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  2. Hey what’s up
    Still lots of people on the streets here. Enjoying like nothing had happened
    Clubs are opened. Japanese people seem very smart.

  3. As an American, I almost feel numb to a number like 4,000 since we just reached 400,000 deaths here. However, I understand that the population of Japan is smaller and pretty much every other country has been taking this disease much more seriously.

  4. so glad to watch Asian Boss new video. And I hope, the upcoming announcement video has a good news for everyone. Stay safe and keep inspiring.

  5. Japan declares a State of Emergency for hitting 4,000 deaths. The US, up to till now, hitting 400,000 and previous leadership didn’t care a whit. I know we are all tired of having to wear masks and distance etc., but it won’t last forever. Please don’t be like the US. Stay safe.

  6. I’d say that alot of places were quick to adjust to the situation, but it never helped and it was too late to help the businesses who rely on people coming in.

    The nightlife industry and restaurants are either shutting down left and right or getting desperate, and the government acted pretty slowly. There’s also the opinion that it’s hard to take them seriously as both the previous and current pm have done questionable public things that go in conflict with the idea of lockdowns or staying safe.

  7. I visit here to check out the news going on outside of America.

    I cannot trust the Mainstream Media and never will.

    There’s also attractive females being interviewers and interviewees.

  8. I worry about the less heavily populated areas like Hokkaido, is the spread of Covid as prominent as it is in places like Tokyo or Yokohama?

    I ask, because my grandmother lives in Hokkaido.

  9. When I see Japan as someone who lives in NYC it’s like looking at a different world. I can’t imagine being in a crowded city right now due to how bad covid is in the States

  10. Banning foreigners from entering Japan won’t be enough even Germany introduced several restrictions like that gyms or other activities would be temporarily shut down but during that time schools were still open. Now home schooling is taking place but still the death toll in Germany does not get lower.

  11. Wish we had shutdown at 4,000 or less here in the States, but due to illiterate politicians that were to selfish to care about the American people, our death toll is now 414,000. Maybe we should learn from Korea and Japan, because it seems that their government has more sense then ours. Hopefully Biden/ Harris can try and get things in order because Trump left a gigantic mess for them to clean up. Wish Japan well, and I hope they will be able to get the covid-19 outbreak under control.

  12. Interesting in Japan the disproportionate number of people who know people who’ve been infected, same with the number of celebrities, athletes, and officials who’ve been infected.

    I know, maybe, 50 Japanese people well, and I know 2 infected – both mid-2020. Both close friends/acquaintances with no connection to each other.
    I know 1,000’s in the US, and I am only personally connected to 1 person whose been sick.. of course I know a lot of people who know people who have been sick and people who have died.

  13. With simple math, 4000 people on a total of 126 300 000 people is 0.00003167062%. Obviously it is close to 0%. At this point, it seems that the error margin and the exceptional cases would have higher consideration than the statistics themselves.

  14. Apparently the IOC is already planning on cancelling the Summer Olympics and Japan won’t have the opportunity to host until 2032. Unfortunate, but probably necessary considering how many foreigners would be flying in to the country at once.

  15. Funny thing is Japanese people wore the mask even before Corona.(it’s part of their culture)
    I don’t understand how Corona is spreading when almost every Japanese wearing a mask.

  16. A country that takes a pandemic seriously is another level. Although Japan is experiencing a third wave, the country has managed to deal with the pandemic better than many other countries out there.
    In my country (Brazil) respirators are already missing and most of the ICU beds are full. The fault of the people who gathered at the end of the year, combined with the neglect of government officials with national health.
    Guys, take care of yourselves, this virus is as horrible as we think!

  17. 4,000 deaths is still very bad, and I’m sad for those who have passed away. But in the bigger picture, Japan is definitely doing a lot better in terms of their response. I like the culture they have over there, showing respect and manners to others, and just wearing a mask to protect other people is amazing to say the least. It’s nor required by law yes, but still, the Japanese don’t want to risk themselves to get the virus, and they do it for everyone. And look at the people outside, wearing masks. Everyone is doing it. Why is that such a hard concept to grasp for the United States? (I have hope that the current administration will change all that)

  18. What if the Americas were uninhabited by humans before the 1400s AD? And if China, Korea, and Japan discovered and colonized the West Coast of the Americas at the same time as the Europeans in the East Coast?

  19. Wow, 4,000 in Japan is seen as bad. Lol wonder what the ppl think when they hear the US has passed 400,000 deaths. We have state of emergency here, wonder why 🤔😐

  20. Puppet Presidents are world wide. BULLOCK’S. Fake Virus, Satanic Fake Leaders. No one has died from a fake CIA MOSSAD FAKE VIRUS.

  21. 11:26 that girl is so right. We have literal morons in the US that think wearing masks is the government trying to control us and they come up with wild conspiracy theories to downplay the pandemic. Japan is so much farther ahead than us when it comes to common courtesy and respect 🤦🏻

  22. I just want Japan to open again so I can go over there and study my next semester as I have been planning for 2 semesters now, changing my whole curriculum just to try and keep that little faint believe that I might actually come to tokyo at some point in my miserable life. Dammit Japan! :/

  23. Well… I’m Korean and I met a lot of Amercians in US.
    I think Americans tend to distrust authorities or experts. like doctors, scientists etc.
    Some of them even think that they know better than experts which is kind of weird. I guess….

    Whereas, East Asians(Chinese, Korean, Japanese) they tend to trust their government.
    I’m not saying it’s good or bad. I’m just saying there’s a “difference” between these countries.

  24. Be safe everyone.
    I just became positive for covid.
    Doesn’t matter where in the world you’re from, seems like we’re all being affected.
    Greetings from America.

  25. The death rate is actually low in the US, even compared to Europe. For example, USA has a death rate of 0.016, while Germany is 0.022. And the people who are dying of COVID are….

  26. Mask alone are not enough to stop covid-19. The w.h.o. stated as much. The glorious leaders should dictate we stay locked inside and await our monthly rations of toilet paper and gourmet ice cream.

  27. The point is that governments and their ‘experts’, whether Japanese or American, don’t have a clue regarding CV. They just spew diarrhea out of their mouths.

  28. I think this video shows that, unlike what people have theorized, the group of people fighting against restrictions in the US is not just because of American culture focusing on individualism. Selfish people exist everywhere.

  29. Hello. We have 50,000 deaths in UK. And I still don’t believe in lockdown. Why are the Japanese not seeing it in context correctly and carrying on with their lives?

  30. Asian Boss is without a doubt the one channel that I would not like having see leave the YouTube-sphere if the announcement is that it’s struggling keeping itself over water financially in this day and age with the covid-19 pandemic running wild.
    I’ve seen and heard many things that I thought I’d never see or hear – this channel is my window into the Asian world seeing as I haven’t travelled to any of these countries ever and probably never will have the opportunity to do so in the future.

    The Japanese people are very coherent in speech and knowledge and I like that in a people. They are so well spoken. Of course if it wasn’t for the embedded subtitles I was lost.

  31. I have one prediction is that Japan is going to have a lot of earthquake this year 2021and it’s worst than every previous earthquake! I’m confident with this and let see if I’m right! Sorry for that!

  32. 8:55 Exactly. Rules for thee but not for me. That’s one of the main things people can’t stand about these lockdowns. You gotta stay home, stay unemployed, and wear a mask but those who made the rules don’t have to.

  33. Destroying you economy does not stop the virus most 80+ y/os that get it will still sadly die. and the U.S. population is a lot higher than Japan so it goes without saying more people die in the U.S. each day, stop living in fear already…

  34. An extreme measure is proof that the gov takes it very seriously, just like in HK or Shanghai.. This virus is no joke. Not to mention covid-variants which are currently expanding such as in UK

  35. State of an emergency over 4000 is ridiculous when you have millions of people but who am I to tell others what to do with their country. Covid can’t hold a candle to almost every other pandemic in history. Spanish flu, bubonic plague etc.

  36. I’m living in japan and for foreigns it’s means that Japanese people think we will give them “a plague” even if we are living here for many years lol
    That’s sad ..
    Thank you for this video!

  37. As an American I am so happy to be living in Japan right now. People here have always worn a masks if they were SICK. You don’t sneeze or cough on other people, manners. My children wore them to school if they had a cold. When my children moved to an international school it was frowned upon. No masks, the foreign teachers did not like not seeing your face. I was constantly questioned for wearing a mask if I showed up at the school because I’m not Japanese. It really bugged me. I like wearing masks in the dry winter months because it keeps my sinuses from being irritated and dry especially on airplanes. You would not believe the mean looks, under breath comments and head shakes I endured in the past every time I flew back to the USA. There are masks here with moist mint packets and ginger to help ease cold symptoms. They are wonderful on long dry flights. I’m so sad to see that the mask has been turned into a political statement in the US. It’s funny to see people I know here who made fun of masks are now the biggest believers. Once again I’m glad to be here at this time. Who knows what will happen but so far it’s been a blessing.

  38. USA : 25,566,789 (Pop : 332,097,997)
    India : 10,655,435 (Pop : 1,387,641,848)
    Russia : 3,698,273 (Pop : 145,969,890)
    Japan : 356,074 (Pop : 126,256,814)
    China : 88,991 (Pop : 1,439,323,776)
    Korea : 75,084 (Pop : 51,294,159)

    … I think China is lying about total case.

  39. How nice it must be to have a government that gave a damn when it should’ve 🥲 Trump is gone and president Biden has been doing what SHOULDVE been done at the start of the whole pandemic. 😙 America didn’t even blink at 4K deaths

  40. I’m from LA, and each day the covid cases are in the ten thousands. I am ashamed of the way the U.S has responded to the pandemic. Some people don’t want to wear masks and others are still hosting parties.
    I work at a restaurant, and wearing a mask is required to enter the establishment. This one customer made a whole commotion about not wanting to wear one. She said, “it’s my right not to wear a mask.” I’m like, “what’s so hard about wearing one for a few minutes and go about your day?” In most Asian countries, people wear masks just for having a common cold. They do it out of courtesy so they won’t get other people sick. U.S needs to take some NOTES!!!

  41. I live in Japan and I think people on YouTube don’t understand why Japanese feel pressured. If you look at other Asian countries like South Korea or Taiwan they have lower deaths and is controlled. Japanese people want it lower so we don’t look bad in Asia and it’s not comparable with the west. If you compare with other Asian countries you can see why Japan feels pressured. If you look at other Asian countries it will be easier to understand why Japanese is serious about this.

  42. If we try to focus our attention on the state of emergency, we are missing the big point. Lockdowns cannot continue forever. It is evident that one hand of the government has no idea what the other hand is doing. Travel, but comply with the lockdowns. Absurd. Has the government issued a plan how to tackle this pandemic at medium and long range, except to comply with lockdowns? Any timetable for vaccination? I am appalled to know that the government is still contemplating what provider to chose from. As resources are getting scarce, I do not expect any vaccination in the next several months. On the other hand, international flights with passengers going in and outof the country have not been completely shut down (until apparently acouple of weeks ago). No wonder the Infection and the spreading of the variants ‘Brazilian and UK) continues. Yet, the Olympic Games must go on. How pathetic!

  43. its disappointing to see Japans poor handling of the pandemic, especially since other Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam have handled it with so much efficiency

  44. This is why Asia is different from the west. In asia people doesnt have a problem wearing mask and taking precautions but in west even wearing face mask is for a discussion 😅

  45. This is one of the many reason why I love the Japanese culture. They just think different and they act as a country should and that means supporting each other and being mindful of others safety. I think the fact that Japan is dealing with a third wave with only 4k deaths is like the one lady said, “not as bad as the other countries”. Honestly I think the reason it was that many ppl is like what the other dude said. The Hospitals just arent equipped enough to handle the masses that are coming in for treatment. Some ppl probably died in their homes, sadly. Dope video, love the way Japanese people think!

  46. The Olympics cannot happen in 2021 – only developed countries will vaccinate their populations in 2021 and that will take all year – for most of the world 2023 or later is more likely. Sorry for bad news.

  47. A lot of sheeple in the comments 🤦🏽‍♂️ they say they use common sense but fail to use it. Y’all say you’re people of science but don’t focus on the real numbers… but only on the death toll that has been admitted to including any cause of death as Covid because “assumptions”

  48. To put thing into perspective how bad the US is handling the virus rn, Japan has a population of 126 million with 4.000 deaths, while the US has a population of 328 million and 400.000 deaths.

  49. Sometimes I’m jealous of their collective culture. The U.S. really needs a culture overhaul so things like this don’t happen again in the future. This country was built off of selfishness.

  50. I’m foreigner living in Tokyo, it’s like I’m living in a country which is not belongs to the earth , we are not in the same world, Japan is a joke, period.

  51. The US should be more like Japan, but not just on virus response. We would have a MUCH lower death rate because Japan doesn’t celebrate morbid obesity as “brave” or “body positive” and we wouldn’t have a type II diabetes rate of 30%. Well over 90% of US deaths have one or multiple comorbid conditions, of which all of the top offenders are obesity related. But heaven forbid you mention it or you’ll be scolded as fat-phobic.

  52. In Indonesia, the number of daily new cases is more than 10k. The positivity rate for the past week is 15.6% and no one is doing anything about it. The government think that lockdown could harm our economy, so they don’t do the lockdown. Eventhough we have lots of problems: hospitals are full, quarantine facilities from government are also full, health professionals are burning out, some of them also got infected. Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia) has more than 1000 new cases for the past 3 days.

  53. Meanwhile in UK 95,981 Deaths ! Even on emergency lockdown everyone still not willing wearing mask and some people open house parties 🤦🏻‍♂️ The worst is conspiracies theory group protestors saying Covid is not exist and people sick because 5G 😰

  54. I was planning on taking a trip to Japan this summer, hoping that the Covid situation would be better by then but it seems that now a state of emergency is taking place it doesn’t look like my plans will come to fruition. Here’s hoping to be able to travel this year !

  55. 4,000 deaths is a lot. But it’s nowhere near as bad as the US. So Japan still has a chance to keep the death rate relatively low provided people are careful, wear masks, social distance, wash hands, sanitize often, etc. The WHO should have more strict standards put in place for all countries around the world to follow.

  56. usa with 390.000 or uk with 95.000 laugh about such numbers xD even germany that was considered “good” in europe has 50.000 deaths
    cute a request to close at 8pm xD here every restaurant is closed by law

  57. In Uk 97k deaths but we have the inconsiderate priveldged class who even spit on the floor outside the hospital, do not wear masks and do not observe social distancing.

  58. I can’t stop rolling my eyes at the lady who said that 4000 deaths are a lot lesser than other countries and it is 「すごいな」. That was what most of my colleagues in my previous Japanese company thought, they even thought Singapore and Korea was having it worse (because we were testing a lot more in Singapore). And I was even told that it was because Japanese are hygienic so it will be fine. Now they are getting it so bad, I hope they will pull it together soon.4000 people DIED. This is not a competition with the other countries. 😭 You also never see them comparing with countries that are better off because it doesn’t support the “Japan is the best” narrative.

    And now the lady is saying that it’s okay to go out because everyone else is on the streets. 😮😮😮

  59. 4000 deaths and the nation is worried. Meanwhile, after +300,000 deaths, US citizens are arguing whether masks, lockdowns and isolstions is a good idea.

  60. It’s best to forget about the Olympics again this year. Like that one guy said, even if Japan gets everything under control, the Olympics involve worldwide participants and spectators. That means the foreign athletes and spectators would need to qurantine and/or be vaccinated before participating, and no crowds would be allowed. They could just live steam the events but if there’s no crowd there’s no money in it, except for advertising, so then there’s no point from Japan’s point of view. 🤷‍♂️

  61. It’s been fascinating to see what a ‘state of emergency’ means for different countries, at different points of the pandemic.

    That said, in Singapore, there’ve been 29 deaths. I don’t look at that number, alongside other countries’ numbers and think oh hey, only 29 people. Those 29 people are still someone’s loved ones who didn’t have to pass – it’s always going to be 29 people too many. And yet so many other countries are getting desensitised by their numbers, probably because it’s become just a number for them until it hits closer to home.

    With regards to the legal repercussions for breaking lockdown measures in other countries – let me try to explain. It’s not for the majority of the people, who will more or less have enough common sense and empathy to do the right thing. It’s for the stragglers who WON’T actually follow the guidelines and will, inevitably, do a disservice to all of the others who are doing their part. During our lockdown (called ‘circuit breaker’ here, I think from around March to June?), I can’t speak for others but I know I definitely felt angry and betrayed when I see some idiots refusing to follow the rules and endangering other people. I would have been angrier, had they not received any legal repercussions because what the hell does that make of my (and the others’) efforts then???

    At the end of the day, as both the theory and practice have proven, strict lockdowns mean people get to resume their lives faster. The countries who’ve adopted the half-in/half-out methods seem to still be struggling along, in the same state, over and over a year plus on. I don’t think there’s one correct method as the economic impact is huge in both either way, and at the end of the day, it’s up to the people, what they decide to do (yes up to the people – at this point there are countries whose politicians will not enact a strict lockdown purely because they know their people won’t adhere to it). So all I can say is that I hope everyone doesn’t forget that everyone who dies is still someone’s parent/grandparent/child/spouse/best friend. They’re not just a distant statistics. And let that thought guide you on what to do. Good luck everyone.

  62. Anyway, I am the best of the sluts because I am pedigree. No more lying guys, but let’s not do that as a group because we are selfish people.

  63. COVID-19 cases and deaths are under reported in Japan. Some hospitals are refusing patients with possible diagnosis of the disease because it will affect the reputation of their hospital. Pretty bs. Plus the government are not providing any assistance to healthworkers. Allegedly, they have zero knowledge on how to handle those who are confined.

    Japan is one of the countries that responded late to the pandemic. The country and its people are so clueless because they dont pretty much cover international news, only local. That’s why majority of its citizens are shocked with the sudden stricter lockdown, and if you take a look at expat accounts for example they have complaining about the JP government for downplaying the diseases, that’s like a flu and it will go away.

  64. Before the “situation” I had everything planned out for this year. Going to Japan as an exchange student for my last semester at uni, seeing the Olympics, traveling etc. Fast forward a year, my exchange was cancelled (there was an option to study abroad online, but hell no, I am not taking lessons at 1am from Europe lol) and so now I will be finishing half of my university (3 semesters) from home due to closings which is quite different to say the least.

    And oh yeah, judging by the comments, I guess I should be happy that at least I am not from america lol

  65. Japanese people are smart. They aren’t being swayed by politics. Just wear a mask and wash your hands and you will be fine. Oh and don’t forget to exercise and eat well. The first lockdown was understandable considering we didn’t know much about the virus. But now it’s a different story. Let people live their lives and open up businesses just like Japan! You don’t wear a mask and gather, you risk getting sick. But if wear one, we should be able to go out freely…

  66. When will wealthy powerful countries in leadership role such as Japan start to invest massively in ‘Rapid Test’ production kits (many millions of test kits daily), in order to open schools and workspaces and traveling more safely! Near-instantaneous data revealed from rapid tests would provide so much more confidence and assurance to people in normal day activities to carry on more safely given the extra situational awareness and more clarity and certainty. Whereas today, people tend to naturally look at others as part of a big mystery and as a potential risk. It’s a vicious cycle. However, Rapid Tests could simply allow that asymptomatic person testing positive to just safely go back home in confidence to rest for a couple days before becoming a possible super-spreader and then of course test again a few times to confirm the positive test and perhaps go to a hospital only to get an ‘all-clear’ final test after the infectious stage is over, etc… There should almost be a sort of game by wealthy countries today to compete to see how many billions of Rapid Test kits can be distributed worldwide to all countries every month! Keep safe! keep it real . Enjoy …

  67. Why any country use the treatment based on azithromycine and Chloroquine or the one that is testing in UK called ivermectine ⁉️

    This pandemic is a joke, there are not more death than seasonnal flu but the politics uses the death number to scare people in order to close their restaurant or their local businesses… lockdown has nothing to do with science ‼️💯

  68. I’m kind of shocked and appalled at the number of comments and interviewees who went “well it’s only 4000 deaths”

    It may not be in the hundreds of thousands, but it’s still 4000 people. And that’s not including those who are still fighting it, or those who have recovered from it but may have some permanent damage to their lungs etc

    The handling of covid in Japan has seemed really wishy washy from the start. I hope they’ll be okay.

  69. I haven’t known anyone personally yet who has contacted covid. My mom is still working publically since March and still hasn’t said anything about any customers contracting covid or suing

  70. I don’t understand the ban on ALL of the foreigners even those coming on a visa for long-term such as studies or work. During October-December such people were allowed in with strict measures such as 2 negative Covid tests (one before the arrival and second after the arrival) and a 14-day self-isolation and even with all of these measures now they ban them completely again? In my opinion it doesn’t make much sense as there’s almost no way they can actually spread it with all of these precautions. I’m in the same boat now as I’m waiting for the green light to go study there and it’s very frustrating to say the least…

  71. Japan: has 4,000 deaths total
    Japanese government: *declares a state of emergency*
    UK: has 97,000 deaths total
    British Government: uh, ah, er, erm, the, er, new COVID, uh, variant, could be, ah, more, erm, deadly.

  72. As a foreigner I think the 95% mask wearing is largely due to “mask culture” over “Japanese culture”. Usa has never used maks casually when sick, where as many Asian countries have right? I think it was just the unfamiliarity of it all. I’m really glad that the US has now been exposed to mask culture becausw my tonsils appreciate it when sick no matter which country i’m in 🙏

  73. Regardless of the actions of the Japanese government, the Japanese culture has to be praised for emphasizing manners and politeness. For me it was a shock that masks are not enforced by the actual law

  74. It’s funny. When things are normal and no personal cost is involved, Westerners are very polite and considerate. But when there is a emergency and everyone needs to sacrifice, suddenly they become entitled and selfish.

    Asian people on the other hand is the exact opposite. Weird how that works.

  75. Japan has 4,000 deaths with a population of 100 Million, while the country I live (Portugal) surpassed 10.000 deaths with a population of 10 Million.
    Our situation is getting worse and worse, but people simply don’t care at all.

  76. The Japanese government should really have restrictions backed up by laws to keep the country at bay if they want the Olympics to go this year , they’ve already lost a whole lot of money from the cancellation

  77. Now that another wave has hit the country, those attractions that the government thought it’s saving would have to endure longer period of draught or even a slow and painful end. What’s worse than hopelessness is giving hope and take it away.

  78. This shows how COVID is a lie, the numbers in other country’s are faked by fraudulent use of the PCR tests. They are lucky their government does not have to power to wreck people’s livelihoods with forced lockdowns. Lockdowns kill.

  79. I can’t believe Asian Boss deleted my comment for nothing. Japan’s death toll is almost 5000. It’s 4935. Compare to other countries it’s nothing.

  80. For most State in Malaysia we are in a State of Emergency which takes effects on 12 jan 2021 until 4 feb 2021. The Govt announced it after the total of postive cases have reached around 4000 and death toll have reached around 800.

  81. State of emergency in our part of the implies… 4 hours and a lot of bollocks before complete shutdown. In that sense and essence of democracy, I’d say, “Well done! Japan.” But then again I guess, eitherway it’s all owed to people.

  82. 留学生ですが、毎日街の中に、一回ぐらい緊急事態宣言についての放送が流れて、気をつけた方が良いとは思っています。🥲

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