood Doc, I 100% agree, enough already with the china plandemic. I’ve been hearing the same thing about outsiders going to new areas, “You’re gonna get us all infected,” Its why my dive trip was canceled even tho the dive center is allowed to be open now. Do I get the stupid comment award? lol.

  5. Feeling like the threat of covid is overblown, after the lockdowns and quarantines, is a bit like thinking the dangers of car crashes is overblown after you were in one while wearing a seatbelt. That’s the point of seatbelts, lockdowns and quarantines.

    I think I will go with the overwhelming consensus of doctors and scientists.

  6. Brian, if you believe that the precautions are overblown…just look at what has happened here in the US. 180,000 dead…5 million reported infections. Had the same precautions and mandates the Philippines have in place had been put into effect here, both numbers would be much lower.

  7. i agree business like yours was good during lockdown Coz’ people can’t go anywhere. compare to this time all business is not doing good coz’ some are running out of money

  8. Yep…69 people a day die in the Philippines from cancer 45 people per 100,000 die a year from the smog in Manila…who knows how many die in car crashes. Oh so around 14,000,000 just in Manila.

  9. U r not wearing a mask….I wouldn’t say anything to u if I was a customer,,,just keep walking after seeing u like that….LOL
    LICHEE…is the best if u can get it in season…same family as rambutan., sweeter but more expensive…stupid comments posted daily,,,best not to have that coz everyone is going to try to win the prize…
    The flies…where is the overhead fan..that u have been pricing but never buying…LOL…And thanks for the update on the missing trike business venture,that u had..

  10. Good thing its your opinion, I would take the opinion who treats or involved with treating Covid 19 to get a real sense of what is normal, stick with roaming the streets of Angles, that’s my opinion and my opinion only some would agree and some won’t.


  12. If anyone knows how a filipino woman is they know she’s not gonna let you wear same thing twice in a row without washing it. Thats 1 thing for sure I’ve learned from my love. Clean clothes always…

  13. Too bad about the trike business, but am glad you got it back. If I had one here in the states where I live could make a bundle with the college kids. Be safe, best to the family.

  14. I agree with u…”lutz” more people die from the flu (& even dengue) than this covid. Shutting down everything is just a form of govt control!

  15. There are 6 different types of Chimp, some get you sicker than others. Rambutan reminds me of Lychee it’s a terrific fruit. lanzones are terrific too. Trike, Multicabs etc have lines. There may be an Organization fee too.

  16. Highly contagious TB killed 70 Filipino citizens a day last year, over 25 thousand in the year and did anyone panic or go into lockdown? Something doesn’t feel quite right about the reaction to this Covid19!

  17. Fish and veggies business is not easy to run as a business. Getting up early, cleaning, arrangements, fish & veggies must be sold on limited time etc.. must have more patience to run the the business. Lot is a hardworking lady. Thumbs up !!!

  18. It seems that the people who are for indefinite lockdown and quarantine are the government workers and civil servants, white collars especially in the high tech companies because they get to work at home and get paid regardless. For most, they need to work outside to survive for themselves and their families. If the world economy crashes, nobody would be spared the hardships. When that time comes, we’ll see if they will still feel the same way. The market crash of 1929 spawned WWII.

  19. I agree completely. I am so tired of this COVID crap. I too think it is overblown and many of the deaths are considered virus when the person may have died from other causes. Dengue is MUCH worse yet people there don’t freak out about it. They just DEAL with it.

  20. 1918 flu pandemic lasted 2 years world wide over 50 million died i don’t see Covd going 2 yrs people wear mask to slow spread science will have a vaccine 2021. I miss going philippines i got a bad cold coming back dec 2019 . i forgot to take Airborne coming home. Imagine if COVD 19 was on that plane we had not heard of it at that point it was not made public.

  21. Hey Brian, hope all is well with you and your family. I am never tired of hearing you talk. What you say makes sense 100%. It’s in your face 24/7. I always enjoy your content my friend.😊😊😊

  22. I don’t really mind getting sick for a week or two, most of us have been in that situation before, but I do try my best to avoid getting sick from things that might actually kill me…..for me, the medical profession simply doesn’t know enough yet about this thing to embark on THE best road to my recovery if I catch it……so my theory is, that every day I can avoid catching it gives the medical boffins another 24 hours to hone their skills at nipping it in the bud….so I’ll continue to be cautious as long as it takes until I’m more confident they can save my sorry ass…..simple!!!

  23. It is definitely difficult living in this type of pandemic atmosphere. My gut feeling is that we may still have to continue to wear masks even when a vaccine becomes available; at least for the short term. In the mean time, we just need to continue to live our lives and try to practice a positive mind set so that we can stave off depression. Stay safe everyone! 😊

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