1. I buy some raw salmon, and Inari tofu pockets, I just make my own sashimi and have soy sauce, kewpi mayo, Srirachi and wasabi for dipping…It’s my $12 Sashimi fix

  2. I love wasabi, but I mix it with soy sauce for dipping. I like spicy tuna rolls. In the US I cannot find spicy tuna that is not in rolls. I would prefer sashimi without all the rice. I just leanred how to make tuna poke bowl myself, so now I can eat more fish and less rice. I really do not have all the knowledge of the different types of suchi your were naming.

  3. Interesting meal. Looks really nice. I can’t imagine personally eating raw fish. But mean it’s safe I would suppose. Hope all is well. Sorry I couldn’t make the stream I was dead asleep. And F.Y.I wasabi is an abomination to society 😛

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