Jo’s Chicken Inato.. A Good Place for BBQ Chicken – Philippines

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines i think Jo’s Chicken lnato tastes better than Mang Inasal coz Mang Inasal is commercialized on taste while Jo’s has maintained being authentic but u should try the Bacolod Inasal as its the pioneer

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I will have to check that out then.  Mang was everywhere so that is probably why it was my #1.  But when I get there in January it will have been just over 4 years.  I will try both!

    3. @Cory Risseeuw same or better, i’d say.  i like both a lot.  but since Jo’s tends to pick out nice locations with views for their full restos, i’d side with Jo’s overall.

    1. @Master Hughes i was gonna.. but my filipina friend brought along a friend of hers she wanted me to meet and.. got distracted.  🙂

    1. @Mark Malmberg yah.. kinda blew it there.  i did plan to video the food when it arrived.  but a female friend of mine surprised me there with a friend of hers (very attractive) that she wanted me to meet and.. well, got distracted.  🙂

    1. @matt hajas some places make shakes up to 7 different flavors, including avocado, watermelon, mango, coconut and pineapple.  tasty and cold.. very good.  🙂

    1. @Jo Jo good food, fair prices (kinda low, actually) and nice atmosphere.  oh, i totally forgot to video the live chicken they have in a display downstairs.  ha!  kinda funny to have a live chicken in a chicken resto.  🙂

    1. Hi Reekay, it is great that the Philippines lives up to what thought it would and more and that you don’t miss the US. Things have changed a lot over the years.   Thankfully we live in an internet age where contact with friends and family is that much easier with such tools as Skype and E-Mail.  

    2. @Ian UK i don’t miss the usa, at all.  i only miss my mom and kids (all adults), but i have plans to see them again soon.  was with them for the holidays last year.   as for the PH.. it has surpassed all my hopes/expectations and i haven’t had a single thought of regret since i got here.  i wanted an adventure to re-spark my mind and, for me, the PH provided it and then some.  🙂

  1. My wife and I love Jo’s!  Thanks for the memories on the balcony, Reekay.  Never saw the concert at night.  That we will put on our to do list when we get there again. 

    1. @Thomas Quinn it was during a reggae-fest, they set up a stage and blocked the street for tables.  no cover charge, just a good time.  🙂

  2. Re the Reggae at Jo’s….Fantastic!  One day whiling away the time on the front porch of my wife’s family home in Bayawan City, people began filing by heading toward the city center until it seemed the whole population of Cambulo was walking with resolve toward some attraction in the city center.  I asked my wife and she said, “Oh, they are having the Friday night fights in the town.”  We threw our selves together and went and the crowd and the event were just great on a warm Bayawan night. I love that about the RP. Serendipity!  Let’s party. 

  3. Henry, i dont know how popular that place is , when the damn place is empty, hahahah,,   also, you mention about festivals here and there, and also concerts outside the BBQ joint,  so theres time for fun but no work in phils,  hahhaa,, 
    my old friend once said,  an old saying,   ”  fun aint cheap”  hahaha

    1. @BenFern kay people of notice how there aren’t many people around when i eat somewhere.  same as in this case, the bottom story had plenty of people.. which is why i went to the top story where it was quieter and less crowded.  plus i have a whacked sleep schedule so i usually hit restos during the off-peak hours.  i prefer having a resto as much to myself as possible.  waitresses aren’t so busy, have more time to chat with them, better service, more relaxing.  i love crowds, but not at a resto, so i avoid them.  🙂

  4. I used to live right next door to this Jo’s chicken for more than a year during  my student years at Silliman in early 90’s , as it used to be a student boarding house before . Also on another boarding house two doors down to the right during my first year in High School at SUHS. So familiar street . We use to dine at this Jo’s
     ( Silliman Avenue )  with my hubs too and when in Dumaguete. These days when back in the Philippines we normally stop by @  Jo’s ,  Ajong Sibulan branch as it’s convenient on the way back home up north. My daughters and hubby love the  Jo’s Mango shake  and the Jo’s caramel cream . Typical order when we stop by at Jo’s on top of   the delicious chicken bbqs. Great  videos Henry, love these updates, gave me nice memory flash backs 🙂 

    Oh I remember adopting a stray cat and  used to ask scraps of chicken left overs , ( pay few pesos tip ) at Jo’s Inato ,  that I know my cat is always happy one .

  5. lol thats not a “mango thing” thats a papaya salad called atchara…I think Jo’s trumps Mang Inasals chicken but most people havent tasted Jo’s Inato thats why they think Mang Inasals is good but once you taste Jo’s Inato you would say Mang Inasals chicken is crap.

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