James Bond Island – Thailand Tourist Trap?

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  1. I’m glad I went with my dad back in the early 80’s when there was hardly any tourist, never went back again as I knew already what it was going to be like first with the Russian then came the Chinese. I’ll pass all these famous tourist trap places in Thailand.

  2. seems like you are ungrateful for the guy that was trying to get you the best views. He seemed like he was into making a good video but you seemed ungrateful. Love the videos and check-in every day just saying you seemed ungrateful.

  3. In 1991, I took a couple of friends to Thailand and we went to see ‘James Bond Island.’ Having seen ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’, the island looked like it was huge in the movie! When we saw the actual rock formation, we were a bit surprised.

  4. Been there couple times. Took my kids, went with my friends, and now I have to take my Wife who has only been to one island in her life (with me). Can’t wait. We swam in the middle of that island….

  5. CHAD WE can’t Go to Thailand NOW we’ll have to quarantine when we get there and when we get back! Come on man! That’s why nobody is there.

  6. The wife and I have been there twice. Yes, it’s setup to separate tourists from their money but it’s a good day trip. Beautiful surrounding area, and I can’t wait to get back.

    BTW…my canoe was blue. Should have held out for a red one, since everyone knows those are faster.

  7. I am so glad i found your channel. You inspired me so much to get my ass the f*** up and learn what the world has to show! Great videos, keep doing so! BTW Thailand most amazing landscapes i never visited 🙁

  8. Did that tour in 2001 days after 911. For me the Muslim water Village was the highlight , nice meal, hot day helped by huge rainstorm just as we got undercover. definitely wasn’t so touristy then, only one shop next to the restaurant

  9. When I was 21 I went to Morocco, and people trying to get money out of me did my head in. But in a poor country folk are desperate. My behaviour would be way worse in the same circumstances.

  10. answer to your question: yes it is a tourist trap
    There are much much much much much much more interesting places in thailand (and in te rest of the world ) than te obviuos places

  11. Dude. Do you realy film with your phone ? I mean sometimes audio gets windy and can be fixed with zoom extra mic etc extra gear but it dosent mather because we can understant what you are saying most of the the time. Meaby you could make video aboth your tattoos some day ? story behind ink and why they look cartoonis , I mean in good way . Your video edit skill are 5/5 but to me the hand tattoo looks like half done. cheers “knoks beer to camera lens”.

  12. I personally would have these island close off and let them recover for at least 30-40 years, the water isn’t blue anymore and everything else is just dead. It’s all feels like a secondhand beauty, like a worn out colour.

  13. As someone would say “ Holy Shit ….” – …….great time to be there to enjoy its beauty – don’t think I would enjoy it if it was busy 🤔🤷‍♂️🇦🇺👍🙏

  14. Chad, Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii.
    This was a great video. And like your ending comments. I am currious about the handful of videis you post and then delete. Are the kinda CB Media drunk dialing? Keep up the great videos.

  15. I have done it from Phuket. I understand your viewpoint but taking a real tour from Phuket in a group speedboat is a different vibe. Its a “tour group” so you meet other tourists. The guide, in my case both times was a ladyboy who was one of the funniest people I have ever met in Thailand, maybe anywhere. (both times) The lunch island was cool, lunch included and you eat family style, all you can eat. (groups at each table) This was good for my two adult kids to experience. We walked through all the shops and yeah, costly, but I did buy a couple things because mostly I don’t buy things and I’m not jaded. No pressure from anyone, not once. This was the same both trips. Maybe the current situation has changed that. The group tour I went on included stopping at a little island that was literally like 50 sq meters and I rented a wave runner and snorkeled. The last island it stopped at was a sunset watching island and it started raining just before we got there. The tour guide said unless someone wants to stop we can skip it and some guy said he wanted to stop…. lol So we got beers and stayed in the water almost the whole hour because it was cold unless we were in the water. That large Leo was good… The whole trip cost $60 usd and they picked us up from our hotel and dropped us off. Included fruit and juice in the am, and lunch and lasted the entire day. While not being something I’d do more than once a 2 week trip, its for sure worth it to do once. I will say, I could skip seeing it again, it wont kill me to do it again for my wife. on another trip, the blue star tour from Samui is cool too.

  16. Was in Phang Nga about 25 years ago and it looks the same now, peaceful and not many people………when i went back in 2015 it was overrun with tourists…….I’m happy you got to experience it with few people……..once again another fine video Chad!

  17. Enjoyed the video but you’re right the Tat Tours can be aggravating. You could keep away from the tourists attractions but you may miss out on something worthwhile. But you will get ripped off because of tourists prices etc. Cheers Chad.

  18. Man with a Golden Penis – good movie. We visited Phi Phi Island almost 30 yrs ago, now it would be similar to this place, in tourist times.
    Your being taken advantage of for sure. At those prices I would of waited to eat at dinner time.
    CHAD check out the new 2,000hp Lotus Evija
    – price tag $2.7 million USD. Limited production, I think, 140 units.

  19. I’m coming to Thailand for the first time November 2021 and I’m starting to worry about how desperate the Thai people will be for money if lack of tourists

  20. If you have been to one floating village you have been to all. I loved the canoes and yes jb island is nice. I would love to be there now.. no tourist looks amazing.

  21. You do a very good “Lloyd Grossman – Through the Keyhole” impression at 5:40. (Incidentally, if the fish served were from the surrounds you may want to think what the fish had been eating and where the effluent from the floating village goes?)

  22. Thailand like to rinse anything for tourism. There’s an interesting story behind the filming of “The Beach” at Maya Bay. I remember visiting it in the early 2000s at 8am and it was beautiful and deserted. I believe it has been closed to tourists for a few years now.

  23. Had that VHS along with most of the other Connery 007. Ya I don’t like the tourist parts like some temples and stuff. like $10 beers in a regular bar.

  24. The island itself also sucks, it might be ok right now but when tourists actually return it’s going to be so full of people again that you can’t spit without hitting someone. I was there well out of highseason and it was still more ppl there than i thought would be safe. Our own tourguides told us it’s the worst tourist trap ever and it was easy to agree. We spent maybe 10 minutes there and it was about 10 minutes too many. The floating city was 100% the same experience, terrible overpriced food and an alley of shops. It looked so much more interesting before actually visiting there 😀
    So many better cheaper places to go, i will not be visiting that island again.

  25. Yes I’ve seen every single James Bond movie except for the one that hasn’t been released. That is awesome and gives me goosebumps and alot of good memories of watching the movie 🍿🎥. Thanks Chad

  26. We did a similar trip a few years back, the caves and Hong island were good, James Bond Island was underwhelming, the tourist tat is all at least twice the prices you can get it back in Krabi.
    A better trip we have done a couple of times is a guided kayaking tour through mangrove swamps, you paddle your own kayak though.

  27. Well, in my honest opinion, “The Man with the Golden Gun” was not among the best of the James Bond films. In fact, I thought that it was pretty bad if not the worst JB film. Consequently, I’m not that anxious to see the island.

  28. Good idea Chad to visit..great views when not overcrowded. I remember the island shape compared to the James Bond movie (in fact, there were not many scenes in the movie with the outside view to the rock). Your boat driver invited you to visit “the village” …in fact the shops over the water…not only because his kindness, but because he can get a little tip there too. I never wanted to visit the islands for main reasons : too much crowded, too much cash oriented, not enough free landcape, nature spoiled. But my Phang Nha canoe trip was one of my best souvenir in Phuket, despite, , not many things/animal to see when tou are “in” the cave of one island. Thanks for advice about not alcohool in the parks, much appreciated if i ll stay many days in one of these sedudes places.

  29. When I did the cave tour I had to lay down flat with my head turned and the driver literally let air out of the canoe to get through the tiny gap.

  30. those floating villages use to be a fishing village until the tourist came around,the village then
    transform to junkyard village lol , just like most of the beautiful place in the world where the tourist visit, most of the tourist like to by junk and left behind junk as well .

  31. I was wondering when you would hit ao nang I love it there and this year I’m moving there it’s a beautiful part of Thailand and gives you access to some fantastic islands from there.
    Keep up the great work Chad 👍🏼👊🏼

  32. Gday your a lucky man you will never see it like that again we went there with 2000 other people! Keep up the cool content i will watch this one forever ,epic man.

  33. Remember watching golden gun when it pretty much first came out as a kid in UK and I always always wanted to go there but I ain’t managed it so far even tho I’ve been to Thailand loads and loads of times now. It’s still on my list and I’ll do it just the way you advised. Good job Chad thanks a lot for taking me there well chuffed after watching 👍👍👍

  34. In the movie the rock was a Satellite Dish , bro the price was great. Yea I agree you went at the right time. I’ll definitely do it the way you did

  35. That movie was my second exposure to Muay Thai…The first was from my dad who was stationed there…He took pics and told me how they used elbows and knees back in 78…yeah Im and old guy…Kap kun ma kap Chad 🙏🏽

  36. @CB Media Dude I can’t wait to go to Thailand, I travel but never made it there. When I come to Thailand and if we bump into each other, Beers on me dude.

  37. When I was there it was packed, my tip, hire a dude in a river boat that does what you tell him. the big multi engined speed boats, give a wide berth. Chad’s advice is spot on. Don’t do the island hop, go to James Bond Island and back!

  38. เขาตาปู (crab eye) ta pu. Yeah I was an intern with a company that operate a tour there, and begging for tip is really a problem there with the locals.

  39. I recognize the island. Although I already follow your channel, but seeing you there today I HAD to watch. Loved the movie. Thanks for the tour…

  40. First time visited there in 1983. Phuket was still largely undeveloped, no one was going there for any nightlife back then. Took a boat with my Thai girl and went to Phang Nga and JB island. Other than that, Phuket was boring in the evenings, so 2 days and back to BKK.

  41. Millions of years of tectonic activity and erosion to create natural beauty and Chad condenses it to no more than 30 minutes of viewing to hold his interest. LMAO! That’s rich! Just kidding ya, Big Guy.

  42. I agree about the tourist trap on rails feel of certain tours being a massive pet peeve. My view on this specific one is not fully poisoned however, because these people must be struggling like F for income in these times. So, they see an American present and it’s natural to view you as an ATM. If it was the same way before the “situation” then, yes, that’s unacceptable and tacky. Just difficult to fully go against them given the circumstances they’re currently dealing with.

  43. I like you and no offense but here is some truths. Chinese tourists are hated because of the size of their groups and their loud noise but you know they usually don’t do nightlife and they don’t drink all over the place and end up trashing the place. Now think this who has always been in an island like this? British and American. They drink all day all night they throw trash everywhere and destroy beaches but they just don’t travel in a big tour group. The chinese tour have specific places to be and its usually nature and they don’t come looking to fuck all day all night. I see you keep blaming the chinese I wonder you are one of those American media follower or even a Trump’s fan

  44. Your voice sounds just like Will Ferrell!! lol. love it! you could easily be his voice over. you should start to incorprate some “Old School” will ferrell in your videos! haha

  45. Hi Chad just a quick one if you had nothing else to wear because it was all in the wash but their was a clean pair of idiot pants would you wear them out for the day

  46. Do you have anymore shots of James Bond island? If so would you put up maybe a short beauty add on? I remember the movie btw.. I’m old 😄

  47. The island town is not what it was a decade ago. The influx of x tourists has turned it into just another market. It had its own character. I’m sorry you had to put up with the modernized tourist-trap version of Phang-Nga.

  48. Chad we went there 20 years ago and it was touristy back then. Instagram and Facebook have changed the face of paradise. These places have been “loved to death” by the way if you had gone to the back of the floating village you might have found some local charm. When I was there I found a local flying a kite and as he was pulling the string back and forth to keep it up he keep saying “chuck wa Chuck wa” and laughing his ass off come to find it has the same meaning as masturbation. So the next time you see someone flying a kite. Say “ChuckWa” i’ll guarantee you they’ll start laughing.

  49. i had exactly the same trip on 2017 and same feeling. bond island was the best part but it was way too crowded back then. canoue trip, guy was asking for tip like every 10min

  50. I think one of the best parts of going on a vacation is seeing all the OTHER TOURISTS! But since there aren’t many it just seems sort of pointless actually. I think you will have to repeat all of these tours again next year or year after maybe?

  51. I went in 2013 I paid $3000 bat for the big boat took all day after time it was annoying to much noise diesel fuel odor all over. The pier place is a big scam the food is overpriced e everything overpriced. James Bond island it was nice took many pictures I watched the movie so it was a special day but again to many not great things. The kayak inside the island expedition was very cool the water was actually clean the day. Cool video and yes the biggest turn-off anywhere is when people are trying to scam us travelers after time we get immune to it all.

  52. The island on the way to the island is inhabited mostly by Muslims. They were pushed out of Thailand long ago and moved to this area. It does not float but is on stilts. They even have a Hospital, and a graveyard, The Kids play soccer on the flats at low tide. Most of the inhabitants have some wealth. I guess not much to spend money on. I believe we called the area phonetically Pung Ya. JB island is usually very crowded with vendors on the beach with giant tables.

  53. Hey ! I’m wearing a pair of those idiot pants ! Great and comfortable for lounging around my thai condo. I only paid 90 baht and I’m sure they were 300+ at the tourist trap. Great video Kuhn Chad

  54. HAHA! I think triggered snowflakes were driven off long ago Chad, if not, they won’t stick around long… no worries. Man, a sunset beer there would’ve been great with a beer and not overcast skies. Still, an epic place on earth.

  55. Wow bro some serious views there thank God there were no tourists i can see how it would of sucked. How much would be expected for a tip on all that adventure??

  56. Hi man,
    You could make a video about “the situation” in Thailand right now, especially about the Red Zones and all the implications it carries behind krab

  57. I went to JBI 2 years ago and i really didnt enjoy it that much. Just too many tourists. Where you beached there was line to get up steps. Slow and hot took away from overall experience

  58. Due to the current situation and lack of tourist the locals demand tips and insist the tourist to make purchases. Its is going on every where around the world.
    Great video.

  59. Thank you so much for bringing me with you to the beautiful island and away from where I am now at the total shit show in the US Capitol. I shut off the news, closed my curtains, and I concentrated on this video. Thank you again

  60. Jesus Chad, watch the frickken movie, it’s great! (And you get glimpses of what it was like there in the 70’s, AND it’s on youtube for free! Thanks for you continued good work!

  61. Well Chad, it’s nice to see you coming out of your shell and telling us how you really feel. You’ve just seemed so withdrawn in the past so it’s nice to see you set yourself free. Have a great, safe 2021 sir, love your videos.

  62. We rented a kayak at Tha Dan Pier and did basically the same route minus James Bond Island in 2015.
    The crowds were insane. Watched one restaurant recycle the uneaten food into the buffet.
    All the tour operators wanted to know where our guide was and who rented us the kayak.
    About 9 hours round trip from the pier. The travel pants I was wearing weren’t UV rated. I ended up with 2nd degree burns from my ankles to my knees that took 4 weeks to heal. I still have scars.
    A day & place I’ll never forget.

  63. go there with heaps of tourists both foreign and Thais. when we need them to canoe and feed us and our feelings are different. let’s all hope the workers in tourism around the world can still be there when welcome the world back.

  64. Dude, You gotta watch the movie..the early CG is way cool. Bond flys cool stuff around. A big antenna pops out the top of that rock.
    I just saw the movie a week ago and then you shot this video. Cool…

  65. People living on the floating are muslim. You can see a mosque. I first visited this place when I was very young 40+ years ago and it was just a small muslim fishing village at that time. I went there again last year. It changed so much.

  66. I did this tour last year. Well worth the money. Nothing like it, I really liked the canoe trip in the caves. I did not like the floating village but there were other tourists and I did not get pestered.

  67. Just a market full of ‘shit’. Chad I am in pieces here 🤣🤣🤣. My missus regularly makes me experience these markets of ‘shit’. 🙃. You cheer me up with your great vids and humour. Thanks for brightening my days. Respect from sunny Jomtien. ♥️🇹🇭🇬🇧

  68. Thailand has dropped off of the top lists for ex-pats to retire in. From #1 to not making the lists! I am only 51 but ready to retire there, but scared now that it will just be too hard. I am assuming the “beer virus” will be over, so not talking about that, but what else has changed that makes it not so good now? The other countries on the list have the pandemic too, so it can’t just be that. Please make some updated general videos on moving there, renting a place, etc. Thanks!

  69. I am also fascinated by tech and business model adoption in countries like Thailand, living in the US makes it like seeing the future, and I dream of the day when Amazon setup up delivery in a country like Thailand and how it would change life for a new expat to not deal with language barriers and haggling and just pop on the phone app and have items delivered to you next day… I know there are some apps now for taxis or something, but would make a great video to review all the latest tech and apps to make life easier there for new ex-pats. Thanks!

  70. Chad wow you are living and experiencing a once in “our” lifetime opportunity cruising through Thailand visiting all these tourists attractions, cities, places when it is deserted. Looking in from my laptop yes im jelous but, you are living this odd history and making history. You will never visit these places with only you as a tourist again, its sad for the Thai people but wow…Safe Travels…

  71. In the movie. A solar powered laser came out of the rock formation and blow up bond’s airplane. You should watch the movie. Great video. 👍

  72. I was one of those who where there 2 years ago and man there was a lot of people compared to now. Yes I was at that island with all those shops I walked to their floating soccer field. Yes it was a tourist trap I didn’t like it either with all the pressure to buy from them. I’m Asian from USA and they all thought I was from China with China money. I’m really a poor Asian American.

  73. Could part of that mentality be that they are starving for tourist dollars? You loving to be there alone has a by product of the people trying to make a whole days pay from the one guy they probably see that day! However I know it don’t make you feel any better when anyone try’s to exploit your pockets.

  74. Suup chad! I’ve done that tour in high season and wow im jealous! That looks amazing now, oh and regarding ur comment at 2:26 100% true bro, they are grose, using the ozone layer as a tissue and they just don’t know what a line up is, I’ve had countless wrestling matches just trying to keep my position in the breakfast line up 😂

  75. Joined early on for the cars , but then you caught my attention with the culture as a whole, now I’m just locked in this channel cause I can’t wait to see what crazy adventure you go on next, keep it my fellow ATLien!

  76. JB is definitely a shit place to visit. Normally just packed with tourists and hawkers pushing the same crap u see elsewhere. Nothing there. There is a reason they always tack it on to tours of other things. But the caves are always cool. I love the huge Liverpool FC mural on the side of the building at 6:30.

  77. Chad thanks for your honest opinion. I suppose with so few tourists (to rip off) anyone is seen as an easy mark. James Bond island is definitely on my to see list.

  78. Great video….. it’s great that you show how Tourists are prayed upon for over priced Tak in the shop’s and overpriced seafood next to the beach… Maybe next time take a packup lunch…whilst I’m happy to pay for lunch… I’m not happy being ripped off!!!!I live on Koh Samui and never felt the need to go… maybe I’ll take the drive, Don’t forget my packup 🤣🤣 😎🙏

  79. $14… Now thats more like it 😊😊😊 lol
    You stole my highschool and college life from me years ago. You KNOW i can never get on with my life until i live those years.

  80. Im like 80% sure i had the same canoe guy back 2 years ago. I was just looking at those pictures yesterday. Its amazing how much cheaper it is now though with the pandemic. I did almost that exact same tour 2 years ago and kt was $120. It was for an island(forgot the name), canoeing, phang nga (the food was included this time), james bond island, and then ice cream cave. So 3/5 things you did, but probably the same time frame.

  81. Haha.. great video.. you really have to love the way tour guides take you the places they get kick backs from.. 🤣😂 typical Thailand but man I miss it!

  82. My wife and I did that trip in 2009 and like you we got a private long tail boat for 3000bt for the whole day, we couldn’t get on the James Bond island because it was packed.

  83. I visited James Bond island in 2013,on holiday from China. We only had 30 minutes on the island, as the long boats filled with tourists were waiting to disembark . . . You are a lucky guy!

  84. I was in Jamaica and couldn’t walk 10ft without being harassed for money. I gave any money I spent to the kids selling shit. It was bad tho and now cant stand it.

  85. Love from North Georgia brother and as always I ❤ the Southrnfresh shirt 🤙

    Most beautiful country ever, you’re adding to my bucket list every day man. Love the content.

    Keep it up!!

  86. Chad, went there 5 years ago when staying in Phuket. Only part was the Bond island and you’re spot on with the other crap especially the floating village. That was a complete scam.

  87. Bond flew in low between the two big parts then skimmed into the beach at speed in his sea plane before being greeted by Tatoo from Fantasy Island with a serving tray and champagne. Rock looked pretty much the same.

  88. I wouldn’t mind the whole tour at all , the locals at the village market would be pushy as no tourists to spend money . I would have got some souvenirs to support them even if a tad tacky . Haven’t seen the movie but scenery great anyway 🙂

  89. Chad
    Totally agree did the tour with hundreds people tourist trap to get cash out of ya pack and stack you obviously seen it at its best with no people
    Keep great content coming👍

  90. a bit annoyed seeing your shoes touching the cave ceiling wall. It’s quite an act of impolite and disrespect. Friendly recommend to be cut before behaving this acts by other tourists. Thanks

  91. Great video, and honest opinion. I visited 20 years ago, and it wasn’t quite so bad, and the floating market wasn’t so pushy, but I can understand why they are now. I’ve steered clear of places like “James Bond Island” and “The Beach” (which has been closed for eco recovery this last year anyway) since then because of the massive numbers of tourists, even though I love the scenery. There are some amazing lesser known alternative places to visit in Phang Nga and Krabi if you don’t like the crowds, thankfully.

  92. sorry my friend but now my advice is to stay awake as now we have seen it through your video so now we do not have to spend money on it Laughs but thanks for all your video always good to watch

  93. Chad the world’s economy is floundering thanks to the fucking faux flu and the ccp, and it’s estimated that 50% of the small businesses in the US will be bankrupt by summer and your vibe was just people trying to feed their family’s , you said it yourself the tourist are gone .

  94. I have no doubt the Thai people are in fairly dire straights. I’ve been to JB island a couple of times and it is definitely a tourist trap. The village you went to is a Muslim village, hence no beer. It is actually quite a dramatic and exciting adventure when it is bustling with tourists. Thank you for taking the full tour. Maybe several people got to eat dinner since you took the full tour. I would love the opportunity to see it with no tourists. There and many other places in Thailand. I would do my best to always pay it forward if I could. The people on that island are Muslim, not Buddhist. You can definitely see the difference between the locals in that village vs traditional Buddhist Thais. I’m convinced Buddhism is what brings such peace and reverence to the Thai people. Thank you for allowing me to follow you in your adventures. I wish I could be there to see everything that I am seeing through various vloggers eyes. A lot of them mention you too, btw.

  95. I just hate places like these in Thailand that want to charge the foreigners ( Americans ) the highest prices that Thais would never pay.. i think you were smart and ordered the least expensive item, for me i may have walked out and waited till i got back form the boat tour to eat….. L.A Rob

  96. Chad here is some education for you. Almost all villages on the water created long time ago because of prosecution of minorities who were not allowed to settle on the land by the local king or ruler.Therefore the water was there only option. Recently these villages became tourist attractions.

  97. YES! That is the island in “Man with the Golden Gun.” I have seen the movie several times. It is from my era. I have also been to “the island ” in 2000 and again in 2004. Several hundred tourists there at the time. Loved the scenery and the island itself but, with all the tourists I had to share it with, sort of ruined the feeling of the place. I also did the same canoe trip thru the caves that you did. Very impressive indeed.

  98. If you think this tourist trap is bad, wait till the “situation” is over and Thailand opens it’s borders. I think you won’t be able to escape it no matter where you go inside this country and many other tourist destinations for years. I hope I’m wrong…

  99. Hey Chad love your tours. I went on a tour a few years ago and the floating town was nowhere as filled with that many shops. Did you see the school and the playing field, insane. Keep up to top tour vids I was meant to be there last year but couldn’t owing to “ the situation “. I really envy you but you make it feel like I’m there touring with you lol. Good job man.

  100. To be precise “china Chinese”. Coz the other chinese from other countries are well mannered. Eg: Thai Chinese, Singapore Chinese, Indonesian Chinese etc…

  101. Forget visiting James Bond Island in “Normal ” times…..once you arrive at the Island you will get attacked by people selling photos and other sh*t…it is so crowded that it is hard to make a photo yourself., you are stuck on the stairs !…. The Hongtour is beautyful, but you need a flashlight .. The fisherman’s village is the real trap , stay away !

  102. Living in a summer tourist destination town…I sadly was reminded of our own oceanfront bullshit. Thanks for the advice, hope to visit this place soon

  103. Another great vid, I was there one year ago same time before the lock down. Beautiful place, didn’t do the tourist part visiting my cousin who live around there.

  104. You are off the chart! Love the video and appreciate the candid honesty. That’s why you are so popular, you tell it like it is, your videos are not too long, and it’s information I can use when I get there. Keep up the awesome work.

  105. Buwhahahaha you’re like Thanos on tour. Look what I have done for the quality of life for those I’ve allowed to survive.

    Well done!!!

  106. The floating village has a football field in it:) Yeah prices can be a bir ridiculous there. And with not many tourists now, I’m sure the prices are even higher.

  107. I am really beginning to like your programs. Enjoy your honesty. Plus you are really showing some cool shit. The car shows, bike shows, races and yeah things like this. Just some cool shit.

  108. Hey Chad, it would be nice for you to kindly maybe consider putting Google map location links for all places you visit, it’ll help those of us wanting to visit to locate and (watch your video again) using you as a source

  109. Funny at 2:20 You mention “BIG BOSS” America ,and Thai guy repeat “yea yea yea” ?? Like ,he is not that impressed but in funny way….Just opserving how proud people they are…Keep goin man!!!

  110. Sadly, the people there during the “Situation” are stuck! No people, no money! I also have been to a ski resort in the Swiss/Austria alps, that was in a Jams Bond movie in the off season, (summer time), same thing! But a great time to go, for sure! It would have been nice to have a flashlight in the caves! Thanks for that tip!

  111. Everything appeared to me, to be just as you described it. Tourist trap and cheap souvenirs. The cave tour was disappointing only because I like to explore caves by spelunking. Geologically, everything was amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  112. Another great video cheers Chad 👍 think it was the bad guys HQ in man the movie 🎥 havent seen it for a long time but would be cool to watch it after seeing it for real

  113. My first exposure to Thailand was that Bond flick. I think mebbie late 70’s or so when I was about 14. Fell in love with Asia and specifically Thailand because of it. Hell, I even got to see the Bottoms Up club in Hong Kong in the 90’s before it closed. It was kinda seedy by that time and not that great.

  114. Aloha, Chad! I recently found your channel and subscribed right away. In browsing prior videos, I liked your discussion on the ‘real reason’ you live in Thailand. For those of us looking to relocate there, what’s your take on getting a Thai visa for a long term stay? I’ve heard about work permit visas and retirement visas for those over 50 (like me). Maybe you can devote a few minutes in an upcoming video to share your ideas. Thanks!

  115. I think you triggered ever type of person on the planet!!!! Hillarious!!!! A bit vulgar, but you pull it off in the most friendly way, mission impossible!!! (Oh, I meant James Bond). You should literally have a BILLION followers already!!! You just gotta learn to show love to ALL nationalities, don’t ever say anything negative about an entire culture/nation etc. And you said babies are for sale in Phang Nga National Park. It’s humorous… but there’s gotta be another joke that’s just as funny and less cringe worthy (you were looking for someone who’d been born there, you were on the right track). You say everything in a way that doesn’t cause me to cringe, maybe because you seem totally harmless, your wit and style is flawless, your humor is down right hilarious… but work on it man!!! Want to see your viewers turn into a BILLION and you be around for a very long time!!! Your videos are my favorite YouTube videos (and I follow thousands of SE Asia based vloggers and nearly a thousand of Asia region based vloggers; and have shared my list with thousands of interested friends including yours and have said to them that yours is one of my favorites)! God bless and Happy New Year!!! -Ben 😀

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    Can’t believe you have never watched the James Bond movie you should it has car chases a flying car all amc cars
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  119. If you ever want to do it again. Hit me up I have friends who do it on a speed boat out of Phuket and it costs 500 baht and it includes all food and water soft drink its an amazing day. You do not need to talk to anyone else unless your wanting to buy a souvenir

  120. Love your videos man. I know you had a bad experience on koh lanta. But it is my favorite place in Thailand and now the weather is amazing and beaches clean. If you still want to go check that island for sale I recommend going to harry’s sunset bar for sunset. The guys can hook you up with a boat.

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